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rdean14 on Burn Out

18 minutes ago

I you don't have any draw power, I'd suggest Faithless Looting, and Experimental Frenzy or Bomat Courier or Risk Factor. If you'd rather not have draw power, Thunderous Wrath is a great burn spell if you never are drawing more than one card per turn (and just in general). I dislike Rift Bolt; It gives your opponent a full turn. Inspiring Vantage and Arid Mesa would be vastly superior to the Battlefield Forge and Clifftop Retreat. I'd drop the Plains. If you need white mana, use Arid Mesa to fetch a Sacred Foundry. I played several mirror matches against my own Reckless Rakdos (Ideal), and your deck faired quite well, even against Rain of Gore neutralizing your Lightning Helix.

Ravenrose on Temur Lands

23 minutes ago

What exactly is the goal of this deck because I do not see it? I am just curious because this deck looks like it will hate on any other blue deck, especially control, that it will come across.

Isellcarsmfer on Blink Rhino

27 minutes ago

Version 5.2 many edits after much playtesting. Deck is still not 100% but effective. Any new suggestions are appreciated.

NV_1980 on Muldrotha CCCombo Un-Breaker!

27 minutes ago


We like your deck but we'd really recommend some more removal. Graveyard decks can be shut down very easily by enchantments like Leyline of the Void, Rest in Peace and similar cards. So enchantment/artifact removal like Reclamation Sage,Trygon Predator, Naturalize and Krosan Grip can come in real handy.


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

carpecanum on Defenders Matter

34 minutes ago

Wave of Reckoning and Cultural Exchange. Cultural Exchange can hit creatures with hexproof and shroud because it targets the player not the creature. They get a defender and you get whatever you want. To play spoiler you can force 2 opponents to trade creatures. Hilarity ensues.

BraxTune on U/R Mission Control

47 minutes ago

Tuning has always been so vital to the builds I create. Tuning against the meta, tuning against myself, tuning against my very imagination. You suffer sometimes. You create something you are so proud of only to watch it crumble to dust against the skill or luck of the player across from you.

You have to dig even deeper in these times and calculate and assess your choices so closely. It becomes a bit of an obsession. Thankfully my ADHD self loves that part the most.

Well, I went and did it, I went full Delver. Count em'. A whole friggin playset now. And you know what, one of the better choices I've made to date. I was initially worried that Delver of Secrets  Flip was an early game only card but after what musta been 30 or more test plays I was proved very very wrong.

Making space for the lil' guy was tricky, I tried a few combinations and decided on a 10 count of creatures. Ionize is out for now. It's a beautiful card and I can't wait to brew with it more in the future but space was needed and it was the weakest link in the moment. I considered sideboarding a copy but with the meta so engrossed by burn, weinie tribal, and permanent control more speed and response was in order.

I have decided to main board a copy of Anger of the Gods, honestly one of the better value cards in my deck. For three mana and 1 card, you often find yourself taking as many as 3 cards or more permanently off of the table. That's just solid card advantage right there. Crumble to Dust has been moved to the sideboard. Still never a bad swap in to make.

The process continues

See you at the table

Legendary_Shadow on Dem Cheap Zombies Doe!

48 minutes ago

fearfactor19 the guild kits are not standard legal, the only standard legal cards in them are the ones that were in GRN. So I guess use the lockets instead.

Chibisensei on Defenders Matter

1 hour ago

mgc974 Hmm: I might cut the lifegain cards and go for blink and draw and go wide with my board with walls. I might exchange Arachnogenesis with Heroic Intervention. I don't know how i feel about Ghostly Prison and Propaganda. They're good but maybe not for my deck.

Vlasiax I do agree i needed to change the land ratio so that i can add more defenders and had some in mind like Wall of Shards, but i was looking through your deck list and may take your advice into consideration. It's currently at the tuning stage so i may make some changes in the future after playing

fearfactor19 on Dem Cheap Zombies Doe!

1 hour ago

Legendary_Shadow...Abelzumi... the signet was reprinted in the Guilds of Ravnica Kits, which I believe makes it standard again... however I could very well be incorrect on this, if so I will happily swap out for the Locket. Cheers, and thank you guys for the comments greatly appreciated!

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