Ashnod's Altar


Sacrifice a creature: Add to your mana pool.

Ashnod's Altar Discussion

RoarMaster on Mistmoon Griffin + Teysa interaction

5 hours ago

So say I have an Ashnod's Altar out, sacrificing Mistmoon Griffin while having Teysa Karlov also in play.

Is it infinite mana? Or Infinite mana and all creatures back from my grave? Or neither?

Mistmoon Griffin s wording is a bit different from most, as it doesnt say "If you do". Gatherer says it will return a creature even if its not in the grave upon resolving.

Mistmoon dies and hit the grave, which causes an additional mistmoon trigger. Stack the copied ability second as to resolve first. The copied mistmoon trigger resolves and returns the top creature to the battlefield, which is the mistmoon. Mistmoons 'real' ability now resolves even though mistmoon in back on the battlefield, returning the next top creature in the grave to the battlefield. This nets you 2 mana, the top creature in grave and Mistmoon back on the battlefield.

Am I understanding this correctly? Mistmoon can still return a creature, even though it is not exiled with its own ability?

olivebagel on Varina, The Baddest Lich in the Game.

13 hours ago

Yeah that make's sense. Best part about Varina is that you can very easily see half of your deck in a game with how hard it cycles so if you wanted to go that route you could pull it off.

I would also recommend Sun Titan and maybe Archaeomancer since you cycle so hard you often have to bin win cons in the mid game, and a Living Death can then get back an Ashnod's Altar with Sun Titan if needed.

Have fun with the rest of the cuts, you have some tough choices to make.

ShreddedByCrows on [DC] Aristocratic Cycle

4 days ago

Hey @Senomar!

Thanks a lot for your input. I was quite busy those last weeks so I couldn't really pay attention to what was happening there, excuse the late answer.

Since I made it up with this first testing version - smthg like 3/4 months ago - the deck has faced several changes...

You are right about the curve; it was just too high, slow and inconsistent for the format. On the beginning, I wanted to stay on a midrange / tribal approach with a creature-heavy decklist that used Varina as an engine to put pressure on the opponent by creating dozens of zombies, adding a loot effect to ensure better late game options, but I must admit that it felt really casual. Some cards like Anointed Procession or Endless Ranks of the Dead that didn't bring on any kind of direct impact on the game when you cast them for such an high-cost proved to act like horribly weak tools against competitive DC lists I had the chance to confront to.

The idea of building up a control archetype revolving around Varina's ability to create an army in the late game you're suggesting seems neat, I may consider some changes in the upcoming week in order to see if it could be more viable than the actual list I'm running (both come quite close to each other, in terms of deckbuilding... the hardest part of it will be to find room for considering more lands).

I completely abandoned the previous statement of the decklist: every creature that didn't immediately synergize with Varina and every slower card have been cut. However, I think this tribal strategy could work nicely in an EDH (not competitive though) pod.

As you can see atm, even if it's still not great, I focused my objectives on a Cycling strategy. Transmute Artifact searches mostly for Fluctuator , but could be used to get any other needed artifact. I also tried Reshape and Fabricate for more consistency, but I felt like I didn't need all those pieces, as they relatively slowed me down when I preferred less specific tutors.

The main issue that's restaining the list is that even if you're able to cycle between 10/20 cards really quick, there's no valuable point at doing so. Varina's ability (token creation) is slow without great mana generators. And I didn't find something anything interesting as a combo/interaction that synergized with the initial idea of looting and that would provide me access to a large amount of mana.

Rooftop Storm is becoming clunky now, but it still got its powerplays. The obvious combo with Gravecrawler , Wayward Servant and Phyrexian Altar (I may reconsider Ashnod's Altar and Plague Belcher to fluidize its potential, if I manage to find them places).

Hollow One and Archfiend of Ifnir impressed me so far. You have less control on the board with this iteration than before, and they help greatly against aggressive decks. If they are too slow or not useful, you can just cycle them away. Archfiend of Ifnir is a bit overcosted though, if I discover cards that oils same kind of synergies at the lowest cost, I could replace it.

