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Feltrix on Azorius Control - Pioneer

5 minutes ago

I do love control, so I'm happy to see this deck so early in pioneer's creation. First of all, I want to address the maybe board: I think that Castles are inherently strong, being non-legendary instant-speed mana sinks essentially stapled onto an island or plains. I would put in at least 2x Sinister Sabotage over Absorb and Syncopate. I would also add a mainboard wincon aside from Teferi, because you have a lot of card draw and if you end up looping Teferi with no other cards in your deck, your opponent can sometimes come back. Also, it's just sort of a pain. Torrential Gearhulk and Dragonlord Ojutai are both very strong options that do things control already likes to do, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion is very hard to deal with. I think Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience are both good to have in the sideboard against aggro. Do you have any thoughts on Declaration in Stone vs. Blessed Alliance.

Kozanostra on Total Madness

15 minutes ago

Grier reach sanitarium May be a good discard outlet

Kozanostra on Jeskai Heroic

19 minutes ago

I’d trim the amount of arcanists to 2, they don’t do much until you have fodder in the yard and feather to recur. Samuts sprint would be a good switch for a buff and access to haste on turns. Plus the scary doesn’t hurt.

ScionsStillLive on Scarab God

21 minutes ago

Null Caller does the same thing as your commander but worse, but it can still help.

ScionsStillLive on Stealing opponents permanents

23 minutes ago

I'd recommend blue and black (blue steals existing permanents while black steals dead permanents).

Also just as a side note, if you want to steal the opponent's deck I'd recommend Thief of Sanity

LGMR on Trump's Greatest Wall

28 minutes ago

This is the best/most playable Trump MtG card I've seen:

Profet93 on Azusa, the Promised End

32 minutes ago

This is a good list, I run a similar one that also features eldrazi, particularly Emrkrul. You mention card draw in your description but how do you draw cards if you have no board? This is your card draw I see....

Rishkar's/return of the wildspeaker/Greater good/shamanic/regal force/Ohran Frostfang - All need creatures to get you card draw. Most players in my meta board wipe or have so much spot removal that getting to draw based on P/T or # or creatures isn't always easy. As such you have below non-needed creature card draw....

Arch/harmonize/mind's eye/horn of greed/both kozilek's/tireless/sylvan library/elder - All and dont need much of a boardstate if any to draw you.

I run about 48/49 lands because even then, I still have trouble hitting 5 lands by turn 5 sometimes. Yes, fetchlands with crucible/excavtor can be useful, but not always reliable or consistent given how powerful they are, they are likely to be removed after the first use.

Might be worth adding a boseju to your deck if you have blue in the meta (already run cavern and 1/5 of ur deck is instants/sorcerries). Maybe even Miren the Moaning Well/High market. I use moaning well to gain life as I'm usually the target, in addition to ancient tomb + Hall of the bandit lord, + boseju + fetchlands, I lose lots of life so moaning well helps. Also helps stop steal effects (seldom in the meta but there).

I would cut Karn for Ugin or just another piece of removal. 7 mana for 1 piece removal is eh. His plus is eh, ult can't count on. Yes you might be able to protect him, but I found him to always be lackluster for the amount of mana, especially in a deck like this that has a low curve for Azusa. Song of drayds comes to mind as it can mess with commanders, red and black in particular have no enchantment removal so this can be devastating. One of my favorite green cards.

Gleipnir95 on Atarka Red - Pioneer

34 minutes ago

Have you considered Young Pyromancer for a go wide strategy, but it could be too slow for an aggro strategy...

Gleipnir95 on atarka red

36 minutes ago

it's indeed an interesting concept, but i don't know if i want to adopt a go wide strategy, thanks for the comment thought.

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