Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Destiny (UDS) Rare

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Return all enchantment cards from your graveyard to play. (Auras with nothing to enchant remain in your graveyard.)

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Replenish Discussion

creeperreaper206 on Assemble the Pantheon - A God Tribal Deck

4 weeks ago

If you have the time to consider, there are 2 cards i recommend throwing in somewhere that will let you get out all of your enchantments, including all the gods, with only one card in hand, 2 cards in your library, and 23 mana. (That is the hard part.) The two cards are Past in Flames and Morality Shift because when combined with Replenish, which is already in your deck,you can cast Morality Shift, flashback Past in Flames, flashback Replenish, and then flashback Morality Shift. And since all the gods are out, all the gods are creatures.

Nethereon on Tuvasa Bantchantress EDH

4 weeks ago

I like your build, with a few exceptions, otherwise it looks solid. There are cards I run in my build that I'm not seeing in your build, and I believe you really need to run them.

First, a few creatures worth addressing. Kor Spiritdancer is a must, given the number of auras you are running, as is Sram, Senior Edificer. I would consider taking all of the Lieutenant cards and Thassa's Devourer out for some better options, such as Eidolon of Countless Battles, Auratog, and Phantatog. Why the atogs? Merciless Eviction and Return to Dust effects, primarily.

As far as spells go, have you considered Retether? It's not Replenish by any means (which I would recommend if you can come across one), but it is certainly a great card for a Voltron strategy.

For auras, look into recursive enchants like Rancor. Ones I didn't see that you can track down are: Launch, Brilliant Halo, Spirit Loop, and Cessation. Aqueous Form can help you push through damage and set up your draws a little better, too.

I hope these suggestions help! I really enjoy this commander. Bant Enchantress is by and large my favorite archetype of all time. I'm the resident expert, in a manner of speaking, at my LGS because I've been playing it for so long (or variants). Good luck.

Demarge on Sigarda Voltron / Enchantress

1 month ago

hmm I probably won't suggest every card I find good with siggy, so for ideas I would recommend looking at my list The Heron Marked Master.

Now as for cards to cut, I would suggest cutting the Replenish spells, if siggy dies you simply won't have many enchantments on her so an honest (a non dredging) replenish won't be nearly as useful, now if she has even just a Hyena Umbra(essentially a 1 cmc Indestructibility, you may want nearly every gw umbra) she's neigh immortal and you won't be losing enough enchantments to warrant a replenish.

For a deck with many tutors having so many ways to give sigarda double strike is probably overkill (you could slap on pseudo dbl strike Inquisitor's Flail ontop actual dbl strike), you'll probably be find with one equipment one enchantment of it.

Now it saddens me to admit, but Academy Rector is downright terrible with sigarda since her colors don't really have good ways to sac the rector, not to mention this deck isn't really aiming to do very strong effects with rector, no game ending Eldrazi Conscription or Overwhelming Splendor.

As for this deck it does feel like you're leaning more towards an enchantress deck rather than a voltron one and you could go ham on playing 1 cmc enchantments and draw most of your deck making the enchantment pump cards more effective.

ghostfire86 on Uril, Stalker of Mists

1 month ago

This build is definitely a nice one. Things I think you should add:


Sigarda, Host of Herons-Prevent force sac. If this is out of budget for the moment, then use Tajuru Preserver.


Shielded by Faith-Indestructible is better protection than Totem Armor and can be moved from Enchantress creature to Uril later when ETB.


Sram, Senior Edificer-Better than Eidolon of Blossoms and works well with equips you've added to your list.


Sterling Grove-Secondary function is shroud for your enchantments

Eladamri's Call-Instant tutor to hand for creature needed like an enchantress creature.

Things that I question:

Greater Good-Draw potential is definitely there, but due to commander tax and inability to haste Uril, other than Xenagos, on next play followed up with Replenish or Retether, I don't see this being overtly useful. The massive card draw potential this deck has also has me question the ability to drop multiple spells per turn with constraints to hand size limit of 7 cards. Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel would solve that issue for you.

