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Mountain Discussion

cplvela0811 on Onslaught; Bringers of Chaos

6 hours ago

nayaanima1 Thanks, for the advice man. I really appreciate it, on the one hand, Nahiriis a good build. however, on the other hand, the suggestion you gave me; was to change my deck entirely. More so specifically to "Mardu Nahiri." This is not that type of build at all, and I actually already have Liliana of the Veil to make me discard Lingering Souls and watch my opponent discard something.

In defense of Olivia Voldaren, My 4th round at CF, I played against Abzan Infinite life. The combo was;Kitchen FinksViscera SeerMelira, Sylvok Outcast

This combo generates infinite life. Paired with Murderous Redcap, it kills you. Olivia Voldaren took his whole board state, and locked out his win. I literally -6'd Lili, 2 times, and he only had top decks with a Gavony Township Good Card

Grim Lavamancer; I have become a really great fan of "1 of's." It doesnt define the deck, but it certainly does its job. For example, hitting Plainswalker, creatures, opponents. I like to keep my spells available, for greater targets, or Young Pyromancer, for body generation. i also like a blocker, that can in essence deal 3, to a creature, for a Mountain. Dark Confidant, probably another of my favorite cards next to Lingering Souls.

in the end Nahiri, the Harbinger; is a good card, I will concede to that. I have been paying attention to Jeskai harbinger, or Jeskai Nahiri, but in the end, this is a Mardu shell, and I cant justify, changing my entire deck, solely for Nahiri.

EmblemMan on Best lands for R/G Tron

2 days ago

cspy101 farseek can only grab cards with a mountain, swamp, plains, or island type. For example it can grab Mountain but also Smoldering Marsh just so its easy to tell in the middle of the card it says land- (basic land type) if it is able to be gotten with farseek for example the middle of Smoldering Marsh it says land - swamp, mountain but Bloodfell Caves says just land.

Player3.14 on Leyline of Sanctity in Nahiri ...

2 days ago

Ooh, a lot of good stuff here!

@frusciante7: Yeah, whenever I side in Rest in Peace I feel the pain of useless snapcasters. It also makes it very difficult to get Emrakul back into my library. Relic of Progentius gets around those problems, but it isn't permenant. Often, graveyard decks can recover in just a few turns from a relic activation. I could sideboard a bunch of them of course, but that would mean cutting cards from an already packed tight sideboard. Torpor Orb is a really fun piece of tech vs. Kiki-Chord, but with two Supreme Verdicts in the maindeck, I'm actaully heavily favored.

@DrFunk27: Leyline is quite the versatile card. It's fun to see how burn and scapeshift players react when you pregame it into play. :)

@JexInfinite: Mana fixing is not an issue for me. Like ever. I've played hundreds of games with this list, and the only mana problems I ever have are flooding and drawing too little. If I had four Scalding Tarn, I'd of course run them, but I can't afford spending $360 on a playset of lands. This is an expensive deck, but I've built my way up to this over several years of slowly accumulating cards. When they reprint the enemy fetches, though, I'll jump at the chance to get 'em. :). I suppose another Flooded Strand is quite reasonable in the meantime.

I do have 2 Island, but why 2 Mountain/1 Plains over 2 Plains/1 Mountain?

But... it's not for Jund. I'm favored against Jund. Because I'm light on counterspells in the main, (7 as opposed to the usual 9 or 10) I find myself weak to noncreature combo decks like RUG Scapeshift, Titan Shift, Ad Nauseam, and Storm. Leyline was my idea of a lockout silver-bullet, like Stony Silence against affinity. Scapeshift can try to bounce Leyline with Cryptic, and Ad Nauseam can side in Patrician's Scorn in the unlikely chance they know I have it, but otherwise, Leyline is pretty crippling. I, too, like my sideboard, but still feel noncreature combo is a potential hole.

@APPLE01DOJ: Yeah, Counterflux is pretty hilarious. It punches through counter screens and cleans up the stack like no other counterspell can.

My grave hate is pretty weak, just 2 Anger of the Gods and Rest in Peace. There's really only one consistant graveyard deck in my metagame though, a dredge deck, and I found I can ususally scrape by with just those in game two. If I could fit one, though, a Relic of Progentius would be nice.

Thanks for the +1 too!

Rhyno52 on Aggro Funtime

5 days ago

Your Land count is very good i think you may flood out some times you may want to cut one Mountain for another card. Lightning Axe is a good one for destroying creatures but not as good as other spells in the meta for your colors. Also you should play nevertheless faster cards because the meta is just fast. You wont be able to live until the 6 turn to cast some of your creatures i think.

I like that you are trying to build a deck by yourself but i think at first its best to just look at other good decks like this one: Olivia's Masquerade (3-1 Gameday) and it also have a very detailed guide why he chooses certain cards and such. So just read its "guide" and look at the whole deck to get a more precise look of how to build a deck in a proper way. i hope it helps you.

And you have to watch out your deck is not standard legal cause of Doomblade, Child of Night and Shock you can see it on the right side if you scroll down by legality there you can enable to show the illegal cards.

van5891 on Naya tokens

1 week ago

Well, after drawing a few sample hands, and observing the way the mana comes down... I know this suggestion might seem rather contrary, but scaling down on your lands might be for the best- take out the depletion lands and guild lands, as well as Khalni Garden for playsets of both Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse 1 each of Blossoming Sands Rugged Highlands and Wind-Scarred Crag, and an even split of 4 Forest, 4 Plains, and 4 Mountain. The reason why I suggest this is because 23 lands is a good count for a deck like this, the fetches and duals will ensure that you get the color you need, and the only time you'll want a land to come into play tapped is turn 1 and turn 3, since you aren't running the sisters.

Another mainboard suggestion I'd like to make is Raid Bombardment. For a deck like yours, it's a real killer that will buzz-saw through your opponent's life total. I'd suggest... 3, taking out the Trumpet Blasts. (You'll already have 1 open card slot if you follow my lands suggestion.)

As for the sideboard, the hardest decks for you to compete against will be Mono-Green Stompy, Kuldotha Jeskai, Affinity, and Burn, and the singular cards that you'll have to worry the most about are Electrickery and Cuombajj Witches which will wreck your board, so I'd suggest a sideboard as such- 3 Spidersilk Armor 4 Ancient Grudge 4 Congregate 2 Luminescent Rain and 2 Moment's Peace

FierceTierce on Little fire never hurt

1 week ago

I don't think decks like this like to run Temple Garden because all spells in this deck are red, so you need all the you can get. Especially with less than 20 lands. Speaking of, do you think Chandra, Flamecaller is attainable with that landbase? I'd probably take out Chandra, Flamecaller and Koth of the Hammer for two more Lightning Helixes and a Temple Garden for two basic Mountains.

MindAblaze on What are your pet cards.

1 week ago

Mountain. That bastard does me wrong every time.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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