Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Arena Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Basic Land — Mountain

: Gain .

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Mountain Discussion

SideBae on Gruul Werewolves May.12 2019

2 days ago

I recommend the following cuts:

Breakneck Rider  Flip: It doesn't seem to have quite enough impact on the board, even when it is flipped.

Conduit of Storms  Flip/ Scorned Villager  Flip/ Ulvenwald Captive  Flip/ Gruul Signet : I think you have a lot of better ramp options, especially in green.

Ash Barrens : If you can, I'd replace this with an off-color fetch, like Bloodstained Mire or Windswept Heath . These can fetch your Stomping Ground and are more effective than Ash Barrens .

Forest / Mountain : With more ramp, you can run fewer lands. Cutting 2 to 3 seems reasonable if you cut in a bunch of dorks. Generally, if you've a green general that does not create landfall triggers, you can run fewer than the average number of lands.

Waxing Moon : I don't think this card is better than just simply Overrun . Giving your creatures trample is ok, but making them fatter is what makes trample really good.

Wildwood Rebirth : I think Eternal Witness is just better. Being an instant is alright, but the 2/1 body on the E Wit is relevant and being able to retrieve anything is a LOT better than a creature.

War's Toll : I think Price of Glory is a better option. I don't think I mentioned it before, but it's a good idea.

When it comes to your werewolves, you should consider when it is that you want them flipped. They are likely to be transformed by no spells only by your volition, because most players will play at least one spell on their turn. Also, your opponents will likely try to double-spell, to return your werewolves to the less powerful side. So, if you're counting on a werewolf being on the more powerful side during your turn in order for it to be good, I think that card should be cut. I think (and remember, I have no experience here, so I'm only speaking from what I rationally think) it is more likely for your guys to be flipped on your opponents' turns rather than yours. So bear that in mind during deck building.

Good luck.

legendofa on Wooded Foothills usage?

4 days ago

Wooded Foothills actually does not tap for mana. It doesn't have a basic land type ( Plains , Island , Swamp , Mountain , or Forest ) listed in its type line, and it doesn't have an ability along the lines of ": Add ." Because of that, it only has the function of finding lands from your deck.

Additionally, it can find any land with Mountain or Forest in the type line, including Stomping Ground , Dryad Arbor , Murmuring Bosk , or Smoldering Marsh , among others. You're not restricted to digging up a basic land.

Savaaage on C'mon... Do it... You know you wanna...

5 days ago

What are your thoughts on adding Sword of the Animist and taking out one Mountain for it?

18ths on Five-Mizzet Re-experienced

1 week ago

Update 1:

I noticed that my initial list lacked some ramp. Some cards also underperformed, so here's the changes:

Deathsprout replaces Mortify - Not being able to remove enchantments is not an issue as there's still some powerful interaction. The ability to ramp while removing stuff justifies additional cost.

Torrent of Souls replaces Grave Upheaval - A bit cheaper with an additional upside of pumping all creatures so you have payoff for creating all those tokens. Worth sacrificing that basic landcycling.

Camaraderie replaces Gelatinous Genesis - I found Genesis to be a massive win more and conditional card. It gets really good IF you manage to get a lot of exp counters and put Mizzix on the table. Camaraderie is a solid card that does a lot of stuff this deck wants to achieve.

Kiora's Follower replaces Incubation Druid - Despite +1/+1 counters subtheme, I found that it's actually pretty hard to put them on Druid. I also thought it can give mana of any color. Follower is similiar to Druid, but is fetchable, can untap Gates or Deathrite Shaman when I need them or give pseudo-vigilance to creatures.

Astral Cornucopia replaces Commander's Sphere , Mirrodin's Core replaces Mountain - Not putting them in a deck with proliferate theme was an obvious oversight.

Jhoira of the Ghitu replaces Nin, the Pain Artist - I put Nin as a cheap multicolored card that can be also valuable later. But the value than Nin provides is quite expensive, and using it as removal is even worse. Old Jhoira is also cheap and cheating stuff for low cost is always great.

I'm also looking for cuts to put Ramos, Dragon Engine (put him along with Ezuri and live the dream) and Maw of the Obzedat here (great payoff for tokens and costless sac engine)

Spirits on Dreadhorde Colossus Standard

1 week ago

Hi sadcowboy,

I started testing with 22 lands (+1 Mountain , +1 Swamp , +2 Woodland Cemetery ), and found that I would play all my cards and draw into lands which would lose me the game. Games where I have 2-3 lands, I would usually win.

I went down to 20 lands (-2 Woodland Cemetery to give me more T1 Mountain and Swamp ), and tried to augment the draw with +2 Light Up the Stage , but found, sometimes, I would have 2 or 3 Light Up the Stage in hand, and no way to deal the damage for Spectacle. I tried more Duress to pull the early removal, but often was a wasted cast (other than seeing their hand, but had no solutions).

Now that I am at 18 lands (-1 Mountain and -1 Swamp ), I do find I have to mulligan. If I'm on the draw, I will sometimes keep 1 land (if it's a Blood Crypt for example) and draw into the 2nd land on T2 or T3. I usually don't want to draw a 4th land (unless I have a Rekindling Phoenix or 2 in hand), 3 mana that combines for BBRRG (like Blood Crypt , Dragonskull Summit and Rootbound Crag ) in any combinations is the sweet spot.

At 18 Lands, I'm less likely to run out of gas to win. If I widened the mana curve (Remember the CMC7 on the Mana-Curve chart is actually a CMC2), would need more lands. I have lost because I didn't have a 3rd mana (for Thud ), but also won many games with only 2 lands.

I still don't think it's working how I want it, but it's definitely playing better with 18 then 20, might try 19, see if it mitigates the mulligan a bit. Still needs some work.

generalrenard on

2 weeks ago

Yeah, backing up an heckproof's comment, you should include a playset of Arid Mesa and take out 4 Mountain s. You also could take out 3 additional Mountain s to finish a playset of Searing Blaze and add a Grim Lavamancer , but that's optional. 18 lands is generally the right amount for a burn deck, any more will decrease consistency.

dhannum on Feather Blinky

2 weeks ago


Renegade Tactics -> Draw but it's a sorcery and that really hampers it

Seize the Day -> Cute, but I probably don't win with single creature combat

Flickerwisp -> Too much blink, and not enough blink targets

Gilded Lotus -> A bit expensive and lots of my spells are 1 mana, not 3

Unwinding Clock -> only useful with a handful of mana rocks


Mountain and Plains -> what was I thinking with only 33 lands. It's a cheap deck, but still...

Phalanx Leader , Vanguard of Brimaz , and Akroan Crusader -> token makers and token buffers

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