Runes of the Deus-Don't get me wrong, this is a great card for Uril, but I question it in any competitive build for him. At 5 cmc it seems to much to create an overwhelming play without proper openings. Great for 1 shot, too much for clean sweep after proper set up has been gained, if you understand what I'm speaking of. It's kind of like how Eldrazi Conscription is a great 1 shot, but afterwards the remaining players in the group will cast global effects to prevent use on them. Keep in mind that sac effects get past totem armor, protection, and indestructible.

DangoDaikazoku on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

1 month ago

aznb01777 based on the tier descriptions, and what you stated, I would say that Tuvasa certainly isn't quite at that tier 1 range. I think an appropriate placement would be around tier 2.5 at the absolute highest if I had to place a number to it, otherwise tier 3 may be appropriate as well. I mentioned tier 2.5 considering that you brought up how Tuvasa can get a lock by turn five, which is a turn slower than the tier 1 description and thus allows it to fall under the tier 2 category based on that information. If you don't mind sharing the sequencing for how your Tuvasa deck gets the lock it would be much appreciated just to get a good gauge as to how it plays because you didn't add much of an explanation at all to follow along in the description.

I am personally leaning towards coupling it into tier 3, simply because in my experience against Tuvasa, a well timed Bane of Progress wipes Tuvasa's board state and it struggles to come back and recover from that unless you cast Replenish or something. The gameplan always appeared a bit fragile to me when opponents are packing an adequate amount of enchantment hate. Sure, the draw engine support for Tuvasa is rather heavy and allows you to draw a lot of cards, but this digging strategy isn't necessarily a consistent way to grab your combo or lock pieces compared with tutor effects, which Tuvasa appears to only have a minimal amount of which may lead to consistency problems compared to the higher tier decks. Those are my only major concerns, I'm not the biggest competitive player but I felt tier 3 is appropriate based on what you have said and from my own personal experience playing against it. Like I said though, please describe the sequencing to the lock you mentioned more in depth or at least add a more thorough description on the page. That would help out tremendously when it comes to deciding on the consistency and resilience of the lock. I didn't mean to sound like I was tearing apart Tuvasa at all, I really like the commander and I've been thinking about constructing a deck of my own around her for quite some time now. I hope you can understand some of my concerns though.

Cloudius on Sram, the auramancer

1 month ago

I'd recommend focusing on Aura and adding a few key Equipment to support, or vice versa. Trying to run both may stretch the deck too thin and lack focus.

Card Draws and Tutors

Mesa Enchantress is a great card, as a redundancy for Sram, to help with card draw since card draw effects are rare for mono white decks.

Idyllic Tutor though restrictive, is the rare few enchantment tutors out there.

There are plenty of equipment tutors available should you chose to go that route though.

Alternate Wincon

Sigil of the Empty Throne is a useful alternate Wincon if you're able to keep spamming auras/enchantments and provide you with some blockers in the air.


Replenish is useful recursion for your enchantments but use with caution. If someone removes all your creatures while this is on the stack, you'd be left with no choice but to put even the "good" auras on your opponents' creature(s) instead.

Open the Vaults a symmetrical spell that benefits your opponents too and cost 2 CMC more than Replenish. Worth considering if you need more redundancy for Replenish or play in a mass destroy heavy meta.

Second Sunrise Imho, it's a "Winmore" and very situational. Just putting it here so you've more options.

Board Wipe

Magus of the Balance is an interesting card as it doesn't affect enchantments and artifacts. If you run a Voltron strategy, chances are, you're usually the player with the least creature on the battlefield.

Winds of Rath is a necessary board wipe that excludes your enchanted creature(s).


Being mono white, we've to rely entirely on artifacts to ramp us.

Mana Crypt casting cost that provides per turn, I'd gladly take the damages!

Pearl Medallion help makes your white spells cheaper.

Caged Sun Mirari's Wake without the need for Green.

Chrome Mox Good to have but not absolutely critical.

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