Time Warp


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Mythic Rare
2010 Core Set Mythic Rare
Starter 1999 Rare
Tempest Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Time Warp


Target player takes an extra turn after this one.

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Time Warp Discussion

Grind on Brago Stax - need help ...

4 days ago

Gilded Lotus + Strionic Resonator copy ablink effect, infinite blue mana Capsize gg.
Sol Ring + Strionic Resonator + Wall of Omens = unlimited card draw.
Archaeomancer + Time Warp = extra turns.

PartyJ on Edric Commander Deck (need help check description)

1 week ago

If you want to go the competitive route, then I would advise you the following:


  1. Accelerate as much as possible, so that you can have your commander out on the battlefield asap;
  2. Buy lots of cards in the process and play little evasive creatures;
  3. Counter anything that stands in your way and play cards that give you extra turns for the win with many small critters out.

Extra mana acceleration on top of what is curently available:

Counterspells on top of what you already have:

Extra turns:

Then I could be summin' up some good small critters.

But first I would like to hear if this route is one that interests you? Cause it means that you make some mayor changes. These options and gameplan I sketch gives you a first rough outlining of this possible route.


NyanNijet on Reverse-Storm

2 weeks ago

Panoptic Mirror is banned in commander, for good reason too, imagine this with any extra turn spell such as Time Warp

Rzepkanut on Sultain Goodies

2 weeks ago

Training Grounds discounts tasigur activations. In my tasigur deck i employ a combo to finish the games. Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake gives you infinite mana then with tasigur you can activate it infinite times to put every non land in the deck in hand and every land in the graveyard at which time i either use Stroke of Genius, Profane Command, or the last resort Seasons Past + Time Warp. Happy gathering!

Winterblast on Pattern Recognition #23 - The ...

3 weeks ago

I can still remember how angry we were about combat dmg being removed from the stack...back then it felt as if the game suddenly lacked complexity.

One question that is probably relevant for multiplayer games:
If the active player passes priority after casting a spell and the other players refuse to respond, does the active player again have a chance to respond to his own spell, or does the stack start to resolve automatically after the last passive player refuses to respond?

You wrote "Andy now chooses to resolve the stack, being the Active player, and all other players having a chance to react." which implies that Andy again has a choice if he wants to respond to his own spell or not. For example: I cast a Time Warp and pass priority to check if anyone wants to counter that spell - after every opponent has refused to respond, do I get priority again and can I still cast Twincast on my Time Warp? The opponents could still respond to the Twincast in this case, but I knew before casting it, that no one wanted to react to the original spell so it's unlikely they have any tricks left (such as countering the original spell, thus letting the twincast fizzle).

rockleemyhero on [Damia Primer] One Good Turn Deserves Another

3 weeks ago

I like it, cool deck mate! However, as powerful as this looks, it feels a touch too slow in competitive EDH. I would switch time stretch for a mere Time Warp if you still want to keep that win con of infinite turns. JTMS, day's undoing, and whispering madness look like the weakest links imo. I'd replace them with more counterspells (5 is far too few for a control deck in a 100 card deck, try Flusterstorm, Delay, or Arcane Denial) or spot removal (like trusty ol' Abrupt Decay. Where's Mystic Remora? That card is bonkers if you are playing against other competitive decks, easily one of the strongest auto includes in blue. Ad naus is a super powerful card, but at an average CMC of 2.6, it's a bit high and you aren't going to get many cards off of it as you'd like. But i understand if you are just using it as a Stroke of Genius effect.

If you decide to gain an infinite budget or play on cockatrice, I'd recommend the obligatory $$ spells including but not limited to: Timetwister, Imperial Seal, Three Visits, Mana Drain, and maybe Grim Tutor

Again, great deck, it feels very close to its maximum potential. +1 from me and gl! Here's a solid BUG control list for competitive EDH I'd recommend looking over, although it plays a tad differently with tasigur at the helm

Traveler247 on Flicker Makes Them Scoop

3 weeks ago

Hey! First off, I re-read my comment, and I think I sounded rude, so I want to apologize for that. I was falling asleep writing my last comment and wasn't really able to accurately gauge the tone of my writing.

