Seasons Past


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Mythic Rare

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Seasons Past


Return any number of cards with different converted mana costs from your graveyard to your hand. Put Seasons Past on the bottom of its owner's library

Seasons Past Discussion

BMHKain on A Primordial God needs your ...

1 day ago

@bushido_man96: Hmph. I suppose I'll get a spare Force of Will in the future. But just to be on the safe side, I reread the topic in question:

Yep. I was self-thwarted. I mistook Wildest Dreams for Seasons Past , maybe even Enter the Infinite

But, yeah. This heated debate about Rashmi did invoke an idea for a deck so few would even dare touch...

That said, I'm putting "Obscure but AWESOME TCG of the Same Name" in the Maybeboard until further notice. & yes, those Elven Monsters are gonna get Garruk's Axe. BTW, I clarly remember Garruk's Axe having a name. Not important here, but I am interested regardless of what the name is...

TheBloopKing on Kethis and his (super)friends

2 days ago

remove Vraska, Swarm's Eminence . This card does nothing for your game. It only puts counters on the tokens it creates and you need to proliferate for you to use it a 3rd time.

Teyo, the Shieldmage is better off as a The Wanderer . In my superfriends, Teyo always stayed in my hand, and its 0/3 walls only chumped and did nothing against trample creatures. The Wanderer atleast makes damage spells redundant, and offers removal.

Kaya, Bane of the Dead is a answer to hexproof and indestructibles.

Grateful Apparition is terrible against any flyer. It is going to be removed, and often is a wasted 2 mana. Its only ever good if you get it off at turn 2, and in commander, thats not exactly likely.

Primevals' Glorious Rebirth and Seasons Past

Deploy the Gatewatch is better off a Harmonize . I've done the math and it more consistently whiffs than hits 2. Call the Gatewatch and Time of Need atleast fetch for the specific walker you need.

Bolas's Citadel is a must play in this deck. Sure you lose life, but it gives you a extra slot to your hand that you can cast for free. This card puts you so far ahead, the life lost is just a mere flaw

Evolution Sage needs to be in the deck if you are running superfriends

and finally. You NEED spot removal. Absolutely need it if you are going to win games in a superfriends shell. You need to be able to answer the creatures that possess a threat to your walkers.

merrowMania on Competitive Omnath, Locus of Rage

2 weeks ago

The deck had some retooling since I last updated it. I'll try to get it uploaded soon. From MH1, Collector Ouphe is 100% going in, since it's a more tutorable Null Rod . Goblin Engineer helps tutor for hate pieces, so it is likely going in. Llanowar Tribe is under consideration, though it is harder to cast than Somberwald Sage . Prismatic Vista is going in, probably for a basic. Shenanigans is a consideration based on the meta, but likely won't make it in. Frostwalk Bastion is a consideration because it can block Tymna decks and whatnot. Reap the Past and Mox Tantalite are strong enough to go in budget lists, though I would probably add Seasons Past to a budget list before Reap. Wrenn and Six will require testing, but I am not optimistic about a walker that needs 4 turns to ult with a mediocre +1.

Dango on Tasigur Seasons Past / Season Pastigur

2 weeks ago

Wildcard604 Seasons Past offers such good value on its own, and technically the loop can still be completed by using Demonic Tutor + Vampiric Tutor + a cycle land.

Wildcard604 on Tasigur Seasons Past / Season Pastigur

2 weeks ago

LabManiac_Cameron What's the point of Seasons Past if you still only have one To-Hand tutor in Demonic Tutor ? Wasn't the point that you could return Both Tutors to your hand, then use one to Tutor for Season's Past and the other to Tutor for any card in your deck to draw your deck when Tasigur is locked/stolen? How do you use Season's Past in that situation now without the second tutor?

Ashcashcash on Titania EDH

2 weeks ago


Thank you for your feedback and it's great to hear from another Titania player! I would love to see your list. My list has become very foiled over the years, but that's just because I love the deck! To address your suggestions:

  1. I definitely like the idea of Dark Depths and Thespian's Stage , but I've kept my lands pretty refined to what they are now. I would probably cut a nonland card and Tectonic Edge for them.

  2. I definitely agree with Pir's Whim and at this point, I'm not sure why it isn't in my deck. I must have been distracted by other cards in Battlebond to have not notice it during spoiler season back then. Ha!

  3. Kamahl, Fist of Krosa is definitely a no from me. The trample is mediocre and I can just make more 5/3 elementals if I don't have enough damage on board. The wrath protection is interesting though. I recently added Natural Affinity to my list, and it does the same thing, but at instant speed and 3 mana. Also, the deck is already good at rebuilding from boardwipes. Usually killing my board means Titania is dying, which lets me play her again for more ramp and value.

  4. Green is so bad at removal. I run very little interaction other than land destruction. Mouth of Ronom definitely would work as a way to interact with my opponents more. Thanks for the idea! I've also ran Karn Liberated at some point because he is great removal. I'm also going to being trying out Ugin, the Ineffable because of Haven of the Spirit Dragon synergy.

  5. Zuran Orb has been pretty bad lately, so I might drop it for other Lifegain cards. Buried Ruin is a good idea, but the artifacts I run aren't essential to my gameplay. Seasons Past and Eternal Witness do the same thing.

As for Food Chain , I removed the Food Chain package to lower the power level of the deck. The package is genuinely insane in the deck, but my group didn't really like to play against it. Instead, I put together a General Tazri Food Chain cEDH deck with it. I highly recommend Food Chain in Titania though. You can exile tokens for creature mana. With Command Beacon + Food Chain , you get infinite 5/3 elementals and with a land sac outlet, you can get infinite mana to cast other spells by casting Titania and bring back lands to convert the Food Chain mana into normal mana. Otherwise, if you have a Strip Mine in your graveyard, you can just cast Titania infinitely and bring back Strip Mine and kill all your opponent's lands. Food Chain is busted.

Again, thanks for the suggestions!

VampiricTooter on The crushing multiplayer aspect

2 weeks ago

My very first commander deck was the same one you are playing and remember having the same frustrating issues with getting board wiped and it taking a long time to rebuild. Sage of hours is the best card in the deck and Counterspells are ok. My suggestion is to add Seasons Past and Genesis Wave maybe a Green Sun's Zenith and Cyclonic Rift . I also like sacrificing things to Altar of Dementia or coming out with haste from Concordant Crossroads . These cards are all staples of the format and will be useful even if you scrap ezuri.

Drakorya on The crushing multiplayer aspect

3 weeks ago

There are certain cards and strategies you can use to try and mitigate repeating board wipes. Cards like Eldrazi Monument , Soul of New Phyrexia , and to a lesser extent Inspiring Call and Heroic Intervention can help protect your board.

But you can also try and use recursion cards, like Seasons Past , Praetor's Counsel , and Creeping Renaissance to refuel your hand after a board wipe.

If these don't seem to be effective, you might need to try and add more ramp and creature tutor spells and try and combo win in a single turn with Sage of Hours .

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Seasons Past occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Green: 0.14%