Basic Land — Mountain

: Add to your mana pool.
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Mountain Discussion

Fantastic_Mr_King on Gave Me Indigestion

5 hours ago

i would add the 4 Ghostfire Blades like Scytec suggested. I suggest a straight swap with the Tide Drifters. I would take out the Blighted Cataracts, Skyline Cascade, 2 Mountains, and 2 Islands for 3 Shivan Reefs and 4 Swiftwater Cliffs. Other than that I like the changes you made. I hope my suggestions helped.

VexenX on [[Primer v2.0]] - OM_RATH!!! (Commander/EDH)

1 day ago

RoarMaster:I just played this game a couple days ago, it was turn 4, but you'll see what I'm talking about:

T1 - Forest --> Sol Ring

T2 - Mountain --> Tempt with Discovery (get four lands in play untapped) -->Amulet of Vigor and Elemental Bond

T3 - Cast Omnath, Locus of Rage(Draw), play a fetchland(Draw) and pop it(Draw) --- Rampant Growth(Draw). (Now have 4 Elementals and 5-6 cards in hand)

T4 - Cast Purphoros, God of the Forge play land for turn then Scapeshift (gaining 9 elemental dudes and drawing 9 cards). I then had a ton of mana open and a ton of cards in hand. I won that turn thanks to Purphoros, God of the Forge and Goblin Bombardment.

Ill keep my eyes open for a T3 win, but it has happened, just can't remember a play-by-play.

Rayenous on Oath of the Gatewatch: WotC's ...

1 day ago

Prediction: Amendment to rule 305.6

305.6. The basic land types are Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest. If an object uses the words basic land type, its referring to one of these subtypes. A land with a basic land type has the intrinsic ability T: Add [mana symbol] to your mana pool, even if the text box doesnt actually contain that text or the object has no text box. For Plains, [mana symbol] is ; for Islands, ; for Swamps, ; for Mountains, ; and for forests, . See rule 107.4a. Also see rule 605, Mana Abilities.

If 'Wastes' is not a Fake:
Add to this rule: - "for Basic Lands with no basic land type, <>"
(Perhaps it could be a separate rule, #305.6a.)

Without this intrinsic ability, 'Wastes' would have to have the actual text ": Add <> to your mana pool", rather than just the <> symbol.

Possible future implication:
Cards (spells/abilities) that 'remove' basic land types. i.e.: "Until end of turn, all land lose all basic land types." - This would make Island, Mountain, etc able to be tapped for <>... but something like Steam Vents (because they aren't basic) unable to be tapped for mana.

Ohthenoises on Just Chatting - Take 3

2 days ago

It requires a long story so here goes.

I was playing a Roon Clone deck, had 3 Serra Ascendants on the field at the same time and I didn't want to be a dick. In the interest of fairness I rolled 3d6 to determine targets. (It's just what we do when there's no clear target.) 2 numbers were the same and happened to be a particularly idiotic member of our playgroup. He started complaining for about 50 minutes solid about how I was targeting him. Needless to say, I was annoyed.

I came back the next week with The third path is the saddest and decided to show him what targeting was. I got everyone in the group to leave me and him alone without his knowledge, they knew this was between us. I got a nutso draw including Sol Ring, Faithless Looting, and Pathrazer of Ulamog.

Every time I attacked I said "This is what being targeted is Eli..."

After he dies I resume the game as normal and tell everyone thanks for letting me do my thing.

Nixin72 on Baby's First Zoo

2 days ago

I assumed you were looking for an aggro zoo with the inclusion of Burning-Tree Emissary, it empties your hand quickly, so it's horrible for big zoo. midrange lists often include mana dorks- usually Noble Hierarch, but Birds of Paradise works fine too.

In terms of creatures, 24-28 is usually around where you'll want to be with 21-24 lands. Personally I think 24 is a bit much, I'd go for 22, but if you include Knight of the Reliquary, then 24 lands is a little bit more reasonable. Knight of the Reliquary is amazing- it can fetch you out man lands or utility lands like Stirring Wildwood, Raging Ravine, Kessig Wolf Run and Gavony Township. I wouldn't recommend playing a lot of these, but 2-3 of them is good. There's also a mono green man land that for 2 mana becomes a 3/3 trample (I believe it has trample).

For 2 drops, they obviously run Tarmogoyf. And that's where the issue lies. People constantly try to find budget "replacements" for him, and I've been there too. But you just can't replace him. My lack of goyf is my reason for playing burning tree zoo over big zoo, it's much easier to build without goyf. I'll readdress him after finishing with 2 drops though. Qasali Pridemage is awesome. He himself can swing in for 3 with exalted which makes you be able to end the game just that much sooner. With no creatures on board, he's a decent top deck, but his utility is what's amazing about him. He gives you an awesome edge game 1 against all sorts of decks. He gives twin a hell of a time, he's amazing against tron, he even can be a pain for merfolk to deal with playing AEther Vial and Spreading Seas. His utility game 1 is awesome. Worth running as a 4 of. Voice of Resurgence is also really good, but being out of budget is also hard to replace. I'd recommend putting Fleecemane Lion in that slot. Early game he's a good beater and late game he turns into a very hard to deal with threat that is bigger than the average creature. Scavenging Ooze is the last 2 drop you'll want to play. He gains you life, messes with any amount of graveyard strategies or interactions and gets big. He's really good and in numbers, he's probably going to be the one replacing goyf. Between 4 scoozes, 4 pridemage and 4 fleecemane, you should be good for 2 drop. Though it define telly won't be as strong as Tarmogoyf and Voice of Resurgence in those slots. They're just too hard to beat in terms of size and efficiency.

