Syphon Sliver


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Rare

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Syphon Sliver

Creature — Sliver

Sliver creatures you control have lifelink. *(Damage dealt by a Sliver creature you control also causes you to gain that much life.) *

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Syphon Sliver Discussion

zephramtripp on those crazy slivers...

1 day ago

There are several Sliver I think your amiss in dismissing:

Bonescythe Sliver, for cheap double strike.
Brood Sliver, for massive Sliver production.
Harmonic Sliver, for artifact/enchantment removal.
Heart Sliver, for cheap haste.
Magma Sliver, for massive gains.
Manaweft Sliver, as a backup Gemhide Sliver.
Necrotic Sliver, to turn every Sliver into a Vindicate.
Shifting Sliver, to make your team unblockable.
Sinew Sliver, as another Muscle Sliver.
Virulent Sliver, to only have to deal ten, not 40.
Winged Sliver, for more flying.

Other Slivers you might consider: Basal Sliver, Cautery Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, Essence Sliver, Groundshaker Sliver, Horned Sliver, Spined Sliver, Spitting Sliver, Lymph Sliver, Megantic Sliver, Opaline Sliver, Psionic Sliver, Pulmonic Sliver, Screeching Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Sliver Legion, Sliver Queen, Sliver Overlord, Synapse Sliver, Synchronous Sliver, and Syphon Sliver.

Tribal stuff:
Cavern of Souls, obviously.
Descendants' Path, if you want to go heavy tribal.
Metallic Mimic, for extra buffs at low cost.
Obelisk of Urd, for more huge buffs.
Stoneforge Masterwork, for massive tribal buff.
Belbe's Portal
Urza's Incubator
Patriarch's Bidding

PookandPie on A Study In Slivers: Toolkit Sliver Commander

1 month ago

The Panorama lands are never ideal and only useful in going extremely budget, but you're going to want shocks (or something with basic land types) to accompany the fetches. Fetches and lands like Prairie Stream can be a substitution until you obtain Hallowed Fountains and the like, but without a solid base of 20~ lands, I wouldn't even bother building a 5C Commander deck until you have an efficient mana base. The reason for 10 fetches, 10 shocks, 10 duals is so that way you have a fluid mana base and can cast cards from turn 1 forward. Mathematically speaking, you're going to want at least 20 of these lands to form your, "Base" and overload on lands like Exotic Orchard and City of Brass or even tri-lands so your turn 2s can be strong. Fewer than 20 may have you fighting for colors with your own mana base up to turn four, which is abysmally slow. Fetches let you think ahead and grab what you will be needing at the time, rather than be stuck with a Mountain, Jungle Shrine, and Plains when you have a hand with Galerider Sliver, Syphon Sliver, and Crystalline Sliver.

Make no mistake: The fetches are practically vital and I'd encourage you to run all of them that you can. Shocks are what give the fetches their strength for 5C decks in Commander, though, especially one like Slivers where you may need four different colors on your first four turns. Exchanging 3 life to grab a Stomping Ground to cast your first turn Striking Sliver into Gemhide Sliver is going to be incredibly important, and the less you have to rely on easily destructible permanents for your mana colors, the better (ergo, having 4 colors in two lands, even if you're down 6 life, is much, much better than using a Panorama to grab a basic and possibly being at the mercy of the topdeck for your other colors).

Summary: Get shocks, use all 10 shocks plus whatever fetches you have. Slow fetches may be able to fill in for the other five fetches you're missing temporarily (speaking of ones like Grasslands, Flood Plain, or something. I've seen lots of players properly mana fix with them for Slivers and it's easier to mana fix with those since colorless mana only helps 5C Commander decks when you've already met your colored mana requirements). Exotic Orchard, Forbidden Orchard, Sliver Hive, Ancient Ziggurat, City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Cavern of Souls, filter lands like Wooded Bastion, etc., can help you reach 35-37 without much issue.

PookandPie on Hive Minded - Sliver Overlord EDH

2 months ago

I run both, for what it's worth. Having two cards that let you essentially automatically win is worth it for me, and I also run Enlightened Tutor, Demonic Tutor, etc., to give me an even higher chance of finding them. I used to run no Sliver Queen so I had a more aggro-focused Sliver Overlord deck, but I guess now it's not quite so aggro, lol.

