Stoneforge Mystic

Stoneforge Mystic

Creature — Kor Artificer

When Stoneforge Mystic enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an Equipment card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

, : You may put an Equipment card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Stoneforge Mystic occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.68%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

White: 0.67%

Stoneforge Mystic Discussion

slapwave on Mono white soul sisters Ballista

4 days ago

Although Felidar Sovereign can be helpful, for modern I feel a 6 drop doesn't get the job done. With good synergy, the Walking Ballista Plus Heliod, Sun-Crowned combo can be added due to the way it fits in the the already existing shell of the deck. Ranger-Captain of Eos Already fits the deck and can search up one of the combo pieces. If I was to take this deck anywhere I would consider freeing a few slots for a Stoneforge Mystic package. Still testing to decide where I wanna take it. Will update eventually. But thank you for your interest!

djroguelike on Maverick

1 week ago

2-2 na Versus dia 14/1/20:

0-1 Fractius (1-2): Nunca tinha jogado contra o deck, não sabia bem o que ele fazia. O deck tem muitos lords, e aparentemente a ideia é colocar um ou dois deles em campo, algum tipo de evasão (voar foi o que me matou) e ganhar dessa forma. No jogo 1 eu fui trocando pontos de vida, e consegui achar uma linha de vitória no último turno com Scryb Ranger, permitindo que eu ativasse a atacasse com KotR no mesmo turno; quase errei sacrificando uma floresta e não tendo outra para ativar a fada, mas deu no limite. O jogo foi curto mesmo com o oponente mulligando para 4.

Nos outros dois jogos fui com mãos péssimas e apanhei. Em uma delas fui só com um terreno e um dork, não comprei o segundo e não fiz quase nada. Na outra tinha Canopy e Ancient Tomb, e contra um deck aggro você não quer causar dano a si mesmo e ajudá-lo a ganhar a partida. Dava para ter ganhado jogando melhorzinho.

1-1 Izzet Delver (2-0): Finalmente venci Delver uma vez na vida! Não fiz nada de errado, mas dei sorte porque o oponente comprou mal nas duas partidas. G2 Thalia + Wasteland salvaram.

1-2 Pox (0-2): Perdi de Pox depois de duas vitórias seguidas contra o deck. Jogo 1 tive pouco para fazer. Tomei IoK e Hymn no turno 1, perdi dois terrenos e não fiz nada. Mulliguei uma mão com 6 terrenos e uma criatura que talvez desse para jogar.

Pox exige algumas disciplinas para vencer: não jogar criatura de custo 1 solitárias no campo, buscar básicas, deixar uma fetch aberta para buscar Dryad Arbor e fugir de um édito. Após o terror dos primeiros turnos, alguns dos seus topdecks são mais impactantes.

O jogo dois foi mais disputado. Consegui tirar uma de cada Liliana do campo, e fiquei sofrendo para conseguir 3 manas para castar minhas criaturas. Quando consegui, por um turno, baixei um Sanctum Prelate e escolhi 2, quando deveria ter escolhido 3 para travar os planeswalkers. Ele desceu Ashiok, exilou meu cemitério, nerfou meu KotR e eu perdi para um Massacre . Jogo difícil.

2-2 D&T (2-0): Última partida contra o Xu, e tive mais sorte que ele. Jogo 1 KotR ganhou sozinho, e ele não comprou nenhum removal. Ficamos indo e voltando num board state complexo, em que ele tinha Batterskull e Stoneforge Mystic , podendo devolvê-lo para mão e castá-lo em instant speed. Tive a chance de destruí-lo, mas preferi destruir um Vial, e o jogo demorou mais por causa disso. Um Jitte ativo praticamente invalida um Vial, porque é fácil matar as criaturas pequenas que entram no campo.

Jogo dois ele comprou muito mal, eu fui descendo criaturas, e quando o Jitte conectou a primeira vez ele concedeu.

Tenho dúvida em 4 slots no deck, ainda: desta vez joguei com Noble Hierarch #4, Thalia Gorda, Knight of Autumn e Maze of Ith, mas tenho dúvida entre essas cartas, Collector Ouphe, Garruk Relentless, Palace Jailer, Ramunap Excavator, Tireless Tracker, outra Floresta e até Aven Mindcensor . Ou quem sabe splashar preto e jogar com 2 Abrupt Decay e 2 Plague Engineer . Não sei se vou jogar na outra terça, mas vou pedir ajuda para a galera para decidir qual deck usar no 1k.

Tata on Alesha, Mardu Clan General

3 weeks ago

I think your deck could be improved if you included a few more value engines and/or tutors to get those engines. My problem with Mardu/Alesha generally is a lack of resources (cards and lands).

At a glance, the most important engine in your deck is Skullclamp . It's the card that makes your deck go off. Because of this, I think you should include things like Stoneforge Mystic , Steelshaper's Gift , Open the Armory , Enlightened Tutor , and Taj-Nar Swordsmith . Any of these would help to make your deck more consistent.

I would replace End Hostilities with Wrath of God or Settle the Wreckage (the latter is especially powerful in a metagame dominated by Craterhoof Behemoth overrun-style decks).

Crackling Doom could be replaced by Merciless Executioner , maybe, since he's a warrior.

I think your deck could use an anthem or two. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is probably the best, but I also like Dictate of Heliod and Marshal's Anthem .

Whirlwind_2100 on Amaterasu (Good doggo)

3 weeks ago

I would include ALL of the Sword of X and Y cycle, however those are pretty expensive so it's up to you. I would recommend Umezawa's Jitte and anything that give the doggo double strike. As for tutors, Stonehewer Giant is a good but Enlightened Tutor and Stoneforge Mystic are better but less affordable. I love this brew; great work =)

Funkydiscogod on Artifact Combo deck - any ...

