Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Destiny (UDS) Rare

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Return all enchantment cards from your graveyard to play. (Auras with nothing to enchant remain in your graveyard.)

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Replenish Discussion

Monti_Jones on Reanichantress

2 days ago

@justinspruiell Thank you for the tip!I know about Crystal Chimes but don't play it because of the high combined mana cost for returning. I don't have a way to recur Crystal Chimes either, except Restoration Specialist. I don't play Open the Vault for the same reason. The only card I would play is Replenish but it goes past my per card budget of 10.

Boza on can i use replenish to ...

1 week ago

Yes. From Gatherer:

" Animate Dead is an Aura, albeit with an unusual enchant ability. You target a creature card in a graveyard when you cast it. It enters the battlefield attached to that card. Then it returns that card to the battlefield, and attaches itself to the card again (since the card is a new object on the battlefield). Animate Dead itself never moves into a graveyard during this process."

TLDR is that Animate Dead simply "pulls" the creature from the graveyard. The only weird thing is that you do not target the card in the graveyard whe you bring it back with Replenish, but that will almost never have any applications.

metalmustaine on can i use replenish to ...

1 week ago

and also bring back other enchantments from the graveyard with Replenish

Rabid_Wombat on Ultimate Cycling Zur!

2 weeks ago

shame Once I score a Standstill it's getting a slot for it's cheese factor, thanks for the suggestion!

VelvetVendetta Replenish would be cute but Sliding out Auramancer and Sun Titan brings back the enchantments I need from the 'yard turn after turn - for zero mana cost.

Great call on the synergy with the reanimation tech...will certainly expand on the idea with Scion of Darkness and Dance of the Dead..alread running Animate Dead :)

VelvetVendetta on Ultimate Cycling Zur!

2 weeks ago

Rhystic Study is a better "replacement" for necro than Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip

Why you still haven't added Replenish? Like... the card does everything you want, you cycle a bunch of enchantments then reanimate all them at once. No?

Maybe Scion of Darkness, Animate Dead and Dance of the Dead? Some reanimate schemes would go perfectly with cycle mechanics, cycle your Archfiend of Ifnir and reanimate it with zur basically? Then blink it with Astral Slide and the reanimate goes to the grave ready to be used again for sun titan to reanimate another creature (which you will also blink to reanimate all of them permanently), got it?

Idk if its where you want to lead the deck but I see great synergy.

optimalpath on That Voodoo That Zur Do

3 weeks ago

tamurai thanks for the comment. So I did want to put Replenish in, but it's on the expensive side. You're right that it's a great potential upgrade for this deck, but Land Tax ate up a lot of the budget I set for myself on this deck.

Opalescence is cool but it can be dangerous by leaving you vulnerable to wrath effects, so I was kind of afraid of the backfire scenario. Along the same lines, I thought about Starfield of Nyx, which skips your auras so you might still potentially save Zur from a wrath and keep the auras around, plus it has the graveyard recursion as a bonus. But I ended up leaning away from that strategy, partly due to that fear of board wipes but largely because I wanted to limit the number of different things the deck was trying to do.

With that in mind, I tried to limit the deck's focus down to just stacking auras voltron-style, supported by stax/pillowfort defensive globals, while maximizing synergy with Zur by keeping average CMC down on everything. Cards like Opalescence and Starfield of Nyx have CMC above 3, and didn't really align with the tactics I was trying to focus on. Also, If I did include one of them, the majority of the creatures I'd be creating would be small power/toughness because of the deck's low average CMC, which limits the impact these cards might otherwise have. (There's potential for a neat win condition and higher impact with a combo like Opalescence and Enchanted Evening, but again it's super risky; you need a really advantaged board state to make it work.) So that was my thinking when considering those kinds of effects.

Phyresis is a potential win condition for the single-attacker/low-CMC route that I'm aiming for here, but I omitted it in this case because infect is really unpopular in my playgroup and might have political side effects. But anyone building a similar deck should consider it.

Your comment made me rethink all this and I think the deck's win conditions might still need some work, so I'll put all these cards on the maybeboard for now. Thanks for the suggestions.

tamurai on That Voodoo That Zur Do

3 weeks ago

Have you considered adding Replenish and Opalescence?

PookandPie on Uril

4 weeks ago

I too, run Uril. Here are my suggestions for cuts to get you down to 100:

  • Avacyn, Angel of Hope. You can make your most important permanent indestructible with Shield of the Oversoul. By the time you could cast Avacyn, you should have been able to knock someone out of the game long before that point.

