Thought-Knot Seer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Thought-Knot Seer

Creature — Eldrazi

( represents colourless mana.)

When Thought-Knot Seer enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it and exile that card.

When Thought-Knot Seer leaves the battlefield, target opponent draws a card.

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Thought-Knot Seer Discussion

Pieguy396 on Attempt at Budget Colorless Eldrazi Modern

1 day ago

This might make your budget a little tight, but I would recommend the full 4 Matter Reshapers and a couple Thought-Knot Seers if nothing else. Also, Eye of Ugin is banned in Modern, so that might help your budget out a bit.

TaegukTheWise on Insert Blink Pun Here: Roon Combo EDH

1 day ago

Well, single target discard does suck when you are the top threat at the table. I do believe that the single target discard is very powerful for what it is, it doesn't make everyone exile and reveal, so everyone isn't pressured. And its "drawback" can keep you and the seer alive longer, with the added ability to take away a board wipe/threat from an opponent is very strong, especially since its exile and not straight discard. If anything, thought-knot seer is more for punish, and its a very good closer against one person since it just dominates in this style of deck since there is no good way to play around a creature that's nigh unkillable and takes away your answers. But that's my two cents, and my final words on Thought-Knot Seer. If you don't like the card, I won't force it.

If you liked Propaganda, then you'll like Ghostly Prison and Norn's Annex. If you want more cards like that, I recommend Scryfall. Its SO much better than gatherer.

Walker2148 on Insert Blink Pun Here: Roon Combo EDH

2 days ago

I'm considering adding more land ramp because it's more resilient than rocks and dorks. I'd probably run Wood Elves first because it can get nonbasics and they come in untapped (I'm not that concerned about Blood Moon because I have dorks and a decent number of basics/cards that search for basics) and Solemn Simulacrum next. I don't want to cut the dorks because of their explosiveness, but I might cut the fast mana rocks to maintain power parity with my playgroup.

As to the stax part, I've run anti-aggro cards before and the one I've been most satisfied with is Spike Weaver because it synergizes with Roon but doesn't need Roon to be repeatable, unlike Stonehorn. I've also tried Defense Grid but I prefer countermagic as combo protection because it lets me interact with my opponents' plans too. Thought-Knot Seer is probably solid in 1v1 but single-target discard isn't very strong in multiplayer and I don't think the payoff is worth the cost. I kind of like Propaganda though, it discourages random attacks and makes it really hard for people to kill me through combat damage. I'll give it some thought, thanks for the suggestions!

TaegukTheWise on Roon Blink

2 days ago

I say take out that Flickerform and Rite of Replication out of the deck, Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic cards, but there is really nothing to gain spending 4 mana to blink a singular creature, or dumping 9 mana into something that doesn't win you the game, but only draws attention, I would say yes to that if this was a voltron build or a control shell. Roon is a creature based deck at the end of the day not either of those archetypes.

There are basic lands called Wastes, They are colorless lands that are supremely useful if you are running Eldrazi Displacer, especially since they're basics (you could also be a dick and play Thought-Knot Seer like me). If you ran either a couple more basics instead of those tap lands or put in the lands like these: Scattered Groves, Irrigated Farmland along with shock lands and/or the buddy land/tango land from BFZ, you can get rid of those top deck duds known as signets and run something more useful, like Swords to Plowshares or Path to Exile. You should also run Solemn Simulacrum instead of wood elves based on how many basics you are playing, you could turn this into a hyper ramp deck on the side that's immune to Blood Moon and Back to Basics You could also take out that caravan and put in the ever useful Commander's Sphere, at its worst it can get you a card.

If you are really worried about torpor orb (which we Roon player's ALL should) Then I recommend this removal: Naturalize, Disenchant, Krosan Grip, Return to Dust, Angelic Purge, and my personal favorite, Bant Charm. Why bant charm? It does everything. It can take care of a pesky artifact (torpor orb) it moves a creature to the bottom of their owner's library (torpor orb on a stick: Hushwing Gryff, and Tocatli Honor Guard), and can hit an instant that you don't want to see, it's just good. Get that birthing pod ASAP. Paired with your deceiver exarch, Derevi, and felidar you can pod again and again! I'd say take out that extra blink, its not that necessary. Those instant and sorcery spells that blink do nothing on an empty board state, where restoration angel can be a blocker. Throw in more counterspells, they do more in top deck mode anyway.

Value is good, but it really means nothing if you can't kill someone, let alone the rest of the table, armada wurm is good, but you could do better! Trostani's Summoner, Hornet Queen, and Avenger of Zendikar are fantastic threats by themselves, but what if I told you they had an exceedingly powerful interaction with Cathars' Crusade? I'll let that one sink in.

Some of the cards in the sideboard should be in the main deck, Thragtusk's leave the battlefield trigger gets around torpor orb, so you can still have a 5/3 and 3/3 team of beaters ready to kill the orb player (even if you can't gain that 5 life). There are even creatures that only benefit from leaving the battlefield, such as Nevermaker, or Meadowboon, and Reveillark recurs your whole deck as it stands when it leaves, and if you add the aforementioned summoner and hornet queen you can recur game enders, it can even go infinite with karmic guide and a sac outlet, like Ashnod's Altar, which I think you should be running anyway. Find a way to put in Prime Speaker Zegana, Duplicant, Mystic Snake, and Reclamation Sage into the deck, because they are way too good not to be played in your deck, let alone any Roon deck! You also won't need cards like Oblivion Ring if you have Thought-Knot Seer, reveals a hand and exiles a thing forever instead of having the risk of having it come back, and it's leave the battlefield trigger can make an ally! Day of Judgment hoses you just as much as the guy you are trying to punish, especially with how little recursion you are running. If you are scared of an out of hand board state get Duplicant or Fiend Hunter instead. I find Mirror Entity something I don't play, it doesn't give me value when it comes into play, and I need to pump mana into it to be good, I find myself using that mana to play more blink targets rather than the entity. You could also throw in another Planeswalker that actually benefits this decks overall game plan very well: Kiora, Master of the Depths, she untaps Roon, can get a creature or land we need, and if you ultimate her, gives us targeted removal when we blink our value creatures!

