Copy Enchantment


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare

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Copy Enchantment


As Copy Enchantment enters the battlefield, you may choose an enchantment in play. If you do, Copy Enchantment enters the battlefield as a copy of that enchantment.

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Copy Enchantment Discussion

Noelqkazoo on Approach of Tuvasa the Second Sunlit

1 week ago

Love your deck as ive considered the milling for midgame as well; however, im personally not a fan of the auras since in my playgroup if someone has their commander out at any moment, the consensus of the table is usually “ either kill the one with the commander outright or kill their commander immediately”. And since we all know auras fall off when your commander comes out, yada yada yada.

Instead, i stick to the pillowforty version of bantchantments, and aim to instead win with a timely Genesis Wave for free things, throwing down a soft lock like Greater Auramancy + Sterling Grove, or using Estrid's Invocation or Copy Enchantment to form that same soft lock, and then proceeding to throw down a Decree of Silence + Solemnity hard lock to shut everyone else out of the game.

Again, though, really enjoyed playtesting your deck on here and watching it perform on Muddstah’s channel!

Poly_raptor on Zur’s Paradox Theorem

1 week ago

rshistorysmuf Thanks! I can’t believe I didn’t think about Paradox Engine

I did consider Demonic Tutor but I decided to go for other tutors that drain the life total to get you closer to the 5 life for the combo to go off.

Copy Enchantment could be good, there is already Estrid's Invocation which does a similar thing, however once the loop gets going you only need Second Chance and you can have as many turns in a row as you want!

Thanks for the suggestions:)

rshistorysmuf on Zur’s Paradox Theorem

1 week ago

Given the Power level of this deck I am surprised you had not gone with a 'Demonic Tutor' - unless you are keeping to the restriction of 10pts of the EDH format.

I'd say ditch the Spell Book for Copy Enchantment. Really scary for taking 2 turns extra!

Those tricky artifacts that do not untap because you need to pay mana... fear not Paradox Engine and or Unwinding Clock or something low key like a Voltaic Key or Voltaic Construct or Voltaic Servant

KayneMarco on Zur's Solemn Ice Fortress

2 weeks ago

I run solemnity in my Zur deck as well and I definitely vouch for how powerful of a combo piece it is. I know you mentioned Glen Elendra Archmage earlier but I don’t see it on your list. That’s an infinite Negate. Another great persist card to go with solemnity is Kithkin Spellduster. For a little more fun with that one run Enchanted Evening and blow up any card you don’t like. And since I am on the subject of enchanted evening you can see how good it goes with your greater auramancy and speaking of the auramancy lol, consider Copy Enchantment to copy the auramancy so they can protect each other and every card you have on the battlefield. Sorry, got off topic there lol. Where was I? Oh yes, Solemnity lol. Since I know you wanna push that card to it’s limits how bout this artifact for ya. Cauldron of Souls. Put in a bunch of creatures that have great sacrifice effects and get them all back just to reuse them every turn.

ZendikariWol on Fruity Pebbles

2 weeks ago

DrkNinja would totally use Copy Enchantment but I'm using Paradox Haze now instead of Mirror Gallery so it would be a dead card.

Speaking of which, Trotticus, Joseph (friend I'm brewing this for) was actually, I shit you not, talking to me about how we wished Paradox Haze was a card. I have been playing this game for much longer than he has; where has this been all my life!? But I digress. Herald of the Pantheon... might remove the need for this much ramp, possibly allowing for some more stuff. Idk tho. We'll have to see. As to Eidolon of Blossoms, since I'm going blue now I guess, I'll be running Honden of Seeing Winds so not much need for it. Also Joe's brother runs Sphere of Safety and Joe hates it with all his soul.

So basically guys... time for a biiiiiig upgrade. Thank you so much for your input.

MCJennings on Zedruu the Hatehearted

3 weeks ago

Zedruu was my first deck, and aside from some differences in budget, I wanted to ask about a few of your specific choices.

The following cards I'm not sure why they were included in your list. Could you sell me on them? Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre Am I missing a way to cheat his cost? Scroll Rack and Search for azcanta - Do you need more draw/advantage? Rule of Law -Aren't you the low curve+draw who would want to play multiple cards morseso than most? Temple Bell - Is it a combo I'm missing?

Others I'm already tempted by but haven't been able to test yet Humility - Absent of tokens and using a commander which gives card advantage, do you break parity? Dack Fayden I recently added Treasure Nabber, on top of running Embargo and Stony Silence- Do you think Dack performs well enough to still be included? Stranglehold is so powerful. I currently run Aven Mindcensor and love the effect. Why did you choose Strangle over Aven? Would it be worth running both? Helm of Obedience I'm just not familiar with. How much do you normally put into X? If X = 3 and it is 4 to cast, 7 cmc for a random creature... It could be great but I assume you'd hit a lot of 2-3 cmc creatures no? Copy Enchantment I recently added Copy Artifact reasoning that it could function as a rock as a minimum each game and has a high ceiling- but I'm not sure about copying enchantments since so many are static effects that are redundant to have multiple. Am I misperceiving it?

Finally, I was curious about your Solemnity. I run it as well and at the time it was great. Stopping +1/+1 counters, experience counters... But now I never see those. I love that it can combo well with Delaying Shield (in my case) and Phyrexian Unlife (in your case) but I don't know if that warrants keeping it.

Noelqkazoo on It's Lit Fam

1 month ago

If Youre going to play Copy Enchantment you should also play Estrid's Invocation.Its a BETTER version because of the utility it brings each upkeep.

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