Drownyard Temple


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Drownyard Temple


: Add to your mana pool.

: Return Drownyard Temple from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

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Drownyard Temple Discussion

lords2001 on Zombie Attrition

2 weeks ago

Drownyard Temple is solid as it is something you can bury if you need to keep other cards in hand.

I would build up your Diregraf Colossus to 4 as it is great to have turn 3 and turn 10 - one can win you a game via board state and the other via pushing through.

I would simplify your mana base by kicking white and returning key of the city to the mainboard.

Finally, looking forward at Aether Revolt, I would put my hands on some Liliana's to mesh with the new Yahenni's Expertise - the -3/-3 and cast a 3 drop for free. Nothing better than clearing the board, getting down a plainswalker and then recurring everything back out of your graveyard. This sort of deck could thrive from that.

psychosmurf96 on Minecraft

3 weeks ago

Faradin The ruling on "You can't play lands" just means lands from the hand. By returning lands from the graveyard to the battlefield it doesn't count as playing lands. It's kind of like if a card says you can't play creature spells, you can still cast a reanimation spell or use Quicksilver Amulet/AEther Vial to get a creature into play without "playing" the creature. The idea of the frog/mining engine is that you can draw 3/4 cards every turn cycle in the late game eventually hitting a splendid reclamation or by sacrificing Drownyard Temple to be a colorless Divination or a Harmonize if The Gitrog Monster. You never want to play the mining until after you have enough lands to keep a The Gitrog Monster around or a temple you can sacrifice and recur every turn to the monster so around turn 6 or 7. The cool thing about mining is that you can use it during your turn and your opponents turn as well allowing you to have over 7 cards in your hand at the start of your turn most of the time eventually out valuing your opponent with answers to their threats.

Neotrup on What to do with Kynaios and Tiro?

4 weeks ago

Looking in more detail I have some suggestions for cards I'd take out. You seem to have a lont of instant speed spot removal, I'd probably take some out. Personally I'd say Path to Exile, but Beast Within might also be one, depending on whether most of your concerns are creatures or other things.

Your deck also seems like it wants to run under the radar then explode, so answers that demand removal might not be the best, specifically Psychosis Crawler, unless you have enough wheel effects to win when you play it generally. Jin-Gitaxias is also an offender on this fru=ont, but only gives each opponent 1 chance to answer it, so is more likely to win by itself. Though, with the number of decks that run Reliquary Tower they might not need to answer it.

Cryptoplasm looks like a cool clone, but it tends to be too slow, and you already have a bunch of better clones. Vesuvan Doppelganger or Vesuvan Shapeshifter can give you the changing ability with the immediate cloning that triggers ETBs. And Sakashima already lets you change, though slower and for more mana.

Oracle of Mul Daya is great, but the value depends on how often you get to play an extra land, which Aggressive Mining will entirely lock you out of. Magus of the Future or Future Sight lets you explode by playing anything from the top.

I'm also not seeing a lot of great nonbasics to justify Tempt with Discovery, and would recommend Skyshroud Claim as it can grab fetchlands without depending on your opponents.

I'd also a proponent of Rhystic Study over Mystic Remora. Even though the draw is less reliable as opponents are more likely to pay, it sticks around longer and some opponents might just not pay because they don't consider you a threat.

As for cards to add, if you're not a fan of the specific 1-to-1 replacements or for where I didn't offer, I'd pick your favorite wheels, maybe add in some grave recursion, though you already have Eternal Witness and are running Ground Seal. The aforementioned Splendid Reclamation gets around this, as does Open the Vaults and Replenish.

I already recommended Krosan Verge, and you might like Myriad Landscape for similar acceleration, though the basic of the same type limitation is real. Drownyard Temple can also combo with Aggressive Mining.

Enral on Omnath, Mogul of Anti-Wrath of God

1 month ago

Hi there, you have a very interesting take on Omnath. I would recommend Drownyard Temple as it combos with Constant Mists and is helpful if you need to sac lands.

Aretherk on Tier 1 - Splendid Rise from the Meta

1 month ago

This deck will do really well with Retreat to Hagra along side with some Drownyard Temple. Looks like an interesting deck so far tho!

PartialPride on Budget Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

1 month ago

12/12/16Picked up some new cards:

Void > Chaos Warp This just obviously needed to be in the deck I needed some form of enchantment removal and Void just wasn't cutting it.

Ingot Chewer > Tuktuk Scrapper Although I can't evoke it for , it is easier to hit off Grenzo, Dungeon Warden because it only has 2 power, it's ETB is a may ability meaning I don't have to accidentally destroy my own artifact, it deals damage plus there is 1 other ally and 3 shapeshifters who can also trigger his ability.

Mindmoil > Possibility Storm Mindmoil seems nice in theory but it's expensive to cast and doesn't really do too much as I'm not often casting stuff out of my hand. Possibility Storm is my protection against board wipes. It also benefits me as I frequently have high casting cost creatures I can 'cascade' or, more commonly, am just activating Grenzo instead of casting cards from my hand.

Flameshadow Conjuring > Trading Post Flameshadow never really did much for me, it was basically a second, more expensive, copy of Panharmonicon. Trading Post on the other hand has so much utility in one card. Most importantly it can get my artifacts back from the graveyard but also is a sac outlet, discard enabler, and draws me cards. What's not to love?

Dread Return > Phyrexian Delver Not only did I never want to cast Dread Return, I never had the creatures to flash it back. Delver allows me to cast him with Grenzo which is much more desirable.

Fanatic of Mogis > Crypt Ghast Fanatic was one of only two cards which had power 4 or greater (the other being Flayer of the Hatebound). While Flayer is obviously very powerful in this deck, fanatic was just a weak Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Crypt ghast is a all star here. Hitting him on endstep and untapping to double is amazing, the extort may be relevant too.

Noosegraf Mob > Caged Sun The problem with Noosegraf was that it always felt bad casting him for as there was so much more I could be doing with that mana, if I had that much at all. What's the solution to that? Mana doublers seems good. I know this is a two coloured deck so it's not as good, but the +1/+1 counters on my creatures (especially Grenzo, Dungeon Warden are quite powerful too. I'm liking this inclusion so far.

Mountain > Drownyard Temple Given adding Crucible of Worlds would literally double the cost of the deck, this is my budget alternative. I haven't really found myself to be colour screwed so going down a mountain for something I can recur if it gets hit by Grenzo seems worthwhile.

Epochrasite > Godo, Bandit Warlord Epochrasite certainly was cute and I really liked him, unfortunately being a vanilla 4/4 at best is kind of weak. Godo, on the other hand is unreal. He can be hit by Grenzo, and tutors for an equipment fetching me Illusionist's Bracers or Cloak and Dagger both of which make the deck work a lot smoother. The extra combat phase also plays hilariously with our 3 shapeshifters, essentially giving them double strike or vigilance. I plan to eventually add Darksteel Plate in this deck which will probably the primary target.

Cards I'm still looking to add if I can find them cheap:

Darksteel Plate - Having to recast Grenzo is a pain, hopefully this remedies that

Braid of Fire - To replace Thran Turbine as an obviously better upkeep mana producer

Living Death - 1 part board wipe, one part come back mechanism. Count me in

Solemn Simulacrum - ramp, card draw, 2 power need I say more?

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