Hour of Revelation


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Hour of Revelation


Hour of Revelation costs 3 less to cast if there are ten or more nonland permanents on the battlefield.

Destroy all nonland permanents.

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Hour of Revelation Discussion

shadowzorgon on Arahbo EDH

5 days ago

Going off of stuff that you do not have on your maybe-board, Sram, Senior Edificer is an amazing choice.

Now, for changes to the deck based on your maybe board. I would take out Soul's Majesty, Evolutionary Leap and Hunter's Prowess. In their places, I would add Vanquisher's Banner, Prowling Serpopard, and Felidar Sovereign. Lastly, I would take out Hour of Revelation to add Whispersilk Cloak. Blowing up your own artifacts is not on your to-do list. If you really need artifact/enchantment removal, Krosan Grip is really good.

I would also think about finding a spot to put Trading Post in, as it is a pretty versatile card. Shapers' Sanctuary is not that bad of a pick, but one thing to consider with it is that (usually) the big guy someone would want to target with a spell will have hexproof or shroud.

Howdie91 on Sigarda Budget Human Tribal

1 week ago

Hey bud I saw this deck from Reddit and I am making a Sigarda deck myself! Here's the link if you're interested and here is a decklist with all of my card research. At the time of writing it's missing eight cards, but I'm just trying to nail down the combat/win conditions cards currently. Let me know if it was helpful! My budget is probably going to be around $160-175. I also have custom categories for ease of organization.

For what you have currently, you mentioned you like thecommandzone's template (I do as well as a starting point), but with a creature heavy board state, I would recommend erring on the side of caution with too many board wipes. I'm running Austere Command and Hour of Revelation, but primarily because the are not just creature specific. It depends on your meta, but you'll notice that most of the things you need to answer are artifacts/enchantments.

I have a "Protection" category because, from playtesting, people get really salty when you're Humans do something cool. They get even more salty when they can't do anything about it because of Sigarda, Heron's Grace. So they take it out on her, and you end up recasting her for 15 mana :/.

redace10 on The Last Guardian (Control)

2 weeks ago

Looks like you have a tighter cardlist now. Some suggetions:

Hour of Revelation over planar cleansing: a strict upgrade, this is a marvelous card.

Release to the Wind and Eerie Interlude over cloudshift and momentary blink: release is a neat card that can give a free etb off of anything, be used as a defensive spell, or get another activation off of one of your planeswalkers. Or save them. Really there's so many things this card can do.

The best card interaction Release to the Wind has is with Detention Sphere and Spell Queller. You respond to their ETB triggers by casting release and targeting them before their abilities resolve. Now whatever you targeted with d-sphere is permanently exiled, and you can recast it again for free when you wish. Very powerful effect.

Are you aware of Alhammarret's Archive? It isn't a cheap card but, I would slot that in over Venser's Journal.

DrukenReaps on need help for hanna ships ...

2 weeks ago

Since you want decree of silence you should include Solemnity. They synergize to be pretty busted and hard to deal with.

To get you started take a look at EDHRec, it doesn't always know the best inclusions but it can get you started:


Some things I would highly recommend are: Tezzeret the Seeker , Aura of Silence, Mindslaver, Supreme Verdict, Sun Titan, Ethersworn Canonist, Etherium Sculptor, Aura Thief, Hour of Revelation. I have not built Hanna so these are just good cards that stood out to me.

SurpriZe on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 weeks ago

Just had a game with this deck with exactly the same build which has drastically increased my respect for it:

The entirety of the game I'd been struggling with mana and couldn't get any black (apart from Chromatic Lantern which got removed by a boardwipe as soon as I played it). I've basically played with only 4 mana total for around 12+ turns. None of my permanents had the chance to stick around long enough to do anything significant. I even Burning Wish'ed an Hour of Revelation at one point but it didn't do terribly much. One of the opponents got the monarch as well. The aforementioned opponent had ramped out of control, with lots of land and around 9 white creatures (angels/humans) of various strengths. He also had Shaman of Forgotten Ways out and was ready to activate it next turn. Since neither me nor anybody else had many (or any) creatures, he was 100% convinced he had won the game, as the other players were already starting to scoop. I was the only one to continue. I had some black, unplayable cards and a few fogs in my hand that had been stopping his advances, but nothing too meaningful. Then, the turn he is activating the shaman, I play Teferi's Protection , which, of course, saves me and puts him at 9 life. A little surprised, he ends the turn as he had somehow already managed to spend all his mana. Next, my turn comes, I activate Acidic Soil and win the game, as I still had around 32 life.

He was dumbfounded, but took the loss pretty well. This was one of the closest game I've ever had in magic, where winning with 4 lands and without black mana was actually possible versus an overwhelming opponent. This isn't my first win with this deck, but it's definitely the one I'll remember.

NexVobis on Avacyn's Legions

1 month ago

Looking into replacing some cards for:

Nevinyrral's DiskArmageddonHour of RevelationThran Dynamo

Craven183 on Avacyn's Legions

1 month ago

Replace Honor of the Pure with Luminarch Ascension ?

Also since this is mono colored you don't need as much colored mana rock ramp like Commander's Sphere or Darksteel Ingot. Perhaps replace those colored 3 CMC rocks with Mind Stone and Thran Dynamo ? Lots of high cost stuff in here mana wise so you need as much ramp as you can get (8-9 ramp cards is what I've read to be a good average amount). Gift of Estates, Weathered Wayfarer, and Temple of the False God might also be good additions.

Also since your commander makes all your permanents indestructible it'd be cool to take advantage of that with lots of "destroy all... " effects like Hour of Revelation. You've got a few board wipes here already which is awesome but I'd definitely fit in Hour of Revelation as an extra if I were you.

Really like the list and would love to see where it goes; hope my suggestions help! Good luck!

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