Sword of Feast and Famine

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from black and from green.

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card and you untap all lands you control.


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Sword of Feast and Famine Discussion

miracleHat on What to remove, Red White ...

16 hours ago

I mean, your custom categories make the decklist extremely difficult to follow... You have a category listed angels, and then there are angel creatures outside of the 'angel' category. As for your 'tempo' cards:
Avarice Amulet is a lackluster equipment that gives negligible p/t buff, limited draw potential, and not worth spending a 6 total mana to cast and equip.
Conqueror's Galleon  Flip is a horrible creature, 2/10 is nothing but worthless. Needing to be crewed is just insult to injury. The flip side land is not worth it (6 mana Regrowth + Jayemdae Tome is bad).
Humble Defector would be fine, except that it is weak and gives your opponent card advantage.
Inheritance's ability is overcosted. You do not have enough ramp in the deck to have 3 mana left over to also utilize that enchantment effectively.
Magus of the Wheel is risky, like all a-symmetrical cards. You're opponent might end up better than you and you have no way to mitigate any bonuses that your opponent(s) would receive.
Well of Lost Dreams (forgot that brion had lifelink*), Sol Ring, and Skullclamp are all good cards that enhance the deck. The other 5 cards listed do not (as stated above).

Cards that you need to at least 'consider' adding:
better removal, i.e. keep Angel of Serenity (do not remove it ever), but find room for Wear / Tear, Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Wrath of God, and/or maybe Austere Command.
Lightning Greaves, Sword of Feast and Famine/Sword of Light and Shadow, and or Loxodon Warhammer to make your artifact/equipment tutors viable once Sunforger is already in play/hand.
As mentioned previously you have minimal ramp, and this is a serious problem. Sol Ring, Boros Signet, Pearl Medallion, and Land Tax should all be considered. If you are interested in more explosive plays, Neheb, the Eternal, Seething Song, Pyretic Ritual, and Vessel of Volatility (and such forms of fast mana) would be worthy of consideration.

So: I wonder if I am trolling you or just giving advice that you do not wish to hear?

Dredgar on Selling swords and binder

2 days ago

Would really like the extra cash

I have some swords I would like to sell to pay some bills.

Sword of Body and Mind MRD 8$ MPS 35$

Sword of Light and Shadow DST 20$ MPS 50$

Sword of Fire and Ice MPS 80$

Sword of Feast and Famine MBS 18$ MPS 95$

Sword of War and Peace MPS 50$

Prices negotiable as long as it's not an uber lowball, thanks for looking!

Also check out my binder. Everything is for sale and extremely negotiable;)

anton6776 on Azusa: ultimate tree domination plan

4 days ago

Sword of Feast and Famine might be good as it would provide protection and also let you untap your presumably massive amount of lands.

Gabe_The_Controller on Master of Cascade (Yidris)

5 days ago

DragonFaceEater first off thank you for all the feedback. I really appreciate it. I hadn't thought of evoke creatures before so I am definitely going to pick up a mulldrifter. As for the avatars they do have a good synergy by costing less and providing a good cascade but for me personally I don't find it worth it for the deck. I rather draw a more powerful card that has cmc 3 than draw that (since for the most part cascade is pretty random). With the double strike cards i do not like the instant/sorcery speed ones. First of all that's a spell i'm casting before a cascade trigger(yes it would cause 2 triggers paying for itself greatly). More importantly if i cascade into those they are a wiff. The double strike enchantments aren't bad but i prefer my mana doubling enchantments to them. U have tried double strike in the form of Fireshrieker , Temur Battle Rage , and Samut, the Tested in the deck and just haven't been satisfied by the double cascade. As for extra combat phases I am already running Aggravated Assault and don't really need the others. I have thought about them before but i don't have any spots in my deck i would want to replace them with. For the evasion cards i prefer just running the swords. I currently have Sword of Fire and Ice , Sword of Feast and Famine , and Sword of Body and Mind With having pro everything but white (and the ease i have getting 2 swords on the field) i don't find it hard hitting people with yidris.I personally don't like running auras since yidris gets hated out, equipments are much better for my meta. Again thank you for all the feedback, I really appreciate that you took the time to give me suggestions.

n0bunga on No hard feelings

5 days ago

I'd recommend Sword of Feast and Famine instead of War/Peace. Untapping lands and forcing discard is just too potent.

Another synergistic equip is Empyrial Plate - buffs per card in your hand.

Library of Leng is silly. But neat anti-discard effect for you. And one of the cheaper artifacts that give you no max hand size. Strata Scythe could be of some use here too.


1 week ago

I would suggest more swords. Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Feast and Famine combined with the Sword of Light and Shadow will grant protection from all colors, and those 3 are arguably the best for commander

Dredgar on H: Swords W: Cash

1 week ago

I have some swords I would like to sell to pay some bills.

Sword of Body and Mind MRD 8$ MPS 40$

Sword of Light and Shadow DST 20$ MPS 65$

Sword of Fire and Ice MPS 95$

Sword of Feast and Famine MBS 18$ MPS 115$

Sword of War and Peace MPS 50$

Prices negotiable as long as it's not an uber lowball, thanks for looking!

dlamars on Flying Crane Douchemastery

1 week ago

Hello, I'm just starting to brew with this guy. I'm curious if you considered or tried a more voltron approach? He seems like he would be great with a couple swords, even in your current build Sword of Feast and Famine might be pretty great(especially with Aggravated Assault).

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