God-Pharaoh's Gift


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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God-Pharaoh's Gift


At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that card, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie. It gains haste until end of turn.

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God-Pharaoh's Gift Discussion

Darthseniar92 on Gift of Mono-Blue Aggro

5 days ago

OOMJasonDavis Champion of Wits is in here for 2 reasons: loot, and enabling discard synergies like Hollow One, Cunning Survivor, and enabling Gate to the Afterlife to be cracked for God-Pharaoh's Gift which is a card you will never hard cast with this deck. The idea is to pitch it into the graveyard, or leave a copy in the deck and tutor it out later.

Additionally Champion of Wits coming down for 3 Mana means I can cast Hollow One for 1 Mana, possibly even free if I've discarded other cards that turn. That means 6 power on the board for 3-4 mana

OOMJasonDavis on Gift of Mono-Blue Aggro

5 days ago

So the Hollow One, Champion of Wits, God-Pharaoh's Gift package doesn't seem to gel with your plan of cheap dudes that beat face. maybe splash some more pirates and a couple bounce spells?

TheManly1 on U/B Cycling Gift

6 days ago

Gate to the Afterlife pulls God-Pharaoh's Gift from the graveyard as well. I end up pitching it to Champion of Wits usually if I draw it. The second is in sideboard in case I run in to someone running exile spells or graveyard hate that will exile it from the yard if it is there.

Ryjo on Nayasaurs

1 week ago

Depending on what your reasoning for Kinjalli's Sunwing, you may want to switch it out for Ranging Raptors, since it will help you ramp if it takes damage.

As for your sideboard, I would think Sweltering Suns would be a good consideration, especially for match-ups against aggro and go wide strategies. Enchantment hate might be good if the flip enchantments prove popular, and it could save one of your creatures from an opposing Cast Out. Deathgorge Scavenger or Ravenous Daggertooth are good inclusions for use against Ramunap Red. Sentinel Totem is very useful against any deck seeking to use the graveyards (God-Pharaoh's Gifts decks, Torrential Gearhulk control, The Scarab God. Other than that, filling out your sideboard with more Cast Outs, Abrades and the like would also be worth considering.

Funkydiscogod on Prototype Pentavus

1 week ago

You know what could be amusingly powerful in this deck? God-Pharaoh's Gift.

Reanimating Pentavus as a hasty 9/9 would be fun.

QL1Max on Gift that keeps on giving (ROTATION PROOF)

1 week ago

I think this deck needs Trophy Mage so you can combo it with Gate to the Afterlife, then you have a higher chance of placing out God-Pharaoh's Gift .

Poseidon31 on Once in a Lifetime

1 week ago

I would add: 2x Fatal Push 2x Glimmer of Genius 2x Serum Visions

I would reduce:4x Bone Splinters 2x God-Pharaoh's Gift .

YetAnotherMulligan on GW cats cats cats

2 weeks ago

I would get rid of Longtusk Cub and Felidar Sovereign. There's not enough energy synergy, and if you get high enough on life for the sovereign, you've probably already won.
Absolutely put in 4x Anointed Procession. You want that as early as possible, not only to copy tokens from Pride Sovereign and Regal Caracal, but also for when you embalm Sacred Cat, and especially when you eternalize Adorned Pouncer. If you can eternalize the Pouncer with two Annointed Processions on the board, it's pretty much game over, especially if there's a Metallic Mimic to buff or Caracal out to buff and give lifelink to your 5 copies of a 4/4 double striker.
Next, I like 4x Prepare / Fight to instantly untap my exerted Pride Sovereign after he exerts for tokens, but it is also sweet to buff a Pouncer, and then you can still use the Fight out of your graveyard.
Get rid of God-Pharaoh's Gift and Ambuscade.
Move Prowling Serpopard and Heroic Intervention, and probably Blossoming Defense, to the sideboard. Serpopard is really only useful against blue.I would keep 3-4 copies of Cast Out in the main board, to get rid of big threats. Also put plenty of extra removal, like Appetite for the Unnatural, or Fragmentize, or Thopter Arrest, in the sideboard.
I have single copies of Ajani Unyielding and Oketra the True, just to keep opponents on their toes, and I would trade out Fortified Village for one or two extra copies of Shefet Dunes and Hashep Oasis.

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