Geier Reach Sanitarium


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Geier Reach Sanitarium

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Each player draws a card, then discards a card.

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Geier Reach Sanitarium Discussion

gamewizard7 on Abzan Midrange: Advice Wanted

3 days ago

Hi All,Thanks for the great input you have given me! Here is what I am considering for the next deck update:

  1. -3 Valorous Stance +3 Fatal Push
  2. -1 Geier Reach Sanitarium,+1 Blooming Marsh
  3. +1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (Note: I don't have him yet, but I know someone with it that I could possibly trade with) -1 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

A lot of the cards suggested are too expensive because I don't want to pay that much money for single cards, like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and Grim Flayer. I will try to find people with these cards and trade with them. I appreciate the advice and I will keep those cards in mind when the prices go down :)

Thank you all for the advice, let me know if there is anything I should add to the next update!

frig on The Revolting Fog

4 days ago

All right I have tuned it a bit more. You are right that the consul is the key to Mardu (I dont think the match up can be won unless that hits the board early), so I upped it to 4. Otherwise I just mulligan till I have one in hand. But this deck does not like mulligan'n. The added benefit of this is that it greatly helps vs copycat.

I upped the fumigates to 4 to handle the BG. And I added Metallurgic Summonings as a win con. However, I think that has been underwhelming and it just gives a target for Mardu's Unlicensed Disintegration which is just packing his hand by that time.

This meant I cut glimmer and anticipate and Dovin. I believe that I will move the summoning to the board, I think it will be key against more typical control. I like Consulate Surveillance for some of the same reasons I like Dovin Baan, it saves a fog early and right after a sweeper and forces them to commit more resources into a sweeper.

I have a single copy Wildest Dreams as a late game sealer. I tried Seasons Past but there was too much repetitive cmc in the deck. I also like 1 or even 2 Geier Reach Sanitarium as an end of opponents turn mana sink. If ever there was a deck that did not mind giving the opponent a card it is this one.

So in the end I am going to be testing this going forward, with a similiar deck list to you (more Fumigate's) less anticipate, adding Dovin and Glimmer x2 each.

I really can't play a deck thate veryone else is playing and anythin I have brewed to be good against Mardu and BG has gotten smoked by Copy cat. This is the first one that has game against both main deck and this even has answers to Aetherflux Reservoir .

I think the main issue is Temur Tower. I played Fog in the old days (though I only played for a few months before getting back into it now) and counters were the nemesis. Being situated in blue gives some answers but I would really like a card like Hanweir Garrison against control. Perhaps Mechanized Production to give an auto win clock when put on a tower or construct token.

DanaBarrosReincarnate on B/R Triskadekaphobia

6 days ago

i kno that you've prob already considered this, but i would honestly take out the 2x Murderous Compulsion & 2 other cards (any of what i'll suggest bellow) to switch in 4x Fatal Push. or, if you don't want to fuck your curve up, maybe 2x Fatal Push & 2x Ruinous Path.

i like the main idea of this deck bc i love that trisk/tree combo. it's such a funny way to win haha

here are the overall changes i'd make to yr deck (sry if yr budgeting; i'm just suggesting what i think would work best):

TAKE OUT: 2x Murderous Compulsion, 4x Falkenrath Gorger, 4x Heir of Falkenrath  Flip, 3x Hope of Ghirapur, 2x Diabolic Tutor, 1x Triskaidekaphobia1x Fiery Temper, 2x Swamp

explanation: compulsion is too slow for a viable removal option, regardless of its madness ability; gorger isn't terrible, but it's not great in this deck (not enough vamps); heir  Flip is decent for triggering madness, but there are better options (see below); i LOVE hope, but i would prob move it to the sideboard in this deck (to be used against control decks; removed two Diabolic Tutor & one trisk bc yr curve is wayyyy too 4-drop heavy, & you'll be able to find these cards fairly easy w/ some added card draw (see below again). i left tree at 4x bc it's more important to yr deck from a defensive standpoint (a field full of 0/13's is pretty dope imho tbh); one Fiery Temper & two swamps (see below).

PUT IN: 4x Fatal Push, 3x Insolent Neonate, 3x Ruinous Path, 3x Liliana, the Last Hope (or 3x Cryptolith Fragment  Flip), 3x Asylum Visitor, 1x Lightning Axe, 2x Geier Reach Sanitarium

explanation: again, Fatal Push is such a dope removal card for cheap, PLUS you can trigger its revolt by sacrificing--> ; Insolent Neonate--another 1-drop chump blocker w/ card draw ability for mana-fixing/finding the trisks/trees; Ruinous Path for creature/planeswalker removal (w/ added awaken benefit for dead draws); Lilly bc, well, bc why not really (you could substitute Cryptolith Fragment  Flip in this spot if yr budgeting); three Asylum Visitor for more card draw possibilities plus another madness trigger; replaced a Fiery Temper w/ a Lightning Axe (just one) for variety, & to provide another madness outlet; & lastly, a couple geier reach for card draw/madness outlet.

if you make all these changes, yr curve goes from pretty awful to reasonably okay: > > > >



6 days ago

No, I forgot some numbers sorry:

There it is corrected!

