Pact of Negation

Pact of Negation


Pact of Negation is blue.

Counter target spell.

At the beginning of your next upkeep, pay . If you don't, you lose the game.

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Pact of Negation Discussion

hungry000 on Look Ma, No Lands!

4 days ago

My biggest gripe with your build is that it doesn't play 4 Recross the Paths. With Recross, you get to play the sideboard Coco combo (Collected Company + Undercity Informer + Thassa's Oracle) to get around Leyline of Sanctity, which is a meta sideboard card right now. This is the biggest reason to play Recross; as your deck is now you have literally no way to get around Leyline besides casting Street Wraiths and Spirit Guides. Recross also lets you play one or two Reforge the Soul, which just becomes "2 mana: I win the game" since you can stack a combo hand with Pact of Negation/Veil of Summer for protection underneath it.

That said, I think the blue splash for Force of Negation is unique, and Serum Powder helps with the loss of Recross. However I think you need 3-4 enchantment hate spells in your sideboard at the very least, because Leyline is really crippling.

This is the build of Charbelcher I'm playing right now: Flip Land Charbelcher! [ZNR]. It's great that there are a bunch of ways to build the deck.

rkjunior on Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos

5 days ago

Considering adding Panharmonicon or Lithoform Engine for double the Omnath trigger(s) and Pact of Negation for some end-game protection.

JW398 on Twiddle Storm - Time to bring it back

1 week ago


I've been using Sea Gate Stormcaller in place of Vizier of Tumbling Sands for the most part. At first glance it seems like a 'winmore' but being able to copy a spliced Reach Through Mists or Ideas Unbound. In practice it's basically arcane draw spell 9-11 for me and that's why I dropped Peer Through Depths in an attempt to increase game one resiliency by maining a single Echoing Truth and Eye of Nowhere as well as some Pact of Negations.

As for Underworld Breach, I've always preferred it because with Past in Flames required a bit of twiddle ramping to get it off. Breach only takes one twiddle effect on turn 4 to go off. Also, not really relevant but I liked how convenient it was to tap for red once to get a breach and grapeshot off. That wasn't always the case for me and Past in Flames.

Now I get Underworld Breach has inherent weaknesses because its an enchantment but the ability to drop breach immediately after resolving an arcane draw spell and recycling that same card numerous times in order to win. The escape cost is never an issue since there will naturally be Twiddles & Dream's Grip in the graveyard. Escaping a single copy of a spliced Ideas Unbound twice is more than enough to make sure I don't fizzle.

Lastly, with Underworld Breach the lower CMC also aids with the Sea Gate Stormcaller combo as you'd need to have at 4/5 mana floating to successfully copy a spliced arcane spell. In my limited trials, I found it's a bit difficult to have mana for Past in Flames after that.

Game 2, I always side out Underworld Breach for Aria of Flame and Sea Gate Stormcaller for counterspells / Echoing Truth.

tl;dr Of course it has its own issues but Underworld Breach is pretty consistent for me.

hungry000 on Flip Land Charbelcher! [ZNR]

1 week ago

Good call on Pact of Negation. The one thing it doesn't do is counter discard spells like Veil of Summer can, but I bet playing a single copy wouldn't hurt. For now I'll cut a Veil, but in the future I may just go down a Pentad Prism for it.

I was thinking of adding a single Mountain to the deck for GQ effects earlier. It's on-color and is still lethal as long as it isn't in the top 10 cards, and you can put it on the bottom of the deck with Recross the Paths too. I think it's just down to personal preference and whether you're willing to risk the gamble to gain a few % points in those GQ matchups.

Snowmen1 on Flip Land Charbelcher! [ZNR]

1 week ago

Thought it was only a matter of time til someone made a good charbelcher deck using the flip lands. My take on it was complete garbage, but I think it may be worth looking at Madcap Experiment, Serum Powder, and Pact of Negation individually as maybeboard cards. I think Pact of Negation should definately be a one-of for miracle turns because there's no mana investment there.

A definate weakness of the deck is getting its feet taken out from under itself by getting the manabase attacked by Field of Ruin, Assassin's Trophy, Ghost Quarter, and now Cleansing Wildfire. I wonder if it is worth trying to include cards to get around this weakness.

Anyways, liking the deck.

JW398 on Cheerios Storm

2 weeks ago

Hey warkettle,

Just curious on what your sideboard plans are against say jund or control?

Also, Pact of Negation is always an option.

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Twiddle Storm - Time to bring it back

2 weeks ago

Nice. I run Tolaria West in my list, 2-3. I'm a fan because it's harder to interact with than Sylvan Scrying, and can find my 1-of Pact of Negation. Just food for thought. Sea Gate Stormcaller is interesting, will have to play around with that one.

Peoni on Sygg, the Soapbox Racer

3 weeks ago

I don't feel like you need either Ghostly Prison or Propaganda. You're looking to establish a big board presence with a lot of buffed up fish people, and then use control magic to protect them while you kick everybody's teeth in. Realistically people swinging at you isn't going to be what you need to worry about. What you do need to worry about is people interfering with your board with wipes and whatnot, and that's why you've got all the control magic so you're already set. The thing is, if somebody has a threatening creature that you don't want coming your way, propaganda isn't going to stop them. If they really want to hit you they're gonna pay the cost and hit you. Pillowforty cards aren't worth running unless you're stacking them and your strategy is built around them, but in your case you already have your horde of roided up fish people for protection. You should have more than enough chump blockers and threatening lads of your own to deter swinging better than propaganda could. I also don't think your deck needs Rest in Peace in its 99. It's not part of a win con that I can see like Helm of Obedience, and you aren't running stax or lots of graveyard hate, so it just feels out of place.

Then, with those slots you could add in let's say, another mana rock like Talisman of Progress because I feel like you might not have enough ramp. You could also add something like Stormtide Leviathan to lock down the board better than ghostly prison or propaganda could while letting your islandwalkers go nuts (which reminds me; Merrow Harbinger and Streambed Aquitects might suit you).

Finally Echoing Truth in commander seems questionable. Good against lots of tokens but other than that you're just playing a 2 mana Unsummon. I would consider swapping it out for either more ramp (Chrome Mox assuming you have a larger budget but not a Mox Diamond big budget, or Fellwar Stone if you're looking for something cheaper), or another counter of your choice, perhaps a Pact of Negation or a Force of Will. Hope this helps! I like your deck. :^)

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