Void Shatter


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon

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Void Shatter


Devoid (This card has no colour.)

Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, exile it instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard.

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Void Shatter Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Milled to Pieces Test

5 hours ago

So I lost a lot but the deck did what it was supposed to do decently well. Some points to consider I found when playing the deck:

I kept on missing land drops no matter what I played, the deck needs more land so that you can activate abilities and leave up counters which brings me to my next point.

The counters are too expensive, Cancel and Essence Scatter are fine but Insidious Will and Disappearing Act crippled me a lot. Negate is simple and would be practical, Void Shatter is better than most other 3 mana counters. Disallow is the best counter.

I also had a hard time turning on delirium, there simply isn't enough variation so I often had Scribe just sitting out there. The new curse from HOU will fix this, but the deck could use more sorceries and ways to get stuff in your grave because a land is often the difference

Aethersquall Ancient, I never got to play him once and I saw you took out Cryptic Serpent, honestly Cryptic is the better choice as you already lack on mana and it gets cheaper in the deck.

Hope it goes better for you!

Biggen on Mono Blue Tutelage

2 days ago


  1. Arcanis the Omnipotent and Keening Stone I believe that keening stone is a possibility to remove, it was in the deck as a big finisher just encase however Arcanis I believe is an extremely powerful endgame effect.Especially when the deck revolves around drawing cards to mill your opponent so with a sphinx's tutelage out this is a 6+ card mill.

  2. Void Shatter I thought void shatter would be a good graveyard hate card but If its a bad card then i'll most likely switch it out for the 3 mana counter spell you suggest that I run Dissolve for the benefit of scrying correct?

  3. Thought Scour is a must keep, the mill two is just a small benefit to the main effect is that I get to draw a card at instant speed which would trigger Sphinx's Tutelage. So in my mind I believe Thought Scour is a better choice then Dream Twist.

  4. Jace, Memory Adept and Jace Beleren I believe both Jace's would be able to fit into the deck in my mind. The Jace Memory adept draws me cards without doing the 0 cost ability but getting to 7 then I would do 0 until I need to finish them off.

  5. Swan Song I actually think the only reason I wouldn't want this is I might struggle dealing with the swan, fog banks can block it of course but fog banks are meant to be blocking bigger and scarier things whilst all the time this little swan keeps whittling me down?

  6. Ghost Quarter I thought this was not necessary seeing how It is a mono-blue deck but it does combo very well with Hedron Crab? so I would probably add it to the main deck.

landofMordor on Made in Heaven - Modern Miracle

4 days ago

Yeah! Negate, Spell Pierce, Censor, Void Shatter...pretty much anything 2 mana and under is a good counterspell in Modern -- just pick the one that serves you best!

Zhorus_The_Bauqret on Deck Rape

5 days ago

I made a very similiar deck like this, and it was a lot of fun to play. However maybe you should consider not running fateful showdown, and maybe more creatures, such as Torrential Gearhulk, or Thing in the Ice  Flip, or Stormchaser Mage , or maybe even Bedlam Reveler for the same effect as fateful showdown. Also maybe you should run less counters and more burn, if you are just keeping it budget. Adding a bit more damage should pave way for an easier win con, instead of just relying on Enigma Drake. Compelling arguments doesn't seem to fit either, maybe run Disallow or Void Shatter or Censor in its place.(assuming you are able to get those) All in all cool deck idea, and welcome to Magic the Gathering deck building :D

Zingano on UW CONTROL

1 week ago

I use to run 4 copy's of Fumigate But I think you could get away with 3 in the main.I would just replace Censor with Essence Scatter and replace Dovin Baan with a 4th copy of Cast Out

I've found the Spell Queller is better in the side as well, I would put 2 more copy's of Disallow in the main and drop a copy of Void Shatter and put 3 copies of Blessed Alliance in the main.

Now I say this from constant play testing with WU control, I also used approch as my win con.

Now if your meta really is mostly aggressive you might consider going Esper and making Gearhulk and Liliana, the Last Hope as your win cons. There is a list on my page of my esper control deck. It totally destroys any kind of aggro decks and anything that's creature heavy

Darkite on The Mind of Kefnet

1 week ago

I think Disallow may be a better choice than Void Shatter overall, though perhaps void shatters in the sideboard is also good. I think Fevered Visions as a four of is a bit much as well. Maybe you could consider running newlamog, or kozi, or some other big bomb that works in a control deck. Keep in mind, you can't have more than one 'legendary' permanent on the field, so having four Kefnets is a bit much. Three is probably a safer number. I think your deck may have a bit too much removal overall, Id probably cut some down to 2 ofs and 3 ofs and include more creatures, possibly the kaladesh one that makes spells cost 1 less.

gabrielguieiro on Ghosts of Innistrad

1 week ago

Hi there! I'm a admirer of spirits and would like to leave here my 2 cents:

  • Since Delirium it's difficult to achieve in this deck, Topplegeist it's an only one-time tapper. I would substitute him for something else. Maybe a finisher like Archangel Avacyn  Flip. Maybe increase the "control theme" with Negate or (my favourite) increase the removals; Cast Out and Stasis Snare are good options. Since the spirits give you the possibility to pass the turn with 'open mana', all my choices have flash.

  • Convolute isn't a god counter. Disallow, Void Shatter and Cancel are better (and your mana base is favorable). Even Revolutionary Rebuff can be considered. Dispel it's a sweet card to put in your SB for control matches. Usually face creatures deck wouldn't be a issue, due the tappers and evasion that Spirits provide. So the most concern should be the non-creatures spells such PWs and vehicles (someone said Negate?)

  • Niblis of Frost it's a tricky choice for me. It works for you? I have considered it in my deck (Draw-Go Spirits (Gameday winner)) but the lack of Flash disencouraged me. To keep 2 more mana open (to counter or rattlechain a spirit), it would require 6 mana... Archangel Avacyn  Flip becomes more and more attactive for this slot...

  • Dusk / Dawn It's another sweet card for this deck. A 4 mana wrath that affects only my opponent's creatures? Sign me in! And can retun all creatures from GY in late game!

  • For the SB, I suggest Glyph Keeper as a alternative against control (you can cast it for 5 and, if countered, Embalm - counter proof - for 7 later)

Well, hope I didn't sound flashy about the suggestions (he he).

DashtheDestroyer on Bolas Control (HOU Updated)

2 weeks ago

lords2001 thank you for the ideas! I was contemplating whether I should put Commit / Memory into Galestrike slot. I just don't like the idea of memory because I've drafted that card and it has made me give the opponent the advantage more than I'd like haha.

But I'll definitely add some Void Shatter into the side board for Zombies and such but I couldn't find a strong enough burn card (that doesn't involve energy) to replace Flame Lash.

If you have an idea to swap it that would be most helpful!

Lastly, Goblin Dark-Dwellers is awesome! I have 3 promos sitting downstairs in my Izzet fast enough? deck. But I wanted to go the non-creature approach so that I have more answers to everything else. But never the less, a great idea!


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