  • Abundance. It's really not that good of a card. You should be able to crush mill decks before they grind you out and you don't need to avoid drawing lands later in the game because you should be able to clear out a table of people by turn 7-8 even on a budget (so playing Abundance and getting 2 triggers off of it is meh for 4 mana).

  • Sigil of the Empty Throne is win-more like crazy. You only run 30 enchantments, and if you're casting all of those auras you should've killed everyone with Uril already.

  • Celestial Mantle is win-more as well. It's only +5/+5 (you get the same power boost from Madcap Skills at 4 mana less!) and doubling your life total isn't really that beneficial when you're out to lower everyone else's life totals.

  • Mayael's Aria is win-more. If Uril has 20 or more power, you've already won the game, why go through the extra step of playing the enchantment? Coincidentally, Seize the Day costs 1 more mana and, if you have a 21 power Uril, lets you smack down multiple players in a single turn. That's pretty important.

  • Sphere of Safety. It's just a worse Dueling Grounds. It's too much mana and you should typically have the biggest threat at the table. I originally had Safety in my deck too, but I took it out a long time ago.

  • Pick one of your enchantment recursion tools and remove 2-3 of the rest. Crystal Chimes is worse than Replenish or Retether, Nomad Mythmaker is slow and vulnerable (creature), and Starfield of Nyx can recur your enchantment without forcing you to pay mana, but it makes your non-Auras vulnerable to the most common removal in the game, creature removal. I'd, personally, keep 1 of these and remove the other two. You also have Open the Vaults, Retether, and Reviving Melody, which I also think is too much. You have 6 right now, I think it would be best to just run 2-3, so drop 3-4 of these cards. I, personally, would use 1 repeatable recursion tool (Nomad/Starfield) and a single 1 shot recursion tool.

  • Fountain Watch is too expensive for the ability he provides. Sterling Grove costs several mana less and you don't even run that many artifacts, so you're already running the better of the two cards, so drop Watch.

  • Venser's Journal doesn't help you kill people and is a very mediocre card in a deck that wants to beat opponents down.

  • Hero of Iroas. You're not going to be putting auras on him when Uril and Kor Spiritdancer are much better plan A's and B's. Making auras cost 1 less is mediocre when you could just run real ramp.

  • Enduring Ideal is very, very bad here. Your plan hinges on a Commander creature, so if you cast Ideal and someone Cyclonic Rifts your board back to your hand, you just knocked yourself out of the game (congratulations: you played yourself meme). For as out of hand as it can make your board state, it can backfire so, so much worse. Drop it ASAP.

That's 13-14 cards dropped to make it back to 100.

Now I'm going to inundate you with my favorite Uril cards:

Madcap Skills- 5 power for 2 mana, plus evasion. Extremely good, I recommend it.

Cartouche of Strength- Removal on Uril plus an additional +3 power, and evasion. Highly recommended.

Snake Umbra- Protects Uril, gives +3 power, and lets you draw cards when Uril hits. Nothing but a lot of love for that card.

Aura of Silence- the only thing better than playing your own enchantment cards is making your opponents cards cost more. It's hilarious to watch opponents try to figure out ways to play around it once it's down, as it'll shut off opposing enchantment/artifact strategies with ease.

Dueling Grounds- does basically the same job of Sphere of Safety at 2 mana less.

Aggravated Assault- Infinite combat steps with Uril + Bear Umbra. It speaks for itself and is a Uril staple.

Impending Disaster- Hate Cyclonic Rift? Slapping this down will prevent them from ever casting it against you. It's easy to play- Get Uril out, enchant him with a couple things, lay this out and then beat everyone to death while they can't cast spells.

Consider: Trace of Abundance and Wild Growth over some cards in your current ramp package. They trigger Enchantreess effects and ramp you, so they're pretty reasonable. Hunter's Insight is a great little card that costs 2 mana less than Hunter's Prowess but does a very similar effect; good enough to be run alongside it, I feel. Garruk, Primal Hunter is another one you may want to look at, as well, due to his -3.

Quick added note: Remove Gift of Immortality for Shielded by Faith. It's generally better unless you develop some odd 4 card combo board state- Gift makes Uril go to the graveyard which means you lose all of the auras attached to him, while Shielded prevents him from ever getting destroyed in the first place (plus, you can slap it on something before you cast Uril and move it to him later! Flexibility is awesome).

That's all I got for you right now. I have a Uril deck, located here: Uril: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti, check it out if you want some ideas. Have fun!

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