God-Pharaoh's Gift


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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God-Pharaoh's Gift


At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that card, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie. It gains haste until end of turn.

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God-Pharaoh's Gift Discussion

AgentJackjohn on Bant reanimator

3 days ago

Why not have God-Pharaoh's Gift? It'd make your reanimation a bit easier when you get to the lategame as you could get your embalm creatures back bigger (excluding Honored Hydra) and get your eternalize creatures back for free

ArcticJohn on ChildEater.co

6 days ago

I think the Scavenger Grounds is good to have since God-Pharaoh's Gift is picking up numbers, and there is a certain god that also uses graveyards as resource.

As for Yahenni, Undying Partisan having 2 i don't think is much of a deal, and it is the best sac outlet you can have, either for turning on Bontu the Glorified or to sac servos for the Marionette Master, and i have found Ruthless Knave to be a bit mana greedy.

Nice results ;) i haven't played much games and didn't face many of the top tier decks, i suppose you faced many of them, besides merfolk, what is the worst matchup?

ImtheRealBear on graveyard is the best hand

1 week ago

you might have good luck trying out one or two of those God-Pharaoh's Gift

K1ngr3ese on Gearhulk Exploitation

1 week ago

So, a variant of my reanimators (mardu, esper, and jeskai) i have been toying with behind the scenes is to try and incorporate Anointed Procession... im bringing this up cuz i think you would enjoy the idea of the following lols combo.

Anointed Procession+God-Pharaoh's Gift+Panharmonicon

I personally wouldnt play it with pan, but consider...

GpG reanimate a combustible... procession triggers for a 2nd combustible token...both ETB and pan triggers for each... giving you 4 ETB triggers and 2 4/4 first strikes right before combat for the crazy cost of ZERO mana lol... this could be done turn 6 and beyond repeatedly as long as you dump gearhulks into the gy!

silastheguardian on Why hasn't ANYONE noticed this?

1 week ago

Hello there! I have a brother that made a Gruul deck for standard as well. When playing he realized that dinos were very strong, but had little that made them into a tribe. Rather, Dinosaurs are just huge value creatures. Other than Commune with Dinosaurs and Otepec Huntmaster (two easily replaced cards) you don't have a real advantage focusing on dinos. You might say Drover of the Mighty has a payoff, but the most important part of drover is that he's a mana dork. Consider Servant of the Conduit and Attune with Aether for otepec and commune. These energy providers also allow you to take advantage of Harnessed Lightning to kill off larger creatures if you so choose. Lastly, you might want to consider replacing Panharmonicon. I know that this is what made you want to make this deck, but as mentioned it is too important of a spot on your curve. I do have a replacement suggestion for you though. What about God-Pharaoh's Gift? With better mana dorks you can usually end up playing it turn 5 or 6. It comes down and can immediately provide a creature from your graveyard as a 4/4. Also, you still get double triggers off of your creatures if they died. This is what my brother did, and the deck becomes a little crazy. Just suggestions if you are interested.

Jory476 on Azorius Floaters

1 week ago

I mostly agree, but I do like Settle the Wreckage a lot in aggro matchups. They lose can lose a lot of tempo because of it and in a deck with this many unblockable creatures they can lose on the back swing if I can play an anthem card. I think I just need more removal in general. I added Dusk / Dawn for all the popular(Sultai and Temur Energy and God-Pharaoh's Gift ) midrange decks and added Cast Out also for midrange. I would run Fumigate, but it feels a little wrong for this deck since I have no strong finishing creatures other than maybe Angel of Invention and also no great way to refill my board.Authority of the Consuls already provides me with a good sideboard life gain card for Esper/Orzhov Tokens and Ramunap Red.

I feel like if I want a flying lifelinker and I am in white I might as well run Aerial Responder over Aethersphere Harvester, but if I had more 1 drops and less 2 drops I would agree more with the choice.

I do feel like I could go up on lands to 24 for consistency, but for now 22 has been working and I would really prefer drawing action later in the game. So, at least for now I am just going to rely on luck for some good draws. I really wish the Azorius fast lands were in standard right now. The current duels are not good for aggro.

Thanks for the suggestions. I feel like this really helps sure up a lot of popular match ups (sorry for the long reply).

djnewellmit on Bant Pummeler V1

1 week ago

Nice idea, I like seeing Pummeler go into different colors. I personally prefer Cartouche of Knowledge as the flying provides better evasion and for the card draw it offers. The first strike and token from the white cartouche don't really add any value, but it does have the lower CMC.

For the sideboard, I would prefer playing Ixalan's Binding over Cast Out. You are going to be tapped out most of your early turns, so the Flash isn't going to be 100% relevant. Ixalan's Binding is also a great answer to your opponent's Cast Out, Ixalan's Binding, or even the Fairgrounds Warden that is showing up in a few God-Pharaoh's Gift decks..

K1ngr3ese on Jeskai Gifthulks (with a hint of black)

1 week ago

Friend, i have played a lot of reanimator (mardu is my main) and in my experience Madcap Experiment was not consistent enough. I really hated digging 6 cards just to hit a gear hulk and losing almost 1/3 of my life... it played too much in favor of my opponent. I feel that Strategic Planning depends on the type of reanimator you are running... for example, it is really useful for creature heavy versions, not very good in more controlling types (which i play). I like to have control over what i put in my gy.

With regard to agro and ramunap red... sweepers in side are important for turn 3. I am currently using Sweltering Suns (my version is more red so i can afford the double red most of the time) but there are others for turn 3 as well.

Chart a Course can replace Tormenting Voice but Cathartic Reunion is really strong for anyone running red in their reanimator. Consider, turn 2 chart a course, to discard gift... turn 3 you champion, dump 2 cards (one creature matters for turn 4)... turn 4 Refurbish+God-Pharaoh's Gift+reanimate gearhulk. Seems good! The deck works as intended... but it has little interaction with opponent.

Now consider a turn 2 Cathartic Reunion... dump gift and gearhulk... turn 3 sweeper or really any play, your turn 2 setup turn 4 already instead of needing both turn2 and 3! It really opens up your turn 3 curve spot! Go nut with creativity to keep your opponents off balance before you jam a gearhulk in their face. I like some control here to help clear the way for the turn 4 hulk. And turn 4 plays as normal, refurb gift reanimate gearhulk. The deck works the same, one line of play should seem stronger.

Farm / Market... i love this card for Torrential (im working on a second esper gift that focuses on instant speed spells to showcase torrential) If you were to remove noxious for torrential you could do some interesting things with cards like Farm / Market Tragic Lesson Failed Inspection Baral, Chief of Compliance Lightning Strike Magma Spray etc. food for thought! Red blue spells reanimator splash white?! Could be interesting!(adding it to my list lol)

Anyway, I hope this helps. Feel free to check out my decks for ideas... i mainly run reanimators. Just finished retooling my esper version after protour and only have a few tweaks to make to my Mardu, then back to my control esper gift.

Good luck to ya!

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