Doubling Cube


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Rare
Fifth Dawn Rare

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Doubling Cube


(3), Tap: Double the amount of each type of mana in your mana pool.

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Doubling Cube Discussion

Podma101 on This is What Glory Looks Like: 84 Damage Bolt

7 hours ago

I absolutely love this deck, and this is the way I had hoped most people would choose to build Neheb, though I never considered making him a bit Voltron too. What is your opinion on mana doublers such as Doubling Cube (which should be in here regardless, can double the mana from Neheb) and Extraplanar Lens? Also, what about some more X spells? You can produce a lot of mana, but it looks like it's possible to quickly burn through a hand and have so much mana left over. X spells could also help with infinite life gain decks, as well as something like Leyline of Punishment. Again, amazing deck!

BS-T on Sen Triplets or Breya Etherium ...

4 days ago

Pretty much sums up the decision I'm making for my next EDH project...

I own a Paradox Engine, Doubling Cube, Panharmonicon, Chromatic Lantern and wanted to do something Artifact focused since my decks don't tend to rely that heavily on mana rocks etc.

I'm not looking to go all infinite combo or hard lock, maybe pillow fort if that seems like a good way to take it. Doesn't need to be crazy competitive, 75% theory is where I'm headed.

It'd be good to get peoples opinions on whether brings enough to the table to make Breya, Etherium Shaper a better choice than Sen Triplets to lead the line (though obviously the Panharmonicon angle is good with Breya). Also, what are some good directions to take Artifact-heavy decks in with these commanders? Since I own a Sen Triplets, does it belong in the 99 if Breya is up top?

I'm working on a bit of a budget but could lean to one or two big ($15ish) inclusions (Master Transmuter seems like a popular one to go for?). I'll probably be including an Unwinding Clock as my first purchase for the deck in any event.

Hope to hear what you all think.

Sdakota73 on selvala

1 week ago

I do not know what type of budget you have but have you thought about Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, Mana Reflection, Doubling Cube, Heartbeat of Spring, and although this one doesnt double or add extra once affected by one of the above cards can in turn make much moreMagus of the Candelabra. That being said I do not know how you want this deck to go, these are more for that ramp for bigger and more expensive cards, Hope it helped!

ComboCrazy on Laughing As The Kingdom Burns

3 weeks ago

Braids of Fire allows you to cast big burn on upkeep, which gives you a ton more mana later... maybe mainboard it? It depends on how many instants you want to run. I agree with a Doubling Cube, it's almost as degenerate here as in an Omnath deck. Also, Commune with Lava is debatably the greatest draw spell in EDH for red. Two cards in maybeboard absolutely need to be mainboard, the Myojin of Infinite Rage and the Strionic Resonator. Some cards to cut, in my optinion, include Sizzle and Tunneling Geopede.

mastermew on Laughing As The Kingdom Burns

3 weeks ago

Wanna get stupid? Use Doubling Cube. lol

ZtheGreat on Ishi-Ishi vs. The Universe

4 weeks ago

We're getting into the range of less-budgety things (assuming that's what you were going for) but Price of Glory, War's Toll, Crawlspace, Tangle Wire really slow opponents down.

Caged Sun and Doubling Cube if you want to win with big mana X spells. Also, Demonfire forces the damage through

Rite of the Raging Storm can help lower life totals.

Furnace of Rath, Dictate of the Twin Gods and Gratuitous Violence. I think these really help what you're trying to do here.

Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess, Cathartic Reunion, Staff of Nin, Loreseeker's Stone and Daretti, Scrap Savant. These are all card draw, and red generally needs all the help it can get. Bonus to Staff, Daretti and Stone for being repeatable. Plus, Staff pings. Daretti also does all the artifact goofiness, which generally gets you some value, even if you don't primarily use artifacts.

Divergent Transformations and Indomitable Creativity are spot removal that people won't hate you for, because it gives them something else.

Blasphemous Act is one of red's best sweepers. It always does work for me.

Journeyer's Kite is repeatable "ramp", and also, Deck Thinning is Deck Winning. Armillary Sphere can ramp you as well.

Isochron Scepter + Last Chance/Final Fortune + Sundial of the Infinite = Infinite turns

Chandra, the Firebrand and Pyromancer's Goggles copy instants and sorceries, which ties back into your "blow people out with X spells" subtheme. Mirari does this as well.

Cascading Cataracts and Darksteel Citadel are great in decks that destroy lands.

Mystifying Maze and Maze of Ith are good stall tactics for a creatureless deck. Glacial Chasm as well.

Daedalus19876 on The Locusts are Coming... (cEDH)

1 month ago

You obviously have more money to toss around than my list does. It looks good, but here's a suggestion: you can also aim for infinite colorless mana, push that mana into any one of many "draw X" cards (such as Stroke of Genius or Pull from Tomorrow), and cast a filter (such as Gemstone Array, for which I would cut Doubling Cube). The Ashnod's Altar/Skullclamp combo works to this end as well.

And if this works for you, Deadeye Navigator works with Palinchron too.

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