Chandra's Ignition


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Rare

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Chandra's Ignition


Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to each other creature and each opponent.

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Chandra's Ignition Discussion

unlimited647096 on Oops! I generated infinite combat steps again!

1 day ago

Hey! thanks for checking out my deck and giving it +1!

Yes, I've received similar advice and I think cards like Chandra's Ignition and Soul's Fire could work very well in certain situatuions. I'll put them in my maybeboard for now and look things over more later. Thanks again for the feedback!

greyninja on Oops! I generated infinite combat steps again!

2 days ago

Love it! +1 from me!

I played Xenagod for a long time before I switched it to Omnath, Locus of Rage for a "go-wide" strategy rather than a "go-tall" one. Honestly, Xenagos is incredibly strong and way more powerful than I expected. My playgroup knew once he was on the field they had to keep an eye on me. That's probably why you say "fuck blue" because seriously fuck blue trying to slow you down

Two cards off the top of my head that I'd suggest are Triumph of the Hordes and Chandra's Ignition. Both can be a one-shot win in the right situation.

Have fun! Cheers!

Suns_Champion on Neheb's big load

5 days ago

Hello! Love Neheb!

Swiftfoot Boots more haste, hexproof

Quietus Spike can ramp you a ridiculous amount

Sword of the Animist consistent land ramp

Wildfire you won't really need those four lands if you have Neheb out

Chandra's Ignition one-sided board wipe and ramp with Neheb

Furnace of Rath risky, but mainly used as a game finisher

Pyrohemia if you have a ton of mana and more life than your opponent

Knollspine Dragon draw cards equal to damage and pick the ones you need

Cut suggestions: Extra Arms

War Horn

PaulaTicks on EDH Licia, Tribute for the Tribune

1 week ago

Just like Kalemne, I'm ready to straight murder people with a Voltron commander that's immediately disregarded as boring. Some cards I've thrown into mine so far include

Dega Sanctuary, Glistening Oil , Chandra's Ignition, Illusionist's Bracers, Rings of Brighthearth, Wall of Reverence and Hatred

I like what you've done so far, more Vampire tribal than just voltron but all the lifelink seems like it will make her much easier to cast.

chaosumbreon87 on Chandra's Wild Ride

1 week ago

Your curve and land count seem a little high. I feel many can be cut for other double damage cards like Furnace of Rath. Also obligatory reminder of the flavor fail of not using Chandra's Ignition to spark chandra's flip. Lastly, I feel that this deck could use Goblin Welder, Paradox Engine and more draw power.

but great job. suggestions made on the assumption this is fairly budget and themed around chandra.

TheMadRocketeer on Red / Green Weenie Roast

2 weeks ago

Still experimenting with the card list.

Tested against a deck that ran Dictate of Erebos with cards like Endless Cockroaches. Painful. Best answer was to try to wait and just use flyers when they came out, but he had sac outlets as well, so no-go.

First Cut:
1x Barbed Foliage (Didn't do much. Would work against endless 1/1 tokens, as in a Presence of Gond deck.),
1x Caltrops (Didn't do much. See comment just above.),
1x Flamewake Phoenix (nonbos with AEther Flash).
1x Sylvan Primordial,
1x Polis Crusher (to help with enchantments),
1x Ember Swallower,
1x Chandra's Ignition.

Will Try Next:
1x Sylvan Primordial,
1x Polis Crusher (May keep after all.),
1x Ember Swallower.
2x Natural End (Helps with non-creature problems. My ramp supports this over Naturalize.),
1x Fleetfeather Sandals (Very useful. Wanted another. Bladed Pinions would be good in this slot too.).

AEther Flash has been good, but it comes out late against some decks. If I drop them, I could add back in Flamewake Phoenix and Polis Crusher.

Suns_Champion on Bad Luck Brion

2 weeks ago

Shockwave115, Atavistic, Permafrost, Workman4137 Thank you all sooooo much!

Shockwave: Thanks for all the insight! Of your suggestions Avarice Amulet will be squeezed in and Chandra's Ignition is under consideration! The creatures you suggest may find their way in, but I don't know what to cut. Gift of Immortality may also find it's way BACK in haha! Thanks again for the tips and hope to see you again!

Atavistic: Welcome! Gisela always seemed overpriced to me... both mana and $$$. Still, she's good and I'll give her a second look. Gift of Immortality may come back in... Not sure where though. Staff of Nin Looks good. Just wish is wasn't 6 mana. Thanks for the advice!

Permafrost: Thanks for the comment! Chromatic Lantern is over budget(if only by a little) and isn't really necessary, I always seem to have what I need with the rare exception. But since it's strictly better than some of the stuff I have in here, it will go in when I upgrade the deck eventually! Insurrection is neat but my meta has a LOT of boardwipes(sliver player...yikes) and Homeward Paths so it's only useful half of the time. Thanks a lot!

Workman: Welcome back! Lots of repeat costumers here haha! Card draw hasn't been a huge problem(Well of Lost Dreams saves lives), but you're right, there isn't enough. Staff of Nin and Avarice Amulet are going in I think so that'll clear that up! Thank you!

Again, one final thank you to all you guys! Keep the comment coming!

ClockworkSwordfish on Saskia effects?

3 weeks ago

I'm not sure how specific you're being. I mean, any card that damages "each player" or "each opponent" will qualify - Chandra's Ignition, Crackling Doom, Price of Knowledge, stuff like that.

For creatures, your best bets are things like Hydra Omnivore or Grenzo's Ruffians - though there are plenty of creatures who are just generally good in multiplayer environments.

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