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Kresh The Bloodbraided Commander / EDH
SlayerK113 1 3 4 136 $$$
Leonin Zur EDH
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GhostChieftain on Mono White Azorius?

1 minute ago

Yup, aerial formation needs removed

Enral on NOETB

9 minutes ago

I think you should up your count of dust elemental to 4 and just cut eater of days entirely. You don't want too many 4 drops in your deck and I think those 3 slots freed up should be used to main deck Phyrexian Revoker instead.

Geo67 on Mono B Zombies

9 minutes ago

Cool deck.

I think you need to get Diregraf Colossus into this build for the finale, maybe cut the Graveyard Marshal ?

Also, if you have 4 Thoughtseize , try and get a few of them into the main.

Liliana's Mastery , also take a look at Risen Executioner , he's a zombie lord, that gives you an extra "B" for devotion.

DarkHero on Yawgmoth in my meta

11 minutes ago

As others have said, you should be in good shape. Mono Black can be very easy to run on budget, excellent at creature removal, and can find ways to out tempo ramp decks.

Victim of Night , Doom Blade , Go for the Throat , and Murder are all fantastic removal on a budget.

I wouldn't worry about blocking ramp as much as I would focus on creating it in your own way. Along the lines Dark Ritual or Artifacts. Cabal Stronghold is the budget alternative to Cabal Coffers . Crypt Ghast might be slightly out of budget, but does the job of Nirkana Revenant somewhat cheaper. I'm a huge fan of Life's Finale , which is criminally underplayed and pretty budget, especially in a meta that isn't in their own graveyards too much. It's always good to have a boardwipe or 2 on deck, but I find mono black can get quite a lot done with spot removal, and that is far easier on a budget. You already have Damnation when you need it. Black Sun's Zenith is also an option because you can proliferate the counters later. Lashwrithe and/or Nightmare Lash are good and not expensive. Disciple of the Vault is again criminally underplayed if you want to go that route. Get yourself some cheap tutors cause thats Black's go to. Diabolic Tutor , Scheming Symmetry , Beseech the Queen are the best budget options. Card draw is a must, and you get Sign in Blood , Read the Bones , and a host of other cheap draw spells to go along with you Phyrexian Arena .

And I hate to be that guy, but infect is pretty budget, on theme, and works wonders even if you just splash it as a win con. Tainted Strike Plague Myr Ichor Rats . You can then use your Commander to pay and discard a card a few times to win.

Black has a ton of options even on a budget. Just depends which way you want to go.

Tuba on 8Rack

16 minutes ago

I wonder if there is some way to more consistently get delirium for Whispers of Emrakul. I'd imagine there is some way to do it, maybe a symmetrical discard or mill effect. I'd just love to see that card at it's full potential. Maybe Stitchers Supplier, makes Tasigur's Cruelty better, but then again Tasgiurs Cruelty is kind of at odds with delirium. The Stitchers Supplier would allow you to have an early chump blocker for Davriel or fodder for Rankle's third ability, it also increases your odds of getting Revolt online, so it makes your fatal pushes better.

So maybe you cut the Taisgur's cruelty for Stitchers Suppliers. Now if you go this route and somehow have 4 Suppliers, maybe we want cards that can be cast from the graveyard. Maybe we turn the Murderous Rider into Never//Return. If you find some sort of build that uses red, maybe Cut//Ribbons as early removal/fireball finisher.

Geo67 on ▷ ARTIFACT Oven COMBO Deck! ...

20 minutes ago

Just curious as to why Witch's Oven ? Seems like you want the cat to really make this damage your opponent. Is it just for food, and then you Rampage of the Clans using a bunch of the foods?

I really like the new artifact snake, Stonecoil Serpent , seems like a good choice in this deck.

I feel like you need some sort of Pwalker removal as well.

Babyfacedbilly on Argy

20 minutes ago

Hello! I see that you have really nice formatting to your profile and decks and would like to know how you did this! I tried reading articles but they don't seem to be working for me, I would appreciate any help you could offer. I am also available on any social media or chatting platform if discussing this over TO is not a preference!

TheeRedNight on artifact commander

21 minutes ago

Just so you know you cant run Thunderous Snapper its illegal since its green, unless your group is ok with it.

Babyfacedbilly on Inkmoth

22 minutes ago

Hello! You commented on my last post about formatting decks and profiles and I would like to know how you format your decks and put all of the cool backgrounds in them! I do require some help with it and was wondering the best way to reach out to you to converse about this. Thank you for any help you can provide about deck formatting!

Babyfacedbilly on scotchtapedsleeves

24 minutes ago

Hello! You commented on my last post about help formatting decks and profiles. I require further help and was wondering what the best way to reach out to you would be? I appreciate any additional help you can provide with formatting and other Tappedout needs.

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