Bane of Progress


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare

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Bane of Progress

Creature — Elemental

When Bane of Progress enters the battlefield, destroy all artifacts and enchantments. Put a +1/+1 counter on Bane of Progress for each permanent destroyed this way.

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Bane of Progress Discussion

Megalomania on Aminatou: Nihilistic Tendencies (Stax)

6 days ago

The MLD components are recent additions so I have yet to experience being hit with something like Shattering Spree or Bane of Progress after casting an MLD spell. It will definitely be a problem but it is not something I don’t think i’ll encounter often enough to warrant adjustments.

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, Tides of Madness (1 combo)

2 weeks ago

I like ability’s on lands. Sure do 2 Altar effects do it well most of the time. But there is a lot of artifact removal in my meta like Bane of Progress and nobody uses a Stripmine on a High Market. It also takes a slot in your deck which a land doesn’t really. Sure it’s 1 more land that can’t produce colored mana unless you got Chromatic Lantern or urborg but that’s not a big problem I guess. If the altar works for you you don’t need the utility on lands.

NZPIEFACE on selesnya shit

2 weeks ago

Okay, so I think I need to playtest this a bit more. I've yet to actually draw Huatli yet, so I don't actually know how that would play out.

Currently, I can get the combo finished by turn 7 or 8, very consistently. Only cards I don't use are cards which I'm supposed to use in reaction to my opponents playing, such as Hour of Reckoning and Wrath of God.

McToters and 420chandra are probably right about Huatli, as when I was playtesting, I'd have Elspeth, Sun's Champion out for 2 or 3 turns before I won. Replacing her with Huatli might accelerate my deck more. I might replace Elspeth with Huatli at this rate, though it does make me feel good to have 20 or so Soldier tokens.

For lands, I realized that as long as I start my hand with 3 or 4, I don't really need any more. Even if I do, I'm bound to run into Crop Rotation, Kodama's Reach, or Cultivation at some point. The times I didn't draw lands were just because I started off with a bad hand when playtesting.
To draw cards... I feel those cards are a bit expensive. 6, 5, 7 cmc respectively, I feel I could do a lot more things with it, though when it comes down to it, I'll probably have a lot of mana in hand anyways. Skullclamp is something I'm definitely adding to my deck. I thought I already did, which was why I was confused when I saw you say it.
I will probably also add Congregation at Dawn. It seems like a very useful tutor card, and if I already have Skullclamp on the field, I instantly have the cards I want most. Currently, when I get a tutor card (either Primal Command or Enlightened Tutor), I've been going after Birthing Pod to upgrade my tokens to Elvish Mystics, to Priest of Titania/Scryb Ranger, to Selvala/Omnath; I've been using the creature tutor's to look for Protean Hulk, so I can sacrifice him and gain both Omnath and Selvala at once. I only use Selvala to double Omnath's power, which in turn means that my floating mana pool gets doubled. This shit is stupidly crazy. And Congregation at Dawn might just make it come to me faster.

Definitely removing Gaea's Blessing. 2 cmc draw a card isn't that good, especially when most my cards aren't going to be going into the graveyard if I'm lucky.

Not going to run Bane of Progress. That stuff would destroy my own artifacts and enchantments, which I need to win. I'll just hope that Aura Shards can be drawn fast. Also pretty funny has it isn't an aura, so Three Dreams wouldn't work on it at all.

Something I've noticed is that I haven't played Eldrazi Monument, Helm of the Host, nor Doubling Cube very much. They're always sub-par choices compared to Birthing Pod which ensures I win in 4 turns, Whispersilk Cloak which allows Omnath to actually hit hard, or even just Panharmonicon, which has wonderful synergy with Marwyn (almost got her to +30/+30 in playtesting by turn 8, which obviously assumes ideal circumstances).

Add list:
Huatli, Radiant Champion
Congregation at Dawn

Remove list:
Gaea's Blessing
Helm of the Host
Eldrazi Monument (maybe)
Doubling Cube (maybe)

I'll probably need to playtest this against actual people. My mate told me about and I might playtest this deck there once I get it shaved down to 100 cards.

McToters on selesnya shit

2 weeks ago

Yeah sorry... i was in a rush writing that last comment so my thoughts were all over the place! I wanted to provide the proper feedback.

