Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage



Whenever Snapcaster Mage enters the battlefield, target instant or sorcery card in your graveyard gains flashback until end of turn. The flashback cost is equal to it's mana cost. (You may cast that card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Snapcaster Mage Discussion

APPLE01DOJ on Which Trade would you accept?

6 hours ago

well in magic I think it's more case specific to the cards than general theory.

Are we talking 2x Crucible of Worlds or are we talking 2x Snapcaster Mage

Doc28 on Help improving burn deck

7 hours ago

if you are willing, you should add blue in order to play cards such as Snapcaster Mage, Serum Visions, and Gitaxian Probe. The ladder two can help thin out your deck and set up draws, while Snapcaster can do wonders for you in a burn build.

GlistenerAgent on Grixis Cantroll

9 hours ago

Spell Snare hits an obscene amount of cards in Modern. Tarmogoyf, Young Pyromancer, Voice of Resurgence, the list goes on...

Demigod of Revenge is quite bad as a win condition. You really need Snapcaster Mage, Keranos, God of Storms and Batterskull.

I'm surprised to see no Electrolyze in here, as it's a very strong spell. I'd only play 2-3 seeing as its not the best against Delver.

Here's how I would build your manabase:

2 Watery Grave, 2 Steam Vents, 1 Blood Crypt, 3 Island, 1 Swamp, 1 Mountain

4 Creeping Tar Pit, 2 Tectonic Edge, 2 Sulfur Falls

4 Scalding Tarn, 4 Polluted Delta

Cutting down on shocklands is important for saving on life, and you need more Creeping Tar Pit as your win condition.

Mooer on Bant

10 hours ago

@awesomeguy37 I like Venser but at 5 mana it's a little high of a cmc. Plus I'd only really want to bounce Finks, Vendillion Clique, and maybe a land? Snapcaster is an instant speed surprise kinda guy. The unblockable ability is cool but I don't build a big enough board state to make use of it.

I've thought about Delve cards for this deck, but with Snapcaster Mage AND Tarmogoyf I might just be kicking myself a little much :P At one point I had Serum Visions in here. It may be worth testing again, plus it would grow goyf even bigger! I think you might be right about this deck needing some draw power.

As for the lands, I've kept the shocks to a minimum to avoid losing to Blood Moon and Burn. Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully Modern Masters 2 gives you a chance to try Bant, it's really quite fun :)

Epochalyptik on Pimp my deck.

15 hours ago

I've made some recent changes to

Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition Playtest

Commander / EDH Epochalyptik

SCORE: 376 | 45 COMMENTS | 113728 VIEWS

I feel like there are still some breakthroughs to be made in combo-control.

Cards in the sideboard are currently in the deck, but are on the chopping block.

Cards in the maybeboard are not yet in the deck, but are being seriously considered for inclusion.

Additionally, I'm wondering whether I should foil the decklist out. I'm over halfway there, but I'm missing the following:
Snapcaster Mage
Snow-Covered Forest x2
Azusa, Lost but Seeking
Mana Crypt
Verdant Catacombs
Grim Monolith
Scalding Tarn
Bloodstained Mire
Polluted Delta
Yawgmoth's Will
Windswept Heath
Snow-Covered Swamp
Vampiric Tutor
Flooded Strand
Misty Rainforest
Mox Diamond
Drowned Catacomb
Hinterland Harbor
Snow-Covered Island x2
Phantasmal Image
Crucible of Worlds
Strip Mine
Wooded Foothills
Marsh Flats
Sol Ring

Some of those cards are alters or foreign, but not foil.

Femme_Fatale on Only Angels Come to a Near Death Experience

16 hours ago

Unfortunately sergiodelrio, I can't use Death's Shadow as this deck is creatureless. I don't want to be spending my counterspells on protecting my creature. I want to drag out the game, preventing any threats that come out, till I win by a Near-Death Experience. As for Pain's Reward, I can't pay more life than I already have as that doesn't fit the criteria for Near-Death Experience. It is also more expensive than Plunge into Darkness AND can be thwarted by my opponent bidding more life. Since I have no creatures to deal damage, they'll be guaranteed to have more life than me. It also has a lesser dig power, so if I absolutely need to have an answer to something, I can Plunge into Darkness for 10 say, and be almost guaranteed to get an answer. Oh, and Pain's Reward is also a sorcery, meaning I can't EOT it and win the game on my upkeep like I can with Plunge into Darkness.

Bojuka Bog is a potential card to use in the mainboard, I'll probably put it in there. It won't, however, replace Tormod's Crypt because of one simple thing: I can't play a Bojuka Bog in response to a Snapcaster Mage. Also applies to other similar cards, specifically in Jund. Tormod's Crypt not only makes the opponent hesitate (if they aren't experienced with Standstill that is), but can be used on their turn in response to anything that they may do. Can't be in response to delve, but then again neither can the bog. Another thing to mention is that Bojuka Bog's ETBT is very relevant, particularly if it is on one of the first 6 land plays. I'll put just one in though, because it is good against many cards.

awesomeguy37 on Bant

18 hours ago

Maybe a Venser, the Sojourner would be good in here? He is super good in just about any UW deck and you can re-use Snapcaster Mage, Vendilion Clique and Kitchen Finks with him.

I would remove 2 of the Psionic Blasts for 2x Dig Through Time for some card draw and something to do with dead creatures and the fetches. Speaking of the land base, I would throw in one more Temple Garden/Breeding Pool as well.

I like the deck though, wish I had the money to play it :P

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