Geier Reach Sanitarium


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Geier Reach Sanitarium

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Each player draws a card, then discards a card.

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Geier Reach Sanitarium Discussion

clayperce on Magus of the Crucible (HOU)

1 hour ago

Thanks so much! Yeah I look forward to trying out a bunch of Deserts ... I have no idea how they're going to work out, but I'm excited to find out!

Geier Reach Sanitarium is interesting, but it seems kinda like Noose Constrictor: Great with The Gitrog Monster but kind of meh otherwise (because the deck is not generally looking for the discard effect). Thanks though!

Clip Wings is great, and I played it all the time when Emrakul, the Promised End was a thing. Right now though, my meta is chock-full of Temur Energy decks, where there's always a Thopter token to sac' instead of a Glorybringer. It may be exactly what the deck needs for HOU Standard though! Btw, Plummet works fine against Archangel Avacyn  Flip ... well, as long as you have 1G available to hit her while the Indestructible trigger is on the stack.

Thank you again!

jellowsmurf on Magus of the Crucible (HOU)

10 hours ago

Man this is a really cool deck.

It seems well below your deck's level but Sunscorched Desert could be a hilarious way to ping out a few damage since you can sac and recur it lol. Um... aside from that... Geier Reach Sanitarium can draw you 2 cards if you pitch lands with Gitrog out, but the main seems real solid. Outside of the cards you've already covered in the deck description I don't see much that could be added til we know how the meta is going to turn out.

The only real suggestion I have is maybe replacing Plummet with Clip Wings in the side because the only flying threats I've faced recently are Heart of Kiran, Kefnet the Mindful, and on occasion; Archangel Avacyn  Flip. Maybe go to 4 Appitites, and 2 Clip Wings if you ended up going that route? Idk. Honestly it all seems solid, just my 2 cents.


StopShot on Alesha Multi

2 days ago

It's not badly formatted at all.

For lands I'd advise you try running Clifftop Retreat and Isolated Chapel since they can be very helpful about mana fixing and will likely not come in tapped. Also considering you run quite a bit of swamps I'd recommend Tainted Peak and Tainted Field over Temple of Malice and Temple of Silence since they always come in untapped. Another helpful land to consider is Ash Barrens which can grab any of your colors and has that Basic Land come in untapped. Geier Reach Sanitarium would also help with putting creatures from your hand into your graveyard while drawing cards.

For Artifacts and Enchantments I'd recommend Panharmonicon and Flameshadow Conjuring which both can double all your enter the battlefield triggers. Since you also have lots of ways of recurring and sacrificing little creatures I'd recommend Grave Pact and/or Dictate of Erebos which can really put some hurting on your opponents. For equipment you can also run Hero's Blade and Obsidian Battle-Axe which will auto-equip to Alesha making her power larger so its more difficult for your opponents to block her.

For Instants and Sorceries I recommend Path to Exile, Anguished Unmaking, Wear / Tear, and Return to Dust which gives your deck more flexibility over removing your opponents permanents as well as Blasphemous Act, Buried Alive, Vandalblast, which also help give your deck an edge. Also I'd recommend running Steelshaper's Gift over Open the Armory since it costs and your deck doesn't run any auras.

For creatures I'd recommend Big Game Hunter for creature removal, Undercity Informer for self-mill, and Vulturous Aven for repeatable card draw.

This deck looks pretty good and I hope you found my review helpful.

jaylawlerrr on Monoblack Madness Vampires

4 days ago

I certainly agree all in all. I wasn't sure if that was something you have tried before... and the only reason that I am, and not running Call to the Netherworld is mostly the format. Besides that, our decks are slightly different, obviously and I guess it just works good for the particular build I went with.

Key to the City is such a good card in these decks! I don't have many options, however, as far as madness activation in standard...building from the top down, Collective Brutality is the namesake card in the deck. Alms of the Vein is also in my sideboard if I need it as well as Avacyn's Judgment. Geier Reach Sanitarium gives me some advantage when the chips are down, under Tormenting Voice.

I've wanted to make a modern build and I think I'm going to start with your build as a template. Two thumbs up here, I absolutely love decks like this that and it's nice to see people with similar ideas and not net decking.

clancheek on Shadowborn Emrakul

5 days ago

Geier Reach Sanitarium could be an option for putting Shadowborn Apostle into your graveyard.

miampizza on "That Elf took my hand, officer!"

1 week ago

I could see this deck run utility lands such as Geier Reach Sanitarium and Wirewood Lodge.

Command Tower is always good in multicolored decks.

Reclamation Sage, Craterhoof Behemoth and Beast Within helps with sealing a game or deal with threats that slipped through your discard.

Corpse Traders is not very effective in a multiplayer format and Crypt Ghast is only useful if you drop Urborg.

Those were my thoughts for now, take them with a grain of salt. I believe every EDH deck should be a reflection of what it's creator considers fun.

DoctorScarf on Heartless SOB

1 week ago

Great cards that have helped me in my own HH build:

Faithless Looting and Geier Reach Sanitarium: Amazing at digging through the library for cards you need.

Koth of the Hammer, Vessel of Volatility and Seething Song: Their ramp abilities are amaaaaaazing in a pinch, and if you do somehow get Koth to his ultimate, you can play around with everyone's life total and get rid of small threats.


Expedition Map: To grab your useful lands, like Glacial Chasm, Hall of the Bandit Lord, etc.

+1 for a good deck.

MrBoombastic on Hapatra Counters Deck

2 weeks ago

20 lands is definitely too little for any deck that wants to somewhat reliably avoid getting mana-screwed. I'd probably go with at least 23, and always go with the full set of Blooming Marsh while playing Golgari.

From my own experiences Splendid Agony just isn't good enough. It helps with the token generation, but for 3 mana it kills more or less nothing. I think you'd be much better off with Fatal Push and/or Grasp of Darkness in that spot. Besides, you already have a ton of -1/-1 generators.

Maybe swap Grasping Dunes for Geier Reach Sanitarium to better activate Archfiend and filter out lands. Again, you already have more than enough Scarab generators. Since Marvel for the most parts is a terrible match-up for this deck no matter how you tune it, we could take out Dissenter's Deliverance for Key to the City. It activates Ifnir, lets you cycle excess lands and pushes damage through.

Festering Mummy also seems too weak, but I don't know to put in instead. Maybe just a mix of the cards mentioned above.

Really want the -1/-1 counter deck to become a thing, looks like so much fun! Good luck brewing.

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