Bane of Progress


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Commander 2013 Rare

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Bane of Progress

Creature — Elemental

When Bane of Progress enters the battlefield, destroy all artifacts and enchantments. Put a +1/+1 counter on Bane of Progress for each permanent destroyed this way.

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Bane of Progress Discussion

MindAblaze on Sidisi, Meren and Ezuri Oh My......

1 day ago

I have to say while I agree with a good number of the cuts suggested above, I do disagree with a lot of what s/he said too, although I would probably make many of the cuts he suggested.

Mazirek is a good card, it can basically trip over a lot of cards to go infinite, but it doesn't just fit into random shells. Counters on tokens is usually a good powerful go-wide strategy.

Thornbite Staff is another infinite combo engine that doesn't seem to fit here. Great on Glissa, the Traitor but pointless in many other builds. Glissa needs to focus on her recursion in this deck and ignore the combo potential, unless that becomes one of your main plans.

Plaguelord is removal on a stick, but better with Grave Pact et al. Repeatable removal is great, and free sac outlets are good.

Jarad is one of my win conditions in my Sidisi deck. Soulless One/Lord of Extinction style cards are great sac fodder for Jarad. Again, neither of those cards are here so he probably doesn't fit.

Essentially in EDH you want cards that either benefit from what your commander wants to do, or can be abused in the environment playing to you commander creates. In here it looks like the desire is to have Meren out and sac the tokens, or Ezuri out and ramp up on experience Counters to make huge dudes, which playing Ezuri next to Sidisi and doing her thing will just make zombies.

Stuff like Eternal Witness and Greenwarden of Murasa are great in this kind of deck.

Ghoultree makes sense also, but generally your cards are better spent doing things other than turning sideways so I probably wouldn't run it.

Personally, I don't like Bane of Progress. Blowing up your own rocks and enchantments is a feel bad moment. The slots are better used elsewhere.

I do like the Sidisi + experience Counters plan. Ohthenoises has a deck that functions similarly, you should check it out.

Cicjose on Exponential Growth

3 days ago

Master Biomancer

well if you want Liquimetal Coating you should get Bane of Progress to go with it

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

My current list runs 32 lands. I was running 33 but I found that there were a number of games where I was drawing more lands than I wanted to. My deck plays 12 basic lands, and despite that I can't say that I have many issues getting the colors I need. Considering how many basics I play, I've toyed with the idea of running Magus of the Moon in my deck to cripple decks like the Hermit Druid combo decks that are seeing a bit of a revival thanks to Flash Hulk now being legal in commander. Considering the number of mana dorks and cheap mana rocks that are played in cEDH decks though, I'm not confident that the Magus would have as big an impact as I hope it would.

I've seriously considered including Bane of Progress though. I generally don't expect Animar to stay on the board long in a competitive group game since multiple opponents means a higher likelihood of someone playing a quick Chain of Vapor, Cyclonic Rift, or Toxic Deluge. Bane of Progress would give Animar a bit of a reset button if it falls behind, cleaning out opponents' mana rocks, card drawing enchantments, and artifact combo pieces. I don't have much tournament experience under my belt so I'm not sure how useful it would be overall. Your deck runs more artifacts and enchantments than mine currently does, so that would probably be a deciding factor.

Junk_Heap on Borborygmos, Spirit of the Gruul Tribes

3 weeks ago

I like this deck! I think you have some solid cards and a set strategy! To cover up some of the deck's weaknesses you could consider Heroic Intervention to protect against both spot and sweeper removal and Bane of Progress for a creature-based sweeper of pillowfort tech. You could also add some recursion to the deck with either Seasons Past or Praetor's Counsel to re-fuel after at the end of a long game.

Artifact.frizzles on Ultimate mana ramp

4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the suggestions, and thank you for following me!! I suppose Bane of Progress would be good against an artifact deck. I will add it to my maybeboard since I haven't played with it in this deck before. As for Reclamation Sage and Fecundity, I think those cards would kinda help against an artifact or enchantment commander deck, but I think Creeping Corrosion is good enough for me.

Teufell on Ultimate mana ramp

4 weeks ago

Well, Bane of Progress is not something oyu want to play all the time. That's the why i also suggest the sage. But, if you ever find yourself in a though spot. Let's say:

Opponent has a big creature and you don't, you might consider sacrificing some enchantments for power.


Opponent plays a lot of artifacts and that gives him too much advantage. That's where Bane of Progress will shine.

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