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Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage



Whenever Snapcaster Mage enters the battlefield, target instant or sorcery card in your graveyard gains flashback until end of turn. The flashback cost is equal to it's mana cost. (You may cast that card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Snapcaster Mage Discussion

Atsuma on Rubinia EDH

7 hours ago

the Daybreak Coronet seems out of place, though i can see how fun it would be to throw on a creature you control magic. things like Acquire , Gather Specimens , and Bribery could do well if that's the theme you want. I'd encourage you to find a niche of control to make the deck more random or haphazard than just outright superfriends, but that's purely my opinion. in terms of control versatility and reusability are the golden standards. things like Snapcaster Mage and Eternal Witness can help immensely with recovering spells. Forbid is probably my favorite counterspell in the format. Hinder , Bant Charm , Spell Crumple , and Spin into Myth can all deny access to a general for an entire game, with charm coming out on top imo for versatility and top deck potential. i have a Bant control, Ramp, Reuse, Wreck that i've been working on for years that you might find interesting.

KingSorin on RUG Delver

8 hours ago

I'm not a huge legacy player, but is there any reason that you're using Thought Scour ? Sure, it helps your Nimble Mongoose s and your singleton Scavenging Ooze , but you're not even using Snapcaster Mage . I'm sure there's something else like Ponder that you could replace it with.

WovenNebula on wsurugby10's binder

22 hours ago

I am interested in your Snapcaster Mage , I have 3x Bridge from Below that are from future sight and whatever else you need for the difference. Lmk

raja479 on budget izzet delver

1 day ago

Drop Guttersnipes for Snapcaster Mage if you can and if not for something like Spellstutter Sprite or Pestermite . Drop ascension for something like Grim Lavamancer . Bottom line is you probably need about 12-14 threats.

Also, try dropping maybe two electrolyze for Forked Bolt or possibly Pillar of Flame /Magma Spray . I'm not sure on izzet charm, seems good though. I personally don't play it. Consider Remand s over it.

Haxnslash on Nowhere to Hide [Help needed]

1 day ago

I really love this deck. I love the idea of making this on a budget despite Modern not being budget-friendly. If I was going to replace anything in your deck it would be Medomai the Ageless just because he is very slow to get rolling. You play him on turn six then on turn seven you get to attack and let's say that your opponent takes the four damage and you get the extra turn he does nothing for that turn. I would run 1 Vendilion Clique in it's place but like you said in the updates it is very expensive. An extra Snapcaster Mage is always nice as is Cryptic Command . +1 from me and keep up the good work.

v4v3 on Tap Tap Revenge

1 day ago

chocolate101, did you miss the fact that it gives all of your creatures regenerate? It certainly helps to deal with board wipes, and even single-target removal. Boros Charm is a one-turn deal, and it requires a red and white mana available. This deck is 90% green.

And Jdvanliew, there's tons of grave-work in modern. Snapcaster Mage is a staple card in almost any deck that uses blue. Tarmogoyf will make short work of you if they're working with discard. Birthing Pod brews need their graveyard. It's one of the most abused mechanics right now.

zandl on Why is Breeding Pod So ...

1 day ago

It's incredibly SLOW. (lol) Why is this played when it comes out on turn 3 or 4 when you want the game to be in your favour by then?

Turn-2 with 2 life and a Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch .Doesn't seem so slow now, does it?

Takes a LONG time to get going. (lol) You can only activate it's ability once per turn, thus being a slow card.

Doesn't take long to get going when you have Deceiver Exarch to untap it and use again, essentially skipping from 2 cmc to 4. Grim Lavamancer activates once per turn, and it's not slow. Inkmoth Nexus activates once per turn, Primeval Titan , Goblin Guide , Restoration Angel , Snapcaster Mage , etc. They all "activate" once per turn. You should really consider revising your definition of what a "slow card" is.

Needs more then 1 card to get going. The best cards can operate by themselves.

Again with the assumptions and generalizations. First of all, you're just wrong here. It only needs a creature to get going. After that, you can tutor up (and instantly play) anything in your library.

By this logic, Stoneforge Mystic bad because you need to be using other cards with it. Squadron Hawk is bad because you need 3 other cards with it. Infect is bad because you need pump spells.

Needs a pretty good starting hand. 'Nuff said

Not really. If you get 2 lands, a mana dork, and a Birthing Pod , you're pretty much set. Pod aside, the deck can also just cast the creatures in the deck and play without it. That's what makes a Pod deck so good; it's almost like you're playing 2 creatures at the same time for an added 1 mana and 2 life each turn.

Perhaps before you spew an awful load of nonsense about a card you stated you don't understand, just ask the question and read the responses. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$27.2 $34.0 $59.99 $144.99
Power / Toughness 2/1
Color(s) U
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.06
Avg. cube pick 3.55


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare