Wrath of God


Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated.

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Wrath of God Discussion

Disgraceful_Duckling on Commander / EDH Starter Deck (The Essentials)

4 hours ago

I feel like Wrath of God, Whispersilk Cloak and Rogue's Passage belong here. Wrath is ~5 dollars and the definition of a color-specific staple, and Cloak and Passage are both common budget utility options.

mcsergio on ClarityCasey

4 hours ago


I'm replying to your comment on my 4-colour-lands list featuring The Gitrog Monster. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to reply to your comment on my decklist or just reply to you, so here I am!

To adapt any list from EDH to commander you have to look at how fast your EDH list is. Highlander is a more comparable to singleton legacy than to think of it as EDH variant. That being the case, you need a deck that can answer a 4-turn clock from aggro.

This means making sure you have early answers, either in the form of removal, walls, counters, etc. Or just plan for your deck to be equally fast.

The two places that traditionally can be made faster are your land base, and the top end of the mana curve. For your land base try and keep lands that enter the battlefield tapped to a minimum. This can mean the difference between resolving Wrath of God on turn 4, and losing. Another place to make the list faster is to try and keep utility, or non-mana producing, lands to a minimum. This is especially difficult to evaluate in a 'lands matter' style list. Nothing feels worse than seeing a really good hand, and only have colourless producing mana in hand. Mutavault I love you, but you've burned me so many times...

For the mana curve it's a little trickier. It comes down to evaluating the power level at each mana cost. For example: If you're paying 5 mana for something in Highlander, it better win the game. It's very rare to see something like Gilded Lotus in Highlander.

To answer your question about mulligans. It depends on how you've made the deck. A lower curve more consistent deck will mulligan less frequently than a more inconsistent deck. The quality of your mana base will also determine mulligans. That being said, we often play with a modified mulligan system to be a little more forgiving. In this mulligan players are allowed to mulligan as follows: 7, 6, 6, 5, 5, etc. We also add the Vancouver mulligan scry to it. This greatly reduces the number of 'mulligan into oblivion', or 'feels bad', games that players may encounter.

I recently made another list that features our friend [The Gitrog Monster]. Check it out here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/sultai-lands-control/

Anyways, I hope this helps you getting into Canadian Highlander. It's a sweet format. If you have any other questions hit me up on Twitter @sergeyager. I check there a lot more frequently than I do here. Thanks!

AsinineFutility on Bruna Is Bae

6 hours ago

You have quite a lot of lands and minimal acceleration, you should probably cut between 3 and 6 lands and replace them with some mana ramp like Azorius Signet, Azorius Keyrune, Azorius Cluestone, Fellwar Stone, Coalition Relic, Knight of the White Orchid, Solemn Simulacrum etc. You can find lists of the best mana rocks in EDH online, these are just a few examples.

You could probably use a few more utility cards, like removal and boardwipes, and remove a few buff enchantments since you have quite a few. Invocation of Saint Traft doesn't work well with your commander damage goal, Pariah isn't fantastic since you usually want to prevent your commander from dying, Charisma often won't work since she'll be big enough to kill anything that blocks, and Corrupted Conscience and Treachery don't really mesh with the deck's theme.

I think you should replace these with efficient removal and some boardwipes; Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Return to Dust, Cyclonic Rift and Relic of Progenitus/Tormod's Crypt covers most threats you might face.

Since you're playing a voltron deck with no way to make massive amounts of mana, Sphinx's Revelation isn't a great way to refill your hand, try Recurring Insight.

Depending on your meta, you might want to replace some countermagic with ways to refill your hand after you play it all with Bruna; there are a lot of draw spells in blue/white so I'll leave that to your discretion, but I think Fact or Fiction is a must since you can get back any enchantments that go to your graveyard and Sage's Reverie works really well with your theme.

I think I'm about out of specific suggestions, so I'll just leave a list of stuff that probably isn't great in your deck and stuff that I think would be good:

Good luck with your deckbuilding, Bruna is a super fun commander :)

Disgraceful_Duckling on Angels, demons and dragons, oh my! (Kaalia EDH)

1 day ago

Darksteel Ingot seems too slow and Fellwar Stone is going to produce colorless for you pretty often, since blue and green are pretty popular colors. Both are comparable to Mardu Banner. Also consider Chromatic Lantern, I consider it mandatory in 3+ color decks and most would agree that it's good.