And I actually just reaized I completely skipped over your draw/tutor question so my apologies for that. I'd recommend Congregation at Dawn if you're looking to just go for your dorks or a gamechanging creature. Weathered Wayfarer and Land Tax are alternative land ramp for white (and Land Tax texhnically allows you tos sift through all your lands if played properly). Same thing goes for Endless Horizons. As far as green draw there's Collective Unconscious, Shamanic Revelation and Regal Force off the top of my head. For a token deck there's always the option of putting in a Skullclamp as well. Always great synergy-draw for a token deck.

I was probably being a bit picky about Primal Command obviously it would depend on your meta (same thing goes for Savage Summoning but straight up it def doesnt help you out any great way with the theme of your deck).

I can also understand why you like keeping Revive and Gaea's Blessing. But remember it depends on your meta--and also remember our deck is t themed around the graveyard. It is always great to have backup plans, so again, we would have to see what doesn't make the cut first. IMO id keep Revive over Gaea's Blessing. And i believe I recall you have an Eternal Witness too, which is in the same vein.

I actually agree with 420chandra's advice about Huatli. I think she is DOPE for tokens and when I saw your list I immediately told my buddy who has Rhys to put her in. And talk about draw for green white... she's your babe. The stupidity would only rise when you're able to get multiple emblems haha.

I totally forgot Wilt-Leaf Liege pumps the tokens... that's a solid call over my mistake.

It's always good to have removal and I didn't want to completely steer you away with saying no to that worse version of Naturalize but it's good you took it out. If your hate runs low think about a Bane of Progress. But all-in-all, Aura Shards should be your master in this regard. (Maybe a Three Dreams to tutor for it? Or Idyllic Tutor i think?)

Hope that all helps! Sorry i wrote so much!

zingzang on Meren HELP

3 weeks ago

I'm happy to see, that you like the best commander of all time, Meren ;-). Really like the addition of Apprentice Necromancer - gotta include him in my deck as well.

But there are some cards, that have no synergy with your commander and could easily be replaced. Creature ramp like Birds of Paradise, Elvish Mystic or Elves of Deep Shadow don't really do anything for your experience counters.

But with creatures like Yavimaya Granger, Burnished Hart, Dawntreader Elk or Yavimaya Elder you get ramp AND experience counters - this way you can loop your ramp creatures every round with Meren.

Your curve has a little breakdown at 6 - Mikaeus is your only 6-drop :(. Here are some creatures that work as a 6-drop in Meren: Kokusho, the Evening Star, Grave Titan, Bane of Progress, Massacre Wurm, Wurmcoil Engine.

Some other important signature cards for Meren include: Birthing Pod, Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Sepulchral Primordial, Ashnod's Altar, Necropotence, Fauna Shaman, Vindictive Lich, Grave Pact and Altar of Dementia

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Board Wipe Cards

3 weeks ago

Saint1129, thank you for the suggestions! Whelming Wave is sorcery speed, so it's not good enough for this list in my opinion. I have had parameters defined to exclude sorcery speed mass return in the description for a while now. However, Engulf the Shore is a great suggestion. I'll be adding it, thanks! As for Ratchet Bomb, I have clarified with my latest update that there are some limitations to board wipes that are limited by what converted mana cost it can destroy, so based on those clarifications, it is now much clearer that Ratchet Bomb doesn't fit here.

PerfektJade, everyone starts somewhere! :) Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you on your journey of learning.

cleandeceit, regarding Wash Out, Chris2684 is right in that the problem with that card is that it is a sorcery speed mass return spell. Besides that, I'd love to hear your opinions on what other cards should be added here, especially since there are "quite a few".

TheDeckMaker2300, when it comes to board wipes in general, it's important that they are able to destroy 5 or more creatures. On top of that, board wipes that deal damage need to be able to deal 6 damage to creatures, so I find it highly unlikely that a board state will have 30 creatures or more at any given time. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Rolska, unfortunately, due to the nature of the commander format, there are actually more creatures commonly found in commander with toughness 6 than there are with toughness 5 or 7, so it's important that any board wipe be able to wipe away those creatures. This is why Mizzium Mortars isn't good enough for this list. However, Sunscour is great, so I've added it. Thank you for your suggestion!

KingofCorns, as I mentioned to the two previous users suggesting those two cards, I've included parameters in the description that have defined sorcery speed mass unsummon board wipes to not be good enough for quite some time. The reasoning behind that is simple: If you return creatures during your turn, your opponents can simply replay the majority of those cards on their turns. However, if you return them during an opponent's end step, you potentially force that opponent to discard those creatures, but in addition, you provide yourself with two turns without those creatures rather than just one.

