Etched Champion


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Rare
Scars of Mirrodin Rare

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Etched Champion

Artifact Creature — Soldier

Metalcraft — Etched Champion has protection from all color as long as you control three or more artifacts.

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Etched Champion Discussion

lamoynet on Jeksai Flying Men

3 days ago

Overall Record

Games 3-4

Matches 1-2

Match 1 - Loss - Merfolk

2-1 lost. Maybe made a mistake sac Mausoleum Wanderer the first game when he could pay for it. Got lucky that he never had a Aether Vial. We both couldn't block each others creatures so it was a real race to do damage first. Haste on Mantis Rider and Lightning Angel helped win me one match.

Match 2 - Loss - Affinty

Second week in a row. I felt I did better. His just too fast. I Spell Queller a Cranial Plating but it wasn't good enough. I died to poison one match and in the other had no creature that could block Etched Champion

Match 3 - Win - Mono Black Devotion

I WON!! It was actually pretty easy. I just played out my fliers and attacked. I top decked a Path to Exile to deal with his Erebos, God of the Dead and that was that. He kept taking Favorable Winds with his discard spells but my creatures would stil go on the beat down and win.


  • Merfolk
  • Affinty
  • Azban Company
  • Grixis Shadow - Daniel and Luca
  • Mono Black Devotion


Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

3 days ago

Okay so second round of testing is officially complete and well, it didn't quite go as planned, sometimes it was my fault others it was pure bad luck, and sometimes it was just a bad matchup. Needless to say here is my full report.

  • vs. Affinity 2-1

Game 1 affinity had to mull to 4 and never really did recover from that as affinity is one of those decks that just doesn't mulligan well. Game two an Etched Champion was able to beat down enough that a Blinkmoth Nexus equipped with a Cranial Plating could swing in for lethal. Game 3 was kinda crazy and one of the better games of magic I have probably ever played. I was on the play and dropped Champion of the Parish on turn one, a good start, affinity responded by playing Darksteel Citadel, Ornithopter, Memnite, Mox Opal, and Steel Overseer, with Arcbound Ravager in hand as I learned for turn two (literally an insane hand for affinity). I was ready to concede when I topdecked Card: stony silence turning off all of affinity's field and they were never able to remove the enchantment, I beat down until they were dead as they didn't draw into non-artifacts.

  • vs. U/R Gifts Storm 0-2

Not much to say here, storm is good, in both games I was a turn away from swinging for lethal when storm combo'd off and killed me with Grapeshot, in hindsight I should have probably mulled until I got to removal to deal with Baral, Chief of Compliance, and then delayed them but I don't think it would have made too much of a difference, the deck is certainly fast enough to beat Storm before it combos off I just didn't get that opportunity.

  • vs. U/W Control 0-2

Game one I lost to well timed removal, I played well enough around the counters but the removal was overwhelming and eventually became too much for me to recover. Game two opponent drew every Celestial Colonnade and beat down with those while also seeming to draw into every counter and removal spell (I had Cavern of Souls which helped but that didn't stop the removal), I didn't stand a chance as they just countered Eerie Interlude.

  • vs. Burn 1-2

These games were close, game one we both got each other down pretty low, opponent topdecked a burn spell and was able to also drop Monastery Swiftspear I lost to the prowess. Game two I won thanks to the most unlikely source Blood Moon. I know it's weird, I had sided a couple in to turn off Lightning Helix and Boros Charm late game for my opponent, it ended up with them having only uncastables in hand and I won on Champion of the Parish beats, who would have thought Blood Moon would do so much work. Game three again was close I lost to a Shrine of Burning Rage having not expected to see it which was an oversight on my part.

  • vs. G/R Vengevine 0-2

I was skeptical about the Vengevine deck, I thought maybe it was just a fluke, I was wrong the deck was insanely good, both games they dropped two Vengevine turn 2 and I had no answer, it wasn't close this deck was way too fast as I was always on the defensive and the pure volume of creatures it played meant my removal was useless, I have to test more against this deck with my other decks and yours and try to figure out a consistent way to beat it.

  • vs. 42 Land Swan Hunt 0-2

Swan Hunt had near perfect hands both games, game one they were able to combo off turn 4 (the earliest they can) and won on the spot (I got them to 9 life this game so the deck did well just can't beat the combo once it is assembled). Game 2 was a bit upsetting, I had them at 1 life when they Treasure Hunted into a Swans of Bryn Argoll and combo'd off the next turn. This matchup is easily winnable but opponent just had a great hand and better luck.

Other Comments

The mana base still feels a bit clunky which hurt me in some games, I would cut the filter lands as good as they are as they can't be played turn one really and add some more plains as that would make Blood Moon less painful.

I also found myself mulliganing a lot, I think the deck needs another solid two-drop I'll look around on gatherer and see what I can find and then test it out. Overall the deck itself did fine I just punted a few too many times and got some bad hands.

Mandalorian on Artificer Deck

2 weeks ago

First things first, you should change the format of the deck to casual since Counterspell is not legal in Modern.

