Jarad's Orders


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Rare

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Jarad's Orders


Search your library for up to two creature cards and reveal them. Put one into your hand and the other into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.

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Jarad's Orders Discussion

GoldenDiggle on Budget Karador EDH Combo

2 weeks ago

Ok, so 20 sac outlets is a lot.

Altar of Dementia is a bit underwhelming since you don't do any other mill yourself, you are basically hoping your opponents deck themselves.

Blasting Station only reliably works with Evangel of Heliod (I could be overlooking/missing a combo), but it doesn't seem all to impressive.

Phyrexian Plaguelord has great options, but with a CMC of 5, he isn't the best to have. I would pick Sadistic Hypnotist over it.

At 5 CMC a sac, Elvish Skysweeper seems pricey at best. However, if flying is a problem, go for it, but its not going to stop an Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Sigarda, Host of Herons, and definitely not a Zur the Enchanter.

Fallen Angel is really cool to use, but falls short when compared to Fallen Ideal, which not only returns to your hand (just self sac if the enchant is gonna be destroyed), but also allows you to put the sac outlet on anything, including Karador.

I would actually replace Carnage Altar with Vampiric Rites, the comparison in value is crazy.

As far as tutors go, Fleshwrither literally grabs 1 of 4 creatures. Jarad, Meren, Solemn, or Flesh-Eater Imp. Sure, you can recast him, but paying 7 mana for a tutor like that when you could just drop Entomb to cast something or Jarad's Orders for one in 'yard and one in hand just look a lot better.

Ashen Rider is a bit pricey, but it has uses (especially with Soldevi Adnate) but if you don't have more ways to get him out easy, is he worth the CMC of 8?

I hope this helps with some insight! I have been a big fan of yours and you are always supportive of my decks! Good luck cutting! If you need more cuts, I'll be close.

GoldenDiggle on Budget Karador EDH Combo

2 weeks ago

I like the use of the Golgari powerhouses like Jarad's Orders, Deadbridge Chant, and of course Golgari Grave-Troll. Amazing for Karador.

Eldritch Evolution would help you tutor a creature combo and throw something in the 'yard at the same time.

Evolutionary Leap is a decent sac engine that lets you pull the next creature from your library.

Crop Sigil is slow, but dropping early casts Karador that much earlier.

dreamistt on Meren, The World is mine

2 weeks ago


-Blood Bairn -> +Viscera Seer (cheaper sac outlet) or at least Bloodthrone Vampire (strictly better)
-Satyr Wayfinder (even though Self-mill can be quite good for Meren, therer are better cards for this)
-Grisly Salvage (same thing. The only one I'd tell you to keep is Mulch because it might give you 2 lands)
-Viridian Zealot -> outclassed by +Caustic Caterpillar
-Kessig Cagebreakers (the tokens could be fun, but I don't think they are useful enough)
-Banshee of the Dread Choir (meh)
-Lotleth Troll (meh...)
-Bloodspore Thrinax (growing creatures are not all that good in a commander based on graveyard recursion)
-Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest (growing creatures are not all that good in a commander based on graveyard recursion)
-Vulturous Zombie (growing creatures are not all that good in a commander based on graveyard recursion)
-Champion of Stray Souls (I know you like it, but check out my suggestions first. I don't think they are useful enough)
-Doomgape (same thing. A 10/10 trampler is great, but if you manage to get some 5/5 flying demons, you'll be happier)


-Golgari Guildgate
-Vivid Grove
-Vivid Marsh
-Polluted Mire
-Slippery Karst
+Basic Forests and Swamps. There's no need for all this color-fixing and taplands in a deck with just two colors and one of them being green and with access to ramp cards.


+Nest Invader (small ramp)
+Growth Spasm (ramp)
+From Beyond and/or Awakening Zone (consistent ramp and experience builder for Meren)
+Catacomb Sifter (scry, ramp, experience)


+Rootrunner lockdown when you are ahead
+Triumph of the Hordes for the infect win


+Jarad's Orders (2 in 1)
+Corpse Connoisseur (reusable Entomb)

RAMP (besides eldrazi)

