Blasphemous Act


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Commander 2014 Rare
Innistrad Rare

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Blasphemous Act


Blasphemous Act costs less to cast for each creature on the battlefield.

Blasphemous Act deals 13 damage to each creature.

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Blasphemous Act Discussion

beninator on Everybody Huuurrrrrrts!!!

18 hours ago

You may already be aware, but Repercussion becomes a win con if you have no creatures and cast Blasphemous Act. Everlasting Torment and Embermaw Hellion would also be a good fit for this deck. Koskun Falls and No Mercy could be good ways to keep damage you take to a minimum.

GobboE on Beating Prossh

22 hours ago

Cheap and effective against many decks: Inferno never leave home without it :) and Blasphemous Act

hfvalenz on Tajic, Hero of East Patakistan

5 days ago

Hey man, looks like you're just starting with commander, let me tell you it's the best format there is.

So, to begin, 30 lands won't do with your Avg. CMC. and more so with the lack on ramp on those colors. I'd go with 36-38. There are some ramp in white though, Tithe, Gift of Estates, Land Tax, but old cards can get hard to find around. Besides, lands get on your hand instead of the battlefield.

You could try Burnished Hart, an inexpensive very useful creature to fix the colors. Myriad Landscape will find you 2 lands. Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds won't ramp, but they'll fix you colors and cost next to nothing. Mana rocks: It isn't by chance that Sol Ring is included on every pre-constructed commander deck. I like Fellwar Stone, most of the time it will get you the color you need. And while we're talking about colors, Command Tower is needed here as well.

Here are some stuff that you may cut to make room for those 6-8 lands:

Iron Star and Ivory Cup should be cut: 1 Life isn't nearly enough, less so in Commander. Also you have to pay for get that 1 life, just way too clunky, slow and expensive. Same with Survival Cache, 2 life isn't going to make much difference.

Akroan Crusader: You have 1 instant and 2 auras that could target him in order to trigger Heroic, so this creature would be a vanilla in practically every single game. Why would you target him instead of your commander or any other creature?

Blaze Commando: Similar problem as above, the tokens it can create are too situational. You need a better way to produce tokens.

Evangelize could work against some decks, maybe voltron is the best opponent to target. Still, cost is way too high for it to make it worthy in my opinion.

Stitcher's Graft: I really don't see the point on this one, maybe if vigilance were a theme in the deck, which is not the case.

Other stuff you should consider:

Wraths and removal!: Day of Judgment, Wrath of God, Fumigate, Blasphemous Act, Mizzium Mortars in case your opponents fill the field faster than you. For spot removal, there's Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Condemn, Return to Dust

Battalion: If you like flavorful decks, this Boros mechanic that Tajic has can be complemented with other Boros creatures, like Frontline Medic to protect your creatures, Firemane Avenger as pseudoremoval and the more useful one Legion Loyalist.

Hope this helps.

MidgeRub on Burns When I Pee

6 days ago

For SB possibilities, not sure your meta but if people play Kor Firewalker on you, Reality Hemorrhage or Pyrite Spellbomb would be good for mono red. If you're seeing infect or affinity Id consider Sudden Shock and Searing Blood could also be good. Relic of Progenitus is probably your best option for graveyard shenanigans as it cycles itself (hopefully into damage). Exquisite Firecraft is good for control players, and Molten Rain can do alot of damage to the 3 color decks. If there's alot of Swarming decks, maybe consider Volcanic Fallout, Anger of the Gods, Flamebreak or even Blasphemous Act depending on the type of swarm. Also Dragon's Claw if you are seeing the mirror match. Hope any of this helps!

StopShot on Alesha Commander Deck - Advice Welcome :)

1 week ago

Blasphemous Act and Toxic Deluge are excellent board wipes to consider. Rout and All Is Dust would also be of good use.

I see you're running a few Goblin Bombardment combos. I'd suggest Su-Chi and Nim Deathmantle would make a good fit, since that combo has won me a couple of games.

I'd also suggest adding a Reassembling Skeleton since that card was practically meant for Skullclamp.

meowCat1234 on [EDH] Noyan Dar, Jank Shaper

1 week ago

Thanks! I'm glad you like the jankiness that this deck brings!

These are good card suggestions and I might as well give out my thoughts on them...

  1. Ring of Three Wishes/Tamiyo's Journal - while tutoring is good, these tutors might just be a little bit too slow and expensive to work on. At 5 mana, I might just be doing something to make an Island/Plains larger other than tutoring. Journal on the other hand is something that cannot be very useful at all in the incorrect shell. Trail of Evidence makes it worthwhile but that's another card I would need just to support a specific card.
  2. Sacred Ground - I did have this in the deck a while back but there are just very few instances that its effect activates. For starters, it doesn't protect lands against Blasphemous Act and the like. It cannot even protect your lands during combat. The card is just too narrow to warrant inclusion.
  3. Mirror Entity - used to be in the deck as well, together with Amoeboid Changeling and Imagecrafter. The reason I removed these changeling cards is that they are creatures and are easy to remove. Another reason would be because most of the time when Griffin Canyon is not online, they are dead cards at best. Infinite mana combos go well with Mirror Entity though. Hint: Altar of Dementia
  4. Turnabout/Windfall - both are very good inclusions and would benefit the deck no doubt. The problem is that I don't know which ones to replace for these. Maybe replace Mystic Speculation with Windfall? Turnabout is bonkers under specific circumstances, especially when you have both Sapphire Medallion and View from Above. Grow a land very large in a single turn. Doesn't even need to be the Griffin Canyon.
  5. Ghirapur Orrery - seems like a good card to help us ramp and stuff. However, we rarely find our self with an empty hand so the second effect seems moot.

All in all, here are the cards I'm looking to add from these suggestions:

  1. Windfall
  2. Turnabout

Great suggestions overall! Keep them coming!

Dredgar on Life gain never burnt so good!

1 week ago

I see what you mean. I have been also thinking of switching up the sideboard. The reason for Brave the Elements, is from playing casually, when I lose Soulfire Grand Master or Boros Reckoner it really grinds things to a halt. But as I said before I have been thinking my sideboard needs improvement. I do have 2 Surgical Extraction on their way(got them before the huge spike in price ;)). I have thought about Searing Meditation a lot and had the exact same thought as you. So I will main Blasphemous Act and drop meditation. I will look into those cards for the sideboard. At a glance, I think Silence works and is cheaper. Also some relic works. Would Tormod's Crypt work better? I appreciate the advice. With this being my first go at a tournament it helps to know what's out there. What are your thoughts on Warleader's Helix? Do you think it's too costly?

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