Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase (HOP) Uncommon
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Uncommon

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Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Target creature gains double strike until end of turn.

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Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion Discussion

ReaperDrek on Calamity is coming...

6 days ago

Wurmcoil is always a nice include, and i agree on Kessig replacing the Sanitarium, as you don't profit much off looting, whereas many other decks (U/B or Grixis or others) profit much, much more.

Bow of Nylea strikes me as pretty useless, as your fatties will probably kill oposing enemies anyways and the 4 abilities are all quite useless. I would rather invest in a haste enchantment such as Hammer of Purphoros or Fires of Yavimaya, since you can throw a ton of creatures in the field in 1 turn, and its nice if they can swing right off the bat.

In the lands department, i would consider Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion, as zacama with double strike is pretty nasty, and if you add in Slayers' Stronghold and if you activate both is a one shot kill :)

NV_1980 on In Mists Lain Thick, Monsters Reign

2 weeks ago

Hi Fluffpocalypse,

Uril is awesome and I think you've done a good job on this deck. I have some ideas to make it even better. I am not sure whether you are on a budget; judging from some of the cards you have already chosen I rather doubt it. Anyway, these are some of the cards I think could prove useful:


  1. Contested Cliffs; use this to take out any annoying creature you want, without having to tap Uril.
  2. Kessig Wolf Run; to temporarily give Uril +X/+0 and trample, very handy.
  3. Rogue's Passage; make Uril unblockable. Useful in case your opponents are waiting for him with deathtouch-creatures.
  4. Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion; to temporarily give Uril double-strike, in case he does not have it already.
  5. Slayers' Stronghold; boost Uril with vigilance, haste and +2/+0 for ? Fantastic!


  1. Grand Abolisher; wonderful creature to counteract counter-magic.
  2. Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist; as long as she can attack, shes an extremely useful creature in a voltron setup.
  3. Sigarda, Host of Herons; second Tajuru Preserver and a powerful creature too.
  4. Xenagos, God of Revels; combined with an enchanted Uril, powerful enough to end games.


  1. Boros Charm; especially the last two abilities of this spell will prove useful in your deck.
  2. Path to Exile; because a deck without counter spells AND point-removal is bound for trouble.
  3. Swords to Plowshares; see 2.
  4. Temur Battle Rage; nice, cheap way to suddenly boost Uril significantly.


  1. Chandra's Ignition; this can win you the game in lots of cases.
  2. Open the Armory; great aura-tutor.
  3. Three Dreams; another great aura tutor.
  4. Winds of Rath; this card seems made for a deck like this.


  1. Blessing of the Nephilim; rather cheap way to give Uril +5/+5.
  2. Daybreak Coronet; not a cheap card to buy, but in this deck its so powerful it's almost insane.
  3. Dust Corona; cheap to cast, with a nice bonus and a blockers restriction attached.
  4. Madcap Skills; a bit like Dust Corona, cheap, good bonus and a blockers restriction.
  5. Sphere of Safety; with so many enchantments on your side, attacking you becomes rather costly.
  6. Spirit Mantle; cheap way to make Uril unblockable.

Some cards I would remove from your deck to make a little room:

  1. Angelic Skirmisher; expensive to cast, not worth it considering you are running very few creatures. Uril has cheaper ways available to him to get these bonuses.
  2. Blazing Archon; extremely expensive to cast, there are much cheaper ways to prevent attacks (see suggested cards).
  3. Akroma's Memorial; expensive to cast; would be more useful in a deck that contained many (token) creatures.
  4. Razia's Purification; I would replace this with Winds of Rath.

Hopefully you feel some of this is useful. I wish you lots of fun with this deck; let us know how it plays! Also, I would appreciate some feedback on one of my decks, if you have the time. Thanks!

tlk_lone_knight on Bloodborne

2 months ago

Whip of Erebos i feel like its a good card here.

Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion very powerful land.

Replenish might have some value sense your enchantments are powerful.

Land Tax mana ramp

Ajani, Caller of the Pride most +1/+1 plus target for slowing down players attacks.

Assemble the Legion good for chump blocks as well as target overload.

Cathars' Crusade all the +1/+1! works amazing with assemble if you have it.

True Conviction i dont feel i need to explain this one lol

robboz2347 on robboz2347

2 months ago


thank you for your message, really appreciate the offer

this is my current deck, as see the maybe list and the descripton, i have had some help and have been working hard on trying to make this a better deck

i have only been playing 8 or so months, still very new

discord sounds nice but i an a little people shy haha

if you could take a peek at my deck and see what's what and what you think might make this better

My LGS is sorta Competitive-Casual with Competitive decks. It's weird but basically we play commander to chill out and have fun, I have recently joined in at my LGS in the last few months but they run really tough decks as they have been playing for years, one guy I met has been playing since Ice Age, though it's pretty chill environment. Not sure percentage.

I have seen people running Jora of the Ghitu (suspend, eldrazi, mishna's workshop in this deck it's roughly worht $3,000), The Ur-Dragon, Progenitus, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord etc.

People generally play chaos, tokens, mill, one guys runs an equipment deck with a 3 cost (two white, 1 colourless) cat not sure the name

I do get flattened constantly in multiplayer and on the rare occasion win 1v1

on the advice on someone i threw in, in place of what I removed (crown, scepter, throne of empires , coat of arms, rogue's passageway), Launch the Fleet, Decree of Justice, Boros Signet, Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion, Swords to Plowshares

according to my page my competitive vs casual is now 50/50 instead of 34compet/66cas

from my research a truly competitive aurelia solider deck is a pipe dream but i ma sure that i can make this deck a serious threat and much stronger at going toe to toe

My main issues are I find it hard to recover from board wipes, I run out of gas, great mana ramp and then I just sit there, cause I am not drawing fast enough, even with my mana draw card, my other major issue is dealing with flying, and hitting them before they hit me and win

anyway this getting really long, have a peek at my deck and description and see what you think, I have been trying really hard to make a solid deck and willing to alter whatever I need too, 2 of the cards in maybe Stormfront Riders and Cryptic Gateway allow infinite soldier spawn but not sure if that's a good idea or not, not sure on equipment tutors as this ins't a Voltron deck (I know some terms, not many but some haha)

anyway rambling again let me know

thank you

slugfarm on Rutron of the Fomori

2 months ago

Very Nice! I'd love to play a Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion in here though.

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