+Solemn Simulacrum
+Farhaven Elf
+Kodama's Reach or Cultivate


+Smothering Abomination (the mandatory upkeep sacrifice won't be a problem most of the times... and you can sac itself if needed be)
+Bloodgift Demon (getting 1 extra card for 1 life and a big flying dude is pretty neat)
+Kothophed, Soul Hoarder (6/6 flying for ? The drawing clause is mandatory and it could be problematic against some decks, but if you remember to have a sac outlet ready, you can sacrifice him if you need to)
+Vampiric Rites (doubles as a sac outlet)


+Beacon of Unrest is a must have. Gets you a creature or artifact (birthing pod, probably) back.
+Ever After isn't bad either
+Grim Return (sacrifice something and cast that)


+Xathrid Demon a second Jarad
+Demon of Dark Schemes is a cheaper Massacre Wurm and it allows you to get creatures from ANY graveyard for some energy.
+Aetherworks Marvel (speaking of energy, this one allows you to cast a card for free for 6 energy. And tokens generate energy as well)
+Riftsweeper is a safeguard card when you get most of your win-cons exiled.
+Deadbridge Chant can be downright amazing in a Meren deck. The initial self-mill won't be a problem 99% of the time.
+Avenger of Zendikar gives you a bunch of tokens.
+Overseer of the Damned (removal and token generator... besides being a 5/5 flying creature)
+Havoc Demon (mass removal -break in case of emergency-, 5/5 flying creature)

Bovine073 on Singleton Guild Ravnica Plane Constructed ...

3 weeks ago

unos thanks for the heads up. Boneyard Wurm, Eternal Witness, and Putrid Leech have been removed and replaced with Jarad's Orders, Ogre Slumlord, and Drown in Filth, EpicFreddi.

The confusion has been caused because tappedout's card database lists decks in the Golgari vs. Izzet duel deck as being in the Ravnica blocks.

Nethereon on John's Grixis Storm Deck

3 weeks ago

This is a very interesting deck, and, coincidentally, is very similar to the deck I run. I can tell you from experience that the best cards you can have are transmute mechanic cards, more specifically Muddle the Mixture.

Transmute doesn't utilize the stack, so you tutor for the missing combo piece at little to no risk. My version relies solely upon a Bitter Ordeal kill. With that being said, I need bounce effects because of Leyline of the Void or Leyline of Sanctity, so I run Wipe Away to combat this problem. Grapeshot and Ordeal suffer from a Leyline counter, or Summary Dismissal. Honestly, I would go the Altar of the Brood route rather than Grapeshot or Warrens.

If your interested, consider going , so you can have access to Jarad's Orders. There are other cards in green that have excellent synergy with the deck idea, such as Commune with the Gods. On a final note, I would find a way to include Serum Visions and swap out Alchemy for Anticipation.

Oh one last thing! Ghost Quarter, run them main board or sideboard. I know from experience that you can't race a Tron deck. If they get lucky and third turn a Karn, you're totally hosed. On the plus side, who doesn't run nonbasic lands?

GS10 on Meren of Clan Not-Dead

3 weeks ago

Thanks a lot for your suggestions mate!

About Mike! Yeah, I'm not running him for budget issues - more than his price on it's own, but I do have a Marchesa deck as well, and I'd prioritize his inclusion in there rather than in Meren, and I'm not too keen on spending 40-50$ to get the two copies (since most times there is someone in the playgroup borrowing one of my decks). I have both Mike and Triskelion proxied, but since Meren was my first real (complete) EDH deck, I never really proxied cards for her specifically.

Carrion Feeder doesn't impress me much, as I said, I have a Marchesa deck, and the need to sac creatures is often alike, and Carrion Feeder usually only becomes relevant after long games where it starts to get awfully big and opponents feel like they don't want to remove a big non-blocking creature just to have it come back EoT. In Meren though, it loses that edge. And Viscera Seer also recently got cut from my Marchesa deck for the same reason. It's a free sac outlet, but it's awful when I'm running behind and most times I played them just to get them out of my hand or to chump block something which Carrion Feeder can't even do. But I agree with you, I definitely need at least one additional sac outlet for the deck (a repeatable one for that matter) and that's something I should get sooner rather than later. As for Necrotic Ooze and Lord of Extinction, they feel a bit too situational to me, and even though they make for some surprise kills, I think I'd rather focus on lowering the mana curve a bit than trying to implement different bits and pieces to combo off. Those are two I'll keep in mind though, with Buried Alive and Jarad's Orders they might even prove much more powerful and consistent than I'm thinking.

