Whispersilk Cloak

Whispersilk Cloak

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature is unblockable.

Equipped creature has shroud. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Equip 2 (2: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

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Whispersilk Cloak Discussion

Podma101 on Lasciate Ogni Speranza

23 hours ago


  • I was always very worried when it came to expensive enchantments like that, especially on a creature that causes groans when I even bring the deck out. I learned a lot about Nekusar by looking over decks such as Blizzicane's HandOverflowException, which is an amazing deck, and advocates staying away from those. But to be fair I've never actually tried to play test them. I think I could go for Helm of the Ghastlord, it's low enough in cost and one wheel is all that is needed to force no hands. Elder Mastery feels a tad slow for me and it would hurt quite a bit if it was removed.

  • Forced Fruition was something I did find funny as a concept and liked a lot, but based on what I learned from those kinds of decks, that is providing A LOT of cannon fodder for people to hurt you with, and its draw that they can benefit from more than it hurts them given the right situation. If Nekusar is removed and that is left up, suddenly I've become a mill deck, which isn't bad, but means people have twice the cards to have just the right answer. Worst yet, since it's only when I cast spells, they get to sit on those cards till it's their turn.

  • Mikokoro, Center of the Sea is a really good land that I should have in here. It will probably be awhile till I get it because of cost and other cards on my priority list, but that will just be subbed in because it is infinitely better than some of the other lands I have in here.

  • Well I'm just an idiot!!! How could I have ever forgotten about Darksteel Plate?! Granted it's a bit but still that is the exact card I would need! Unfortunately there is some artifact exile, but its few and far between. All of my yes for this. Also, I'm imagining Skeletor wearing this, it's a pretty great image.

  • AEtherspouts would be strictly better than Devastation Tide and that will be my immediate swap for those too.

  • Now for the removals! Blessing of Leeches will be removed for something, that much I know, as will Devastation Tide. I do see your point with shroud and It has gotten to be an issue from time to time, so I think I will remove the Whispersilk Cloak and keep Lightning Greaves. The haste on the greaves helps a whole lot when I have some of my other creatures out. The artifact lands were mainly just there to help with Molten Psyche and if I EVER somehow got a Mox Opal, and thankfully my group HATES (and I mean like "hate you as a human being') land destruction, even if it's an artifact land. They'll pop the occasional non-basic because it's affecting other players or it's too good, but other than that they refuse to touch it. Heck, the won't even kill Sol Ring. It also synergizes well with Trinket Mage if I have literally no other good artifacts to grab (which happens given wheeling a lot). And funily enough, despite the amount of green in my group, artifact removal is quite scarce. BUUUUUUUUUT. If I got a hold of Steam Vents (the other two lands were presents from a friend for my birthday this year and last year) it would replace an artifact land most certainly

You guys are giving me a workout with these suggestions!! Thank you all so much!

MagicalHacker on Lasciate Ogni Speranza

1 day ago

Well this deck looks pretty solid! However, there are some crazy good synergies I don't see here yet:

  • Helm of the Ghastlord is extremely brutal on Nekusar, as it makes everyone discard a card each time they draw, meaning that draw steps no longer net opponent's cards and wheels cause opponents to have zero cards in hand. All that's fine and dandy, but it also has Curiosity on it, so get ready to have a lot of cards in your hand.

  • Elder Mastery is like that, but even better. Now, draw steps make opponents have two less cards than when before, and a Temple Bell can be used to make sure they can't cast their last card I hand if you know it's something scary.

  • Forced Fruition is sometimes considered a funny card, but being dealt 7 per spell you cast doesn't make anyone laugh.

  • Mikokoro, Center of the Sea is simply fantastic for any Nekusar deck, as it can be used in a variety of ways for your benefit! Not only can it deal damage through the deck, it can be used to increase cards in hands for wheels that care about the number of cards discarded, it can give you options in a pinch, and it can replace Temple Bell in the Mind Over Matter combo if you have something like Curiosity or Consecrated Sphinx out. All on a land? What's not to like?!

  • Darksteel Plate provides protection for key creatures in a way that stacks with Swiftfoot Boots and also lets them stick around after a typical board wipe.

  • AEtherspouts is a fantastic board wipe, as it is instant speed and doesn't care about indestructible or graveyard synergies. Yes, it only hits one opponent, but it can also be used to ward off attacks when opponents know you have it in hand. Oh and it doesn't care about your stuff, so that's a huge plus.

As for cards to take out, wanting to put stuff on your commander doesn't really synergize with shroud, so Lightning Greaves and Whispersilk Cloak could be cut. Blessing of Leeches was already mentioned, and effects that prevent regeneration are pretty prevalent, so I don't know if it's worth paying a life for each turn. I don't see what advantage the artifact lands provide, and they are a huge risk with artifact removal such as Vandalblast and Bane of Progress flying around. I'd take out all three (Crumbling Necropolis and Steam Vents seem like decent additional cards for the deck). Whelming Wave and Devastation Tide are nice with wheels, but they don't protect your stuff and they're at sorcery speed and they're pretty high cost for all that (when you're drawing two cards a turn, there is a 50% chance that you won't get to miracle the Tide). I'm sure these changes would provide more power to the Skeletor Jesus xD

abby315 on Colorless Eldrazi Ramp

1 day ago

Have a look at my Kozilek, the Great Distortion commander deck for some more ideas: Cosi Cosi Commander (Eldrazi Big Butts)

It's a total blast to play! I think you should make it a reality. :)

Here are some cards I'll point out from my list that I really like:

Mana Ramp/Cheating:Blinkmoth UrnDoubling Cube Semblance Anvil Mana VaultVoltaic Key Quicksilver Amulet

Creature: Duplicant

Equipment: Lightning Greaves / Swiftfoot BootsWhispersilk Cloak

Other:Strionic Resonator (You can copy both Kozilek's card draw ability and his annihilator trigger!)Rogue's Passage

I'd take out things like Chalice of Life  Flip, Accorder's Shield, Darksteel Reactor, Altar of Dementia (unless there's a combo I'm missing that you like?) to make room!

