Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Limited Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

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Basic Land — Mountain

: Gain .

Price & Acquistion

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Mountain Discussion

JustcallmeSoul on Cursed into Combo Hell.

6 hours ago

9/23/18 2x Relic of Progenitus out 2x Damping Sphere in sideboard 1x Mountain 1x Swamp out for 2x Bojuka Bog in mainboard, debating taking the other two Relics out for 2 more bojuka bog in sideboard. the reason I took out 1 of each basic for them is to avoid the Blood Moon non-bo as much as possible.

mikexbustillos on Grixis Midrange [GRN] Please help for GP!

15 hours ago

Playtested 5 games against a couple different aggro builds. Results: 3-2.

Niv on 4 is nigh-unbeatable. He is such a good play even on 6, it might be worth playing 2 copies mainboard. Especially since you have the full 4 Sarkhan, Fireblood, and the only thing he curves you into is Niv. (Bolas only needs it in a serious mana pinch, that never happened to me in my testing...)

Strategically, it seemed like a more aggressive play pattern works better than strict defensive control. Sort of a burn/tempo play pattern. Bolas on 4 races super well against most decks. Risk Factor and Ionize worked really well in this strategy, but were way less effective with an opponent at 20 life.

Some 1-mana plays might have been nice--maybe Opt or something. I didn't often need to play lands tapped on 1, even against aggro.

Ritual of Soot would have been great sideboard tech the games I drew it, but I never had BB to cast it on curve. But by the same token, I often had 6 mana and wanted to play Niv on 6, but one Swamp ruined it. Consider some other sweeper option maybe? OR:

-1 Field of Ruin / +1 Sulfur Falls

-2 Mountain / +2 Drowned Catacomb

-1 Swamp / +1 Island

This might increase the odds of being able to cast a double black on 4 and a RRRUUU on 6.

I might also have liked a few more Surveil cards to enhance the utility of the Jump-starters. I usually had multiple Jump-starts in hand, might have liked a Chart a Course or something with Surveil to bin them for more cards in hand. Shivan Fire might be a candidate to go down, but it worked really well in the aggro matchup, so I hate to go cut them--not sure what else to cut to make that possible. Maybe it's right how you have it.

Otherwise, it's a great decklist! Played really well, drew pretty consistently. I enjoyed it! Hope you do well at the GP!

BraxTune on Baralmancer Izzet Modern

1 day ago

As you may have noticed, my "maybe" board has grown by a fairly large amount at this point. I feel like I need some more outside opinions. Guilds of Ravnica has definitely brought some interesting new options into the arena. Firstly, it has opened up my access to being able to afford a more aggressive mana base. One question this begs me to propose: How good is Scalding Tarn really? I just cant see a situation where I would get deep enough into a game where I would need to fetch a Mountain rather than an Island or a shock land? I find this to hold especially true if I begin to run powerful land effect cards like Blood Moon. Could I get away with only running Polluted Delta and Flooded Strand?

Secondly, GOR is bringing with it some tasty Izzet spells I most certainly can not wait to play around with. Ionize was one of the first spells I saw that got me all excited. Here is a counter spell that is more land flexible then most of its contemporaries and it deals friggin loss of life! However I couldn't see it being very feasible on its own in a deck like mine. The card it would obviously replace would be Dream Fracture, a strange spell on its own regard but a flexible cantrip that can, at its best draw me three cards, deal 4 damage, and filters one card or at it's worst, it draws me one card and prevents an action by my opponent(also replenishes them a card... ehhh). Its hard for me to give up card advantage in a deck like this. You only ever have as much ammo as your deck can provide.

However... things changed pretty drastically. WOTC damn near lost their minds with this set. One card, two words, Mission Briefing. Snapcaster Mage's not so secret reincarnate. Finally a playable flashback effect within my price range! I feel this finally allows me to cool it with the obsessive amount of 'cantrips at any cost'. With my graveyard now becoming an extension of my library I feel I feel I feel I can focus on more powerful options without having to concern myself so much about blowing out my hand. Also, unlike Snappy, it itself triggers Young Pyromancer and Guttersnipe.

Once they are available, I will be swapping out all three Faithless Lootings and 1x Torrential Gearhulk for 4x Mission Briefing and 2x Dream Fracture for 2x Ionize. This, after some more testing, will probably lead to some deeper changes in my deck as well as I gear it up for competition.

The struggle for solutions is the best part.

JohnnyBoyG on First modern deck need help

1 week ago

In general, you want:

7-8 fetches

4 shocks

4-5 fasts

3-4 basics

3-5 creatures

0-1 filters

Right now you're heavy on basics and light on creaturelands and shocks. Also, you should have at least one basic Forest to fetch and perhaps a Mountain as well.

