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Basic Land — Mountain

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Mountain Discussion

zandl on Theros Block Pauper

1 day ago

Just play this:

4 Satyr Hoplite
4 Akroan Crusader
4 Akroan Skyguard
4 Hopeful Eidolon
4 Nyxborn Rollicker

4 Titan's Strength
4 Gods Willing
4 Lightning Strike
4 Dragon Mantle
4 Mortal Obstinacy

11 Mountain
9 Plains

... and you won't have a problem winning most of your games.

If you don't believe me when I say that Boros Aggro is the strongest of Pauper Theros decks, go read my Pauper Challenge that just finished up last week.

Boza on Bestow Heroics

2 days ago

Focus on one thing in a deck. Being the "heroics/bestow/air-control/lifegain" will leave you always wanting to do something you are not currently doing. You are wearing too many hats. Imagine it literally - you go out and have 4 different hats on your head. Flashy, but not practical. Wearing one hat that fits you well is the right approach.

I like the bestow part of the deck from the cards i see here(though we will keep some heroic). So, I am going to blow your mind with an innovative approach to deck building - the rule of 9! Basically, play 24 lands (in this case, 20 basics and 4 guidgates) and 4 of each of the best 9 cards for the deck. Having the maximum number of a card increases your chance to draw it.

Here is an example of the rule of 9 with bestow:

4 Hero of Iroas - the best creature for a bestow deck

4 Eidolon of Countless Battles - we have so many auras and creatures, this is bound to be good.

4 Mogis's Warhound - the best bestow creature available

4 Akroan Crusader - a one drop that makes additional creatures? Why not?

4 Akroan Skyguard - a great heroic creature and target for auras

4 Ethereal Armor - we have so many auras, this is bound to be good.

4 Madcap Skills - making creatures virtually unblockable? why not?

Ill cheat a bit from here, but you should be getting the idea:

2 Breath of Fury - a great finisher that happens to be an aura

2 Everflame Eidolon - a great bestow creature!

2 Anax and Cymede - a great target, but it is legendary, so having too many does not make sense.

2 Nyxborn Shieldmate - having a white one drop is also very nice!

This is just a simple example and I am sure there could be other possibilities. With the exception of breath of fury, everything is currently standard legal, so you can even play this in Standard during FNMs! One last thing, calculating the mana base. Count the symbols of mana on all the cards, and do a percentage split. For the above decklist, we have 20 red symbols and 24 white symbols. Almost equal, so I would go with 4 Boros Guildgate , 9 Mountain and 11 Plains .

If you want me to suggest something similar for the lifelink or heroic builds, do not hesitate to say so.

Moorbeta on Soulfire sisters

2 days ago

@rougeweasel and KrosanTusker both of you suggested Lightning Bolt , Any reason why you both prefer this over Lightning Helix ?? I feel the lifegain can buff Ajani's Pridemate , Archangel of Thune and maybe even Serra Ascendant in a sneaky "during the combat phase" trick.

@rougeweasel and Leyden Norin the Wary seems like a decent addition, I'll have to try him out...he's a dead card if the opponent sweeps the board though..also, replace who with Norin the Wary

@rougeweasel Arid Mesa is great for deck thinning and fetching non-basic, especially comboed with Blood Moon if I've sideboarded it in...I don't have the budget though :(, but yes I would swap out Sacred Foundry for Arid Mesa and 2 Plains for 2 mountains

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I've test run the deck and found that Path to Exile helps the opponent too much, it thins this deck and gives him more mana to cast large mob, I'm complaining replacing them with Lightning Bolt or Devouring Light

ditterdat on Goblin Grenade Pauper

2 days ago

Shared Animosity can't be used in a pauper deck.

Great list so far! I would suggest some Hearth Charm in the list to push for lethal early. I would cut 2 Mountain and 2 Hissing Iguanar to make room for 4.

thispersonisagenius on Izzet Control-Burn

3 days ago

Sorry, I went on a deck deletion spree yesterday and accidentally removed that one. I'll detail the differences between our decks here.

Lands: +1 Scalding Tarn , +4 Misty Rainforest , -2 Island , -4 Mountain - More blue fetches to have more consistent mana, the majority of the deck is blue so Arid Mesa is unnecessary.

Threats: -2 Planeswalkers, + 2 Vendilion Clique - I think Clique is better in this deck, as it disrupts them further and provides a quick clock.

Instants/Sorceries: -1 Cryptic Command , -2 Gitaxian Probe , -2 Rift Bolt , -1 Remand , -3 Vapor Snag , + 3 Spell Snare , +2 Spell Pierce , +1 Izzet Charm , +1 Dispel , +2 Serum Visions , +1 Flame Slash

I don't particularly like Rift Bolt here, it's probably better as a Forked Bolt or another cheap counterspell. I might be wrong not playing Vapor Snag , but think Spell Snare and Spell Pierce are necessary as you want to disrupt their early removal and other spells as much as possible while presenting a fast clock. Serum Visions should also be a four-of, as it is the best cantrip in Modern. Four Probes may be too many, so I cut two of them. I also added some more fun-ofs for versatility.

Rayenous on Let's discuss the future of ...

3 days ago

For Modern, If I had an affinity deck, I would use Ghost Quarter as a colored mana source...

Sac it, targeting your Darksteel Citadel ... go get Island , or Mountain ... or whatever basic land you need.

Acts as a Fetchland, with no life loss, and can get any basic land... just not dual lands. - While still allowing for better match ups by not taking up space in the sideboard, where you often see land hate anyway.

Here's hoping for a reprint in Khans of Tarkir.

sylvannos on Is legacy still worth it?

3 days ago

Honestly, the prices of Legacy staples are much more stable and more likely to rise than Modern cards. Most of the Modern staples are also Legacy staples. Expensive cards that dominate the Modern meta but only see fringe play in Legacy (Birthing Pod , Splinter Twin ) could very well be outclassed in several years or get banned due to some unforseen interaction.

A good example of this happening recently was when they printed Blightsteel Colossus , which made Darksteel Colossus obsolete for most decks. While they probably won't ban Splinter Twin or Birthing Pod in the forseeable future (hell, few cards in Modern are worth even having a discussion over whether they should be banned), WotC does silly things sometimes. They could reprint Natural Order . They could unban Jace, the Mind Sculptor and make U/R/x decks prefer him over Splinter Twin and just go with the Tarmogoyf beat down plan. Modern is still a young format.

It's unlikely they'll print a card strictly-better Wasteland (which would be Strip Mine ) or Underground Sea (a land that has no penalties and is an Island -Mountain -Swamp ?). And WotC has made it clear the reserved list is here to stay. Legacy staples are well-worth picking up.

SilentArbiter on Help Editing Trade Binder

3 days ago

Whenever I create a deck I can easily get the version I want of a card by going4x Mountain [ZEN]and it gives me the zendikar version of the landmy question is how do I get specific versions on my Trade binder to show up because I use the [[]]I do 4 Mountain [ZEN] but it shows the mountain link then the zen in white lettering and not the proper version, I'm just unfamiliar with the difference between the binder links and playtest versions.