As for the Kaladesh cards, I was watching the spoilers in the live coverage and I drooled a bit when I saw Aetherworks Marvel, it seems perfect in here, but I'm not too keen on paying an inflated price due to standard playability and since I'm in Europe it was a bit hard to get a hold of one before all the hype shot the price through the roof. I'm keeping the price in check to get them when they lower to a reasonable price again. Demon of Dark Schemes has been following the opposite path and I do have a friend who owns one, and I'm trying to get him to trade it or sell it to me since the set came out - Having no other energy sources though, I'm not rushing for it yet.

Urborg and Coffers are the dream investment here, but I didn't get hold of a Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth when I could since I thought I wouldn't be needing it after standard rotation. Turns out, it would have been a brilliant buy for EDH. I wasn't playing let alone planning on building half a dozen decks in the following year and a half, so I missed that window and now I'm thinking about the days I could get it for half the current price, no shipping costs needed even. Cabal Coffers is a bit out of my comfort zone though. My playgroup is not too competitive, so cards that look so "flashy" in a way that allow you to do most of the things you could at any point of the game, tend to draw a lot of hate. While Mikaeus, the Unhallowed would most of the times win the game on the spot if played right, Cabal Coffers might just look like a time bomb to everyone else and just a regular land for me, making them my enemies for no advantage at all. It's a great card and should be in a optimal competitive list, yes, but for the price it holds and the consequences it would have on the balance of my regular playgroup, I prefer not to consider it. I took Bojuka Bog really early in my changes since there were no other graveyard based decks in my playgroup, but now there are a few so it's something to consider adding, or at least the constelation enchantment creature that does the same job. Gotta check one against the other because of being yet another land entering tapped. Same for Dakmor Salvage, but the interaction with Crop Rotation and even cards like Harrow is worth considering.

And finally Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip is in the same budget restraints list! I was hoping her price would creep down a bit with standard rotation, but price changes have been barely noticeable, so I might get my copy soon to. She's great and I'll definitely find a place for her, not taking Vraska yet, though. I really like her and she let's me off the hook more times than I would ever expect, from the removal beacon she represents, to actually removing persistent threats in a sensible timely manner (looking at stuff like Lightning Greaves on a Felidar Sovereign and stuff like that...). As for Grave Betrayal, again: Marchesa deck, so yeah I'm familiar with it! :)

I'll accept the suggestions I like, but then I'll remove them from the traditional maybeboard to the spoiler down in the description along with the others. I really need to lower my curve though, at least make it more consistent. Once again, thank you very much for all the effort you went through with your suggestions. It means a lot and it helps me improving my deck and game further! ;)

Kylesafgt on Meren of Clan Nel Toth

3 weeks ago

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to critique my deck :)

I did in fact, at one point, run Archfiend of Depravity but didn't quite like the feel of him and felt as if I had better options for 5 cmc. I can see why he's an amazing card, he just didn't give the impact I wanted... I might slip him back in now that you've reminded me of him and see how he goes with a more structured decklist than I originally had when I ran him.

Dark Petition didn't even cross my mind! I like it more than Diabolic Tutor too as it's not rare that Spell Mastery will be triggering, effectively giving me a cheaper tutor. Buried Alive and Jarad's Orders are definite includes and I've definitely not forgotten their inclusion (I just need to get a hold of them).

Decree of Pain is a good mention... I like the versatility of cycling it. I'll add it to the maybeboard. Toxic Deluge would definitely be a better solution and for an extra $5ish as well as cheaper cmc and the ability to get around indestructibility. Damnation is a bit too expensive for my liking and doesn't get around indestructibility (which is very common in my meta).

I'll be sure to give your deck a once over and try to leave any feedback. Thanks again.

GS10 on Meren of Clan Nel Toth

4 weeks ago

If you're liking Smokestack try Archfiend of Depravity. It's one of my favourite cards in Meren.

Dark Petition is an interesting budget tutor and Buried Alive as well as Jarad's Orders are even better options with Meren.

You should also run at least one emergency board wipe, I recommend Decree of Pain on a budget, obviously Toxic Deluge or Damnation would be better, but I'm guessing budget is an issue.

Check out my own build if you're looking for any other cards or insights ;) Feel free to suggest whatever you feel that would be an improvement for me as well!

Meren of Clan Not-Dead

Commander / EDH GS10


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