Iroas, God of Victory

Legendary Enchantment Creature — God


As long as your devotion to red and white is less than seven, Iroas isn't a creature.

Creatures you control have menace.

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to attacking creatures you control.

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Iroas, God of Victory Discussion

awalloftext on Gahiji: Forever War

1 week ago

Good feedback, Marvell - Basandra is slow, but she has made a difference in some of the games that I've played. Generally speaking, being able to pinpoint a forced attack is nice, but you bring up a very good point. Master Warcraft is an easy substitution for her, or if you' really hurting for mass removal, I'd probably go with the classic Wrath, or Retribution of the Meek.

Eternal Witness is an easy substitute for Den Protector. I like Protector because Morph kinda plays mind games with people, and with Gahiji buffs, she is able to attack better. However, E-wit is probably more optimal.

Warmonger Hellkite is a great card if you can untap with him (or in a post-wrath scenario). However, I think he's difficult to use to his full potential - you really have to try to get under people's skin with him. They have to attack, and to prevent them from attacking you, it's nice to have mana open (in other words, use the old "don't attack me and I'll buff your dudes" ploy). He also costs 6 - expensive even for EDH; you could easily cut him, but if you cut him AND Basandra I'd consider replacing at least one of the cards with another forced attack effect.

Alliance of Arms tends to create a stalemate situation, which I find funny - I think it's a low enough risk to just play it, if for no other reason than how silly it is. Your mileage may vary of course.

Long story short - you've definitely identified some of the weaker cards in the deck. They've worked for me but they may not work for you - I recommend adding a couple of mass removal spells if you feel you're really lacking in that area. More spot removal never hurts, too. Or, for more optimal aggro, consider Iroas, God of Victory or Beastmaster Ascension

Zorgen on If John Snow was a Female

2 weeks ago

robbnoble you make some good points and I do believe Lightning Mauler will be a great addition, even with my creatures that pull tokens out as well. I don't really undervalue Lightning Bolt, I just over value Deflecting Palm because of how strong it is in another deck that I have but I just need to remember that this deck runs completely different. But I have finally decided to make the change.

Can I ask your opinion on Iroas, God of Victory? With how many creatures I have I feel like it will be devastating but at the same time I'm curious if he is needed.


3 weeks ago

RUST-O Thanks for the upvote and suggestions! I am looking forward to playing this deck soon at a multiplayer EDH night. Because, I agree, it could be terrifying. As for the suggestions, Berserkers' Onslaught is just too expensive CMC-wise to only give my creatures double-strike only when they attack. Iroas, God of Victory is in the deck since it does both what Dolmen Gate and Gruul War Chant do, plus being indestructible and chance of being a creature. Both are great cards, but Gruul War Chant unfortunately did not the cut when I first built this budget deck from my collection. It's unfortunate we only get 100 cards!

BlueElectivire on Tajic, Blade of the Legion

3 weeks ago

I would've added Iroas, God of Victory. He's very cheap (more than a sol ring) and fits perfectly in the theme.

vbfabled on Budget Boros Aggro

3 weeks ago

Cheap and deadly, huh? Well, it is a couple of dollars, but if you have it, Iroas, God of Victory is really good for aggro. Some more affordable threats are Firemane Avenger to drain away your opponent's life and creatures, Nobilis of War to make all your guys hit harder, and Master Warcraft as a good game-ender.

Good luck building!

Phoenix9978 on Zurgo EDH

1 month ago

An Iroas, God of Victory would work very nicely in a Zurgo based commander deck. :)

Oh, and Broc pulled a Liliana, Deaths Majesty and a Masterpiece Force of Will which is apparently valued at around $400. And all I got was a Naheb, The Worthy ;)

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