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Basic Land — Mountain

Tap: Add {{R}} to your mana pool.

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Mountain Discussion

Tomahawk-Bang on The Combo Forge

5 hours ago

How about Beetleback Chief for another body that brings tokens and can be tutored by Moggcatcher ? Also Emrakul's Hatcher seems like it could be an interesting token producer for your deck because it provides tokens that can be sacced for mana.

Also I am missing some of the usual mono-red cards for disrupting your opponent like Chaos Warp (let's you deal with any permanent, even enchantments), Stranglehold , Blood Moon and/or Magus of the Moon .

I would also stay away from those one-shot mana enhancing cards like Seething Song or Battle Hymn and add more mana rocks like Mana Vault or Everflowing Chalice instead. How about switching all your basic Mountain s to Snow-Covered Mountain s and playing Extraplanar Lens ? This way the Lens usually won't help your opponents.

I see that you play Forgotten Cave so why not add Smoldering Crater and Blasted Landscape too?

Maybe add Hero of Oxid Ridge as kind of an alternate wincon? Battle Cry can be serious business with swarms of tokens in play!

Cards that I would consider cutting are Chaosphere and Devastating Summons .

zego on first delve(r) into modern

1 day ago

PlattBonnay i am glad to get some help of yours :)

i will try the full playset Serum Visions now ! They do a good job

i wasn't sure about Shivan Reef because it slows down the Sulfur Falls - and i am not sure about Sulfur Falls either because two of them in opening hand are just like Izzet Guildgate ... till now my mana wasn't a big deal (my last test was with just 1 YoungPyromancer, but he is so effective that i play 4 copies now and maybe my manacurve needs these fixing lands now - let's give it a try)

i added the Steam Vents to my wantslist they are perfect !!!, but they are expensive too - i bought 2 till now and i bet i could get 2 more when they rotate out of standard for lower price hopefully

one last question: what do you think about Manamorphose in this deck? it replaces itself and 'lowers' the deckcount like Gitaxian Probe and fetches do, additionally it is a spell that can flip Delver of Secrets  Flip or activate Young Pyromancer and at least it can fix my manacurve a little (i can play more Mountain and it can transform RR , UR into RR, UR , UU)

the cons of this card are the decksize of 60 and the price (but i already got a playset :p just in case someone wants to rebuild this deck it isn't a firstchoice pick but it offers flexibility so feel free to give it a try and/or share your opinion with me)

noSoBeforu on Servants and Emissaries to Dragons

1 day ago

Seems like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would fit well in this deck...maybe remove 4 x Mountain s and play off that devotion?

zandl on Bosh, Community Golem (Tapped Out Builds the Deck)

1 day ago

I'll be Good Guy Zandl and vote for 2 Mountain .

thispersonisagenius on Consistent

1 day ago

"I would like to know if anyone out there has a deck that is soooo consistent i almost never lose."

No. No one does. Bad question.

A lot of consistency comes from deckbuilding. Four-ofs of the cards you want to draw every game, and some form of velocity through draw power helps you get to the cards you want against certain decks. Tutor power like Green Sun's Zenith is good for consistency as well. I'm not going to give you a super consistent deck, but if you want to never lose play the following:

10x Black Lotus

10x Channel

10x Banefire

10x Mountain (choose a nice art)

20x Demonic Tutor


1 day ago

Hell yeah strateupjee! That's what I'm talking about. You can be at 1 life all you want on the play. After Sire Of Insanity sticks, they aren't going to top deck a Mountain AND a Lightning Bolt . 2nd turn you get to swing for 33 damage.

Capt_Obvious123 on black demons

2 days ago

Don't you think the Mountain should be Swamp ?