Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage



Whenever Snapcaster Mage enters the battlefield, target instant or sorcery card in your graveyard gains flashback until end of turn. The flashback cost is equal to it's mana cost. (You may cast that card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Snapcaster Mage Discussion

Femme_Fatale on Darkest Reaches of the Swan

2 hours ago

I am not using the elixirs to stall an Abzan opponent TheAlexGnan. I'm using them to help my burn match-up. Nothing else, nothing more. You do not have to hold one Abyssal Persecutor back. Never never never. Play them all if you can, because removing them isn't difficult at all since I also have Miren, the Moaning Well. Even for my opponent which will remove one with paths, lilis, and pulses that my discard can't get too.

Wurmcoil Engine being discarded and being path'd can be said for percy too. Being discarded is no reason to not run it. And my own discard targets their own discard and removal. It's generally one of my first targets. As for being too expensive, I have no troubles casting it against Abzan and it definitely works.

As for snappy and lili, I'll explain why I don't use them later. But it runs the same as why I can't use the swords: being the only permanent that can be Abrupt Decayd puts them at a very large disadvantage.

You completely ignored the 2nd half of that statement Scorprix. They work in other decks perfectly fine. But not this one. I can't afford to run Cryptic Command when 7 other spells are 4cmc and higher. Not too mention Cryptic Command doesn't do anything against Junk nor against Burn, and if you aren't on the play, doesn't stop Twin either. Tap-drawing on the Junk player does nothing to them, they'll just sit there happily swinging at you and refueling their hand while you try and find an answer. Also being at 4 cmc means it is a nightmare to counter the stuff at 2 cmc they chuck at you.

Snapcaster Mage faces a similar problem as he practically is 4 cmc. Not too mention the 2/1 protectionless body doesn't do anything. He'll just get decay'd since nothing else in this deck can get decay'd (same goes with Lili for that matter). 4 cmc removal and counterspells just aren't viable in this deck when 7 cards are 4cmc+

Lili fails to the same thing snappy does at being the only permanent that Abrupt Decay would be able to target. Finally, she also fails in the regards in that she has no particularly good targets. I rarely have the discard open for her as I need to drop them down when I have them to discard the important pieces from my opponent. I need to constantly see their hand, take out whichever is most relevant (creatures if I have neuroks in hand, removal if I have win conditions in hand) and plan accordingly.

While these cards do work in the builds that run them, RDW, Twin and Abzan, they do not work in this meta and in this deck. Meaning, that the cards do not work when trying to build this deck to this meta.

Gleipnir95 on Delver Damed

9 hours ago

I would decrese the number of Inquisition of Kozilek and Dark Confidant by one both for 2 Snapcaster Mage

Acid_Drop on Delver Damed

10 hours ago

Not a fan of putting delve cards in here with Dark Confidant. I have the worst luck lol. Snapcaster Mage is my boy!!! But don't know what to take out for him.

Scorprix on Delver Damed

10 hours ago

Snapcaster Mage is necessary here. Mana Leak is also great. You also don't want 3 Spell Snare, just 1-2. You may also like some delve cards like Gurmag Angler, Tasigur, the Golden Fang, and/or Murderous Cut.

Ryotenchi on Ryotenchi

1 day ago


Hatebears also isnt the deck in question... Also, since its cookie cutter for the most part save for Kitchen Finks over Scavenging Ooze and Hero of Bladehold over Thrun, the Last Troll or the ever expensive Linvala, Keeper of Silence... (My choice was 3rd Wilt-Leaf Liege)

The real problem, is every 2nd deck I try to build... in this meta..

Affinity just dies if yeh cant close the game on 4..

DGA lacks tools..

Delver isnt my thing and I dont want to be seen as a bandwagon treasure cruise failure... anything that requires Snapcaster Mage and Cryptic Command is waaay out of my budget..

Dredgevine dies too easily and required subpar beaters to play at all(Bloodghast)...

Flicker tempo isnt even a thing unless your playing bears, which I dont want 2 hatebears decks.. let alone the more aggressive yet weaker version.

I want to play Norin the Wary and Blood Moon in the same deck.. without it being soul sisters.. Thats all norin is good for though at the moment.. :(

Skred would be appealing if it didnt spend the first 3 turns with not defense and unable to skred players..

Amulet combo... again too expensive and on a hype train. Also not a deck I enjoy.

That leaves me with Tron and Fish... both of which dont have room for non cookie cutter choices..

Burn, just doesnt have that spark...

I mean come on, I tried to jam Tasigur, the Golden Fang into burn.. cause yeh run out of gas, but look at all those Lightning Bolt variants and fetchlands in the yard.. 4 mana, after leaving a bolt in the yard, bam.. Late game wall, that gets me back any one of my bolts.. but thats a 'no no'... Is it going to work out and be worth investing in burn?

(Bump in the Night occasionally gets flashed back so.. If I just do what everyone else does and jam hype cards.. Ill be good right?)

Doubtful. Is warping my Mind...

kameenook on The Delver Has Gone Suicidal

1 day ago

emask the card you were thinking of is Mana Confluence. It might not be super thematic, but I would consider Snapcaster Mage, returning snapcaster with Vapor Snag does fit the theme, and actually gets you utility out of it.

Saljen on Mono Blue Legacy Control

1 day ago

+4x Delver of Secrets  Flip -4x Boomerang. +4x Snapcaster Mage -4x Rune Snag. +2x True-Name Nemesis -2x Vedalken Shackles. You're missing out on some of the most powerful blue staples in the format.

scottemery on Card advantage, Counterspells and a Cyclops

1 day ago

buildingadeck: In all my time playing Magic I have never played an effective mill deck in paper so in that sense no Angel doesn't bother me, the only real concern is poison counters. So, if you expect Infect replace the emperion with the angel. My core reason for mainboard emperion is it completely swings the burn matchup in our favour.

Your observations are correct, but it's not a matter of preference for spells, it's just that I don't see the alternatives (Solemn Simulacrum or an augmented number of Wurmcoil Engines) as effective, as seen in extensive testing.

However, I agree with you on the Snapcaster Mage front, and have done for some while, just haven't gotten round to altering the list. U Tron is a pure value engine of a deck and clearly snapcaster screams value also. A one of is good.

Power / Toughness 2/1
Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 1.13
Avg. cube pick 3.22


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare


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