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Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage



Whenever Snapcaster Mage enters the battlefield, target instant or sorcery card in your graveyard gains flashback until end of turn. The flashback cost is equal to it's mana cost. (You may cast that card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Snapcaster Mage Discussion

YuiHirasawa on UB Faeries

5 minutes ago

I think 4 Mistbind Clique is a bit much in your deck. In my humble opinion, taking out 1 Mistbind Clique to either add 1 more Quickling , Snapcaster Mage , or Vendilion Clique would be more effective.Awesome deck!

uiuiho12 on Life Control

2 hours ago

Oblivion Ring is ok as a 1 of, 4 is way over kill for an already inefficient card. Path to Exile .

Ajani Goldmane would fit here. Putrefy is not a very good mainboard remove compared to other spells.

Dissipate and Dissolve have no real place in modern. either Remand or Mana Leak are much better options. Snapcaster Mage is also nice.

Arorsthrar on So what you gonna do now?? UR DELVER

4 hours ago

Preordain is banned in Modern. This seems like a budget version of the list, but I would prioritize getting Snapcaster Mage as it is necessary in all Delver builds.

NoPantsParade on Making Flippy Floppy With Nicol

6 hours ago

thispersonisagenius I recently finished my playset of Snapcaster Mage by getting two more. I just thought that three seemed to be enough. I do know that I need Creeping Tar Pit , which I plan to get two more of later. I felt like two Cruel Ultimatum would be enough. During playtests, I found that Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker didn't actually do anything productive for me at 8 mana. I'm thinking of adding another Grave Titan for the deck. I'm hoping that the fetchlands get a reprint soon, but I plan to make this deck better over time, so I'm in no rush for them. I used to have a playset of River of Tears , but I sold them because I never really liked how they played. I have some Slaughter Pact laying around in my binder, so I'll try them out as well. Personally, I'm not a fan of Dismember or Slaughter Pact . What's your opinion on Rune Snag and Mana Leak ? I find that by turn 5 or so, they are pretty much useless and just dead draws. I would use Damnation but my only copy is in an EDH deck, and I hate proxying cards.

HorrorAvengers: I thought about Waste Not but it seems too gimmicky. I will definitely playtest with it though.

zego on first delve(r) into modern

9 hours ago

hi there ;) i updated the decklist again !

added 4x Remand , some might say Mana Leak is a better hardcounter but Remand is a tempo-counter and fits better for aggro-decks ;)

added 1xSnapcaster Mage but awesome !

replaced one Runechanter's Pike with Sword of War and Peace (just 1-0 Thoughtscour still testing and less spells due Snapcaster Mage needed a little fix)- in my opinion one of the best swords (i know some might say Sword of Fire and Ice Sword of Feast and Famine and Sword of Light and Shadow are better, but i like Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of War and Peace at top over the rest and decided to this one)

what do you think of switching Spell Snare and Counterflux into the sideboard while stocking up Spell Pierce ? not sure about this ...

other little updates like adding Sowing Salt to sideboard aren't mentioned you can see the decklist anyway :D

and thanks for upvoting :p at 2 now - i try to add a modern tournament review (or just question me i never did this before) when i am able to play the deck on a modern tournament nearby on the 29th August :p Let's see where it can go with all your help guys!!!

thispersonisagenius on Severely Burnt Toast (1st @ FNM)

13 hours ago

For the sideboard: Combust versus Splinter Twin and wherever it can do something, Spellskite is strong in general, Leyline of Sanctity for the mirror and discard spells, Grafdigger's Cage for Snapcaster Mage , etc.

I would consider going up to four Skullcrack since Pod is so prevalent, cutting Lightning Helix down to two copies.

darthfrog on Modern Fringe Decks that Deserve ...

16 hours ago

What do you think a 1 mana planeswalker would look like? The fact that DRS has better abilities than the 2 mana planeswalker they gave us is saying a lot.

Here are the things that DRS does. Then maybe this will help you realize why he is good.

-Helps you drop Liliana of the Veil and other powerful three drops on turn 2.
-Removes cards from the yard that would otherwise be flashed back with Snapcaster Mage and does so at the price of 2 life for the opponent.
-Removes creatures like Vengevine or Griselbrand from the graveyard to hurt reanimation, and nets you two life in the process (negating that Thoughtseize or untapped Overgrown Tomb you played earlier)
-He eats that lone sorcery or instant in the graveyard to lower the power of Tarmogoyf .
-He is a 1/2 meaning he can actually get into the red zone if he needs to, or make a block in a pinch.

Until you play with him or against him and win/lose games strictly on his lose two life ability, you just don't realize how powerful he really is. He really is a mini-planeswalker.

GeminiSpartanX on Just take your deck...and put it over there.

18 hours ago

I really dislike Rest in Peace in a deck that tries to use both Snapcaster Mage as well as Surgical Extraction . I've found that I really love Tormod's Crypt against Tron (our worst matchup imo), since you can extract a tron land while still having an out to a milled eldrazi. Not to mention that you lose no tempo when casting it.

Also Shelldock Isle . It WILL give you the win a turn faster once you start using it in practice. Also helps against decks that abuse black discard.