Basic Land — Mountain

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Mountain Discussion

Octrate on Swiggity Swoo, Demons commin for you.

14 hours ago

You're playing heavy black. It may be good for you to cut two or three Mountains for more Swamps. Especially since you're running Liliana of the Dark Realms. This deck is also very mana intensive. Perhaps find a few cuts for some faster cards? I'd run Languish, maybe Burnished Hart, Desecration Demon... You may even be heavy enough in black mana for cards like Caged Sun.

As for some demonic ideas, this could be a good deck for Havoc Demon, Defiler of Souls, Master of Cruelties, maybe Shadowborn Demon. He's decent even as a five mana removal+death trigger, but odds are multiple demons may be dead by the time he is cast. Maybe Patriarch's Bidding as utility? Not so sure about that one. Demons you could cut would be whatever isn't up to snuff in your deck as you test it.

That's all I have at the moment. Happy slaying, and remember, as Rakdos himself often says, you can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter."

poox523 on Red Buff Turn 4 Win $9.71

1 day ago

The Turn 4 Win: First Turn Play A Mountain and Lavastep Raider. Second Turn Play A Mountain and Makindi Sliderunner Then Swing With Lavastep Raider For 1 Damage. Third Turn You Play A Mountain, A Titan's Strength On Makindi Sliderunner Then Play Temur Battle Rage On Makindi Sliderunner Then Swing With Lavastep Raider and Makindi Sliderunner For 13 Damage. On Fourth Turn You Play A Mountain, Akoum Firebird and Swing With Akoum Firebird, Makindi Sliderunner and Lavastep Raider For 7 Damage and That Leaves Them At Negative 1 Life.

ComixWriter on GR Eldrazi Ramp

3 days ago

+1 Up Vote.

May I ask- is your strategy close to this idea:Step One: Cast land-fetch spells and build a large mana base.Step Two: Cast large Eldrazi.

If I piloted this deck, I would fear life loss during the early game, and counterspells (cue: Disdainful Stroke). Also, targeted removal that doesn't care about CMC, Power or Toughness may work well against you; a simple Pacifism can wreck strategy. If I were to inherit this deck, I might be tempted to reduce additional quantities of larger Eldrazi for more copies of From Beyond, to establish chump blockers/MORE mana outlets and to search for a situational-specific Eldrazi. Crumbling Vestige seems to have more utility than Wastes, and may reduce your need of having one Plains and two mountains in your maindeck.

These are my humble suggestions made in the spirit of friendly competition. Play and be well.

GlistenerAgent on PLEASE help with land base??!!?!??!!

3 days ago

Your deck is really... weird. I'm not sure what cards you're trying to cast and what you're trying to reanimate and what your game plan is, and you've got some weird numbers. I'll try my best.

4x Verdant Catacombs, 3x Bloodstained Mire, 2x Wooded Foothills, 1x Marsh Flats

1x Overgrown Tomb, 1x Blood Crypt, 1x Stomping Ground, 1x Temple Garden, 1x Godless Shrine

2x Forest, 2x Swamp, 1x Plains, 1x Mountain

1x Horizon Canopy, 1x Ghost Quarter, 1x Shambling Vent, 1x Raging Ravine, 1x Graven Cairns

Sacred Foundry seems like the last land you want to search up given your assortment of spells. 6 basics may be too many, I would cut a Forest if need be. The fetchlands can be tweaked to include Windswept Heath if you find that green is frequently lacking, but I would avoid Arid Mesa. I cut the Wolf Run and the Steppe because I found them too cute and unhelpful to your spells. I added alternate mana sinks in the manlands, and Graven Cairns is for your Assault/Liliana/Lootings.

Jenica on Like infect... Red vampire aggro - Ultra Budget

4 days ago

I'll bite. The lack of Lightning Bolt bothers me. This deck is Aggressive and not having what is arguably the best 1 Drop Removal Spell in your arsenal is not good. Because you are running such a low curve, I would suggest cutting 2 Lands (most likely 2 Mountain) and 2 Faith's Shield for 4 Lightning Bolt. Besides that, I am in LOVE with this. +1 for sure.

Murphy77 on Daytime Campsite Fire

4 days ago

If you are going to put in a Nissa, rather Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip. The deck seems to be a fairly solid basic R/G landfall deck. I would mainboard Atarka's Command over Nissa's Renewal and lose 1 or 2 Mountain for Undergrowth Champion. A one-drop attacking red creature like Lightning Beserker, or even Dragonmaster Outcast might add value.

Wacooo on Devoid in your Face (>30$)

4 days ago

Thanks razelfark for the suggestions.I added some Cards to my sideboard and swapped 1xMountain for 1xWastes and 2xSpatial Contortion for 2xGrasp of Darkness for more flexibility.

TheHelvault on Planeswalker Combo

5 days ago

Same concept, except focusing more on the Walker's 1st and 2nd abilities rather than ulting.

Burn with burn spells, keep yourself alive with removal :)

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