Grave Titan


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Mythic Rare
2012 Core Set Mythic Rare
2011 Core Set Mythic Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Grave Titan

Creature — Giant


Whenever Grave Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, put two 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield.

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Grave Titan Discussion

JararoNatsu on Zombie Apocalypse

4 hours ago

The first thing I noticed is that you have no Lord effects to boost your Zombies. Having a lot of them is great. Having them as 5/5 or 6/5 with Deathtouch that deal damage when they die is even better. Things like Undead Warchief, Diregraf Captain, Death Baron, and Cemetery Reaper are really good for this kind of deck. Consider dropping higher-CMC creatures like Overseer of the Damned and Maalfeld Twins, which will take far too long to get on the board for your own good, for more Lord effects to allow your tokens to have more survivability. Also consider splashing Blue for Diregraf Captain. They're too good to pass up and pose a threat to your enemies should they kill off your tokens.

Grave Titan is also a good token generator and a potential win-con.

I also notice that you have no means of defending your creatures. Your entire deck is simply generating Zombie tokens, and most of your deck is over CMC 4. You're going to find that your deck will be destroyed simply because you have very little of an early-game presence and even less of a means to protect your board. Even if you don't splash Blue for counter spells and other forms of control, you should still drop some of your token-generating instants/sorceries for things like Despise and Fatal Push.

I have a similar Zombie token deck that uses Blue for control. Consider taking a look at it and see if anything in it proves to be useful to you. Here is the deck: B/U Zombie Tokens

Hope this helps!

MTGApprentice2016 on Multiple EDH deck plans. Need ...

13 hours ago

Ghoulcaller Gisa is my choice. I currently run a Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet deck with her in the 99. It's a strong deck that gets even stronger once she hits the table. Her plus Thornbite Staff with say Phyrexian Altar is good time for all as long as you've a 2/2 zombie token to sacrifice (as tokens technically enter the graveyard before they disappear as a state based effect). Toss in Illusionist's Bracers and Nim Deathmantle for some additional fun if you're sacrificing something larger, like Grave Titan for example.

Hybrow on The Cranberries with an eyepatch

1 day ago

Thanks for the suggestions markbeloit

-- Vampiric Tutor - I actually have a Demonic Tutor in the wings, but havent seen a need for a tutor in this deck yet. (I got 4 of them from buying some guy's old collection, SUPER bad condition, but they work for my needs)

-- Living Death - I have found that with this general my creatures don't stay in my graveyard very long, and my playgroup tends to have better stuff than zombies in there, so not worth bringing back everyones

-- Rhystic Study - is a good call, I had it in originally, and may readd it, but was going for theme flavor, and it didnt match.

-- Balthor the Defiled - I dont like the idea of letting others bring back their dead. Might be worth it though, if i have already picked though their grave with Sepulchral Primordial

-- Strands of Night - This one is GREAT and it is also on theme. Will work great to bring back the people I have a problem getting back, like Sepulchral Primordial and Grave Titan. I think I will have to find a place for it.

-- Cabal Coffers - I don't own one, and its unfortunately out of my price range right now for a land.

-- Ashnod's Altar / Phyrexian Altar - My playgroup tend to not run infinite combos, we have found they make it less fun.

-- Black Market - I really like this one and even had one in the original build, but i took it out to put it in my Swashbucklers and Scallywags deck. I am finding it is not doing much good in there, so may end up moving it back.

--Disciple of Bolas - Although Disciple is better, I ended up opting for Corpse Augur. Not as great, but I figured i could recur it better.

TheAnnihilator on Does anyone know anything about ...

2 days ago

@TheDevicer A lot of your suggestions are pretty sound, but there's one that most of the experienced pilots over at MTGSalvation (myself included) agree that Lingering Souls isn't actually very good in the deck unless you're specifically targeting BGx (and even then, there are better options like Gideon Jura, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, and even Grave Titan).

Also, I would say that only the first 2 Snappys are necessary. The 3rd becomes more attractive if you're playing 3+ Pushes maindeck, and even moreso if you're on Secure as the wincon, but 2 has really the been the sweet spot for the deck for a long time.

Anyways, as for the OP's decklist -- 3 Blessed Alliance is quite too many in the main, and the Evacuation is too slow. Playing less than 4 Cryptic is not where you want to be, as Cryptic is part of this deck's late game engine. In addition, 25 lands is a no-go, especially with no Serum Visions main (which isn't a problem, Serum Visions is still a controversial topic for Esper). You really need the 4th Colonnade anyways. You also should also be playing the 3rd Knot too. Finally, I would just cut the Teachings for the 2nd Secure since only 2 possible copies of Secure in the game isn't enough, since the first Secure is usually just to chump block. That and that only having 1 Secure is weak against decks with sweepers. (You could also cut the Secure for a White Sun's Zenith and possibly leave the Teachings -- though Teachings has always been super slow in my experience. Effectively, adding 4 mana to a card's cost isn't ideal even if you tutor for the card.)

