Ogre Battledriver


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Speed vs Cunning Rare
Magic 2014 Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Ogre Battledriver

Creature — Ogre Warrior

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, that creature gets +2/+0 and gains haste until end of turn. *(It can attack and T this turn.

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Ogre Battledriver Discussion

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Goblin EDH

2 days ago

How about an Ogre Battledriver or In the Web of War?

A Goblin Bushwhacker is a must.

A horribly offensive build in a casual format. How dare you!

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Krenko, Babby daddy

2 days ago

How about a Ogre Battledriver to turn your goblins into little lightning bolts with legs?

Or an In the Web of War if you don't want to break theme?

Love Goblin decks, +1.

Flagellum on Some just want to watch the world burn

2 weeks ago

Repercussion with Blasphemous Act is really silly but you would most likely kill yourself if you're running Purphoros lol.

Pyromancer and Guttersnipe are perfectly viable if you're running a spellslinger variant. As far as Ogre Battledriver and other aggro-related strategies I wouldn't bother if you choose to go the spellslinger route. I'd focus on one or the other. Remember that even if you focus on spellslinging, Purph can pump all your tokens which you can attack with. I've finished people off doing that.

If you want a thematic deck, that's a whole other ballgame :) If that's the case, I think Hammer of Purphoros needs a spot, because well, a man needs his hammer.

thewyzman on Some just want to watch the world burn

2 weeks ago

Flagellum, my new best friend, heh :), your comments have already shed some light on my #1 most burning question (pun intended) on building this deck: Strategy thru spells (i.e., Young Pyromancer, Guttersnipe, and a host of burns, Note: PURP not heavily required); or thru token generation and dashers like Lightning Berserker.

I've set aside Ogre Battledriver, Feldon of the Third Path, Zealous Conscripts, Beetleback Chief, and Flameshadow Conjuring to find spots in the deck.

Feel free to weigh in here on any of these with your experience:

Some outliers I'm also considering are Vessel of Volatility/Generator Servant to ramp (I don't have a lot of the "staple" lands and rocks otherwise), Bloodfire Colossus & Balefire Dragon because of how well they feel in the theme of fire and destruction, Red Elemental Blast because there's NEVER a lack of blue players wanting to counterspell my deck, Circle of Flame for light defense, Stuffy Doll for my targeted opponent, and Volcanic Fallout.

I look forward to some further discussion!

freefallm on goblin horde

3 weeks ago


Yeah, I know there are a lot of creatures that arent goblins, and I would love there to be only goblins, but although I do want to keep the goblin theme, I dont want to miss out on cards that could really benefit this deck like Ogre Battledriver.

Goblin Guide would be super cool to have in this deck, but I dont use this deck often enough to drop 25 dollars on a single card, or even a 100 for four of them, but I do agree that it would be really good in this deck. I agree that something like Goblin Rabblemaster and Goblin Piledriver would have great synergy with the whole token theme of the deck, and I could probably buy two or three of both. Ankle Shanker would be absolutely nuts in this deck, thanks a lot for telling me about this card, I hope my shop has three or four of these cards. Im not too sure about Crackling Doom, I feel that one or two really powerful creatures shouldn't be much of a problem for this deck, but I think I could use this for a different deck im building so thanks, its a really good card, particularity for its cost.

Thanks a ton for all of this feedback, I really appreciate it!

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Barrel O' Monkeys (Goblins)

3 weeks ago

Nice build! How about an In the Web of War or Ogre Battledriver to push your gobs into a frenzy?

Goblin War Drums are decent, and fit into the theme.

hosshughes on The Godfather - Krenko $40 Budget Goblins

3 weeks ago

@BroHammington: Hellraiser Goblin is ok and definitely a consideration for any budget build. I'm just wary of cards that force my creatures to attack. As for Ogre Battledriver, it's definitely great...so great that it was already in there :)

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