-Arcanity-, in the same way that it's important for damage-based board wipes to be able to deal 6 damage to creatures, toughness-reduction-based board wipes need to fill that same requisite. The reasoning has to do with the fact that creatures with toughness of 6 are very common in commander, to the point that they are more played than creatures with toughness of 5 or 7.

Clumsy_Oaf, while it is possible for there to be multiple artifacts and enchantments on your opponents' battlefields that need to removed quickly, artifacts and enchantments aren't inherently threatening like creatures are. Because of that, creature board wipes are much more important to include. In my perspective, being able to destroy all noncreatures is something that a good deck will be able to do, but I would much rather have that ability on a card that also destroys all creatures as well. Playing Bane of Progress is nice, but I'd much rather play Oblivion Stone in that slot since Stone is much less situational and answers the situation that Bane is designed for as well.

creepycrawler, regarding Aetherize, I was prepared to point you to where I wrote that this list does not include board wipes that are limited to attacking creatures, but I realized I forgot to write that! Thank you for bringing my attention to that oversight. (It's a great card on my other board wipe list though!) Regarding Aethersquall Ancient, Coastal Breach, Crush of Tentacles, Devastation Tide, Displacement Wave, Kederekt Leviathan, River's Rebuke, Slinn Voda the Rising Deep, Time of Ice, Upheaval, and Waterspout Elemental, their text can only be played/activated at sorcery speed, so they don't make the list due to the parameter in the description clarifying that sorcery speed mass return is not good enough for this list. (Also, Upheaval is banned in commander.) Regarding Hurkyl's Recall, Rebuild, Back to Nature, Calming Verse, Creeping Corrosion, Essence Filter, Hush, Multani's Decree, Primeval Light, Seeds of Innocence, Serene Heart, Tranquil Domain, Tranquil Grove, Tranquil Path, Tranquility, and Wave of Vitriol, artifacts and enchantments aren't inherently threatening like creatures are, so spot removal is much more suited for them compared to creatures. That said, it's not a bad idea to play cards like Boompile to be able to deal with noncreatures en masse while also wiping creatures. I have clarified my description from simply saying that it includes "Destroying/exiling/etc. all creatures/permanents/nonlands" to saying that it excludes "Cards that wipe noncreatures, unless they also wipe creatures". As for Thousand Winds, another user pointed out that I forgot to add a requisite to exclude wipes that only hit attacking creatures, so that's why it's not a great inclusion.

Cornonjacob07, both of those cards fall under the category of sorcery speed mass return, which isn't good enough for this list because it doesn't get rid of the creatures it wipes except for one turn. Whereas with instant speed mass return, you can use it before a cleanup step to use discard to your advantage, but more importantly, they guarantee you twice as many turns before those creatures lose summoning sickness.

MasterTaco, I would say no based on the previous parameter "Destroying/exiling/etc. X/'any number of' creatures/permanents/nonlands if it can remove 5 or more for 10 mana or less" that was updated in this update. If X=8, is it guaranteed to remove all creatures from a board state more than cause the controllers to lose a lot of life and/or discard cards? In my experience, that is a rare occurrence.

Thank you to everyone who suggested cards, I'm glad that you all were able to give me multiple cards to be added to this list! :D

elgosu1337 on Let's do the land warp AGAIN

1 month ago

If you're running Vaevictis as a commander, I would recommend cutting down on the instants and sorceries so that you get more out of Vaevictis's trigger. There are some pretty good permanents that can provide the removal anyway, like Terastodon, Bane of Progress, Pernicious Deed, Duplicant, Noxious Gearhulk, Butcher of Malakir, Gruul Ragebeast, Demon of Dark Schemes, Massacre Wurm. Aid from the Cowl is also very helpful to put more permanents into play. Protean Hulk and Razaketh, the Foulblooded can help you find missing pieces. Aggravated Assault can give infinite attacks if you have enough mana, especially if you have Savage Ventmaw, Bear Umbra, or Neheb, the Eternal, or if your lands are animated by Nature's Revolt or Liege of the Tangle.

For the lands aspect of the deck, you could add Ramunap Excavator for more recursion, Ulvenwald Hydra to find lands, and Storm Cauldron for more land plays and to disrupt opponents. Stone-Seeder Hierophant could be good to untap your lands as well.

You can check out my Vaevictis deck and my Windgrace deck for some ideas.

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