Wurmcoil Engine

Artifact Creature — Wurm

Deathtouch, lifelink

When Wurmcoil Engine is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, put a 3/3 colorless Wurm artifact creature token with deathtouch and a 3/3 colorless Wurm artifact creature token with lifelink onto the battlefield.

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Wurmcoil Engine Discussion

musicman3310 on Big Bad Blue Eldrazi

3 days ago

Conduit of Ruin has a nice combo with Sanctum of Ugin and Oblivion Sower is one of the best colorless 6 drops. I know you're concerned about price but Wurmcoil Engine is out there.

Chasmolinker on Ummm WHAT?!?! Attack of the Bobs!

4 days ago

I like your style. Have you tried Phyrexian Arena at all? I don't know of any mono Black fatties bigger than Phyrexian Obliterator that wouldn't kill you to bob. Wurmcoil Engine? Might help offset all that life loss

rox5tar on Xenagos god of revels EDH

4 days ago

Oh my...What have you created? It's glorious!

As said, this deck is very nice. The only suggestions I have for you would be Awakening Zone, Warstorm Surge, and Quietus Spike.

First, Awakening Zone gives you a little bit of mana fixing and a great deal of creatures. Just wait until you play an Overrun on them, that will be hillari-
What? You are not playing Overrun? oh... Mana fixing it is!

Next, you have Warstorm Surge. This is not an exact requirement, but take a look at the power of your creatures. It's insane!

Finally, you have Quietus Spike. This card... It's terrible. This is probably the most painstaking card I have ever been exposed to. The deathtouch I can deal with, but half my life?! This will make so many people rage, especially if you can get it on one of your dragons.

I hope this helps! I hope you have many wondrous games with this epic weapon! Two things I have noticed is...1. You have both Wurmcoil Engine and Terastodon on your decklist twice. I am not sure if this was an accident or not, but just pointing it our just in case.2. I just realized that these cards were all in the Planechase Anthology. I don't know why...

Alkadron on Rakdrazi 2.0

1 week ago

I used to run a bunch of Haste Enablers in my rakdos deck (It's Riot Time), but they always disappointed me. I was usually only playing important creatures in the second main, using the discount I got from attacking with Rakdos. For a while I ran stuff like Relentless Assault and Seize the Day to try to capitalize on the hasty-ness, but it never worked out - mana was too tight for a 4-drop sorcery, or I had haste but not a second attack phase, or I had a second attack phase but no haste.

I ended up taking almost all the haste enablers out of the deck. There creatures that you'll get more use out of, I think.

For you, I would switch out Fervor for Avatar of Slaughter and Hammer of Purphoros for Tree of Perdition.


It certainly puts the pressure on. And it can end a game immediately if you can give everyone haste... but that's really hard to set-up, and the tree is basically the only card capable of rioting hard enough for Titans and Colossi without using the attack phase, so I still wouldn't bother with stuff like Fervor

TheRedKnight on Blinky Bill, Angel of Fury

1 week ago

I took out one Stonehorn Dignitary one Anticipate Saheeli Rai and one Eldrazi Displacer. Isochron Scepter is currently not in my possession so I will stick with 4 Path to Exile. Helps with nasty stuff like Wurmcoil Engine.@AugustEarth Thank you for the +1! I play Venser in my Atraxa Deck but 5cmc for repeatable blink is too much and I don't see how I can pull off the ultimate... His minus is negligible seeing how Akroma, Angel of Fury tramples!

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