Basic Land — Mountain

: Add to your mana pool.
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Mountain Discussion

MexicanPenguin on Goblins Have Infested Standard!

12 hours ago

It takes out 2 cards, itself, and another Mountain. It thins out the deck, leaving less lands and more spells.

Argeaux on R/B Control Burn Outlast

2 days ago

OK, I played this deck against my Monothopters. I'll give you my thoughts based on that.

You need more 1 drop and 2 drop Creatures. I was waiting for Creatures I could really do stuff with, and that didn't happen until the 4th Turn.

Something like Ruthless Ripper or Typhoid Rats would provide a good early block. Lightning Beserker would give an early attack or could be pumped for a later block.

Although that wouldn't stop my early fliers. You'd need something like Fetid Imp.

Your deck needs a bit of speed. As such, I would get rid of all the dual lands that come in tapped, or only run the four Temple of Malice and get rid of all the other dual lands. I know that feels counter-intuitive, but it's the setup both my partner and I used for our DTK R/B decks and it worked.

Try 4 Bloodstained Mire, 2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, 9 Mountain and 6 Swamp. Or 4 Temple of Malice instead of the Mire, if you find yourself getting colour screwed.

If you are constantly getting mana screwed you need more lands.

Those are my initial suggestions. Tweak things a bit and see how you go.

Darkmoor on A Storm of Scales

3 days ago

Thanks AngelOfDivinity for the tip! To be honest I hadn't even realized that was a legendary lol. If I take two out do you think Temple of Abandon would be appropriate or just a Mountain and Forest bc they enter untapped? I haven't played at any local stores but I buy cards/ supplies from them and I am in the process of buying all the cards for this deck online. Right now I just play with friends who have thousands of cards so we kinda play anything usually. I am trying to keep it close to standard so that if I take this deck to FNM I only have to make minimal changes.

smackjack on 2015-08-04 update of Tipping the ...

3 days ago

Probably 3x Tundra, 2x Volcanic Island, 1x Plateau, 4x Island, 1x Mountain, 1x Plains, 8x fetches

bigguy99 on ABUR Dual Lands: why such ...

3 days ago

Yea, basically what everyone else has said - blue is fucking stupid in Legacy so most of the meta tends to make decks that predominantly focus on that color. More people that want blue duals leads to them getting more expensive. Taiga saw play for a time when Delver saw play during the time of Treasure Cruise in some Temur variants that ran Kird Ape and wanted the turn 1 2/3 and Plateau was almost used for in Miracles (the deck settled for basic Mountains, if even more than one) and Marc Koenig, who won a GP with mono- Death & Taxes, uses it in his RW version of the deck to shit on people with Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon. Badlands sees some play in Jund and Storm decks. Generally, any of them below $100 are very minimally used and that explains the prices.

GabeCubed on Izzet it true? Izzet is trolling you!

4 days ago

The deck looks pretty good, but can get more efficient with a few cards switches.

First, creatures. 4 Young Pyromancer, 4 Delver of Secrets  Flip, 4 Snapcaster Mage, 1 Keranos, God of Storms and 1 Jace, Vyrn's Prodigy. That is all you need.

Next, spells. Spell Snare and Spell Pierce will do some work for you. Go to 4 Remand, get rid of the Training Grounds(why is it there in the first place? It does nothing for your deck) and also get rid of Pyroclasm. Forked Bolt could do some work for you too.

Finally, lands. Go like 8 fetchlands, 4 Steam Vents, 2 Sulfur Falls, and then 4 Island and 2 Mountain.

That should be about good.

Sweepea38 on A Storm of Scales

5 days ago

I'm pretty new to this myself, but in my opinion I would change one of those Evolving Wilds into a Mountain. Those dragons give you unbelievable reach for winning, especially with decks not prepared to deal with flying. So getting that red mana onto the field before it's too late is a bit more important then mana fixing, since it's only a duel color deck it's not as necessary.

Just my thoughts on it, I'm pretty new/bad to MTG so if you have a better logic towards your mana base, stick with it xD

JakeHarlow on Blue Steel (ver. 2.0)

5 days ago

I like the updated list! The Military Intelligence is really quite good here -- I did not even think about that card. As an enchantment, it allows you an option to protect your Ensoul Artifact from an incoming Dromoka's Command.

I am building my own version right now. I am splashing for a 2-pack of Shrapnel Blast. I don't think the Mana Confluence is quite necessary for the slash, though. Springleaf Drum covers any color, 4 Shivan Reef is great because you can often tap for colorless, and 2 or so Mountain will round out the mana base. What do you think?

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