Second off, I want to address a few over-arching aspects of constructing a flicker deck. There are two general design elements I want to bring up that change the direction of the deck: how many counterspells, if any, do you want to run; and how focused are you going to be on infinite combos. Your deck, right now, does not have a single way to directly interact with anything on the stack, which includes counterspells. You also have what I would consider a moderate focus on infinite combos. Finally, I would say that your deck has a budget. Nothing too prohibitive, but I don't see Survival of the Fittest, Gilded Drake, or Palinchron in there. I play a counterspell heavy, combo intensive, lower curved, and less budget restrictive bant flicker deck. That is the direction my suggestions will take your deck, so if that is not the direction you want to go, take my suggestions with a grain or five of salt.

Third, in my experience this deck's weaknesses are: surviving the early game, Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff, Competitive Combo/Control or Stax decks, and board wipes (unless you have adequate recursion, and then opponents having graveyard hate is problematic). I am going to specifically address how cards help combat each of these weaknesses except the competitive decks. You lose to those. That's fine, this isn't the archetype to take to that table.

Now, you asked about the "multiple weaker cards" that I mentioned. I honestly don't have much for you that I can just point to and say is weak in the deck. It's a solid build. Here are the few cards I am comfortable saying have stronger options within budget: Telling Time, Oblivion Ring, Wash Out, Foresee, and Displacement Wave.

Ok, let's get into a bit more meat now and break down your deck.

ETB abusers in the deck:

Venser, the Sojourner - I found that this was basically the same as Conjurer's Closet except that it had the potential to ultimate (which usually wins), but every time I played venser it died, and I suspect it's the same for you. As a flicker engine, both this and Conjurer's Closet were too slow for me. Yeah, they give you a bit each turn, but I always found that I needed more upfront impact.

Panharmonicon - I have never played with this card. I built bant flicker about a year before Roon was released, and I haven't played EDH for over a year. This card seems ridiculously powerful to me, but I have no experience with it.

Deadeye Navigator - Obviously amazing.

Cloudstone Curio - I have never played with this card either. It always seemed a bit slow to me, but it's obviously a combo piece in your deck.

Devastation Tide - I want to compare this directly to Evacuation. This hits more targets, but is at sorcery speed. If you add more instant speed shenanigans, Evacuation gets insane and is clearly better. Otherwise, this card is a solid option.

Displacement Wave - I have never played with this card. It seems like a worse Devastation Tide, which to me seems like a worse Evacuation. Again, I just want more instants.

ETB abusers not in the deck:

Parallax Wave - This card is one of my favorites. It can be Fog, Rescue, Eerie Interlude, or a bit of each. It's amazing early because it can stop most attackers for one or two turns, and it's amazing late because it can flicker five guys. Seriously, if you haven't messed with this, do so.

Portcullis - This card is also one of my favorites. Locks down the early game extremely effectively, and every creature you put under it triggers both when you play it and when it returns. The goal of ETB decks is to get to the late game. This is a one card train to get there.

Evacuation - I like instant speed, as you've probably noticed. Hence this. You get a ton of value by re-using all of your ETBs and it sets everyone else back.

Phantasmal Image - Combo piece with Palinchron, tutorable with Survival of the Fittest, does wonders with Birthing Pod, and is all around pretty amazing. The utility of this skittish two drop is astounding.

Reveillark - This guy literally grabs two for one, has multiple infinite combos, and does some crazy stuff with Survival of the Fittest and Birthing Pod.

Karmic Guide - When you just play this, it's mediocre. But it has so many absolutely busted interactions with Reveillark, Birthing Pod, and Survival of the Fittest that a deck with those cards can abuse this to a ridiculous extent.

