Basic Land — Mountain

: Add to your mana pool.
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Mountain Discussion

Xydroth on Flushed away (budget mill)

11 hours ago

I playtested this deck against my brother. Who plays a counters deck. And uses Dromoka's Command. And... it kinda fuucked me up...

So he killed my first Sphinx's Tutelage. And i was so happy i got my second one. Then he got the command back with Den Protector and it was game over... Second game i had 2 Sphinx's Tutelage in my hand. Played my first. Had to sac it cuz you know... command. Played my second... another command... So yeah, I agree we need Duress.

So i was thinking, how to make it a deck... And the upcomming landcycle from Battle for Zendikar is gonna be great! But we need to adjust the deck for it a lot to work.

Zendikar dual landcycle

So i think we want 4 Duress and 2 or 3 Read the Bones. Sadly Read the Bones is relatively expensive to cast. so i think we dont want to much of it so we can keep drawing cards and dont get stuck with too few mana to spend. That's why idd say to keep Tormenting Voice since it is cheap and it fuels our deck for our treasure cruises. So we need to drop Divination, and the 4 Magmatic Insight and a few lands to get 4 Duress and 3 Read the Bones.

Now we need to change our landbase. I think we'll go back to 24. So something like this

5 Island

4 Swamp

3 Mountain

4 Swiftwater Cliffs

3 Dismal Backwater

3 Sunken Hollow

2 Smoldering Marsh

Still adapting on what is best, this is what i just came up with. We still need a good way to gain some life...

Boza on Red White Control Burn

19 hours ago

OK, a few enters really does a lot. grammar can still use some work, but I'll chalk it up to phone posting. I'll respond by paragraph:

  • aggro is not always about attacking. For example, you do not need to attack if you have a deck of 40 Lightning Bolt and 20 Mountain, which burn can certainly be.

  • Straight burn is a tier 1 deck in Modern, I do not know if you know - If your meta is filled with strong decks like twin, you should not be seeing massive dragons or masses of goblins, which are not strong decks.

  • Burn is able to be faster or as fast as twin or Tron, so the deck should have no issue with that. However, it is your deck (as is) that will struggle vs those, because of numerous dead cards in those matchups. Like say, Satyr Firedancer.

  • You are disregarding the most important side of isochron scepter - card disadvantage. You need to activate it 3 times in order to profit from the card. That means that by playing scepter, you are giving the opponent 3 turns to deal with either you or the scepter. That is a huge amount of tempo loss for a very minimal gain.

  • Satyr firedancer has a very similar problem to scepter - it is not scary. The card does nothing on its own and has a chance of doing nothing just based on matchups. Its role is weak - your goal when playing Lightning Bolt on a creature is to kill the creature. Satyr firedancer just turns that into some damage to the opponent too.

  • Put another way, Satyr firedancer + bolt = searing blaze. You are using two cards to do what one card can do. Again, card disadvantage, which control decks are aiming to avoid at all cost.

  • Playing vs a deck with big mana dudes and ramp like 8+ power, satyr firedancer is more than useless. If you cast 4 lightning bolt effects by turn 4 (when an 8+ power creature would come out) and then Deflecting Palm the 8 power creature, you would have won the game. There is no need to burn the creature too and no need for satyr firedancer.

  • Well, techically, you would need 3 spells to burn both spellskite and Pestermite and 4 if the splinter twin target is Deceiver Exarch. However, instead of using 4 spells, you can use 2! You are playing white and there is this great card called Path to Exile, which you should be playing.

Panda213 on None

1 day ago

ThisIsBullshit with the 4x Shard Volley and 4x Fireblast in here the higher land count really helps but I coud maybe cut them down to 22. Did not even know about Eidolon of the Great Revel and that card looks like it fits riiight into this deck. So maybe I will -2 Mountain to +2 Eidolon of the Great Revel. Thanks!

nismonate81 on How does Savage Ventmaw effect ...

2 days ago

Epochalyptik while I don't disbelief your answer wouldn't it make it more sense for Savage Ventmaw 's effect to read like this : Whenever Savage Ventmaw attacks during your combat phase add ForestForestForestMountainMountainMountain to your mana pool until end of turn? The way they have it now is confusing especially if you are correct. Can more people confirm his answer?

BlueScope on How does Savage Ventmaw effect ...

3 days ago

Savage Ventmaw does nothing more than add to your mana pool whenever it attacks. That's equal to tapping three Forests and 3 Mountains for mana. Just like with other colored mana, you can use it to cast Alloy Golem or other cards with colorless mana.

Jdvanliew on First deck - Mono Red Agro Minotaur

4 days ago

22 Mountains and no Dragon's Claw would be better.

ragecat on Foundry Street Rabbledrivers

5 days ago

Replaced 4x Wild Slash with 2x Goblin Heelcutter and 2x Hammerhand and 1x Mountain with 1x Rogue's Passage.

I'd rather have the ways to get my dudes through instead of the cheap burn.

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