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Basic Land — Mountain

{T}: Add {R} to your mana pool.

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Mountain Discussion

jaredpaolo25 on Artifact Izzet Rush Deck

1 day ago

currently using this deck... i have removed Dissipate and put the 3 Dissolve in SB... i put 4 Izzet Charm ... removed 1 Bident of Thassa and 1 Hammer of Purphoros and added 1 Island and 1 Mountain as i always get mana screwed...

also i am thinking of replacing Thassa, God of the Sea with Keranos, God of Storms because none of them gets to be online... might as well go with the one with better ability...

try to replace Scouring Sands with Anger of the Gods because whenever i am facing off with a rabble red deck, the amount of creatures my opponent has is killing me... i am also considering to replace Polymorphist's Jest with Springleaf Drum because that's too much mana for control and we are trying to rush the opponent's deck here...:)

nayrash5 on 2014-08-30 update of Let's Build ...

3 days ago

I think you should add Jace, the Mind Sculptor His +2 and 0 will help smooth out your draws, and his -1 is really good at removing problematic creatures. Not to mention that he will almost certainly tank some damage for you because your opponent doesn't want you to have a Planeswalker in play. I think you should drop a Mountain for him, because you have a lack of Red spell at the moment, and 7 mountains for 1 spell seams a little extreme. +1 Upvote

jonhydude on 2014-08-30 update of Let's Build ...

3 days ago

Needs an Arid Mesa . Take out a Mountain /

LightAndDarkness on 2014-08-30 update of Let's Build ...

3 days ago

Given that we have Doubling Season:-1 Mountain +1 Jace, Architect of Thought