Ugin, the Spirit Dragon


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged Mythic Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Planeswalker — Ugin

+2: Ugin, the Spirit Dragon deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

-X: Exile each permanent with converted mana cost X or less that's one or more colors.

-10: You gain 7 life, draw seven cards, then put up to seven permanent cards from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Discussion

Profet93 on OVERLORD

1 day ago


I LOVE YOUR DECK!! +1 from me!

Thoughts on Trading Post and Mirage Mirror? I use the post to stop my artifacts from getting exiled, make tokens to block with and/or sacrifice the token for artifact recursion. Lastly the token can be used for a Contamination lock. Mirage mirror is just CRAZY versatility which I think can serve this deck quite well.

What is your plan to deal with artifacts and enchantments? From a glance, all I see if Karn. I usually find All Is Dust, Nevinyrral's Disk, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and Oblivion Stone can help with this (albeit at risk of getting rid of your stuff as well).

Another interesting way to remedy this weakness is with Spine of Ish Sah which you can sacrifice to Claws of Gix or Trading Post.

What are your thoughts of Rings of Brighthearth for the deck? I don't know about your meta's rules for infinite combos, but you can get infinite black mana with Coffers + Urborg + Deserted temple + A couple more lands + Rings.

No Demonic Tutor, Beseech the Queen or Diabolic Tutor? Is that because your commander is a tutor?

Also if you are running the leyline you might want to run Helm of Obedience if you like destroying people's will to play magic.

flaminghome on Behold! The Oppressive Power of the Eldrazi

2 days ago

FilmCriticFrog, well, since Urzatron is still legal, I'd utilize those, with Eldrazi Temple and Vesuva. Eldrazi Temple can get pretty pricy, but they give you an extra 16 mana in total, as well as using Vesuvas to copy the Eldrazi Temples (or even Urza's Tower if Tron was assembled)

In addition, some more Mana fixing needs to be done. I'd run 4-of for Conduit of Ruin to make up for the loss of Sanctum of Ugin, and decrease the total casting cost of your creatures by 8, rendering a large portion of the deck virtually free to cast. The only downside is that you can only search for Creatures, so they'll be less constant Eldrazi Conscription or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, but an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for as low as 7 is pretty spicy.

In addition, I'd run none of the Breaker of Armies, Eldrazi Devastator or Endbringer and instead run a playset of Kozilek's Channeler, it's easy to cast, easy to defend, and gives a nice amount of extra Mana.

Finally, I'd run 4-of for Thought-Knot Seer and replace the Desolation Twins, with the loss of speed, you want more control. You'll find Not of This World to be more pivotal than I do, and might want to replace Scour from Existence with Skittering Invasion, as it provides chump blockers and 5 additional Mana.

This is all theoretical, but I hope it does help you a bit.

colton815 on MDN Dragons

3 days ago

sorry but this is not modern viable. you have barely any removal, and its too slow. too many high cost cards. modern is a turn 4 format, meaning games are usually won or basically locked down by that point. infect can win on turn 3, burn can win on turn 3 or 4, a player could cast Through the Breach into Emrakul, the Aeons Torn on turn 4, and Tron decks can cast Karn Liberated turn 3 followed by Ugin, the Spirit Dragon turn 4.

Hyperalgialysis on Butcher of the Infinite End

6 days ago

I think maybe some early play cards would be a big help. Stuff like Pilgrim's Eye Akroan Horse Spatial Contortion Warping Wail and other colorless fodder. I know you need to get a lot of mana up to get going, but not having any early game options may be a problem. If your group is very laid back you might be ok, but even then someone gets a good aggro start and your board is empty makes for a short game. I also think that maybe increasing the number of cards of each typ might be handy. I know your options are limited but having the extra types in your grave will make your commander cheaper to cast. Aside from the instantz I suggested Karn Liberated and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon are 2 other cards to help in this regard. Good luck to you

Oloro_Magic on Need help

1 week ago

If you are building around Ugin, the Spirit Dragon a good shell to start in is tron with the tron lands Urza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant, and Urza's Tower to accelerate your mana.

Bulldawg1310 on Eldra Tron: Walking Apocalypse

1 week ago

If youre looking for a more effecient planeswalker than karn, i find most opponents i play, straight scoop to Ugin, the Spirit Dragon his ult is a winmore but wiping their board his -X is straight frustrating to them!

haysmafia1 on FrogTron

1 week ago

Won Team Unified Modern yesterday with this. Deck match record:6-0 (plus one no finish, thanks to my teammates), Deck overall record:14-3, Team match record: 7-1. This deck beat Grixis Death Shadow and Eldrazi Tron handily twice each. I also 2-0'd against Dredge and G/W Company once each (feel bad for that G/W guy: T3 Karn Liberated into T4 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon is savage af. In the finals (against Abzan), he went after my lands hard. Luckily, my sideboard planned worked. You should've seen his face when the first Thragtusk came down and then again when the second Wurmcoil Engine hit.

I am not gloating, I know that they deck was a bad choice but I got out of it by top-decking insanely all day (and my teammates keeping me from making bonehead plays). Many thanks to Todd Stevens for the inspiration and shell that became this build.

Brefin on Zedruu, the Sword Dancer

1 week ago

There, updated with the list I was playing this morning, including the Stoneforge Mystic.

I've not done much to consider Sram. I think when it comes down to it, a lot of the card advantage is baked into using Zedruu herself. Sram is good, but doesn't enable things. Compare to Puresteel Paladin who draws cards in more situations and then makes equip costs free. As to Zedruu, I want to be using her every turn. If necessary I will drop her on 4 mana and give away a land in order to turn her draw power on.

As to Inspiring Statuary, I play Stony Silence, hence the lack of mana rocks. And the Statuary lets me continue to use artifacts for mana. Better yet it lets me tap my equipment to cast things. This thing is amazing for extending my reach to cast Dismiss into Dream or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. And the Stony Silence? Well I give away good things, like equipment, doesn't mean I want my opponents to use them.

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