Since the deck has Kaalia of the Vast and Master of Cruelties, not having Whispersilk Cloak or something similar (maybe Rogue's Passage?) seems like a mistake.

Swiftfoot Boots is another way to give Kaalia haste. Blade of Selves would be pretty bonkers in a deck with Kaalia, ntm the ETB effects on a lot of creatures. Strionic Resonator is another way to copy triggered abilities like Kaalia's.

If budget really isn't a concern, Damnation is another Wrath of God that you can cast in other colors.

Also, I think I've seen another Kaalia deck on here with this title.

Nukulargear on Rise of the Angels

1 day ago

I've tried the mono-white angel EDH before. Never panned out, but since angels are usually expensive creatures, Quicksilver Amulet is usually a good idea. You also might want to consider more board wipes like Wrath of God and Rout. I'd also consider removing Avacyn, Guardian Angel because she doesn't really do enough (at least in my opinion).

xyr0s on Silly little humans

1 day ago

I think you could go much harder on the coco-approach: Avacyn's Pilgrim and at least a couple of Eternal Witness. Occasionally speeding up coco by a full turn is worth it, and if company hits Eternal Witness you get to cast it again.

Forget about any "holding of" tactics - if you do that against control decks, you'll lose. They trade 1-for-1, until they sweep the table anyway, and no amount of "protection from rainbow" stops being destroyed by Wrath of God. Loyal Sentry in particular is bad - my guess is the card is intended as a limited card, where removal is a bit more scarce, and it can hold of a bomb for quite a while. But when you bring it mainboard, it takes the place from something that could help you gain the upper hand - Mayor of Avabruck  Flip for example (it doesn't flip as often as you'd think in my experience, and it can't be surprise-flipped).

I think you have too much color protection-instant, where what you want is more like 4 Path to Exile (yes, boring card choice again, but it's the best removal in modern) and a couple of protections. Not because pro this-or-that is bad, but you end up having creatures of limited offensive capacity, that are being played slowly, because you need to keep mana up for instants.

If your regular opponents don't care too much for formats, maybe you should take a look over at legacy death and taxes? It might have something useful...

Firebones675 on Your Either an Ally or Dead

2 days ago

Oh I forgot to mention it befor, but you might be interested in either Sanguine Bond or Vizkopa Guildmage.

Here are what i think are the weaker cards in your deck. I'm not saying that everything I don't mention is ideal or that the ones i'm suggesting cutting are awful but this is where i'd personally start if I was trimming my own deck as possible cards to consider cutting:

Cliffside Lookout: This card seems a bit out of place. If you want a 1-drop ally Hada Freeblade is better. If you want to focus more on life gain, Soul's Attendant, Soul Warden, or Serra Ascendant would be a better fit.

Angel of Renewal/Conclave Phalanx: While they can gain you some life, they cost a bit more mana than i'd like. I feel that for 6 mana Sorin, Grim Nemesis is a better threat as it can still gain you life while taking down a creature the turn it comes into play or draw you some cards. Either way 6 mana is still a lot so be careful you don't but too many high cmc spells in the deck. Conclave is a bit better since it has convoke but i still don't think it does enough.

Court Street Denizen: In a two color deck you will still get some value out of this but I prefer cards like Gideon's Lawkeeper/Goldmeadow Harrier as you can tap them on your opponents "Declare Attackers" step to prevent them from attacking you, and they remain tapped until their next turn meaning they can't block either.

Pulse Tracker: This is a pretty aggressive card for your deck. Also even if they play a 1/2, you can't attack safely into them anymore.

Landbind Ritual: A 5 mana spell that doesnt affect the board and only gains you life is not where you want to be. Rest for the Weary is usually more efficient.

Eliminate the Competition: I'd rather just run Crux of Fate, Wrath of God. (Damnation is also a card but it's not exactly wallet friendly)

Curse of the Forsaken: Good in multiplayer games but in 1v1 it's not ideal.

Bhaal666 on Bear Hugs!! :3

2 days ago

Mass Calcify works if white isn't too common at your table, will still hurt you a bit but not near as bad as Wrath of God. Austere Command a bit $ but useful. Mageta the Lion he lives through it, if you give him vigilance you can attack then wipe before blocks. I'll try to come up with some other things later.

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