For 3 drops, you won't want to look much further than Knight of the Reliquary, Loxodon Smiter and Woolly Thoctar. Knight is a bit more expensive, so maybe just Loxodon Smiter and Woolly Thoctar. I'd definitely find budget for a couple knights though, it's utility and ability to fetch out utility and man lands that can grind out a game is super good.

With Collected Company, I'd avoid any 4 drops or higher.

For spells, CoCo as a 4 of is just amazing value, especially when you can cast it turn 3 into 2 of your big value creatures. Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile is solid removal, you don't need a huge amount past that. I would however recommend Dromoka's Command. It's got pseudo removal in the form of a fight, it can pump your creatures, force your opponent to sac artifacts, which can be very relevant in quite a few matchups and it's a counterspell against burn. Which is pretty amazing in your naya colours. Although it is more relevant against things like Tribal Flames or Anger of the Gods. Especially anger since it saves your entire board. Beyond those 4, I really like Domri Rade. He's, again, pseudo removal and card advantage. If you +1, he also doesn't die to an immediate bolt, although in most matchups you can probably expect him to die quickly.

The big zoo list is recommend looks more like this:

NOTE: I've gone slightly on the high end of creatures to get most value out of Domri Rade.

I know I mentioned Dromoka's Command, but with Domri Rade, I couldn't find room for it in the list. Collected Company also gains you pseudo card advantage, so the swap for the command over domri could easily be made.

Not all the cards I mentioned above were included in this draft of a deck list, but anything not included easily could've been. This is just along the lines of what I'd like as a budget big zoo.

Hope this helps a little more than the previous comment! I think this is more along the lines of what you're looking for now.

MTGNuclear on experiment1

2 days ago

For no creature spells:

4xTouch of the Void can be used to kill creatures or for direct damage.

3xTransgress the Mind just to take away potential threats and good blockers.

For lands:

4xBloodfell Caves, 9xSwamp and 9Mountain

Nixin72 on Baby's First Zoo

2 days ago

Hey man, I'm a modern zoo player. Before you start building, ask questions like what is your budget? Zoo has a multitude of different iterations and as such do you want an explosive build? A more midrange build? A singular threat based aggro build? There's a ton of different things that zoo is able to do, you just have to figure out which one you want. Right now, you have burning tree zoo, which along with a more midrange zoo, is doing quite well in the modern meta right now.

The burning tree zoo is usually running 28+ creatures, going up to 32 sometime. I'm running 30. Burning-Tree Emissary is a card to be built around and as such you want as few white cards as possible. You also want about an even amount of green and red drops- especially in the 1 drop slot. In the one drop slot, most people have:

Goblin Guide quite a bit more expensive, so he can be replaced with all sorts of things from Vexing Devil to Zurgo Bellstriker. In a less creature heavy build, Monastery Swiftspear or Grim Lavamancer are also excellent replacements.

Beyond 1 drops, your 2 drops should be quite limited. One I really like is Flinthoof Boar. 2 mana for a 3/3 that fits on curve if you want to give him haste a turn later. He's really good. Scavenging Ooze is an amazing goyf replacement (Voice of Resurgence is better, but in avoid it in burning tree zoo). In terms of 2 drops, you really don't need much else. 3 drops are a little high, mostly because I recommend bringing down the land count. You should run between 18-20 with 8-12 fetches for a consistent (painful) mana base.

The reason the deck is running 30 creatures is because of Ghor-Clan Rampager. This guy is a must have seeing as how you're discarding it from your hand and it's an ability and therefore cannot get countered.

For spells, Atarka's Command is a must have. It kicks ass in modern just as much as in standard. If recommend 4 of them. The deck doesn't have enough high impact creatures for Collected Company (CoCo zoo is also a different zoo deck) and so I'd replace it with 2 Boros Charm. The drop to 2 Path to Exile and use the other 2 for the sideboard.

The deck I'm proposing looks something like this:

This is sort of the list id recommend. It's similar to what I'm playing, just a slightly different mana base. I'm also running Rancor.

Hope this helps! I'm also writing this at 2am, so I'm very tired. I apologize if I screw up anything in there or if something makes no sense. Sorry for the really long comment too- but I hope you find it useful! Zoo is a fun deck to play.

If you want something that's cheaper to play than zoo though, I can help you with a cheap burn list and a cheap infect list. They're all decks that are really easy to build cheaply to break into modern. All very fun to play and all very rewarding decks when you get good with them.

nbarry223 on 2015-01-31 update of Green...Control?

3 days ago

My dilemma is with the elders is that I have so much to consider, it's not just a simple swap.

First of all, I have the option of adding a Mountain and/or Island, for fixing. Pretty sure neither color is unsupported enough to justify that. Would rather leave the mana-base purely as it is (everything is a forest).

Secondly, they'd be replacing Birds of Paradise + Noble Hierarch. That's a major win-condition. There's certain decks that set up a formidable defense, relatively fast, which my birds swing through when I am unable to remove it. I'd have to come up with another win strategy for such decks...

I do like the idea of fast blockers that still ramp me, but I do need to consider the win-strategy first.

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