With that being said I think the idea is neat but you need to streamline your deck. the more 3's and 4's you have the better consistency your deck is going to have. Drop a lot of the mediocre 2's like

Aeronaut Tinkerer

Aether Swooper

Aether Theorist

Aspiring Aeronaut

Eager Construct

Scrapper Champion

and go up to 3's and 4's of the better cards like

Thopter Engineer

Whirler Rogue

Chief of the Foundry

Lightning Bolt

Some other good Artifact stuff you may have overlooked

Hangarback Walker

Pia and Kiran Nalaar

Bomat Courier

Spire of Industry

Ensoul Artifact + Ornithopter 5/5 flyer on turn 2

Darksteel Citadel+Ensoul Artifact 5/5 indestructible on turn 2

Cranial Plating

Etched Champion

Galvanic Blast


Master of Etherium

Oloro_Magic on Drag-on more creatures

2 weeks ago

Okay so I have spent the last few hours testing, and making notes about, the deck against some of my own decks and a couple staples of the format a kind of gauntlet for lack of a better term. Here is how it fared (please realize that most of these decks are fast and set in stone they are not work in progress builds):

vs. Mono-White Tokens 0-2

  • The deck was simply too fast for the dragons to keep up, game one the opposing deck was able to get 6 human tokens out turn 5 and win with a massive swing from a Thalia's Lieutenant; game two the token deck had two Champion of the Parish in the opener.

vs. Mono-White Death & Taxes 1-2

  • (Preface: this is the archetype and deck I play the most so my experience with the deck had a factor). Game one kept a risky hand with Death & Taxes and lost to quick ramp from your deck. Game two and three I played more conservatively behind my Aether Vial's and fell into my rhythm winning both games relatively easily behind vial and Flickerwisp. Goblin Guide did very well game one and two.

vs. Simic Infect 0-2

  • Again a matter of speed, game one your deck got mana screwed and infect got out multiple Noble Hierarch's; game two the infect deck was able to swing for 16 infect turn 3 which is near unbeatable when you didn't have Fatal Push mana.

vs. Affinity 0-2

  • Game one affinity was able to dump it's hand turn one and an Arcbound Ravager turn two, conceded on the spot as turn three faced certain death; game two went well until affinity played Etched Champion and Cranial Plating turn 6, had no answer (there isn't a good answer to this).

vs. 4-Color Aikido 0-2

  • (Preface: I play this deck a lot, it's one of my private decks). Both games got stuck behind massive life gain and drain from the aikido deck, slow loses typical when facing this deck as both games went well past turn 20. Didn't draw a board wipe and opposing deck sides in Selfless Spirit.

vs. Mono-White Blink 2-1

vs. Oath of Nissa Bant Superfriends 0-2

vs. Eldrazi Tron 1-2

vs. Grixis Death's Shadow 0-2

Final Thoughts

Though it may not look that way the deck did better than I thought it would considering it is just being built now and unlike the decks it faced hasn't been finalized. Overall record was 1-8; 4-17 in games. It hung on with the better decks in the format and beat a combo deck that once it gets going is near impossible to stop. I would say the gauntlet was a success as it highlighted the needs of the deck and showcased what went right. Follow up comment will have my suggestions.

zenbeni on Jank Night!

3 weeks ago

Mirage Mirror maybe as it is highly versatile? Etched Champion Trinisphere are other strong 3 CMC artifacts, but they don't seem to fit in.

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 month ago

Well if I'm being honest... I've been away for some months, and when I took the hiatus, Grixis Control was doing pretty well, spearheaded by Corey Burkhart. I expected that trend to continue.

I tested around in the present meta, and the fact is that Grixis Control (as opposed to Shadow) just isn't a very good deck right now. That pains me and is quite hard to get my head around.

Every game against Eldrazi, Shadow, Burn, Affinty, even Hatebears, feels like an uphill battle that I MIGHT win, but more often don't. There is one too many Relic of Progenitus, one too many Cavern of Souls, one too many Etched Champion in all of those matchups to really get to a positive or even win/loss ratio.

The reason Cavern of Souls is so devastating is that counterspells are there in grixis (i didn't always realize that) to give it a breather, to make an exchange that is equal in card value but positive in tempo. They set you up for Snapcaster Mage and the commands to take control (yea, lol) of the game. Mana Leaking a Thought-Knot Seer may be the most important play there is against eldrazi.

So if I seem put off by certain cards, this is the overarching reason.

I hope there's a solution there, because honestly, while the colors are the same, Grixis Shadow does not compare at all to Grixis control. It's a cool deck, but just not my cup of tea.

Mxyzptlk on Memnarch Ultimate Defiance

1 month ago

Liquimetal Coating makes stealing with Memnarch cheaper for when you don't have Mycosynth Lattice out yet.

Muzzio, Visionary Architect could help you tutor artifacts, depending what you have on the board. Arcum Dagsson lets you find whatever you want.

As for other wincons:

March of the Machines + Cyclonic Rift or Cryptic Command's mode 3 could be fun.

I like playing Steel Overseer, and it works well with Etched Champion.

I know you already have all the pieces in there, but Psychosis Crawler + Enter the Infinite would win, especially if you High Tided.

Cat_With_Headphones on Making Pia Nalaar work!

1 month ago

Hi! Personally I find Pia Nalaar a great idea for a Tiny Leader deck, which I've made but have not tested. I've always been a fan of Pia Nalaar + Pia's Revolution, though you may have long outgrown a simple combo like that. If you're going for having lots of artifacts on the field, I have always been fond of Etched Champion as a solid creature.Hope some of this helps! +1 from me!!!

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