I... may like comboing out with Alarm/Engine so much that I included Cautery Sliver just to kill without even going into combat (after you pull all of your Slivers out, Hibernation Sliver, Cautery Sliver, and Syphon Sliver let you get infinite tokens via Sliver Queen since you will control a haste-providing Sliver and Gemhide/Manaweft to make mana. With infinite Slivers, you also have infinite mana, which is also infinite damage via Cautery Sliver, who gains you life as he deals damage thanks to Syphon Sliver).

Going from the weakest board state at the table to killing everyone in one turn is just way too good to pass up, in my opinion, lol. So yes, I would run both, for certain, and if you decide that you like it, consider Cautery Sliver to annihilate everyone.

herringtonr on Slivers

3 months ago

I would highly recommend you expand into the other colors of slivers. Galerider Sliver is a card that wins games, as well as Syphon Sliver and Diffusion Sliver. I have a deck that shows a good balance of the slivers and lands that you should run to make the deck consistent, as well as a well designed sideboard. The deck is Moar Slivers.

Novisius on Anti-Sliver Slivers

3 months ago

but on that note if they have a Syphon Sliver and an Essence Sliver that would not only benefit them as the life gain nullifies the damage but would help them as they would gain life twice since both are seperate abilities that would trigger at once.

ej133 on Modern Slivers

3 months ago

Well, man, I'm a sliver fan and I have played an extremely similar list for a very long while, although I'm into Esper Spirits right now. I'm sure I can give you some advice into competitive sliver playing.

  • You'd better be ready for a global removal. Anger of the Gods and Supreme Verdict are totally into the format, and since Slivers has no draw engine at all, you're very unlikely to come back into play from a global. I tried mainboarding 2 Sliver Hivelords. It's a hard thing to cast, and not worthy going up an Aether Vial to cheat him in, so it's a hard choice. It saved me the day sometimes, but I leave it up to you.
  • Diffusion Sliver is a 4 of. Trust me. This guy is amazing. We live in a Fatal Push world, and this little mo-fo is the closest thing modern has of the good and old Crystalline Sliver. Run 4.
  • Galeriders, Manawefts, Predatorys, Sedges and Sinews Slivers are 4 of. You're right here. Keep it up.
  • Striking Sliver is stronger than it looks. You might like to have some more. But the effect doesn't stack, so he is not a 4 of.
  • Syphon Sliver could be mainboard. Same goes for Leeching Sliver, but for different reasons. Syphon is great 'cause modern is basically an aggro format, so getting some lifegain is a thing in pretty much EVERY match. Leeching, instead, gets your aggroing even faster, cause he is... like... an extra lord for your slivers, when we're thinking about opponent's lifepoints. Back in my sliver days, I used to run Sidewinder Sliver for the same thought. In matchups like naya zoo, goblins, or even merfolk, having something that gets your slivers harder to block is awesome (he's like a lord too, but for blocking creatures), because the point here is going for lifepoints. And, fuck, Leeching totally does it.
  • Manabase seems solid. Good work.

Anyway, your list is awesome. I love what you're doing here and I'd be really happy to face your deck one day. Hope my comments help anyhow.


TheDuggernaught on Sliver

3 months ago

well first off, Crystalline Sliver and Muscle Sliver are not modern legal. So that would be the first place to start :P Luckily, Muscle Sliver can be easily replaced by Sinew Sliver. There is not a super good direct replacement for Crystalline Sliver though. You also have some slivers that are somewhat sub-par. I would look to take out Venom Sliver (or at least reduce the number -- they are pretty meh in multilpes), Fungus Sliver, and probably also both Sliver Legion, and Sliver Hivelord. Chromatic Lantern also does not seem super needed if you have the manabase. Granted a good mana base is not the cheapest thing in the world. Crazy how fetchlands and shocklands can add up!

Slivers I would consider adding in place of the above cards are Blur Sliver (1 or 2 of), Darkheart Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Diffusion Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Sentinel Sliver (super good as a 1 or 2 of), Frenzy Sliver, Sidewinder Sliver, and Syphon Sliver (1 or 2 of). Support cards I would evaluate are Collected Company, and Aether Vial.

Ixidron on

4 months ago

Sedge Slivers do not stack, 4 are too many. Essence Sliver stacks with Syphon Sliver consider replacing at least 1. Replace at least 1 Manaweft Sliver with a Gemhide Sliver to avoid stuff like Surgical Extraction from instantly crippling your manabase. Consider Adaptive Automaton and Phantasmal Image.

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