Sorin Markov


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Standard Legal
Arena Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance: Mythic Edition (RNAMED) Mythic Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Mythic Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Mythic Rare

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Sorin Markov

Legendary Planeswalker — Sorin

+2: Sorin Markov deals 2 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker and you gain 2 life.

-3: Target opponent's life total becomes 10.

-7: You control target player during that player's next turn.

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Sorin Markov Discussion

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Quest to 30 Walkers. And ...

2 weeks ago

Credentials: I've been playing superfriends in EDH for years, beginning with an esper SF deck helmed by Oloro, Ageless Ascetic , then adding green with the release of Atraxa, Praetors' Voice . I've played with most of the walkers currently in your deck, either in my own EDH deck or in other formats. In addition, I enjoy building and critiquing EDH decks of all varieties and strive to always be as creative as possible in my builds. These are my suggestions for your cuts:

Aminatou, the Fateshifter doesn't synergize with anything in your deck, and is remarkably underpowered unless she'd built around.

You don't have enough creatures and your deck isn't aggressive enough to care about Angrath, Captain of Chaos , Dovin, Grand Arbiter , Jiang Yanggu , or Serra the Benevolent . None of them help your planeswalker theme. None of them are powerful enough in a vacuum to warrant their inclusion.

You don't have an artifact sideboard for Karn, the Great Creator and you don't care about making things into mostly 1/1 to 3/3 creatures. You have only three artifacts in the deck that become larger than 3/3, and only one that becomes larger than 4/4, and all of your artifacts are better spent being artifacts than being creatures.

Kaya, Bane of the Dead is too expensive for what's basically just removal, and limited to creature removal at that.

Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is a more expensive Eternal Witness , you'll almost never hit with her +1, and her static effect protects you from only two cards that can make you sacrifice planeswalkers (aside from annihilator triggers).

Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Chandra, Torch of Defiance are both very strong in formats that are not EDH. Neither is very strong in EDH, and while Chandra can sometimes sneak in as card draw in mono-red or red-black decks, you've got access to better options. Jace is most of the time a too-expensive brainstorm in this format, and will almost never ult (and if he does... you've won already with any number of other planeswalkers). Neither is worth running in superfriends.

After those, we start getting to the harder cuts - these are walkers that I think could be deserving of a slot in the right circumstances, but that just aren't as powerful as some of the other inclusions you've already got - Dovin Baan is good card draw, but not much else. Ashiok, Dream Render 's lack of repeatability makes him weaker. Sorin Markov is scary, but unless you're getting aggressive... does it really matter what your opponent's life total is? Angrath, the Flame-Chained is neat. He is. He's just not... superfriendsy. He doesn't get more walkers. He doesn't strengthen the walkers you have. He doesn't protect the walkers you have, except from weaker creatures.

That's 14 cuts, brings you to 32. For the last two, pick out the top ten planeswalkers, ten that you'd never even consider cutting, and set them aside. Then look at the remaining 22, and pick out five more that you definitely want to keep, and set them aside. Then forget that you have those 15, and pretend the 17 in front of you are all you've got, and build the most powerful 15-walker set you can.

Final thoughts; your infinite combo idea is cool. But does it belong in this deck? Most superfriends decks are focused in one direction - getting out and using planeswalkers. Adding in a secondary combo will not make your deck stronger - just less focused. If you want combos to finish the game, you've already got The Chain Veil + Rings of Brighthearth + Tezzeret the Seeker + Mana Vault for infinite planeswalker activations (and infinite mana if you've got another mana rock in play). Add in Gilded Lotus for more consistency, and you're good to go.

skoobysnackz on Narset Power Combo

3 weeks ago

smleger, First of all, I'm not sure either Sorin is a good fit here. Second, even though Sorin Markov was reprinted in the WAR mythic edition, it is still definitely not standard legal.

GoliaRed, Thanks a lot, Ashiok, Dream Render is one of my faves in the set, can't believe I missed that synergy! That being said, I think she would be better off coming in from the sideboard against the match-ups that need it. Controlling the board is imperative until we can stabilize and assemble the combo and Ashiok does very little to help this.

Hedronal on War of the Spark

1 month ago

Oath of Gideon won't necessarily do that much, so you you may want to cut that. As for your maybeboard, Primevals' Glorious Rebirth , Captain Sisay , Spark Double , and Evolution Sage seem like all-star support, and Sorin Markov is a game-winner with that minus.

iAzire on Planeswalkers as Generals: Is it ...

1 month ago

Both Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Sorin Markov are 6 drops. That's pretty slow especially for abilities that don't warp the game. A couple of tokens? That's weak, her board wipe is more useful. Sorin can only hit one opponent, then what? Lose the game?

Planeswalkers can be attacked directly. There are enough Planeswalker removal spells which would replace other staples we use now. Hero's Downfall immediately comes to mind.

One protection Commanders have now, is if they are important to your game plan, you can keep them on the field. People have to use removal spells, whereas with a Planeswalker they can just kill it every turn in the Combat step.

Destroy all creatures power 4 or greater for 6 mana? Then for 8 mana? Then 10 mana? Are you going to win like that with Sorin? That is an especially horrible game plan.

Maybe some could be good, but like it was already mentioned, unless they were made specifically for the format, they probably aren't going to be very good. It's the same thing with creatures, those made for the format just make the best decks.

If I sit down at a table and someone wants to use a Planeswalker as a Commander today, I'll let them. Unless you're playing for prizes, let people do what they want.

PlatinumOne on Planeswalkers as Generals: Is it ...

1 month ago

PhotogenicParasympathetic: Elspeth, Sun's Champion costs 6 mana. destroying her "again and again and again" means the elspeth player is paying 6, then 8, then 10, then 12 mana to cast her. that seems reasonable. just attack with creatures.

PhotogenicParasympathetic & iAzire: i'll let you guys duke it out about whether creatures or planeswalkers are easier to remove. there are more "destroy creature" effects than there are "destroy planeswalker" effects, but planeswalkers can be attacked.

Vman: Sorin Markov is 6 mana. by turn 6 in a format usually played with 3+ players, a player's life total is likely already approaching 10 to begin with. regardless, the sorin is left with 1 loyalty and then promptly attacked and killed. not to mention the player being limited to mono black. if a player "really" just wants to design their deck around no other purpose than draining 1 players life from 40 to 10 in one hit, thats fine by me because they'll likely just lose the game anyway. especially if the sorin player tries it with people they know, as they'll just be hated out of the game first.

Vman on Planeswalkers as Generals: Is it ...

1 month ago

I dont want to be at the table where one guy shows up with Sorin Markov and just gives one player a shitty experience.

is not about the broken-ness to me. its about the feelsbad things wotc tries to avoid nowadays.

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Sorin Markov occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Black: 0.21%