Jarad's Orders


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Rare

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Jarad's Orders


Search your library for up to two creature cards and reveal them. Put one into your hand and the other into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.

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Jarad's Orders Discussion

DaringApprentice on Empire of the Brood

1 week ago

The following 16 cards were in 27% or greater of 672 Sidisi, Brood Tyrant decks (http://edhrec.com/commanders/sidisi-brood-tyrant) and were also in Tasigur, the Golden Fang decks (http://edhrec.com/commanders/tasigur-the-golden-fang):

Command Tower, Eternal Witness, Living Death, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Victimize, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Satyr Wayfinder, Sheoldred, Whispering One, Jarad's Orders, Deadbridge Chant, Cyclonic Rift, Reclamation Sage, Buried Alive, Bojuka Bog, Putrefy, and Villainous Wealth.

Coucho_Marx on Meren's So Damn Good in the Sac

2 weeks ago

No problem! We all have to work within our own meta. I have a few specific recommendations now, which you might like.

I've found that Meren really loves creatures that kill themselves (surely you've noticed this with Sidisi by now!). Vulturous Aven is really cool, a Sign in Blood that you can reanimate over and over. I know you don't like much ramp, but the (already mentioned) Sakura-Tribe Elder, as well as Devoted Druid, are too good to ignore in a Meren build.

I feel like a couple of cards you run may not perform well. How often have you won with Mortal Combat? You have 35 creatures in your deck, and only three ways to self-mill or get creatures into your graveyard easily (Jarad's Orders, Dread Summons, and Deadbridge Chant. On average, you'd have to mill more than half of your deck to get twenty creatures in there, or cast around that many (nontoken!) creatures and get them all killed. This is really hard to do - even in long games, with tons of dorks for fodder, I never get that close, because I keep reanimating them or the game ends. If you really want to use it, I'd try adding Altar of Dementia and Buried Alive as an extra grave-filling option. It's much more flavourful considering you can sac stuff and then bring it back. Dread Summons is a bit underwhelming - since it only gives you zombies for creatures it directly mills, and since many decks aren't as creature-heavy as ours, it's likely to generate only one zombie per X. If you want lots of tokens, try Army of the Damned. If you want to mill, Altar of Dementia is the better option. And since you're milling, pop in a Reanimate so you can cheaply grab other people's stuff.

Speaking of tokens, I notice you have several good producers, in Creakwood Liege, Grave Titan, and (the slightly underwhelming and expensive) Primeval Bounty. The last one doesn't do you much good when you really should be reanimating stuff instead of casting it. You should be putting all of these tokens to use! Craterhoof Behemoth is a great win-condition creature, especially if you can reanimate him on the cheap. If he costs too much for you, then Overwhelming Stampede and Triumph of the Hordes are good alternatives, or you can try Pathbreaker Ibex. Avenger of Zendikar is an incredible token producer, too. And if you add Birthing Pod, you can pod right from Avenger into Craterhoof! Overseer of the Damned is alright, but Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is almost certainly better, if you can afford one. Add some boardwipes with it!

A couple of other suggestions. You already have Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos, and Merciless Executioner, so why not Fleshbag Marauder? I know that sometimes you might only want a certain amount of some effects, but this one is so undeniably good that I'd run four copies of it if I could. I understand why you use Asceticism, but it doesn't do a lot to protect your board from wipes without a huge amount of mana open, which isn't what your deck wants. Besides, as a reanimator deck, spot removal doesn't scare you as much. Roll with it and double down on graveyard stuff! Phyrexian Delver is an all-star for me, as an ETB reanimator on a body has incredible utility. Sangromancer only really gains you life, which is underwhelming when you could be killing someone else.

Silklash Spider and Sisters of Stone Death are incredibly mana-hungry and again require you to leave mana open, when you have no other ways of using it. I'd take them out for some quality targeted removal, like Beast Within, Hero's Downfall, Nature's Claim and/or Krosan Grip, or Unravel the Aether if someone uses the Gods a lot. Pharika's Mender is a poor man's Eternal Witness, which you already have anyway. Greenwarden of Murasa does a better job for not much more mana, or you could go cheap and use Regrowth or even Reap if you know you'll be playing against black decks. Finally, I've recently fallen in love with Shaman of Forgotten Ways. It is ramp, again, but only for creature spells so it does limit you. What I really like, though, is the second ability. It's slow, and it's expensive, but it can win you the game on the spot (for reference, the spell with this effect, Biorhythm, is banned). Your opponents should have plenty of time to see it coming! It'll come into play much more that Mortal Combat, and actually works better with your reanimate/forced sarcrifice strategy.

Sorry, that was really long! I hope some of this is useful, and hopefully you can make some fun changes.

JimmyRustle on meren

2 weeks ago

Kokusho, the Evening Star is a bonkers wincon in this deck. His little brother Gray Merchant of Asphodel isn't bad either. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Cauldron of Souls are great as well. especially together. Spore Frog should also be a auto-include. That guy is a f*cking mvp!

Other great cards are Miren, the Moaning Well, Blade of Selves, Skullclamp, Smokestack (and other stax-cards), Strionic Resonator, Jarad's Orders, Evolutionary Leap and Pattern of Rebirth.Cards i feel you should cut are Banshee of the Dread Choir, Blightsoil Druid, Butcher of Malakir, Caller of the Pack, Centaur Vinecrasher, Champion of Stray Souls and Cloudthresher. Most of them are too overpriced, and doesn't do the job compared to the aggro they tend to pull.

Hope you found it useful. My Meren deck has been fairly succesful. Check it out for inspiration :)

Nothing ever really dies

Good luck!

Araganor on The Cult of Reanimation

1 month ago

OK round 2 of advice.

In general, run more creatures if possible. They can be reanimated, can block, be sacrificed, can be tutored with Worldly Tutor, and count in the graveyard for a variety of cards. Take something like Shriekmaw or Nekrataal over Doomblade, it's going to help you more in the long run I think. Also get some guys that blow up artifacts/enchantments like Reclamation Sage. You don't want to have to scoop to a Rest in Peace

Life's Finale makes Living Death better for your opponents. I get that you want to try and reanimate their creatures, but I feel like the theme isn't being supported enough for this card to be worth it over a cheaper board wipe. I only count 3 cards that can reanimate creatures from other graveyards. In my opinion you should either cut Life's Finale, or push the reanimation theme more. If you need another cheaper board wipe try Black Sun's Zenith or Crux of Fate. Actually board wipes in general are better in edh so try to run more of those and less spot removal, since your deck doesn't tend to have much of a board presence early on and stuff being dead is good for you anyway. Since Recurring Nightmare is banned in edh, you can cut that and try some other reanimation spells like Animate Dead, Corpse Dance, or Shallow Grave instead.

I don't like Quicksilver Amulet, your dudes just aren't fat enough for this to be worth running over something that ramps you or fills up your graveyard. Besides, you want stuff in your yard, not your hand. Alternatively, get some bigger dudes in your deck so it's worth it.

When it comes to card advantage in EDH, you usually want to try for engine-type cards over one shot effects (unless those one-shots are really strong). To me it feels like you are thinking too small, running one-shot effects like Pilfered Plans that only draw a card or 2. Get some value trains going! Fortunately, you are in blue and black, the value kings. For drawing/looting, consider spells like Phyrexian Arena, Skullclamp, Rhystic Study, Mind Unbound (potentially dangerous but hey you have a Laboratory Maniac), Monastery Siege, Unfulfilled Desires, Compulsion, and Magus of the Bazaar. For one shot draw: Fact or Fiction, Recurring Insight, or Stroke of Genius are good options for refilling.

For kill spells, you want versatility: Grave Pact, Crux of Fate, Putrefy, Toxic Deluge, etc.

The confluence cycle has some crazy good cards: Mystic Confluence, Wretched Confluence, and Verdant Confluence are all very flexible and powerful. Worth considering.

Also more dredge cards would be excellent. Stinkweed Imp, Golgari Grave-Troll, Golgari Thug, and Life from the Loam are all great engines for your deck. If you do include Life from the Loam that enables retrace cards like Raven's Crime (not great, but is decent in 1v1s and is an avenue for self-discard) and Worm Harvest (pretty good alt-wincon after a big self-mill, or just use them as fodder for sac engines). Dredge in general is an awesome effect for a deck like this. It can replace ANY draw, not just the one at the beginning of your turn. This gets kind of ridiculous with something like Compulsion in play: "1U, mill 6 if a Stinkweed Imp is in your hand".

I see a small token subtheme, but it's not really where I think it should be. You have a few cards like AEther Mutation and Saproling Symbiosis, but they are pretty unreliable. I do like Awakening Zone though. I would add more creature based token generators like Ant Queen, Myr Battlesphere, Deranged Hermit, Hornet Queen, or Avenger of Zendikar. Notice that these are great to reanimate or exile with Mr. Mime, as well as feeding the other token strategies you want in this deck.

Here are some other cards that would be great in your deck:

Cards I would cut starting off:

  • AEther Mutation - slow, and not really worth it
  • Saproling Symbiosis - relies on you already having a board state, this is the definition of a win-more card
  • Tempt with Discovery - 4 mana for one land is not worth it, you don't have any lands that are that important to fetch, so if nobody takes the offer this is basically a bad Explosive Vegetation
  • Progenitor Mimic - fun ability, but maybe not where you want to be (your call)
  • Dimir Charm - there are better things you can be doing with 2 mana
  • Rise of the Dark Realms - I know I recommended it before but it honestly just seems like a more expensive Living Death since you're only really focused on self-mill. It is fun and splashy though.
  • Abrupt Decay - there is a lot of stuff in edh that costs more than 3 mana, you are going to find this decent at best and completely useless at worst

That should be enough for now

CRKFIEND on Gravedigger

1 month ago

Thanks for checking out my build. I figured I'd return the favor. I like what you have going. I would try to remove the Golgari Charm and Tribute to the Wild. My reasoning is that they don't work well with the commander. Meren wants to either play creatures from the graveyard, or return them to hand. So why not try some Artifact/Enchantment removal on a stick? Caustic Caterpillar has been a bomb in my meren build. Coupled with Acidic Slime, Viridian Zealot and Terastodon it seems like a good fit. Buried Alive and Jarad's Orders have been absolute bombs in my build as well, you might want to try them out. I'd probably cut Master of the Feast or Ghoultree too, I like the cards, but I feel Meren isn't their best fits.

+1 to you buddy.

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