GolgariGravedigger on Green/Black Sacrifical Mana-Ramp

2 days ago

Now you just need a solid sideboard to protect your zombies from stuff like Echoing Decay. Parallel lives will probably get hit with enchantment hate. Idk what people usually play in Modern. I don't have the wallet play it competitively, haha. Decks with black usually use Go for the Throat. They're likely to use spot removal like that to take down your Grave Titan, but atleast you'll get 2-4 Zombies out of him. But blue control decks will probably be most effective against your deck.

markbeloit on The Cranberries with an eyepatch

4 days ago

Of cards not in your maybeboard I would strongly recommend the following: Vampiric Tutor, Living Death, Rhystic Study. For reanimation Balthor the Defiled and Strands of Night may also suit your deck. Cabal Coffers could be a land to add. Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar might be nice additions as well (Grave Titan + Nim Deathmantle + Diregraf Captain + Ashnod's Altar is an infinite combo that will kill all your opponents). Also maybe consider Black Market and Disciple of Bolas.

Loco-Motive on Meren's So Damn Good in the Sac

5 days ago

Mortiferus_Rosa, there was never a solid commitment to going the route of tokens. Never a plan that required them from the start...just a manifestation of certain strategies that came together as such.

Very rarely does this deck win off of total Commander damage kills or attacking until life is at zero. The majority of the time, my wins come out of locking up the entire board through sac and attrition. So initially, tokens ended up being good blocking fodder until strategies manifested...then tokens became a more efficient way to get that Experience Count up faster...then finally, certain components of the deck used tokens crazy-efficiently.

I suppose it started with Awakening Zone, which I will always find to be an auto-include in any Commander deck running Green. The exponential mana / chump blockers are a no-brainer, especially when it comes to increasing Commander cast costs.

Things that produce tokens, but were added for their overall efficiency and not so much tokens specifically, were things like Grave Titan, Creakwood Liege, Wurmcoil Engine, etc...

Then things started coming into play that used tokens so well, or relied on them, such as Eldrazi Monument, Skullclamp, Ashnod's Altar, Attrition, Birthing Pod, etc...

Finally, it all came together with additions such as Butcher of Malakir, Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos, completely lock out multi-player scenarios. This has been the usual way in which games are ending with this deck.

That's not to say that I only sac tokens and forego getting quality card creatures into the 'yard that I can bring back with their ETB's using Meren, but it gives me options.

Hope that gives you a good window into the mentality of the deck's construction thus far. The deck's gone through roughly 8-mos of metamorphosis...heavy in the beginning and certainly slowed recently as its been pretty well-tuned by the conversations here with the community.

freakingShane on I Have A Sunburn

6 days ago

Why didn't you just update your Spring Into Death deck list? There's only like 2 cards different, haha.

Okay, so first off, get rid of Sol Ring, scrub. Secondly, some potentially good fast mana sources would be Songs of the Damned, Cabal Ritual, Dark Ritual, and/or Culling the Weak.

Now on to the real meat:

Perpetual Timepiece, Elixir of Immortality, Primal Command, Piper's Melody (and friends)

These are good for grabbing your GY so you don't mill yourself out or to protect yourself from enemy Bojuka Bogs and such.

Combo 1:

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Combo

  • Turn 1: Play a one drop ramp creature.
  • Turn 2: Play Buried Alive and fetch Mike and Triskelion.
  • Turn 3: Play Victimize, bring Mike and Trike out and ping infinitely to win.

Or tutor for Defense of the Heart and win the turn after you cast it.

Combo 2:

Necrotic Ooze Combo

Once it's out, the only thing that can interrupt this is Split Second since you can respond by adding and removing counters.

Combo 3:

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Combo

This requires some knowledge of how the stack works.

  • Exile cards from your library until Phyrexian Devourer's ability is put on the stack.
  • In response to the ability, continue exiling cards to beef him up more.
  • Still before allowing the sacrifice to resolve, sack him to Jarad to smack your opponents for a ton of damage, similarly to the aforementioned Ooze-combo.

This gets around player Hexproof and graveyard hate, so you don't have to worry about things like Leyline of Sanctity and Leyline of the Void with this combo, unlike the other two.

Combo 4:

Colorless Mana Combo

  • Have/get Ashnod's Altar in play.
  • Play Nim Deathmantle.
  • Play Grave Titan, pop up two 2/2 tokens.
  • Sack the two tokens to Altar, then sack Titan to get a total of six .
  • Use 4 of that to make Deathmantle grab Titan back and get you two more tokens

Repeat this as many times as desired, netting 2 colorless mana every loop.

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