And for my final recommendation I point you towards the Minion Reflector, this baby does everything you could ever want. Doubles your ETB triggers (and LTB triggers depending) and gives you a disposable minion that can swing in with no repercussion! It can also go infinite with Reveillark, karmic guide, and Ashnod's altar to make an infinite army like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. If you want more suggestions just ask, or check out my Roon list for reference!

TaegukTheWise on Choo Choo, it's the train to Value Town! EDH

2 days ago

You can drop that price tag by round 200 dollars if you take out the REALLY expensive stuff you just don't need. You can have a perfectly fun and equally powerful deck by going basic heavy, sure they offer little in utility, but they are very reliable if you have the creatures to fetch for them: Farhaven Elf, and Solemn Simulacrum are good. Along with the fact that there are cards like Blood Moon and Back to Basics that WILL hose you, you have been warned.

I had seen a comment here that recommended Flickerwisp, I agree that it does too little, but for the wrong reasons. If the wisp immediately brought the permanent back into play, I would have no problems with this card, but it doesn't, so I do have a problem, also a 3/1 beater that can't block ever doesn't help. I tend to stay away from cards like Ghostly Flicker unless its on a creature.. Restoration Angel is my go-to girl. she is a flash body that's out of bolt range, which is good already, but it also blinks a creature! The same can almost be said for Felidar Guardian, it doesn't have lash but it can blink birthing pod so you can pod again, and if you have Panharmonicon out you get to blink 2 things at once! (which can also hedge into infinite combo territory).

I would get rid of the Tamiyo, she really does nothing for the decks overall strategy, I would recommend the cheaper Kiora, Master of the Depths, she untaps Roon and a land, can replace herself for a needed land drop or creature, and she can turn whatever you blink into targeted removal (assuming you can get her ultimate) Also, trade out Ephara for Thought-Knot Seer, its just a plain good magic card, it can punish a player that did you wrong, and you can blink it to make an ally, Its just a way better birthing pod target as well. I get that it's in card draw, but it only draws you one card.

I could also just pile on suggestions AKA a wall of text that no one will EVER read, so imma just leave it at that for now, if you would like more suggestions just ask, or take a peak at my list (cough cough, shameless plug)

TaegukTheWise on Insert Blink Pun Here: Roon Combo EDH

2 days ago

If you want more out of the deck, there is always Thought-Knot Seer. It's great at any point in the game due to hand attack that's usually limited to black and red (but is even more useful since it exiles instead of discards), it has as big a body as Roon, and since you have Roon it can be repeated, its leave the battlefield clause can help you gain an ally as well! Also if you're going to run infinite combos, I don't see why you can't go to more degenerate extremes like playing a stax centric infinite combo deck with an aggro backup plan. Defense Grid, Propaganda, Stonehorn Dignitary, and the Thought-Knot Seer are good stax pieces. (that's if you are amused by the stax idea)

I think you could cut down on dorks if you played more basics and creatures that enter play and look for basics, like Solemn Simulacrum or Farhaven Elf. It also dissuades Blood Moon and Back to Basics, but that's just my two cents.

To Nathanial: I would play the Leyline over the orrery since Roon is blue, the moment you have one of these two they defeat each other's purposes. Besides, leylines come into play for free if they are in your opening hand, so unless your opponent's have enchantment removal on hand, its going to be harder to get rid of, especially if he plays stax Roon of the flicker puns!

Pieguy396 on Death and Taxes

6 days ago

Have you considered "splashing" colorless so you get access to cool Eldrazi like Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smasher? You're already running a couple of Eldrazi, so Eldrazi Temple fits right in here, and I think it might make your deck a lot better. I have a friend who playes "Eldrazi and Taxes", and I always have a tough time beating the lategame Eldrazi after he's spent the first few turns locking me out. Fatal Push also seems like it has a home here.

@Keith76 it's not so much of a win as much as it is making it so that your opponent can't really do much anymore. T1 Aether Vial, T2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben + Thraben Inspector off of Vial, T3 Blade Splicer + Leonin Arbiter off of Vial, etc. Things get out of hand fast.

IzzetFanatic on Control vs. humans

1 week ago

I haven't been playing MTG in about a year and a half and I have a mono u Tron deck If you hate people... Play this deck and even though this is a slightly different type of deck (more tool box the way I've been playing it) im gonna guess that this is going to be hard for me to win too. I have been changing around how much spot removal I have in the main board and cut down on reactive cards (-1 remand.) As of know I have 3 Repeal and 2 Spatial Contortion and 1 Dismember in the main board. Wondering what you think about this for amount of spot removal in this deck. I have also sped up the deck a but with cards like Thought-Knot Seer as well as having cards like o stone and cyclonic rift. Thanks. And these "articles" like yours are some of the most forward thinking and useful on this site. Keep it up man.

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