6 4-drops is on the greedy side, especially given that you're only playing 23 lands and have 4 Dark Confidants. Most jund lists limit themselves to the 4 Bloodbraid Elfs. And if I recall correctly, they only played 2 or 3 4-drops before it was unbanned. That being said, if you want to play additional 4-drops, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip is probably the better option. But if you do, you also should play 25 lands. Otherwise, you can replace them with a few copies of Inquisition of Kozilek.

SenseiRamen on Ashling Burn

1 week ago

If you're running Extraplanar Lens you should probably replace the Mountains in your deck with Snow-Covered Mountains so no other red decks get extra mana.

TypicalTimmy on Just a fun story :) ...

1 week ago

My opponent scooped during my Lord Windgrace game yesterday and I'd just like to share because it was absolutely insane.

So context first: I had a T1 Sol Ring and ended up bringing out Gruul Turf and Temple of the False God rather early. I had a small assortment of creatures out, but nothing quite so impactful. However, I was able to bring out an Avenger of Zendikar which net me 5x 0/1 Plant tokens and an Omnath, Locus of Rage along with Xenagos, the Reveler and Lord Windgrace whom was up to a decent amount.

It got to my turn:

My opponent's biggest threat was a 9/9 Predator Ooze which he was relentlessly assaulting me with. I was not wanting to attack because I was building up a creature base to try and overwhelm him first. He had a lot of small creatures and I had nothing with trample. I felt that if I full-assaulted, he would just let it all through and swing for game. Plus, anything he blocks with PO will just make it stronger, meaning more damage to me later.

His typical strategy is to bring out a ton of small creatures and get Craterhoof Behemoth out and swing for game. So I knew I had to act quick because I felt like he was setting up for that win.

So it gets back to me and I feel like the clock is ticking away. I decide that I no longer need Xenagos' ramp so I opt to crack off his ultimate.

I end up bringing out the best possible assortment of cards.

Caustic Crawler, Swamp, Bloodstained Mire, and Jund Panorama.

So right there I see I am about to finally nail this Predator Ooze to the F-ing wall. I tell him I'm about to kill that SOB, and he's like "How?! It has indestructible!" -- "Yeah, but -1/-1 isn't damage ;)"

So since Caustic Crawler entered with those three lands, something immediately gets -3/-3. Pin that on PO.

  • Keeping Track:
  • 3x Lands entered this turn
  • Predator Ooze is at -3/-3 (Recall, he's a 9/9)
  • Plant Tokens are currently at 6/7
  • Currently have 7x Elemental Tokens

I tap Sol Ring and sac both Bloodstained Mire and Jund Panorama for a Swamp and a Mountain.

  • 5x Lands entered
  • Predator Ooze is -5/-5
  • Plants are now 8/9
  • 9x Elementals

He gets mad, but I'm not done yet ;)

-3 Lord Windgrace to bring back 2x lands to the field: Bring back Bloodstained Mire and Jund Panorama >:)

  • 7x Lands entered
  • Predator Ooze is at -7/-7
  • Plants are at 10/11
  • 11x Elemental Tokens

So with Bloodstained Mire and Jund Panorama. With the remaining that is floating from Sol Ring earlier, I sac both lands and search for a Mountain and a Forest.

  • 9x Lands entered
  • Predator Ooze is -9/-9 and dies to SBA
  • Plants are at 12/13
  • 13 Elemental Tokens

Now at this point my opponent is furious and begins untapping their things, thinking I am done with my turn.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH, I'm still in my main phase!"

"OH FOR F-S SAKE!" ... "Longest turn in Jund history, much?"

So, I play my land for the turn. Lol a Swamp.

  • 10x lands entered this turn
  • -1/-1 to something else, I don't recall.
  • Plants are 13/14
  • 14x Elemental tokens

I tap for , play a Burnished Hart and end my turn.

So he taps out, brings out some more creatures - no Craterhoof Behemoth, and passes reluctantly.

I end up topdecking Stitch Together and laugh like an idiot.

Forest for my land for the turn.

  • 1x land entered this turn
  • -1/-1 from Caustic Crawler
  • Plants are 14/15
  • 15x Elemental tokens

Then I sac Burnished Hart for for 2x Forests.

  • 3x lands entered
  • -3/-3 in total from Caustic Crawler, all of which is taking out some of his smaller guys. Remember, I'm trying to clear the board of small creatures so that in the event of a Craterhoof Behemoth, the impact isn't so strong.
  • Plants are now 16/17
  • 17x Elemental tokens

I then -3 Lord Windgrace and say I'm going to bring back Bloodstained Mire and Jund Panorama again.

At this point my opponent is fuming. He begins to swear under his breath and scoop.

"Woah, what are you doing?!" I laugh.

"You gonna let me finish? I still need to sac these lands and play Stitch Together to bring back Burnished Hart for two more lands!"

Haha yeah. Good times. Lol.

ThePhantomOfTheOrzhov on A Very Plain Deck

2 weeks ago

have you considered Island or Swamp or Mountain or Forest

jpermar on The Downward Spiral

3 weeks ago

More improvements!

These changes improve the focus of the deck: damage and discard!

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