I tried the ''Decree Circle'' but none was good enough. Decree of Pain was slow and clunky, bad in most cases. Decree of Justice has nothing to do there, and wasn't worth the few times I was able to cast it. Decree of Silence is obviously the best Decree I can play in those colors. It was a blast against Control / Combo archetypes and a poor card when you face an aggressive / midrange deck. However, I liked its potential with Academy Rector and I want to give more playtest time (I could even consider Solemnity ).

Some cards underperform and are cuttable but I want to test them a bit more as I don't know what to replace them for. In this category >

  • Bolas's Citadel / Mana Severance > unreliable combo that eats too much LP for DC (even lifegain through Varina considered)

  • Rebuild > I like when the cycling cards are playable on their own. This one is poor as we play a lot of artifacts. I never got in a situation where this was helpful. Could be nice with cards like Mycosynth Lattice , but I sincerely doubt about it being a convincing argument.

  • Vizier of Tumbling Sands > not a bad card on its own, but I got through situations where as good as the other cycling cards.

I certainly forget some factors, I will try to keep editing the list more seriously this weekend.

DrkNinja on St. Kozi, the Nope Pope

5 days ago

If you're going to run the locus lands you should play Vesuva , Thespian's Stage , and a spicy Dark Depths for that sweet sweet Stage Depths combo.

Also OG Ugin/Karn are definitely add-ins here, they are far more powerful than the newer ones.

Mox Opal , Mana Crypt , Mana Vault , Basalt Monolith , and Rings of Brighthearth are all solid cards here for ramp but might not fit the budget.

If you keep your spells or CMC low to the ground you could do a colorless storm build using Aetherflux Reservoir .

Also I'm a huge fan of Chaos Wand + Engine + Rocks to cast all of everyone's stuff! (serves two purposes, fun and to get rid of those cards so they can't be used against you!).

Codex Shredder is great, it also has a one time recursion ability, unless you play Myr Retriever or Trading Post (strongly suggest the latter).

Not sure why Sculpting Steel isn't already here.

Spine of Ish Sah is great permanent removal that can be reused, with oh say a Trading Post or Ashnod's Altar . Speaking of Ashnod's + Nim Deathmantle + Battlesphere is fun, infinite dudes.

Staff of Domination is a little pricey but... definitely a utility here!

Wurmcoil Engine for SURE belongs in the deck.

Mind's Eye for sure belongs here for some draw power!

Lastly Voltaic Key combos with a lot of stuff in artifacts.

Also I'm much more inclined to encourage the artifact route with some Eldrazi titan's at the top end, than a weird mix like you have now. My artifact deck, Daretti, runs one Ulamog, Ceaseless Hunger as just a top end as it generates a lot of mana naturally... Also gotta love that two Scour From Existences for 4 mana less...

Phexo on Ugin the Ineffable + All is Dust

6 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely add Ashnod's Altar , Warping Wail and High Market .

enpc on Commander combos w/ Artifact 4 ...

1 week ago

There are a lot of cheap to cast artifact combos, however they won't be two card. Even the aforementioned Sharuum one isn't a two card combo - the loop by itself doesn't actually do anything.

Breya, Etherium Shaper + Nim Deathmantle + Ashnod's Altar is a good one.

skillz2125 on The Queen of Corpses

1 week ago

I just found a awesome combo with Rooftop Storm , Aetherflux Reservoir , Diregraf Captain , Havengul Lich , Ashnod's Altar , and any zombie. basically you can play the zombie for free because of Rooftop Storm , then you gain 1 life off of Aetherflux Reservoir , then you sacrifice the zombie to Ashnod's Altar which triggers Diregraf Captain , and then you can use the mana from Ashnod's Altar to activate Havengul Lich to bring back your zombie(which you can cast for free)and you can keep doing that over and over again until you have all the life and have killed all of you opponents with Diregraf Captain

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

Endless Burial Grounds


You may cast creature spells from your graveyard.

Normal for EDH. Nothing too outlandish. Until you see Cathodion with Ashnod's Altar in an Aristrocrats deck ;)

Using a new creature type of "Reef", make a legendary coral reef.

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Ashnod's Altar occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.17%

Black: 0.65%

Red: 0.37%

White: 0.26%

Golgari: 0.6%

Rakdos: 0.4%

W/B (Orzhov): 1.18%

BGW (Abzan, Junk): 2.7%

U/B/R (Grixis): 0.49%