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Basic Land — Mountain

Tap: Add {{R}} to your mana pool.

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Mountain Discussion

Izzetgood on Izzet Control

4 hours ago

instead of Lightning Strike add Lightning Bolt . its the same thing just for one Mountain . its really good. Also try Counterspell instead of Cancel

Kornex2000 on GrandeKhan's binder

4 hours ago

I also have 14 Mountain F

Whiskerbro on Red Aggro Token

5 hours ago

Evolving Wilds is literally pointless in this deck. Replace the Wilds with Mountain s

TrueXenocide on TrueXenocide

19 hours ago

Cute story I found"Won't be a turn 1 win, but it happened for real.

Playing Big Red Control against Goblins on the play.1) Op: Memnite , Kuldotha Rebirth . Me: Mountain , go.2) Op: Swing for 3, Darksteel Axe , Kuldotha Rebirth . Me: Mountain , go.3) Op: Goblin Chieftain , swing for 14, me: 2x Stone Idol Trap , take 10. Me: Assault Strobe , swing for 18, Lightning Bolt ."

WovenNebula on Turn 1

21 hours ago

4x Simian Spirit Guide s, 1x Through the Breach , 1x Serra Avatar and 1x Mountain game over though the likely is basically nil

starrcraft16 on New player Need help!

1 day ago

hi guys, so basically im new to magic. ive been playing mtgo and i'm ready to get into the paper version at my local game shop. i recently bought jace vs vraska duel deck and the intro deck Manipulative monstrosities. ive sorted all the cards to make sure theyre standard. can someone help me make a deck with these cards that i have? i have no idea where to start. :( i didnt list the vraska ones as i think i should stick to blue/red. any other advice is appreciated(what packs i should buy to start out)

These are the ones i have that are legal:

1x Agoraphobia 3x Archaeomancer 1x Burnished Hart 1x Claustrophobia 2x Coral Merfolk 2x Crackling Triton 1x Crosstown Courier 1x Curse of the Swine 1x Disperse 1x Dissolve 3x Griptide 2x Ill-Tempered Cyclops 41x Island 1x Jace's Mindseeker 1x Jace, Architect of Thought 1x Leyline Phantom 2x Lightning Strike 1x Lost in a Labyrinth 1x Magma Jet 10x Mountain 2x Omenspeaker 1x Ordeal of Purphoros 2x Rage of Purphoros 1x Sea God's Revenge 2x Sealock Monster 1x Shipbreaker Kraken 2x Shock 1x Stealer of Secrets 2x Stoneshock Giant 1x Volcanic Geyser 1x Wall of Frost 1x Water Servant

Metroid_Hybrid on (RDW)..Rakdos Tempo Beatdown..(Turn-4 Win)..

1 day ago

EsoEric If budget wasn't an issue; Then personally I would have playsets of both Blood Crypt & Temple of Malice ; trading out a pair of Rakdos Guildgate & a Mountain in the process. Plus a playset of Thoughtseize instead of Duress in the sideboard wouldn't hurt either, but this is what I actually own at the moment; so call this a "work in progress" if you will..

However, with that said, you do have a point about including Magma Jet , and I've even made a small adjustment accordingly..

Vieno on Overskill

2 days ago

For my suggestions, I will be using the new Journey into nyx cards, so just know that a lot of what I offer isn't available for a few weeks. :)

First off, if feels like you're trying to splash heroic in rather than focus on it..After playing a lot of heroic myself, I feel it's better to just remove it if you aren't focusing on it.

-3 Impetuous Sunchaser -3 Akroan Crusader -2 Eidolon of Countless Battles -3 Ordeal of Purphoros -2 Coordinated Assault -3 Hero of Iroas -3 Plains (22 land is plenty for this kind of deck)-3 Mountain

+1 Titan's Strength +2 Akroan Hoplite +1 Cavalry Pegasus +4 Soldier of the Pantheon +2 Iroas, God of Victory +4 Mana Confluence

This is the easily said changes I would make. My changes leave room for 8 more cards. I personally am running the same kind of deck, but black/white instead of red/white. The changes I make this deck close to the usual w/x deck, but the last bits of changing are completely up to you. The cards I will suggestion a look at are:

Spear of Heliod Hall of Triumph Dictate of Heliod Dictate of the Twin Gods Fabled Hero (If you can keep him alive, this guy is fantastic.)Godsend Aegis of the Gods Ajani's Presence (It's either this or Gods Willing , you decide which is better.

Now, I can't say if the options I offered here are good or not because we can't test them yet (most of them), but I believe they will do very well. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.13 $0.39 $0.69
Color(s) R
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 13.01
Avg. cube pick 13.55


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal