Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Return target artifact card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Refurbish Discussion

Trillix on King of the Harvest

1 hour ago

I did. I replaced it with a Tatterkite sadly. I ended up not owning one and when I went to buy one, I didn't realize how expensive he was. I still want him though and will add him in the future. Was thinking I could replace him with a temporary Refurbish or even add Refurbish permanently, since you can purposely let your commander hit the graveyard and get him back for only 4.

w33m4n on Gearhulk Exploitation

1 week ago

So did some playtesting against my

Treasure Production Control

Standard w33m4n

SCORE: 72 | 130 COMMENTS | 11291 VIEWS | IN 34 FOLDERS

held up pretty well but what i will say is you should def make a sideboard for anti control. The first game I didn't have many counters in hand so you ended up winning around turn 7. Second and third games I ended up shutting down everything you had to play and most of your removal ends up being pointless against most of my creatures(being you only have 2 cut.) Some Duress or Lay Bare the Heart to help pick out the pieces used to counter your Gearhulks, Panharmonicon, and Refurbish might be good

K1ngr3ese on Jeskai Gifthulks (with a hint of black)

1 week ago

Friend, i have played a lot of reanimator (mardu is my main) and in my experience Madcap Experiment was not consistent enough. I really hated digging 6 cards just to hit a gear hulk and losing almost 1/3 of my life... it played too much in favor of my opponent. I feel that Strategic Planning depends on the type of reanimator you are running... for example, it is really useful for creature heavy versions, not very good in more controlling types (which i play). I like to have control over what i put in my gy.

With regard to agro and ramunap red... sweepers in side are important for turn 3. I am currently using Sweltering Suns (my version is more red so i can afford the double red most of the time) but there are others for turn 3 as well.

Chart a Course can replace Tormenting Voice but Cathartic Reunion is really strong for anyone running red in their reanimator. Consider, turn 2 chart a course, to discard gift... turn 3 you champion, dump 2 cards (one creature matters for turn 4)... turn 4 Refurbish+God-Pharaoh's Gift+reanimate gearhulk. Seems good! The deck works as intended... but it has little interaction with opponent.

Now consider a turn 2 Cathartic Reunion... dump gift and gearhulk... turn 3 sweeper or really any play, your turn 2 setup turn 4 already instead of needing both turn2 and 3! It really opens up your turn 3 curve spot! Go nut with creativity to keep your opponents off balance before you jam a gearhulk in their face. I like some control here to help clear the way for the turn 4 hulk. And turn 4 plays as normal, refurb gift reanimate gearhulk. The deck works the same, one line of play should seem stronger.

Farm / Market... i love this card for Torrential (im working on a second esper gift that focuses on instant speed spells to showcase torrential) If you were to remove noxious for torrential you could do some interesting things with cards like Farm / Market Tragic Lesson Failed Inspection Baral, Chief of Compliance Lightning Strike Magma Spray etc. food for thought! Red blue spells reanimator splash white?! Could be interesting!(adding it to my list lol)

Anyway, I hope this helps. Feel free to check out my decks for ideas... i mainly run reanimators. Just finished retooling my esper version after protour and only have a few tweaks to make to my Mardu, then back to my control esper gift.

Good luck to ya!

Dorotheus on Bant Refurbished

2 weeks ago

djnewellmit yea maybe. Cultivator of Blades has some of the same issues that Angel of Invention has but is wallet friendly for now because of the spike. But Verdurous Gearhulk is probably straight up better than either honestly since I can Refurbish it and God-Pharaoh's Gift it while retaining most if not all of the value. Cultivator still isn't bad.

Argy on Which Deck to Play?

2 weeks ago

How so, when it can pack Refurbish, Spell Pierce, Censor, Negate, Supreme Will, and Disallow?

I'd say that's enough to take care of Abrade.

Also, you do realise that the deck can win even WITHOUT God-Pharaoh's Gift, right?

Argy on Which Deck to Play?

2 weeks ago

The Pros who played GPG handled Abrade with Refurbish, so that's not a good enough reason not to play the deck.

Not to mention that you can pack it with Counter spells as well, coz

Pickacantaloupe on Gluttonous Gift

2 weeks ago

Hobbez9186 yeah man no worries! That's why MTG is so awesome, because everyone has a different opinion on what is good/what they like/what they want to play! I just LOVE this deck and I want to give you full credit.

The only reason I splashed white was to get Refurbish in here. I actually have, in paper, that EXACT deck you talked about at the beginning with Marionette Master and the Metalwork Colossus with the gearhulks, GPG, and refurbish. Of course this deck is NOTHING like that- it uses your same strategy with the hulks to help you along. It's only to help Madcap Experiment to go off more safely. (I lost a few games because of Madcap before I edited in white, and after I did that not only did I no longer kill myself, but I actually WON games.)

I played against Approach Control, Black Red chumps, Pirate Control, and Cats, and I think some weird Jeskai jank that I wasn't sure of. I played some more today and went 2-1 against MORE Approach, black discard, and white tokens.

I do love me some Shenanigans mate. That's why I picked up this deck, it's just so much FUN!

Hmmm, I might add Chart A Course. I think I prefer it over Tormenting because of the discard AFTER. And I've noticed people using it in modern, and legacy. Very good for a new card.

Pickacantaloupe on Gluttonous Gift

2 weeks ago

Testing complete. Out of 5 games I went 4-1. I lost because I never drew into what I needed, and the game went late, too, so I was very unlucky. The new build has 1 Noxious Gearhulk, and 2 Cataclysmic Gearhulk instead of Bloodwater Entity and Enigma Drake. Of course 4 Refurbish.

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