Thawing Glaciers


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Masters Edition (MED) Common
Alliances (ALL) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Thawing Glaciers


Thawing Glaciers enters the battlefield tapped.

, : Search your library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library. Return Thawing Glaciers to its owner's hand at the beginning of the next cleanup step.

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Thawing Glaciers Discussion

kanokarob on And I'll Pay a Red | Only 5 Red Spells! *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

I'm not big on Ensnaring Bridge here, as its only good early in the game, at a time when accelerating quickly with assorted tap abilities is very relevant. Its not bad, but for me, here, I don't think its desirable.

I concede that I dont have great reasons for not playing Mana Vault or Basalt Monolith other than not wanting too many cards that do the same things, and the ones I have to full those roles being preferable to me and the way I play Kurkesh, but my results validate my preferences to me.

I like Ur-Golem's Eye over Worn Powerstone so that when it's cheated in or used to accelerate quickly with several mana rocks all at once, it's untapped and keeps the ball rolling. That makes up for the one mana, to me.

I do use Perpetual Timepiece to self mill. Sets up recursion/cheating in of good artifacts.

I regularly flip Golden Guardian  Flip. I can usually have it fight a Myr Token or two as i have it block something.

I have enough other Basic Land searching to be fine without Thawing Glaciers. If I happen upon one ill likely put it in, but its not vital enough for me to actively seek it out.

hoardofnotions on And I'll Pay a Red | Only 5 Red Spells! *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

Ensnaring Bridge might help you not die to random creature beats. Seems real good if your primary wincon's don't include creature combat. even if you consistantly have 4-5 cards in hand it'll stop some amount of big dudes from attacking.

Mana Vault really good mana rock, really solid with voltaic key as well.

Basalt Monolith combo piece with rings of brighthearth, also if you wanted to get cute you could add Gemstone Array to filter the colorless mana to red for your commander to do more shennagains.

Worn Powerstone might be better than ur-golem's eye?

Is perpetual timepiece better than Elixir of Immortality? I'm assuming you're mostly using the timepiece for recursion, not self milling by the way.

how has golden guardian performed for you? Are you able to flip it consistantly?

I don't know how important hitting lands drops is to you, or if you have the time to durdle around with it, but Thawing Glaciers is a card i've really enjoyed in my slower control/combo decks. espeically ones not in green.

EBTDizzle on Play lands, draw cards

1 month ago

Myriad Landscape and Thawing Glaciers would be good additions to your land base.

My other suggestion - looking at this list, it looks like a converted deck. I went Merfolk tribal with my build with this commander. I think a deck heavy with Landfall effects would be cool. Maybe go lifegain heavy with Lifegift, Primal Command, Aetherflux Reservoir.

Oh yeah, and Alhammarret's Archive basically mirrors this commander's triggered abilities. I think it's a must in pretty much any deck with with Tatyova.

Daedalus19876 on Hymn of Darkness: Elenda EDH | *PRIMER*

2 months ago

IAmTheWraith: Thanks, as always, for the comments :) I'm trying to avoid infinite combos in this list, however.

Coward_Token: I'm trying to avoid the standard "aristocrats" staples here, TBH. I do love me some Bloodchief Ascension, though...

grimmbone: I gave Malevolent Awakening a look, but I wasn't sure that 7 mana was worth spending to get my commander back...she's not extremely essential for this deck, to be honest. I've definitely been considering Strands of Night here, to be honest - have you found that it's pulled its weight so far in your list? :) And I'm glad this has been helpful to you!!

hoardofnotions redux: Yeah, it's unforgivable that I haven't slotted Skullclamp in here yet :/ I just don't know what to cut...Angelic Destiny is a good way to give Elenda extra power, gives me recurring flying blockers (something this deck struggles with), etc - still one of my most likely cuts. Not overly fond of Thawing Glaciers in general without some form of untapping effect, myself. Thoughtpicker Witch has been AMAZING for me in this list, would HIGHLY recommend. Nobody sees her coming, but she turns the tide of games. Smallpox was so-so when it was in here, honestly. I do have an extra Crucible of Worlds sitting around, but I'm only running a few MLD cards so I'm not sure it's particularly good here. I haven't had problems with opponents' GYs yet (I can just re-kill most things they reanimate, or steal it from them), but if I do have that problem I'll add more hate. And finally, I haven't gotten to test Hidden Stockpile yet, but it seems really good TBH!

