Seasons Past


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Mythic Rare

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Seasons Past


Return any number of cards with different converted mana costs from your graveyard to your hand. Put Seasons Past on the bottom of its owner's library

Seasons Past Discussion

MrBoombastic on Sultai Seasons Past

6 days ago

Hi there Sorin_Markov_1947.

Take your time, I'd appreciate it!

Good to hear about Field of the Dead getting the hammer. It'll be good for the format going forward. Luckily I just included it because I might as well. It isn't necessary for the deck to function, but did make for a nice finisher.

The deck is built around Seasons Past and the tutors Dark Petition + Mastermind's Acquisition , which should make up for the less consistent numbers. There could definitely be tweaks to be made, but they allow us to play more silver bullets and 1-of specific answers. That is the plan at least.

MrBoombastic on Abzan Midrange

1 week ago

The awesome thing about playing tutors, is that you can add a singleton boardwipe without hurting the deck or your draws too much. I'd have at least one, just to be able to get out of a sticky situation.

I finally put together a Seasons Past deck myself. It's still not perfect, but it's a start. Give it a look and tell me what you think. Dark Splashy Seasons

DriftingEpyon on Abzan Midrange

1 week ago

MrBoombastic Those are some excellent suggestions! It is good to find a fellow Seasons Past enthusiast. Thank you for all your excellent suggestions.

  • I definitely agree that Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is amazing. I was thinking of having Anafenza, the Foremost as redundant graveyard hate and to counter opponents Kalitases. You may be right about having two Kalitases and replace the Anafenza. I'll keep Anafenza on the Maybe board just in case.

  • That is a fair point about Dark Petition being the work horse of the old Seasons Past deck, and the added consistency of getting our Angels with it is very desirable. I've added more into the main board. I do want to keep two Seasons Past in the main board, specifically because of counter magic in game one. That is probably just a personal preference though. I will test it with only one, and see how it does!

  • Yeah, the mana base is pretty messy. I was trying to work with the lands I already had, but I've abandoned that in favor of the mana base I want to work towards: including Fabled Passage . Also, I do really like Courser of Kruphix as well. I will try to find something to cut in favor of it.

  • I see this as more of a Midrange deck as it has a lot of creature and value focus. As such, I am more inclined to lean towards targeted removal rather than board wipes since they will hurt my board quite a bit. I may be wrong in that assessment though, so I'll spend some time testing that as well.

Thank you for the great suggestions, and good luck on those Sultai and Golgari Seasons Past decks! Send me a link to them if you find one that gets good results! :D

MrBoombastic on Abzan Midrange

2 weeks ago

Hi there.

I'm working on a Sultai or Golgari version of Seasons Past myself. It was a blast to play back in Standard. A few suggestions:

Good luck!

DriftingEpyon on Abzan Midrange

3 weeks ago

Nabroleon My thought process behind Grasp of Darkness over Fatal Push was that Grasp has a little bit better coverage than Push overall. One potential upside to running Push instead though is that it would be the only one mana removal for Seasons Past . I think you might be right in splitting Push 3/3 with Abrupt Decay , because of how prevalent planeswalkers are.

I'll give that change a try. Thanks! Also, I would love to hear how how you build on this if you!

Bloodsucker1211 on Tasigur, Graveyard Spellslinger EDH

1 month ago

Thrashzor45 It will be awhile before i upload it but im working on it. Ill have a few creatures like Rashmi, Eternities Crafter to bolster my spellslinging. Maybe some of the creatures with the Tribute mechanic. Not looking for super combo either but nay run Omniscience and Seasons Past because... well its fun. But this will be another Sultai deck scratched off my list. I've built Yarok, Mimeoplasm, Muldrotha, Kadena, and Rayami so far. Retired all but Kadena amd Rayami just because i found the others to be tyrannical in a lot of ways. Rayami is my current favorite and i'd love for you to take a look and see what you think You can find it here

xaarvaxus on Muldrotha & Friends Token Swarm

1 month ago

I do like the idea of having Muldrotha available to bring back planeswalkers from the graveyard for exactly the reason you state, they are prime targets and tend to die way before you extract max value from them. Muldrotha makes it so they have a much better chance of sticking. I've thought hard about including Mul in my Atraxa superfriends that I'm building but haven't figured out exactly what to make the cut.

I think you can bump up the number of planeswalkers in the deck without it becoming too 'superfriends', especially if you stick to the walkers for say token creature production and avoid ones that leave emblems that take over the table. Most versions of Garruk will make tokens as well as some versions of Vraska. I'd avoid most versions of Jace or the mono blue Tamiyo or Narset if you want to keep the salt factor down. If you stay under 10 total walkers, I think you can get enough value from Muldrotha on that front and keep the strategy non-oppressive.

As for swapping to Tasigur, one of the spells I use in mine is Seasons Past to help recycle all of my best spells and then Mystical Tutor or Vampiric Tutor to keep bringing Seasons back to the top of my library to keep recycling those spells over and over [using the 1 CMC slot on Seasons to bring back the tutor]. Command the Dreadhorde would be a great card to put into this strategy [not sure why I haven't put one in my deck come to think of it....], along with some sort of life gain.

I do think some more ramp cards would be needed. The more permanents that ramp and sac for value, the better for Muldrotha but having a mix of that and sorceries isn't backbreaking. I'd go almost all ramp sorceries if you swap to Tasigur. I'm guessing that you don't have the Urborg/Cabal Coffers combo or it'd be in the deck?

For either Muldrotha or Tasigur, one search spell that I've found to be great is Forbidden Alchemy I know its not strictly 'card draw' but with enough permanents effectively adds to your hand by being in the graveyard.

Anyway, I'd try the deck out with Tasigur as the commander and see how it plays compared to Muldrotha. The great thing about Tas is that if you don't have one, he's like a buck so not a high barrier to prevent you from doing some experimentation.

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Seasons Past occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Green: 0.14%