Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Commander 2015 Uncommon
MTG: Commander Uncommon
Battle Royale Box Set Uncommon
Urza's Saga Uncommon

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Each player discards his or her hand, then draws cards equal to the greatest number a player discarded this way.

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Windfall Discussion

ohmless on i like to draw many things

20 hours ago

wouldn't know how well this runs as I generally don't play blue. My brother does though and he likes to always run Teferi, Temporal Archmage for the untap four permanents ability. Blue also offers some ways of untapping your land(nykthos loves these) in Rewind(which you already included), Peregrine Drake, and Great Whale. With mana rocks, you can play a commander bomb in Paradox Engine. it allows storming off your entire hand potentially so I would include somewhere some "wheel" cards where you draw lots of cards like Windfall, Brainstorm, Stroke of Genius, Flux, and Prosperity. Can always get your commander through for damage with Prowler's Helm. Your commander would get incredibly big if you included some stuff to make you have no maximum hand size like Venser's Journal, Reliquary Tower, Spellbook, and Thought Vessel. good start on the deck. +1'ed!

KurtySpice on Knowledge is Pain

22 hours ago

I tried building a deck like this but I did not succeed. I have been playing Nekusar as my main EDH deck for quite a while now and I have found that letting your opponents have cards is too dangerous for you. The odds that they draw into the removal they need is dramatically increased when you play into the pure drawing plan.

My solution to this was an increase in control type combos that lead to your opponents having more wasted turns at no additional cost to yourself. I use cards such as Helm of the Ghastlord, Sigil of Sleep, and wheel effects such as Wheel and Deal, Wheel of Fortune, and other similar effects to put the problematic creatures back in their hands and then have them discard those cards from there hand.

Discard is actually very important to my deck as a source of control but also a source of damage. Consider cards like Liliana's Caress, Megrim, Bloodchief Ascension situationally, and I can see you already have a Waste Not which helps me "combo off" in group games after a wheel effect

Of course I run a few tutor effects as well but I prefer mass card draw of my own. Using cards like Curiosity on Nekusar or another creature that damages for card draw really helps with making sure I have the answers that I need and causes a LOT of trouble with cards like Windfall and Whispering Madness.

I don't Know how you feel about my take on the deck but I feel like some of these cards would help your deck win more reliably. I'm putting a link to my deck here for you to have a look at if your aren't familiar with the other style of Nekusar deck.

Discardusar, the Forgetful

dan98mg on the beautiful art of artifacts

1 day ago

Oddly enough its the Worldgorger Dragon combo that seems to be going off in Breya decks. First get it into the graveyard (Insert Dack Fayden, Entomb, Frantic Search, Buried Alive, Faithless Looting, Gamble, Wheel of Fortune & Windfall) Then animate it with Animate Dead, Dance of the Dead or Necromancy. With enough artifacts or lands that produce all of your colors. You can get all of the mana that you need and keep casting Breya/killing herself to kill everyone else. Also might help to throw in some tutors Lim-Dul's Vault, Mystical Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, & Merchant Scroll. Then lets make sure no one is going to interrupt you during the combo turn Dispel, Pyroblast, Pact of Negation, Silence, Swan Song. Also, Necropotence/Notion Thief.

enpc on Damia Scratchpad

2 days ago

I was tossing up between running Windfall and Necropotence actually. Ultimately I would love a Timetwister but I can't afford one in real life. I thought necro was overall the better fit though as the blue wheels depend on your opponents' hand size, plus discarding combo pieces seems bad. But I'm open to evidence to the contrary.

azuae on Oloro -- Mill

2 days ago

Mill decks are much easier with red rather than white. Wheel of fortune effects are so fun with pain/mill effects.

That said, if you want to keep Oloro, look into Sphinx's Tutelage, Breathstealer's Crypt, Waste Not, Forced Fruition, Windfall, Fate Unraveler, Cyclonic Rift, Wheel and Deal, Megrim, Whispering Madness, Helm of the Ghastlord, Underworld Dreams, Psychosis Crawler, Bloodchief Ascension, Sangromancer.

Sargeras on Gwafa Hazid, The Cheap Way To Be Political! (~$15)

1 week ago


Since we are a group hug deck, we can't have an obvious wincon, otherwise someone might just say, "I'm going to attack you because you could combo off at anytime" and you'll be dead. Reins of Power alone might just have someone attacking you because we do play pillowfort cards.

Instead, our main plan is to mill out the other players when they are low on cards, since we play so many "Each player draws X" type cards, we can actually get other players to mill out from a big prosperity. Another example is that plenty of people play cards like Reliquary Tower to keep whatever they draw, and Windfall has been known to mill out other players.

The other idea here is that you SHOULD be killed last because you can just say "I'm helping you, why attack me?" and other things like that, and since nothing we play is really that scary, people should be worried about the other people at the table, not you.

You also have to remember that people will remember previous games, so your playstyle has to reflect a group-hug method as well.

MagicGALAXY on Big Brother is Watching And His Name is Neb

1 week ago

bradtheimpaler13 I like the idea! Seems like a card that could really do some damage, especially when having something like Consuming Aberration or using cards like Windfall or Whispering Madness. Thanks for the +1! I really appreciate!

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