Beast Within


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Uncommon
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Uncommon
Planechase 2012 Edition Uncommon
New Phyrexia Uncommon

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Beast Within


Destroy target permanent. Its controller puts a 3/3 green Beast creature token onto the battlefield.

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Beast Within Discussion

Moonbar on RG Trinisphere LD

20 hours ago

Well, all of that mainboard LD helps. Also, that's why ponza is just so good: if they have a 6/6 through all of the land destruction and hate, I probably do too, meaning that it just fetches two basic forests and does nothing. To be honest, I'd suggest running Beast Within in general. The card is pretty bonkers if you are able to deal with the 3/3, and Bonfire of the Damned helps with that.

BMX482 on Token for Your Thoughts?

1 day ago

Good Point, Tempt with Discovery is definitely going in. Beast Within is replacing Fresh Meat for now simply because in the past I've never gotten to cast it in other decks because the times just never seem to have been right. Not sure about Chaos Warp personally. I'm thinking of the many possible white removal that are just wonderful. The problem is finding the replacement. Butcher of Malakir is being replaced with Avenger of Zendikar.

Osbert on Token for Your Thoughts?

1 day ago

Good Idea for changes. If your paper land base is really this complicated, Tempt with Discovery is a much better fit than Sylvan Scrying. Going forward, the few thing's I would suggest you might need are spot versatile spot removal, cards like Chaos Warp and Beast Within as you run kind of short on answers to your opponents shenanigans.

Stinkepete on Devoted Remedies

1 day ago

First of all, if you Run white and red and Emrakul, add Nahiri, the Harbinger

Sooo what worked for me in terms of consistent midrange combo was using Academy Ruins to get a staff on top of library and maybe drawing it the same turn with wall of omens, which could be your manamorphose.but you need 1 blue for that and i know that is stretching the mana base, but it might be worth it.

that way you rely much more on the staff, but then you can take out banefires and ballistas, because the main goal is to win with emrakul and staff

if you dont want blue at all, maybe just try to protect your key creatures with Spellskiteand maybe try Renegade Rallier for recursion

other thoughts..Hanweir Battlements for haste on the devoted to fire off same turnKessig Wolf Run alternate win con

i personally also like Beast Within. especially for game 1, its such a versatile card. you can get tokens off dying stuff or fetch lands or just destroy a land on upkeep to gain a turn. the token shudnt worry you too much with bolt and beeing a fast combo deck. its a fun card

Oh and you cant play melira because it disables devoted druid ;-)

KongMing on Wombo Combo Allies

2 days ago

There's a few suggestions I can make based off the 4-color Ally deck I use that is very similar to this.

Since you can produce all five colors, I really recommend Unified Front and Bring to Light. Bring to Light can tutor for any of the nonland, nonartifact cards in this deck and play them for free. Unified Front can get you 4 Ally ETB triggers. The Cavern of Souls and Ally Encampments won't give you colored mana for them though, which may limit their usability.

I'm thinking about using Descendants' Path in my Ally deck, but haven't gotten around to adding them yet. It's a great Turn 3 drop that can help you ramp your boardstate and get more triggers.

I'm really surprised you don't have Eerie Interlude. It provides your Allies with instant-speed evasion while also giving you a solid win-con for 3 Mana if you have the right Allies on the field (Excavators, Diabolists, etc.) Since they all see each other, they'll all trigger each other on re-entry. For example, if you flicker two Excavators, a Druid, a Freeblade, and a Diabolist, you can mill for a total of 50 cards, bleed someone for 25 life, and get 5 +1/+1 counters on your Freeblade.

Panharmonicon is another card that will do you a lot of good. 4 mana seems like a lot in a tribal deck like this, but the ability to double all your ETB triggers is far better than playing one more Ally.

Rite of Replication can also tilt the scales in your favor (and can be tutored with Bring to Light if you have 5 colors). Kicking it on an Excavator or Diabolist usually means the game is over.

With how aggressive and destructive Modern is, I'd really recommend you have some recursion. March from the Tomb is nice, but so is Rally the Ancestors. Imagine milling half your library with an Excavator, only to cast Rally the Ancestors for 4, putting all the milled 2- and 1-drop Allies on the field, effectively ending the game.

Do you get use out of the Kabira Evangel? I always thought the ability was nice, but a little limited since its effect is only temporary.

Since you only have 18 lands, consider adding a fourth Druid to help you 'get there' with mana.

Some good sideboard options for you would be Beast Within for general removal and Rest in Peace to stop grave power/Bow of Nylea/old Eldrazi titans from stopping your mill cold.

GeminiSpartanX on Serious Ponza

2 days ago

I'm not as high as Moonbar and Bovine073 are about running the full 4 Beast Within. Removal is great and all, but the lack of card advantage in this deck means that a threat-light hand with Beast Withins might give your opponent the tools to win the game if your draws go south. I prefer overloading on threats. Something I've been considering with my build is adding the 2nd Primal Command like you have here and going for more of a toolbox approach with it, in which case you could cut down on the 2nd Stormbreath Dragon and 2nd Obstinate Baloth add a MD Thrun, the Last Troll along with a Scavenging Ooze for tutor targets. I'm trying out a single Acidic Slime in my SB currently to try out this strategy, which can replace a now MD Scooze or Finks in your list here if you want to try it as well. This may be the wrong approach, but it's something that I've been toying with.

The madcap combo does shut down some decks, but I haven't tested it in gameplay to know whether it's better than some of the other cards in the deck currently. It seems like some decks remove Stormbreath Dragons for the combo in order to fit it in, but I think Stormbreath is so incredibly well-positioned right now in the meta that it deserves it's spot here. I'm personally not a fan of having 8-drops in the deck, since drawing them seems really bad and this deck can be inconsistent enough as-is that I don't want to risk drawing drawing any more dead cards than necessary, which is why I prefer just running more midrange threats.

Moonbar on Serious Ponza

2 days ago

Bovine073, (And clayperce, of course) I couldn't agree more about the Beast Within and the Shatterstorm. I find that Beast Within has so much utility that running it as a two-of is not great. I'd like to add that removing Primal Command seems very good, because that card just doesn't do enough for 5 mana. It just feels very medium. In addition, removing a Mwonvuli Acid-Moss seems bad since you want at least 8 mainboard LD effects.

As for the Platinum Emperion combo, here is my analysis. It is game over game one against Burn and Affinity, both tough matchups. It retains value against Affinity games 2 and 3 because they don't have enough removal to deal with it. In the other matchups, it is a dead card, sure, but what is the problem there? Those are the matchups where Blood Moon and Stone Rain effects are insane, so just playing a dumb 8/8 that does nothing is entirely fine. It can be brought out as a package in those matchups, no problem. The combo just fuels some of those easy wins out of nowhere, and even if it gets blown up after a turn or two, it saved some damage and provided at least a turn's worth of time to play out more things.

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