Trash for Treasure


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare
Mirrodin Rare

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Trash for Treasure


As an additional cost to play Trash for Treasure, sacrifice an artifact.

Return target artifact card from your graveyard to play.

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Trash for Treasure Discussion

ElementalEd on Budget Powerful EDH Cards (Under 2 bucks)

1 week ago

Thanks for commenting ibstudent2200. I added your suggestions to the list, but i disagree with removing the rings. Although they are primarily used in corner cases, they seem to do well in those niche strategies. Something like breya (obviously not a tier 1 build), could use the rings to great success. Not only do some of them protect her, but they are also cheap fodder to her ability, as well as, good Trash for Treasure / Arcum Dagsson / Master Transmuter targets. But ya, not every commander deck isn't dying to get one haha.

Wurmcoil_Engine on Rakdos Artifact Wurmcoil Engine

4 weeks ago


Thank you for your in-depth comment. I really like the artifact synergy you mentioned. I am defiantly going to incorporate that into this deck. Are there another other artifacts that you think would fit well into this deck?

I have a question about Trash for Treasure. If I use it to sacrifice Wurmcoil Engine do I get the 3/3 tokens, and can I target the same Wurmcoil I sacrificed and put it back onto the field? Also a similar thing with Rite of Consumption. If I sacrifice Wurmcoil Engine I assume I get the tokens since it died. Just want to be sure I understand the mechanic correctly. Still learning.

Thank you again.

Darth_Savage on Rakdos Artifact Wurmcoil Engine

4 weeks ago

I actually think you have too much land disruption/destruction, Ghost Quarter, Evil Presence and Molten Rain is I think overkill...

I'd replace the _Vampire Nighthawk_s with Vault Skirge, you can play the skirge turn 1, you don't have any vampire synergy and you have a glut of 3 mana cards. I'd also suggest you want 4 of them.

I'd replace 2 _Mountain_s with Veinfire Borderpost, which will normally have no impact on your mana base, but does mean you now have some artifact synergy.

I'd replace Molten Rain with Generator Servant, this will help you ramp to get the Wurmcoil Engine out.

If your wondering why I like the idea of artifact synergy in this deck, well Trash for Treasure will let you recur the Wurmcoil, say as a 2 of replacing Rakdos's Return and 1 Blightning then also add Rite of Consumption as a 2 of so you can Fling your Wurmcoil but also gain life from it, replacing the 2 remaining Blightning.

I'd also default to swapping 4 Evil Presence to 4 discard spells, preferably Duress or Inquisition of Kozilek. So that you always have hand and land disruption in the main deck and more as backup in the sideboard.

Triton on Been working on a budget ...

1 month ago

Darreti, Scrap Savant, Trash for Treasure, and Scrap Mastery all have welding effects.

Getting artifacts in grave from hand is relatively easy, looting effects such as Faithless Looting, Izzet Charm, Careful Study, Monastery Siege, and Thirst for Knowledge.

I think the only tutor for noncreature artifacts from deck to grave is Entomb, which I don't think is within your budget. There's also Buried Alive, but it works with only artifact creatures. Also potentially Gamble.

Hope this helps!

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Grenzo, Havoc Raiser

2 months ago

With all the artifacts you're running, I'd check out Trash for Treasure. Breath of Fury could net you several triggers from your Commander in a single turn as well. Fun build!

foxboy93 on

2 months ago


Ajani I have considered running. Reason being is cause at its worst, you keep a land tapped down. At its best, you keep the biggest thing or something with a strong tap ability (Ever do this on a Wellwisher? Feels good.). Issue I found is you likely won't use the minus, and the ult will really only deal with one person. Daretti I found to be last luster. Reason being, and this is just personal opinion, yes you will use him likely just for the first ability, but you don't have alot of synergy with any of the other cards. For my deck, I don't run alot of artifacts, so the likelihood of being able to Trash for Treasure something is slim to none, and slim is dead XD

Personally I plan to try and use Kaya, Ghost Assassin. She is currently in the mail to me, but I think she is pretty good :3

ibstudent2200 on Akiri Control

2 months ago

Daretti, Scrap Savant and Trash for Treasure seem good in this list.

Blinkmoth Well turns off Static Orb and Winter Orb during an opponent's end step, letting you untap normally.

What are your thoughts on Storage Matrix?

If you're running MLD, then Decree of Annihilation is worth considering. It's a bit more expensive than other MLD spells, but it's much harder to counter the cycling trigger.

If you're looking for more sweepers, Blasphemous Act is hard to beat for efficiency in most multiplayer games.

Staff of Domination isn't particularly mana-efficient, but it's extremely versatile, and combines with cards like Clock of Omens, Goblin Welder, and Metalworker to produce some interesting effects.

Everflowing Chalice is a mana rock I like in artifact-heavy decks, because it can come down on turn 2 to accelerate out a 4-cost commander, or it can come down on turn 6+ to act as a more expensive Thran Dynamo.

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on A plate of artifacts with a drizzle of burn

3 months ago

Hostility. Equip Bosh with shit, make use of the actual damage of his activated ability; consider Worldslayer, Basilisk Collar, Grafted Exoskeleton, Scythe of the Wretched, etc. Jalum Tome instead of your jay tome. Trash for Treasure just in case, maybe Scrap Mastery if you have a hard time ultimating Daretti or want more reanimation. Pariah's Shield equipped to stuffy doll is cool, but isn't worth it solely for the combo. Whispersilk Cloak instead of your prowlers helm. Braid of Fire. Deathrender, Skullclamp. Heartstone, Illusionist's Bracers, Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle.

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