Jarad's Orders

Jarad's Orders


Search your library for up to two creature cards and reveal them. Put one into your hand and the other into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.

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Jarad's Orders Discussion

enpc on Karador

1 week ago

A few things I noticed with the deck:

  1. You have too many creatures that don't do anything. For a reanimator deck, big vanilla creatures are genereally irrelevant.

  2. You don't have enough tutors. This goes hand in hand with point 1. Why run lots of ok creatures when I can run a few less and a bunch of tutors to find the creature I want at the time I need it. So things like Diabolic Tutor, Increasing Ambition, Jarad's Orders, Diabolic Intent, Demonic Collusion are all really good for your deck. You also need straight to graveyard tutors - Buried Alive and Corpse Connoisseur are good.

  3. Card draw - run it. This goes with point 2 well. You have one or two effects but you need more.

  4. your general is expensive, so you need more ramp. 3 ramp cards (I counted about 3). I know he gets cheaper with the graveyard, but you don't have many ways of graveyarding on mass early. So he is in an awkward spot. I recommend 10+ dedicated ramp cards. Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Nature's Lore, Rampant Growth, Skyshroud Claim, Far Wanderings, Chromatic Lantern are all good.

  5. I would personally run more removal. That comes fro ma more competetive mindset but I think that removal is invaluable.

Hopefully that will help.

Alixen on Skullbriar, the Pimp-daddy counter King

1 week ago

I recently added Grave Strength to my Skullbriar deck. I would definitely include Jarad's Orders. It combo's fantastically with Death's Shadow + Varolz, the Scar-Striped . You might also want to look into any of the following Savra, Queen of the Golgari Shambling Shell (those 2 are a personal favorite of mine) and Vigor. The last one is a little high on the mana curve for you but well worth it.

Blind_Guardian on

2 weeks ago

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RhobearST on Help for a very funny ...

1 month ago

i made a Varolz, the Scar-Striped commander deck IRL, and it is AWESOME. All you creatures always have scavenge. also there is a cool combo with Jarad's Orders: search for Reaper from the Abyss + Reassembling Skeleton . sacrifice reassembling skeleton to regenerate varolz, at the end of the turn destroy target non-demon, non-baneslayer angel creature. pay 1 B and 1 to do this every turn.

Caes on Ooze your daddy now!

1 month ago

Hey there! Great to see another ooze deck. Here are some other combos you may want to consider:

I'm not a fan of Tasigur, the Golden Fang in necrotic ooze based decks because your opponent will often just give you back combo parts from your graveyard and that hurts necrotic ooze. Hex Parasite is also probably better than Vampire Hexmage as it is repeatable and plays nicely with Kitchen Finks.

I have been on the fence with Griselbrand for a long time. My problem with him is that you will rarely get to activate his ability more than once as you have no way to gain the life back with the ooze alone. The flip side of that is, with the Tree of Redemption combo, you can obtain infinite life and thus draw the majority of your deck. I feel that he is a dead draw most of the time, but like I said I'm still not sure.

Finally, since your deck has such a high creature count, I think it would be much more profitable for you to run Grisly Salvage over Jarad's Orders with Modern being as fast a format as it is.

That's all l have for now, good luck with your deck!

imaloony on Always Hiring! (EDH)

1 month ago

@jandrobard Yes, I think he was briefly in the deck. The problem is, he's more difficult to handle than Reassembling Skeleton because I can only bring him back right when he dies, which can be somewhat troublesome, and unlike Reassembling Skeleton, Bloodghast, and Nether Traitor, I can't just toss him into the graveyard with Jarad's Orders and get him right back.

Thanks for the feedback though! I appreciate it.

Color(s) Black Green
Cost 2BG
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.32
Avg. cube pick 11.32


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Rare

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