Wrath of God


Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated.

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Wrath of God Discussion

miampizza on Wife Deck (life drain)

4 hours ago

I have a few suggestions:

Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood pretty much self explanatory as to why.

Well of Lost Dreams, Rhystic Study and Alhammarret's Archive are pretty synergistic draw engines.

You are playing one of the best color combination for boardwipes. If things go wrong a well placed Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God, Merciless Eviction, Fumigate, Terminus or Cyclonic Rift can turn the table in your favor or win you the game. Boardwipes are very strong in the EDH format.

35 lands without any mana rocks is quite slow for a deck like this. Maybe you could consider adding some ramp to ensure that your strategy starts pumping before your opponent's. I'm talking about cards like Azorius Signet, Dimir Signet, Orzhov Signet, Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo, Basalt Monolith etc etc.

I feel like Colossus of Akros, Eater of Hope, Kothophed, Soul Hoarder, Maze Sentinel and Mortus Strider are either not very synergistic or weak compared to many other possible choices.

Rhox Faithmender, Archangel of Thune (quite pricy $),Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, Sphinx of the Steel Wind could be interesting cards.

As for your removal you heavily rely on Pacifism effects. If that's what you absolutely want, go ahead, but if you'd like a bit versatility (sometimes an enchantment or something else might prevent you from gaining life of playing at all), cards like Anguished Unmaking, Counterspell, Mortify, Return to Dust and Utter End could be pretty interesting.

Might have a few cards that comes to mind. I hope any of those cards were inspirational to you :P

RamaLama on It's Not Easy Being Green

11 hours ago

Thanks Emzed, you're probably right about Darksteel Plate although it does look better to me right now because.....short story follows:

As you know, I've reduced the CMC of this deck considerably, but have only played the deck once since making the wholesale changes and that was weekend before last. It was a five player game with my playgroup.

Two of the group couldn't get started and weren't much of a threat. The player directly across from me was playing the new Atraxa commander as a Super Friends deck, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen planeswalkers, something stupid like that, and was the biggest threat other than me at the table. Directly to my left was an angel/pillow fort deck.

Early on I attacked one of the two players who couldn't get started with 10 commander damage, because I didn't have any evasion at the time and he had no blockers. After getting Rancor onto Omnath, I attacked the Super Friends player for 17 commander damage. Then I screwed up.

Being a nice guy, I decided not to attack the Atraxa player again the next time around and instead attacked the angel/pillow fort player for 23 commander damage, but knew that she could block enough of it to not incur lethal damage. Anyone else I attacked would have been knocked out of the game. She took 20.

Anyway, I pass the turn and the player I had just attacked played Wrath of God. I look down and the only thing I have out to protect Omnath is Yavimaya Hollow, and since Wrath of God said he couldn't be regenerated, Omnath slinks off to the Command Zone.

The Super Friends guy didn't lose any of his planeswalkers, so he won the game before I could get cranked up again.

So, that's why the Darksteel Plate idea sounded pretty good to me when Grantley91 suggested it the morning after my crushing defeat at the hands of Wrath of God. /;-)

Neotrup on Can Equinox counter board wipes ...

16 hours ago

9/20/2013 When the activated ability resolves, determine whether the targeted spell would destroy a land if it resolved right then. If it would, then counter that spell. Otherwise, it is not countered, even if the spell could, under other circumstances, destroy a land.

So as long as Wrath of God would destroy one of your lands right then and there (as you're commander choice suggests it would), Equinox will counter Wrath of God. Indirect destruction seems to be referring to if the spell's resolution would trigger an event that would result in the destruction of your land (such as casting Acidic Slime), or if instead of Wrath of God it were Chain Reaction, as damage causes the game rules to destroy the land as a state based action rather than the result of the spell.

Pheardemons on Can Equinox counter board wipes ...

16 hours ago

Scenario: I am playing Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper. Let's say I have five untapped animated lands, one of which Equinox is enchanted on.

On Gatherer I have a question about one of the rulings.

10/4/2004 - Equinox will not counter a spell which would indirectly cause destruction of one of your lands.

Do board wipes such as Wrath of God directly kill the lands (being that they are now animated) or is this something that would be indirect.

Also, if anyone can answer, what is "direct destroy?" Being targeted?

thoughtsinknots on Darien Suicide Control

22 hours ago

SufferFromEDHD Flagstones seems like a great add to the deck. I've considered the Ankh before but I have enough sources of damage in the deck that the little I get from it could be something else. The outlast creatures though... I'm not sold, they only do something with 2% of my deck and I'm already playing Karma as a lol card :P I'd rather play Angelic Skirmisher or Akroma's Memorial. Rector was in earlier but I don't have any sac outlets so she came out pretty early. I'd rather not win with Helm. I love Catastrophe, it was in the deck for awhile but it came out for curve reasons but I can see it coming back in, that card is bananas. How can I not run Day of Judgment and Wrath of God?? They're too gorgeous to not play!!

superman101 on Heroes never die!

1 day ago

Lightning Bolt over Skullcrack. Other than that, I don't see many win-cons. More wrath effects would be nice, such as Wrath of God, Planar Cleansing, etc. If you're willing to splash green, Reki, the History of Kamigawa will be absurd.

ghinchy on Child Prodigy

2 days ago

Lifegain decks tend to run a heap of removal so they have time to stabilize, a 3rd or 4th turn Wrath of God or Black Sun's Zenith will cause you a world of hurt. That being said I can't think of a way around this without changing the flavor of the deck. What turn do you normally have lethal?

chrisbouui1 on White Control

3 days ago

I would run Wrath of God over Fumigate. Wrath of god is only a few dollars.

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