Stromkirk Captain


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Uncommon

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Stromkirk Captain

Creature — Vampire Soldier

Other Vampire creatures you control get +1/+1 and have first strike.

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Stromkirk Captain Discussion

Santalilcamper on Scary Vamps, Much Scare

1 day ago

Celsha why would I need Stensia Masquerade if I've already have Stromkirk Captain ?? Just seems kinda redundant to me.. maybe for consistencies sake I guess almost everything else I like, I don't get the point of using blasphemous act unless I guess for a board wipe? My only problem is I wouldn't know what to replace with what. Since InflateTheToad practically built the whole deck

The13thCommander on Views of Vampires

6 days ago

Stromkirk Captain, Feast of Blood ,Languish and Dismember would fit your deck nicely.

TitanofYAW on Vamp Juice

1 week ago

Why Quest for the Gravelord? and only 1 Nighthawk? There are a lot of cool vampires out there. I run a nontraditional Vampire deck based around Vampire Nocturnus but the others are pretty traditional. I went Rakdos instead of mono-black for Stromkirk Captain who combos nicely with Vampire Nighthawk and Gifted Aetherborn. Deathtouch/First Strike is impenetrable defense! Check it out if you want, Vampires are a fun Tribal deck to play.

Hunson_Abadeer on Black Red Vampires

3 weeks ago

I was in your exact same position when I first started magic; I just play casual with my friends and the first deck I ever made was a vampire deck and I had a hard time cutting down to 60 cards.

But when I started madness wasn't big in vampire tribals so now you have decide if you want to take the madness play-style or not.

One of the first things I did was just pick out what creatures were my favorites and that worked best. I decided to go with playsets of those. Except for legendary creatures, that was another struggle I had. I find that Vampire Nighthawk and Stromkirk Captain are almost needed to be 4-ofs. Nothing says "slow your ass down" better than nighthawk that has first strike. Gifted Aetherborn is nighthawk' little brother

I have gone back and forth on the amount of creatures I run with, I've been as low as 18 and as high as 30. It depends how fast you want to get on the board and start attacking.

Thoughtseize is a great way to get a look at your opponents hand and plenty of vampire have lifelink to gain back the life.

I did at one time try making a madness vampire deck but I don't prefer it. It is a lot of fun I just say.

I'll check back on this deck after time goes by and see how it's coming along, I'm not pro but I'd like to see the direction this goes and help if I can!

Best of luck

wyatt0781 on Olivia Voldaren Tribal Vampire

1 month ago

You're missing some key vampires for this type of tribal deck, namelY: Stromkirk Captain, Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Olivia, Mobilized for War, Guul Draz Assassin, Gifted Aetherborn, and Bloodghast

You dont necessarily need all of them but they're very good, and just thought they might be useful!

Hunson_Abadeer on Rakdos Glampires

1 month ago

Bloodghast if you have the budget is great, with Stromkirk Captain you can bring him back as a 3/2 first strike haste

Heretic_Dragoon on Black Red Vampires

1 month ago

Michae1JCaboose Stromkirk Captain Captivating Vampire Bloodghast Kalastria Highborn Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet Cavern of Souls Feast of Blood SB Vampire Lacerator Guul Draz Vampire Viscera Seer Shared Animosity Olivia Voldaren should replace liliana, or more kill spells like Terminate or Fatal Push. Vampire Tribal is generally very aggressive and you dont' want you curve to be too high. Dark ritual is not modern legal. replace them, and tragic slip with Lightning Bolt. it'll give you that extra damage push. there are several ways to build BR vamps, but these are usually core cards to work with.

TroubleMaker28 on BRING THE Vampires!!!!

1 month ago

remove Markov Blademaster and replace with Vampire Nighthawk. It is one of the most well rounded black creature and combined with your Stromkirk Captain it should prove deadly. Also among the other vampires that haven't been mentioned yet Gatekeeper of Malakir might be interesting...

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