Copy Enchantment


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare

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Copy Enchantment


As Copy Enchantment enters the battlefield, you may choose an enchantment in play. If you do, Copy Enchantment enters the battlefield as a copy of that enchantment.

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Copy Enchantment Discussion

VinceTanner on My Zur Deck Because Everyone Focuses Me

3 days ago

Nice! I love Zur in EDH.

I would certainly try to add a Solitary Confinement and a Phyrexian Arena. They both are insane with Necropotence. Oh, and Rhystic Study is one of the best draw spells in EDH, and Zur tutors it up!

Other things to check out are Mana Vortex, Grasp of Fate, and Copy Enchantment.

Nice deck, man.

Viarax on The Embodiment of me as a Magic Player

1 week ago

You know RaberSaber, I take this card in and out of the deck wayy too much. At some times I have the most fun ever with it, at others I make everyone at my table super angry and get targeted. I think Possibility Storm also makes my counters less reliable, but then again I have combos like Glen Elendra Archmage/Solemnity as well as Counterbalance/Sensei's Divining Top that allows me to get around possibility storm. Idk, maybe I'll bring it back in. If I do bring it back in I might add Copy Enchantment and/or Mirage Mirror for more possibility storm.

spuiopq on Kraum's MANly Combo-Control

2 weeks ago

Ah, I also didn't realize it since you've replied my nearly-identical question under labman's HEMAN decklist already. Thank you and nevermind, anyway. Accord to the exclusion of Copy Enchantment, I may safely assume the deck has more sheer draw power than its sans-red counterpart, right?

cdkime on What game elements does a ...

2 weeks ago

is a solid option, for the reasons you listed. Additionally, you have access to two of the best removal spells in Commander--Darksteel Mutation and Imprisoned in the Moon. Unlike other removal spells, which merely bounce the enemy's commander back to the command zone (hardly an issue when your commander's CMC is 2), these two enchantments do not force a zone change.

Personally, I would recommend running Zur the Enchanter. Zur can shut down your opponent by bypassing the need to cast your removal. Then you happily make your Zur unkillable (Shielded by Faith; Whispersilk Cloak) and fetch and play the myriad enchantment-based removal provides: Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon, Oblivion Ring, Copy Enchantment, Detention Sphere, etc.

spuiopq on Kraum's MANly Combo-Control

2 weeks ago

However, with a primary game plan of plasma swans and a potential beat down, don't think there's much to fear for the downside of Suppression Field. Moreover, a Rule of Law effect does make Kraum worse. Having commented under the HE-MAN deck list, I've shown some doubts with Copy Enchantment, namely whether there's a fair chance to successfully get a double Mystic Remora/Rhystic Study/Suppression Field? Thanks.

Lilbrudder on HE-MAN

2 weeks ago

Copy Enchantment has been incredibly good in the limited game experience I have had with it and it tests well too. Think about it this way, most decks run powerful enchantments like flowers library remora necropotence so we often have good options. However, in playtesting with no targets beyond my own it almost never sits dead in hand for more than a turn or two and I am usually happy to see it. We actively go for Mystic remora and rhystic study. Those cards draw tons of cards because many players (it only takes one sucker to ruin it for everyone) are dumb and feed us. Getting double rhystic and remora in play locks fast combo out of the game and is quite easy to assemble over a couple turns and is more effective than an endstep ad naus at winning us the game. Double humility and double rest in peace forces multiple answers to get back into the game and double suppression field is ridiculously oppressive. Its a card people see and say wtf is this jank? After a turn or two they think very differently about the card.

spuiopq on HE-MAN

2 weeks ago

Finally, a home for Humility! I really appreciate the idea of this hybrid archetype of stax and permission, although some suspicions struck me on the actual effectiveness of Copy Enchantment. With a meagre 4 (or 5?) potential target in the deck, it seems more of a dead card to me. Would you care to elaborate on the usage? Thanks.

Meanwhile, Sterling Grove might be a decent substitute, according to your description (and GitGudFrog's). First of all, as a card of 2-cmc, it provides protection as well as a bit of tutoring of the key enchantments. Second, as a tutor-to-top effect, it adds to the top manipulation package making Counterbalance slightly better. Anti-synergy with Suppression Field, though.

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