Geier Reach Sanitarium


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Geier Reach Sanitarium

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Each player draws a card, then discards a card.

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Geier Reach Sanitarium Discussion

KnightxFury on Brisela, The fading Blade

5 days ago

I would like to do that but I don't know to many options in mono white. I can think of maybe Key to the City which adds some card draw as well. oh actually Geier Reach Sanitarium could be an option to.

Enral on Angelic Devotion

1 week ago

I would say replace it with one of your planeswalkers or reanimation spells. Since you run a bunch of reanimation spells, you can cheat your more expensive angels out with discard outlets like Geier Reach Sanitarium/Compulsion/Survival of the Fittest.

goblinguiderevealpls on Grix and Stones, Draw Cards and Break Bones

1 week ago

Some budget land ideas as well as some ideas to support your largely basic landbase, starting with the latter

With Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and/or a lot of basic swamps in which you already have, Bubbling Muck becomes a powerhouse ritual often outperforming Dark Ritual and Cabal Ritual,

same goes for basic islands and High Tide, easily ramping you to victory at very low $ and mana cost

Alternatively, you could take advantage of basic lands and artifact mana and run things like Price of Progress, Blood Moon, Back to Basics or Contamination to punish the use of nonbasic lands

Some budget yet value non-basics to consider:

Cephalid ColiseumGeier Reach SanitariumArcane LighthouseDesolate LighthouseHalimar DepthsRiptide LaboratoryBuried RuinMirrorpoolOpal PalaceBojuka BogCanyon SloughThespian's StageCrypt of the Eternals

BoerWolf on Harsh Tormenting Punishment

1 week ago

Also, what do you think of Geier Reach Sanitarium?

ExtraEasy on RUB Drake Haven

2 weeks ago

Really appreciate that feedback Argy. So the Geier Reach Sanitarium is the unexpected hero of the deck. In testing I often rely on it to smooth out the rng of the deck. That's not gonna get replaced.

As for the speed of the deck this is the major issue. The deck explodes with about 6 mana and it's about getting there. I'm gonna try cutting 2x Faith of the Devoted which doesn't help me get there and when there its cool but not key- probably for Unlicensed Disintegrations. Will get back to you with a report soon!

Argy on RUB Drake Haven

2 weeks ago

Personally I would take out Geier Reach Sanitarium for an extra Evolving Wilds and an extra Swamp.

I don't like to play cards that don't produce colourless mana in a three colour deck, unless I am also playing something like Attune with Aether.

I worry about the speed of this deck. At the moment there are a lot of fast decks in the meta.

Having so many Artifacts and Enchantments will slow it down.

I get what you're trying to do with the Cycling theme, but everything in this deck takes a while to reach its payoff, and I worry that the aggro decks won't give you the time to achieve that.

Still, I may be wrong and this may work. Do a match report so we can hear how it goes.

It is certainly an interesting idea.

+1 for doing something a bit different.

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