Deruvid on Nahiri, the Lithomancer: You Won't BELIEVE Her Art

3 days ago

My first impression, without having played it, is that it's really heavy on equipment and really light on removal and land. Even with all the mana acceleration, i'd want to up to at least 34 or 35 lands. Winding Canyons and Kor Haven are good choices.

Your mention of "keyword" soup in the game thread is a good one, and do that end I'd like to remove some of the more redundant equipment to make space for new suggestions. I'll categorize some of the more similar equipment from your list:

Deathtouch: Basilisk Collar, Gorgon Flail, Gorgon's Head, Dead-Iron Sledge, Quietus Spike, Godsend, Sword of Kaldra

Card draw: Infiltration Lens, Mask of Memory, Rogues Gloves, Skullclamp

Protection: Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Whispersilk Cloak, Darksteel Plate, Shield of Kaldra

Lifelink: Loxodon Warhammer, Batterskull

Keyword soup: Chariot of Victory, Haunted Cloak

Deathtouch (and exile) is the most represented group and helps cover your low removal count. I would recommend removing some of the less-exiciting of this group: Gorgon Flail, Gorgon's Head, and Dead-Iron Sledge to add a couple more versatile weapons to your arsenal, namely Sword of Vengeance and Masterwork of Ingenuity. I would also like to see Godsend switched for the Helm of Kaldra just to complete the Kaldra set, but if you don't want the full Kaldra set, take out the Sword and Shield for more room - the buffs they provide are already covered by other equipment.

Carddraw is important in Cmdr, so I'd like to keep most of your card drawing equipment, except Skullclamp is in an awkward place here because you do not have small token generators to reap huge benefits. I'd suggest replacing Skullclamp with Sword of the Animist to assist land drops.

Also because you do not have a whole lot of token generation, Eldrazi Monument can be a pricey addition. When using it as a win con, you're not usually going to have a whole lot of creatures on the board to swing wide with. It grants your side flying and indestructible at the cost of one of your precious few creatures. I think because of your plethora of equipment, Odric, Lunarch Marshal is a better team-buffer.

That doesn't leave me with a whole lot of space to cut for the land slots I first talked about. The Chariot of Victory and Haunted Cloak provide a lot of overlap and with the addition of the Sword of Vengeance I would cut at least one of them. I'm sure there's a reason for Not Forgotten in your deck, but it really seems like the weakest card in the deck to me. Emeria and Nahiri should get you back everything you really need. That might free up 3 or 4 slots for lands, depending on if you keep the Kaldra set.

It was fun to look at all the equipment permutations. I hope you found my review helpful.

alika on Changeling-Destroy

3 days ago


spulverin Uebrigens, Living Death ist sehr schoen, aber wenn man sie spielt, nachdem man jede Menge Kreaturen des Gegners zerstoert hat, wuerden die alle wieder kommen. Man braeuchte also vorher eine Moeglichkeit, den Friedhof des Gegners ins Exil zu schicken - aber das alles erfordert Karten, die das Deck vom Fokus abbringen. Mass removal ist vllt ein Problem, aber ich denke, wenn ich so viele Changelings ausgepielt habe, dass der mass removal mich bedraengen wuerde, haette ich wiederum dem Gegner bereits sehr viele Karten zerstoert (da die changelings ja schon ausgespielt sind). Was ich bruchte, wre ein Equipment wie Whispersilk Cloak, um Brago, King Eternal zu schtzen und zum gegnerischen Spieler durchzubringen. Equipment hat den Vorteil gegenber einer Aura, dass ich es umrsten kann, falls ntig.


Btw Living Death is a pretty neat card, but if you play it after having destroyed lots of your oponent's creatures, they would all return to play, so you would first want to clean his or her graveyard into exile, before playing this card. This again would require further cards that would distort this deck's focus. Mass removal remains a problem, but I would think that by the time a mass removal spell would really cause problems, I would have already played out a lot of changelings and thereby have destroyed a lot of my oponent's permanents. I have considered an equipment such as Whispersilk Cloak to protect Brago, King Eternal and get him through to the oponent. Equipment has the advantage that it can be reattached, if necessary.

Hewer on It's Like Trying to Catch Shadows!

3 days ago

Hey Angry_Potatoes thanks for commenting:) It's funny, I had Uninvited Geist  Flip in the deck just before I released it, but I switched it in with another unblockable creature, since I think it is more reliable. I also had Whispersilk Cloak in the "beta" of the deck, switched it out and forgot about it. It will replace the current Cloak of Mists - Thank you! Skeleton Key is fine, but not anything I'm going to use. I prefer to be unblockable rather than having Skulk and I don't fancy the discard effect either, maybe if the deck had been mono-red or something;)

Angry_Potatoes on It's Like Trying to Catch Shadows!

3 days ago

Needs moar Uninvited Geist  Flip!

Also, Whispersilk Cloak and Skeleton Key seem good in this deck.

Pheardemons on U Ain't Destroyin' Nothin' Brah...

6 days ago

I just looked at the hubs above, should've done that first. And that's actually pretty cool. If you're looking for unblockable Whispersilk Cloak could be a good one. Also have you looked at the ability "Affinity?" Like "Affinity for Artifacts" and whatnot. Maybe look at some of those cards for low casting big creatures or free casting smaller creatures.

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