3 weeks ago

Often it's the cards in other sets that make a card ban-worthy. This will require a little explanation.

The best example of this, is Rampaging Ferocidon . It was banned when Standard was KLD/AER/AKH/HOU/XLN/RIX. When it was unbanned, standard was XLN/RIX/DOM/M19/GRN/RNA.

The way I would read the "must have been legal in standard at that time" rule, is that Rampaging Ferocidon would be legal as long as you're not using KLD/AER/AKH/HOU as any of your other sets.

We can look at other cards, and see often they're fine until another card is printed. Take the example of Emrakul, the Promised End : it was ok until Aetherworks Marvel was printed just a few sets later, then they had to ban it. I would read that rule as saying Emrakul, the Promised End is legal as long as you're not also using the Kaladesh block.

And little Emrakul isn't the only one that was banned because a card from another set was misbehaving. Another famous example is Stoneforge Mystic that wasn't banned until Batterskull was legal.

The example of Felidar Guardian is good for illustrating a card that would be completely banned in that format: When it was banned, standard was BFZ/OGW/SOI/EDM/KLD/AER, and it stayed banned until it rotated out. The way to interpret the rule, is that as long as you're using any sets before or after Aether Revolt, you can't use Felidar Guardian.

I guess it is easier to read the "at that time" clause as "once it is banned, it was always banned", though.

Profet93 on Battle Hymn of the Legion | Aurelia EDH

4 weeks ago

I'm usually a fan of Endless Atlas in mono colored decks as opposed to 2 color. Let me know how that works out for you. I would cut it for Commander's Sphere or any of the below suggestions...

alexjustdoit on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

4 weeks ago

Another question for the group, but particularly for precociousapprentice. Do you feel like getting a sunforger into hand, or getting it out and equipped, is difficult? Many of my games it doesn't make an appearance. Often I have a chance to tutor for it, but given the 6 mana it takes to get it out and equipped, then the 2 mana to hold up for it, I tend to tutor for something more immediately usable. I was toying with the idea of trying out Stoneforge Mystic to help with this, or even to go so far as Fervent Champion for the free equip, though I'm wary of the latter - a 5/1 first striker is great but it's a dead card without sunforger. I'm not convinced it would be worthwhile unless I have a more reliable way of always having a sunforger ready to go.

While traveling, I played at a new store last night with a completely different meta than my home store (or maybe it was just that only the diehards go to play EDH on Christmas Eve...) and the Ad Naus pieces helped. The decks I played against were a lot more competitive than my home meta - more combo, more stax. I had a tough time navigating, and didn't win a single game, though I got really close to winning off Angels Grace + Ad Naus + Sickening Dreams through Knowledge Pool but was short the 1 mana needed to cast something after Sickening Dreams in order to cast it out of the Knowledge Pool. One more land or one more Mox would have gotten me the game. I definitely was still a bit slow in general however.

My list has been slowly coming back around to being more and more similar to the list here - probably a result of my trying to slim it down and make it more versatile in competitive pods.

precociousapprentice I'm also curious to hear if you have thoughts on any cards that have been over- or under-performing in your current list. Thaumatic Compass has been in and out for me a few times, currently it is out - has just been too slow. How has Dualcaster/Twinflame been for you? I haven't yet decided to run it, but I might. How have Bruse and Tymna been? Have you had issues connecting 3 attackers each turn to get max value off Tymna?

dingusdingo on Counterpoint: White doesn't need ramp ...

4 weeks ago

I totally agree. While it would certainly make mono white commanders far more viable, white already has enough going for it to make it a sought after color for wedges or dual colored commanders.

White sees lots of play in stax decks, as it packs the most hatebears of any color. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Leonin Arbiter Aven Mindcensor Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Grand Abolisher Hokori, Dust Drinker Ethersworn Canonist Kataki, War's Wage are all cards that see competitive play. You have far more fringe cases like Vryn Wingmare Alms Collector Thalia, Heretic Cathar Loxodon Gatekeeper and others which are seen on the fringe. The hatebears become a secondary wincon for competitive by pressuring life totals while also stopping the game.

White also gets a BUNCH of incredible supporting effects for stax builds. Armageddon and the expensive Ravages of War close games. Smothering Tithe plays great under stax. There are also numerous enchantments are shut off combos or lines of play, such as Rest in Peace Stony Silence Leyline of Sanctity Suppression Field and all kinds of less effective variants.

White also gives some of the most efficient 1-for-1 removal. While you will fall behind with 1-for-1's in a 4 player pod, its still important to pack StP and Path. White also gets sweepers for EVERY SINGLE PERMANENT TYPE. You read that correctly kids. You can do A-lot-for-1 trades with cards like Wrath of God Austere Command Cleanfall Paraselene and others.

White also gets one of the best pieces of combo protection available, Silence . White has a few tutors that are playable, Enlightened Tutor Steelshaper's Gift Open the Armory Academy Rector Stoneforge Mystic . You get card advantage via effects like Land Tax Tithe Weathered Wayfarer and more.

True, white doesn't have very many cards with the word "Draw" explicitly on it. You're able to accrue advantage, but its mostly incremental. What white lacks in raw draw you make up for with value. The sweepers are the best example of this imo. The opponent may have drawn more cards than you, but trading 1 card for 10 creatures on the board is effectively 9 card advantage.

I personally enjoy most duals or wedges that include White + Black or White + Blue. I find it to be similar to Green, in that I don't feel bad with having it as a secondary or tertiary color, and that it solves a lot of problems and gives me access to cards I want to run.

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