Birthing Pod - Woah baby. One of the best ETB engines I have ever played with. This card simply ends the game if left unanswered for a few turns in the right deck. And I think most decks are the right deck. If you don't believe, just try it.

Ephara, God of the Polis - I see that this was one of the cards you've tested and found underwhelming. I think that this card gets much stronger with a more developed control plan. If you add counterspells, I would suggest revisiting this card.

Momentary Blink - Cloudshift like effects are at best OK. They can save a creature, they can re-use an ETB effect in a pinch, and in general they have some good utility. Most of the time they simply aren't worth playing because the effect gained for it costing a card is not worth it. I think this card is just because you can do it twice. It does cost a lot of mana, but it really gives you a lot of options. Again, this card is stronger with a more control oriented deck.

Overall, I think your deck would be faster, more inevitable, and have a stronger late game with more of the abusers I mentioned above. As far as ETB targets, yours are pretty strong. Palinchron is incredible, but a bit pricey these days. That card was around $6 back when I bought it. Anyway, I want to address the cards I mentioned that you said you'd already tested.

Angel of Finality - In my opinion, this card is not as good in your deck because of Aluren. Stonecloaker is probably a better option. Also, Stonecloaker was too slow in my meta. Most of the time, there were numerous threatening cards in several graveyards that I wanted to deal with, and exiling cards one at a time simply wasn't effective enough.

Woodfall Primus - I suggested this only because it's a powerful creature and you seem to be open to playing cards with high mana costs. I haven't tested it much, i cut it from my deck very early because the cost was too high.

Archaeomancer - This is a lot better with more and better instants/sorceries. Time Warp, Eladamri's Call, Ghostway, Eerie Interlude, Ghostly Flicker, counterspells.

Acidic Slime - This is a versatile answer to a lot of problems. It's one of the lowest mana cost answers to lands that need to be dealt with, which were prevalent in my meta.

I think, overall, that your deck would be stronger with more instants, less sorceries, adding some counterspells, and adding more engines to abuse your ETB effects. Right now, most of your abuse of ETB creatures is centered around returning them to your hand and re-casting them. That takes a lot of mana, and is slower than it could be. Anyway, I could keep going, but basically I think you should build my deck! Haha, stuff it full of counterspells and combos, and spend another $400. Just kidding, don't do that. Not only is that just what I enjoy, but my opinion is based on my understanding of a complicated deck with numerous powerful options that has had a card banned and a few new powerhouses added since I last played it.

Again, it's a fun archetype, and I like your take on it! Hopefully some of these ideas will be relevant to the direction you're going, and I hope it comes out well!

Traveler247 on Flicker Makes Them Scoop

3 weeks ago

Your deck is really interesting. You run two cards that are expensive but definitely aren't all-stars for this archetype: Omniscience and Aluren. Aluren only has 15 targets, so its benefit to your opponents might not be worth the mana and card investment taken to cast it for you. That said, both of those cards have a nice synergy with Cloudstone Curio. Neither of those cards are bad in the deck, and I definitely wouldn't cut them as there are multiple weaker cards, but they are just some really interesting inclusions.

Suggestions:Angel of Finality, Gilded Drake, Archaeomancer, Parallax Wave, Duplicant, Woodfall Primus, Palinchron, Phantasmal Image, Acidic Slime, Reclamation Sage, Momentary Blink, Portcullis, Birthing Pod, Karmic Guide, Reveillark, Survival of the Fittest, Fauna Shaman, Time Warp, Ephara, God of the Polis, Mulldrifter, Saffi Eriksdotter, Venser, Shaper Savant, Eladamri's Call, Evacuation, Cryptic Command.

Relevant Combos in that list: Eternal Witness or Archaeomancer + Time Warp, Phantasmal Image + Palinchron, any two of Reveillark, Saffi Eriksdotter, or Karmic Guide and a sac outlet such as Phyrexian Altar.

Nice list mate! Cheers, and happy deckbuilding!

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