AtomicEmpire on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

1 week ago


Meh. It's OK, but is pretty much tied with Desolate Lighthouse. As I already have Desolate Lighthouse, I will probably not be picking up Geier Reach Sanitarium anytime soon. Although it does seem good, giving our opponents card advantage makes me cringe a bit. What were your reasons for it over Desolate Lighthouse?

pax.wellington on U/B Spoopy Scary Zombies Tribal

1 week ago

x600NitroXpress Yeah I just mentioned Altar's Reap as an example. There are much better cards that allow you to sacrifice for benefit (e.g. Voldaren Pariah  Flip is a common one in decks similar to this). A quick search on Gatherer will show you some better options against non-creature decks. Anyway, I don't have any sacrifice effects in my deck so I was curious if you'd tried any and what you thought.

Yeah, the draw from Cryptbreaker is great on it's own. One thing to keep in mind is Turn Aside won't work against sweepers (e.g. Radiant Flames/Flaying Tendrils) or player-targeted spells (e.g. To the Slaughter/Oath of Liliana) if you ever come across those. But Negate works fine there.

So beside switching out the tap lands (Submerged Boneyard) to battle lands (Sunken Hollow), and maybe considering a single Drownyard Temple/Geier Reach Sanitarium (forgot to mention that one), it looks good. Like you said your LGS is control heavy but has all the counters so can adjust as you need I guess. Against control I personally side in a single Noosegraf Mob which comes out later but floods the board quickly for Cryptbreaker or Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip. I like it.

Hobbez9186 on U/B Spoopy Scary Zombies Tribal

1 week ago

I don't think I can make a big enough case for Collective Brutality. Pitching the Zombies you want to the yard like Prized Amalgam to be able to either siphon extra life or disrupt your opponents hand is huge. The mini Grasp is also sweet, it's just such a clutch card. It pairs so well with Alms of the Vein since it is literally a 10 point swing in life totals between you and your opponent (you go up 5 they go down 5), which you already have up there.

The only card I don't think you really need a full set of up there is Geralf's Masterpiece. I know it's sort of a finisher, but you'd need more draw to be able to fulfill it's buyback cost so you'd likely only get to do it once or maybe twice in a game. I'd recommend cutting down to 2 and then mainboarding the Haunted Dead. In my deck I actually run Stitchwing Skaab instead of the Dead for the aerial damage, but to each his own. I like them because their buyback is easier to afford than more Messengers and you can still pitch Amalgams from your hand and get multiple creatures back. I guess if you are simply planning to hard cast him and use other things to dump your hand then maybe that's what you want. I always look to ditch him from one of many means and then use his ability to replay him since that can't be countered and there's plenty of reasons to want other things in the graveyard.

To give you more card draw and discarding power at the same time I like Catalog. Contingency Plan is nice, but if you aren't trying to hit Delirium the cards are better off in your hand, especially since you can benefit from discarding those extra cards instead of them just going straight to the yard. I don't know if you should completely replace Plan, but I honestly think like 3 and 1 with more Catalog would be nice.

Another draw/discard mechanic that I like for Zombies is Geier Reach Sanitarium.Lets you pitch the Zombies you can buy back and also combos well with Alms. It's especially nifty if your opponent doesn't have any cards in hand and doesn't play with Madness because you are basically just milling a card. In decks I never have more than two of these, often times only one.

I do like Noosegraf Mob better than Diregraf Colossus, it'll often come in bigger and is easier to get the tokens out of it since hard casting Zombies doesn't happen as often as buying them back. At least for me, I rarely actually cast them. You could, however, just cut one Colossus and put in Gisa and Geralf since then you'd actually be casting them from the graveyard instead of using an ability which works great with the Amalgams. But then it's also arguable that the Mob is more effective since once it runs out of counters you can just play it again and it can generate even more. It also enters with extra counters because of the Mimic which means a bigger creature up front that just generates more tokens. I'd try it both ways, they both seem good.

I do have a left field idea that I've always wanted to try in a deck like this that seems totally legit: Kozilek, the Great Distortion. You get draw but also an amazing discard outlet that doubles as a counterspell. Also it's a freakin' 12/12 with Menace. The problem is creating the colorless mana you need to play him. I'd recommend Aether Hub since it also doubles as color fixing before you hit the colors you need (if that is ever a thing anyway). You do have the Abbey also which might be enough, but just in case you could run at least a couple of hubs.

Anyway, just some suggestions to chew on.


1 week ago

RIG-RAG Yes, the expertise has a higher cmc than Radiant Flames but it has never been a problem when playing. I found it to be very good because I usually pair it with a Ruinous Path to kill a Planeswalker or a Pulse of Murasa to mitigate some life loss, both of which I could not do on the same turn due to mana restrictions. However, it can be a meta call, you can be facing faster decks than me, in that case Radiant Flames would be better.

In the meantime I made another change fearing Lost Legacy:

I won some matches against Control decks with his ultimate, and the recursion of Diabolic Tutor + Seasons Past. Plus, the Dragonmaster Outcast from the sideboard wrecks many decks when they take their removal out, being another wincon.

Another thing, I'm using a much cheaper manabase and not getting trouble with it at all, check it out:

I feel like the deck has so much lifegain that aggro and midrange have a hard time when the Zombies (more lifegain) join the party. Control and Marvel decks, for me, have been hard to deal with, specially with the good luck my oponents have topdecking either Negate or Aetherworks Marvel after I discard/destroy them. Nonetheless, this deck still has game for both of these decks!


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