Forbidden Orchard


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Realms Mythic Rare
Champions of Kamigawa Rare

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Forbidden Orchard


: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

Whenever you tap Forbidden Orchard for mana, target opponent creates a 1/1 colourless Spirit creature token.

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Forbidden Orchard Discussion

Silverf1sh on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

10 hours ago

You might try adding Reality Shift from the Maybeboard. It could be that as Prime Speaker Zegana is my general, it feels very consistent drawing my library to hit the palinchrombo, Eternal Witness, Forbidden Orchard, and Reality Shift. but I find that since having it in there, I have been relying on it as my win con even over the typical blue sun's, venser attrition, and otherwise. Not to mention, it's a sweet utility card as is. I tend to use it to pop Linvala, Keeper of Silence and the like outside of the combo.

BSP on Zegana's Hands

2 days ago

Some relatively cheap lands that I don't see that would likely help you out: Mana Confluence, City of Brass, Yavimaya Coast, Forbidden Orchard. None of these come into play tapped and produce both of your colors. City and Confluence could kill you if you must rely on them for infinite mana shenanigans, while the other two have downsides that don't prevent your win condition.

IDK just how fast your meta is, but I would try to ditch the lands that come into play tapped unless you absolutely need the other effects they provide.

I don't know if you didn't mention it because it's somewhat obvious, but another win condition you have is infinite mana + Deadeye Navigator + Venser, Shaper Savant to bounce all permanents you don't control, then proceed to bounce any spells you don't control.

SaberTech on Force-Feed them, you Dingus!

6 days ago

A rebuilt version of this deck could try running the Argothian Elder + Maze of Ith combo in conjunction with Forbidden Orchard to fill your opponents' boards with tokens. You could then finish everyone off in one go with something like Massacre Wurm or Blood Artist + Virulent Plague.

Daedalus19876 on The Queen's Decree

1 week ago

This seems fun! :)

Now, time for feedback at long last... cracks knuckles

First, a longer description will help flesh out what the deck is supposed to do, and makes it easier to make suggestions ;)

The landbase doesn't seem bad, but could use some minor adjustments. I see that the deck's on a relatively low budget, so shocks/fetches are out. I'd pull the Lifelands and possibly Temples for City of Brass, Exotic Orchard, Forbidden Orchard, and Mana Confluence. I also have never liked Temple of the False God much (too unreliable) and I'd generally prefer Terramorphic Expanse for color-fixing here. Also, in a deck with CMC 4.0 and no green, I would usually run ~37 land.

Your removal seems strong, but Anguished Unmaking is almost always better than Mortify. In a casual deck, I'd also probably run Oblation over Disenchant.

Your creature choices seem fine - I mean, Monarch cards tend to be a bit lower in power, but your selection seems like the best subset - but Spirit of the Hearth and Triad of Fates both seem questionable.

All of the Vows could be good here, and Solitary Confinement is super good with Marchesa :) Mindmoil also seems to fit the theme here!

I find that Chrome Mox is only good in fast combo decks. This deck doesn't need the extra mana desperately enough to accept the loss in card advantage, IMO.

Fair warning that Coercive Portal can screw you over hard. I've never had it work out well for me, haha.

I hope the deck works well for you! With a more detailed description I may be able to help some more.

jparker-sartori21 on Hunted Sisters

1 week ago

@Sargeras-I do play Forbidden Orchard you must have missed it. Also, I used to play white but I cut it for more consistency and because I didn't play much white. I was only using Suture Priest and path so I removed it leaving one Godless Shrine and four Forbidden Orchard and so I kept white on the sideboard. In regard of Dizzy Spell: I like the idea of finding illness more easily but I don't want to play four mana for it and the deck can function without illness. Maelstrom Pulse provides token removal while still being useful without the hunteds. I am debating over whether to put back in some of the cards you noted above for white. Thank you for your suggestions!

Sargeras on Hunted Sisters

1 week ago

I haven't seen a Blood Illness list in quite some time, so +1 for bringing back such a unique build! (It never really left the kitchen table but it was fun)

A couple suggestions,

Forbidden Orchard: It was used in the old lists as a way to achieve easy mana fixing while giving yourself plenty to things to kill with Illness in the Ranks

Since you aren't using white (which would give you access to Twilight Drover, Suture Priest, Zealous Persecution, and Orzhov Pontiff) I'd recommend playing some kind of direct tutor effect to get you illness or a hunted creature, (I don't know exactly what, I know Dizzy Spell is the only transmute for a one drop it's just an idea) simply to improve consistency.

In any case it's nice to see an older deck brought back, Cheers!

enpc on Hunted Sisters

2 weeks ago

You could still run a single white shock and alongside Forbidden Orchard it may still be playable.

Other than that, I'm not entirely sure sorry. I haven't had much experience sideboarding against affinity.

Cycada on Serial Killer [Primer Included]

2 weeks ago

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Any other black permanent + your commander means that its mana neutral. Black cards tend to have heavy color weight, so it's easy to get positive mana value out of this. Even at neutral, it can still act as filtering.

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: A customary include in any deck that has Cabal Coffers (or black at all). It's a swamp on the field.

Forbidden Orchard: Helps spellslinger matchups, or just gives already staxed players a permanent to sacrifice to your edict effects. Should be an auto include in this as much as it is in Glissa.

Tombstone Stairwell: Kind of a slower card, but it gives you repeated triggers of your commander's ability. Kind of a pet card of mine, admittedly.

Tutors: Demonic, Vampiric, or otherwise. With your commander these will generally let you shape your hand however you like.

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