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Mountain Discussion

emptydog on Grixis Dragons for BFZ standard

19 hours ago

I highly suggest keeping Smoldering Marsh and Sunken Hollow at 4 each and Prairie Stream at 2. Drop your basic lands to 2 Island 1 Swamp 1 Mountain instead. Reason is mostly you are slower, you can play tangoland tapped anyway. Further, given play test, All I had to do is use the fetchland to fetch 2 basic on the board as early as possible. Once that is done, all your tango comes in untapped really fast, and using 8 fetchland pretty much guarantee you can put down 2 basic at maximum turn 4. Which if you are asking me, pretty darn sweet.

Furthermore, been testing Dragonlord Kolaghan mainboard, and boy does it do wonder in this standard. This is of course talking in regards to my meta. Dragonlord Kolaghan practically shuts down late game for creature base decks, Siege Rhino find themselves stuck in their hands once you've reach turn 10 or so if they have a Siege Rhino in the yard. Even the dreaded Gaea's Revenge is pretty much stuck once you have the right criteria. You may consider dropping one Thunderbreak Regent for it.

Femme_Fatale on BFZ Expedition Lands have incorrect ...

1 day ago

And the Guru prices don't show up. Forest, Island, Plains, Swamp, Mountain

None of the promo cards have prices. Why should EXP be any different?

Ender666666 on The Great Red Menace

1 day ago

I was also thinking about the Shrine of the Forsaken Gods, but I think it's a win-more. By the time I have 7 lands in play, I expect to be going off and not really need it... That said, if I do draw it early, I can ditch it to Daretti... But I still think I'd rather have a Mountain.... It feels like a trap... Never trust those Eldrazi...

ragemaster42 on Derevi *Insert Clever Title Here*

1 day ago

You should throw in a couple Mountain for intimidation

fydorian on Goblins

1 day ago

The 3 Smoldering Marshes should be Mountains in this deck unless you're going to sideboard black. It's strictly worse if you don't need black mana. I understand having Bloodstained Mire as delve fodder and land thinning, but it doesnt have to fetch one of the new lands, you can just fetch a mountain with it.

jkr97e on Jeskai Flyers (BFZ)

2 days ago

+1 for sure, I love the build. I can't quite afford all the top tier cards so I am building a Jeskai Aggro attempting to exploit Zada, Hedron Grinder. If you don't mind me saying, the mana base seems a little slow to me. I would suggest trading out the Shivan Reef and maybe even a couple Mystic Monastery for a couple more basic Mountain and Plains. This should allow you play Prairie Stream untapped more often by fetching for the basics you need first. I agree that Brutal Expulsion is a great card but I just don't feel it synergizes as well with Jeskai. I think I would rather play one or two Narset Transcendent or perhaps the enticing Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper for more lasting advantage from all the spell slinging Jeskai has to offer.

Mancub97 on Burn and Refuel! Light your opponents up!

2 days ago

I would cut back on land. Maybe run 12 Mountain and I would also run 2 Temple of Epiphany and 3 Shivan Reef. And if you take out the Mountain then you can put in 3 more Treasure Cruise. And since Lightning Strike and Magma Jet have cycled out I would put Titan's Strength, Turn Against, Friendly Fire, Collateral Damage, Twin Bolt, or Temur Battle Rage. They would all go pretty well in your deck in my opinion, and they would keep it standard. I also really like the fact that this is a pretty competitive standard red deck that doesn't spam tokens like there is no tomorrow.

Just my personal opinions. And I really like that you splashed blue for some draw. Red burn needs a lot of draw to keep them going to mid to late game.

TheNextRedDude on Mountains!

3 days ago

CheeseBro, check again, thats the top Mountain

alex105008 TRAITOR TO RED!

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