Pabs4444: Hmmm. I really don't like that I have to keep paying 1BB for a 1/1, though. Why not just use Reassembling Skeleton? As I said above, I'm trying hard to avoid the standard WB token-sac-aristocrats theme here, which means few sac outlets, and I'm avoiding infinite combos as well. I should be running Sadistic Hypnotist, though.

Thank you all for your comments and support! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you; things have been horribly busy...

hoardofnotions on Hymn of Darkness: Elenda EDH | *PRIMER*

2 months ago

Skullclamp is good, espically with Bloodghast or Reassembling Skeleton

Why angelic destiny?

do you like Thawing Glaciers for this style of deck?

How has thoughtpicker witch been for you? maybe another free sac outlet like Carrion Feeder could be better?

Smallpox is good as well

Maybe more mana rocks or card draw?

Grave Pact is a nasty card

Crucible of Worlds is good with land destruction

no graveyard hate? Has this hurt you at all?

This was a very stream of thought review of your deck hope it reads ok.

I'm also interested in joining the "deckwatch" if you're still looking for people

JAPuckett85 on WonderCats

2 months ago

Spirits Thanks- I love my deck! I actually use Sterling Grove for the protection part- there is a LOT of enchantment removal out there, & people hate on Duelist's Heritage, Mirari's Wake, & Aura Shards.. & when I'm dominating the table, they also hate on Asceticism, Sigarda's Aid, & even Sylvan Library. Nobody wants to waste their targeted removal on something that simply prevents what you care about from being targeted- & then I can sac it to get something else. Mirari's Wake & Aura Shards are instantly removed by someone if I can't protect them, & as soon as I start doing something crazy with Duelist's Heritage, like hitting double with Eminence while equipped with Sword of Fire and Ice and a Quietus Spike, then Duelist's Heritage gets targeted, too. The shroud on enchantments is helpful when your enchantments are kicking ass.

That brings me to Sensei's Divining Top; it is definitely redundant with Sylvan Library out, but that is exactly what I want! The effect is so powerful that people will try to take them out when you start winning, but it is not only twice as likely to end up in your hand, it is also twice as difficult to get rid of if both are out. Plus, though I prefer Sylvan Library, it doesn't protect itself from removal like Sensei's Divining Top does.

Sword of Vengeance is just very good keyword abilities on any cat I have out. The Vigilance means the cat can block, & the +2/0 with First Strike means the cat will likely be able to do so and survive (even without Eminence). I never tutor for it, and it might get cut, but it can be nice. You are right though- I should put something in that tutors for something better (ie- Open the Armory) or just put something better in.

I cut Path to Exile because I feel the ramp is too helpful for the opponent in EDH, and Swords to Plowshares makes more sense. I usually really really want to keep my own creatures, so doubt I'll be Path-ing them anytime soon. In fact, I cut Greater Good for that reason, though it might come back.

I prefer the repeatable, non-attackable Duelist's Heritage to Ajani, Caller of the Pride, but that's just me. I'm loving Fireshrieker though.

How do Tree of Tales & Ancient Den help you equip earlier? They still have to be played as a land-drop, so they aren't ramp.

I am pretty much at 35 lands too, since I count Maze of Ith as a type of removal, & Thawing Glaciers like card-draw/mana-fixing.

I notice you cut Mirari's Wake, but it is one of the most powerful cards in my deck. How do you like Teferi's Protection? I have thought about adding that for awhile now- I have it in a binder.

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