Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Common
Commander 2016 (C16) Common
Magic 2013 (M13) Common
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Common
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Search your library for a Plains, Island, Swamp, or Mountain card and put it into play tapped. Then shuffle your library.

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Farseek Discussion

metalevolence on Samut Commander

10 hours ago

Your deck will play better if you remove some random beaters and add ~4 more lands and several more mana ramp cards.

Consider taking out archetype of aggression/courage, carnage tyrant, firemane angel, hazoret, heliod, heroes' bane, karametra, nacatl outlander, nylea, relentless hunter, tana

hijack, deem worthy, amd oketra's last mercy are also on the weak side

Some good cards to add: Birds of Paradise, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Fertile Ground, Rampant Growth, Farseek, Wild Growth, Explosive Vegetation, Elemental Bond, Harmonize, Nature's Claim, Wear / Tear, Hull Breach, Ancient Grudge, Fellwar Stone, Greater Good, Swords to Plowshares

epajula on Sex-Proof Selesnyabians

4 days ago

Alright, I'm back. Sorry about the double post. I'm not sure what happened. Cards I would cut. Daybreak Coronet; requires another card to be effective, and sets up for a 1-for-3+. Hyena Umbra; not enough value. Indestructibility; depends on your meta, but my meta runs a ton of exile. If you're facing more wrath effects it's not bad. 4 mana feels steep for the ability. Island Sanctuary; feels weak in this format. Play Arrest instead of pacifism. Spider Umbra; not enough value. Gladecover Scout; only good turn 1-4. Sylvan Caryatid; I'd rather run straight ramp (Farseek, Harrow, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach). How relevant is it that you have shroud? You have 3 cards that currently give you shroud directly. I feel like this may often be a dead draw, but again it all relates to your meta. I'd also consider switching out some of your artifact/enchantment removal to exile.

multimedia on 5cc Cromat's Illusionary Walkers from beyond...

1 week ago

Hey, aren't the Oaths pretty good with all the Planeswalkers? Oath of Nissa (color fixing for mana/potentially find a Walker) and Oath of Gideon (gives them more loyalty/creatures to protect) as stand outs.

The Avg. CMC here is 4.35 this is very high with not much ramp. If you want to be more competitive I recommend decreasing this avg a lot so you can play more spells earlier in the game. I understand that most of the high avg CMC is coming from the high mana cost Walkers which is fine, but then treat the Walkers as the top end here all the other cards used to support these Walkers should be less mana.

Honestly I think you're playing too many Walkers I would start by cutting some of the least needed ones: Saheeli Rai, Dovin Baan, Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, Venser, the Sojourner, Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast, Kaya, Ghost Assassin, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, Tezzeret the Seeker , etc. Replace them with more two drop ramp: Signets, Farseek and Nature's Lore can both fetch a dual land.

Overwhelming Splendor and Obliterate cost too much I would replace them with four drop board wipes: Wrath of God and Supreme Verdict. Planar Bridge also costs too much I would replace it with Vampiric Tutor.

You have no early game draw. You're playing a lot of fetch lands because of this I would add Brainstorm and Ponder. I would also add Enlightened Tutor because it can fetch Doubling Season.

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice's proliferate as well as being a big creature with a lot of abilities which can take advantage of some Walker's abilities such as Tamiyo, Field Researcher seems good here.

Good luck with your deck.

SirSh4ggy on Go wide, go tall, go all the way...

1 week ago

Clue stones of any kind are junk, instead try playing with cards like Thran Dynamo, Worn Powerstone, and Mana Vault. You could also run green mana ramp since you're playing green. Cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder, Rampant Growth is a staple, Harrow is alright, Explosive Vegetation is good, Farseek, or if you're looking more at creatures you can then devour, try elves like Farhaven Elf or Wood Elves.

Beyond the rampage, it looks like you've got a pretty fun deck. My only worry is that your creatures for the most part aren't 5 power, so you're not getting the most out of your commander's ability. You're also not running Avenger of Zendikar which is a staple in any green deck. While you're clearly doing something unique, I wouldn't recommend sacrificing fun for power.

enpc on Deja Vu (Saffi Eriksdotter)

1 week ago

I get that it feels a bit boring (99% of decks run Sol Ring) but it's run for a reason. And while Saffi may not need colourless mana on her first cast, I can guarantee it will help later on. Not to menation that most of the card in your deck still haev a colourless aspect to them.

If you do insist on cutting it, I would highly recommend running cards like Avacyn's Pilgrim, Llanowar Elves and the like to make up for it. Mirari's Wake on the other hand is not worth a slot IMHO. It's too slow and ramp should come down much earlier than it does. not o mention it centralises ramp aroudn somethign that can be easily removed. The other goor ramp cards worth running are Nature's Lore and Farseek.

genep on Rafiq

2 weeks ago

I removed: Force of Will (not enough blue cards), Masterwork of Ingenuity, Copy Artifact, (both depends on other stuff), Cultivator's Caravan, Thalia's Lancers, Mirran Crusader.

Added Ramp: Farseek, Burgeoning, Nature's Lore, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Birds of Paradise, put back Fumigate.

ebaums24 on Xenagos EDH

2 weeks ago

Honestly for what your deck is looking to do you are severely lacking in ramp. Farseek Explosive Vegetation Sakura-Tribe Elder Wood Elves Hour of Promise Gruul Signet Commander's Sphere Search for Tomorrow

Gottsplitter on Intet, the Dreamer

2 weeks ago

Hi RagingRevine!

Very nice Deck you build there. I play a similar deck for some years now and got some new ideas and inspiration from you for further development of mine.

Some suggestions:

For more ideas you can check out my take on Intet, the Top Deck Queen

Greetings from Gottsplitter

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