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enpc on CEDH Muldrotha

7 minutes ago

Any reason you're not running Flash + Protean Hulk? From there you can get Viscera Seer and Phyrexian Delver Getting back hulk and then tutoring up Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Walking Ballista.

Vman on [PRIMER] Death & Staxes: Competitive ...

11 minutes ago

ok so i realized you only go online every now and then so let me shove all my questions in one post and hopefully you shallsee them one day XD ive been playing a variant similar tho this and to great success!!

firstly i have some card questions:

  1. grim flayer: is he there fgor the extra beating or mainly for the Sylvan Library effect? also how oftendo u get delirium early. would you play it over a stax piece turn 2?

  2. Midnight Reaper. am i missing something or is this a worse Grim Haruspex?

  3. Necropotence iremmeber when ifirst saw this it was on the list, wha thas changed? did it not come out early enough or does the lifeloss really hurt.

4.Reanimate is amazing, but Animate Dead costs 2, what do u usually bring back? an edict brother?thats 5 mana tho.

  1. Tangle Wire when would the proper time to bring it out be, before or after meren assuming we dont know the matchup

next question is some matchups.

, how do you dealwith very low to the ground aggro decks that spawn tokens like krenko or kari zev? what about the cat arahbo deck. theres alto of heavy aggro around here any tips? sometimes because of mass tokens stax pieces hurt me a ton.

thank you for any insight good sir and sorry for the triple post! i love the deck

Boogsbay on Ezuri, Renegade Leader [Competitive]

21 minutes ago

Great deck! Followed most of your list and it's really explosive at times. Some considerations: Woodland Bellower over Soul of the Harvest for tutoring big mana elves for combo, Harvest needs nontoken creatures to enter the field to draw and it's no gurantee. Copperhorn Scout over Helix Pinnacle for an extra elf and to untap mana elves on the 2nd phase to cast more stuff. Seedborn Muse over Alpha Status for untap effects especially with Ezuri out to regenerate. Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip for extra Cradle. Arch of Orazca over Reliquary Tower, with a lot of mana elves there's a good chance there will no more cards to cast.

TheNocholas on Selesnya Homebrew

31 minutes ago

I run Conjurer's Closet as a staple in etb decks. Works really well with your commander and gigantosouras.

Dawners on Karador, Ghost Chieftain: The Primer!

53 minutes ago

kinght of autum and plague crafter seem like good replacements for the sliver and flesh bag nowadays, and also how is the early game for your decck with 32 lands and only 7 mana acceleration?

ForsakenxEDHx on Dimirlobotomist

1 hour ago

Thank you for the upvote on my Lazav Combo. I'm trying to get him a spot on the tier list.

SoulsSlayerKnight on [Upgraded][C15] Wade into Battle - ...

1 hour ago

I love the theme around boros, I've been looking for a commander deck like this, Thank you. I'll be using Tajic, Blade of The legion however. Although if Legions Edge works for you, let me know how it goes :). Thanks again for a deck I've been looking for built nicer around Boros

Leifon on Gonti / Use their wincon

1 hour ago

legendofa , Villainous Wealth has been a hit/miss depending on the timing. If I end up grinding them out long enough I can pull the top 10+ cards off their deck and close the game. But if its in my hand too early, it ends up being a dead draw.

I've also tried to run Duress and Thoughtseize ,but the lack of draw in the deck, at my LGS, was fairly punishing.

DOGxOFxWAR on m i l l

1 hour ago

I also been working on a -1/-1 Counter Build. Actually seen few things mentioned that i was unaware of so, Thanks to all as an outsider looking in. I can however comment on the debate here with the "Speed Need" of Modern. Its been my main format for awhile and plenty experiance seeing what I consider "Trends" in the play. Its as everyone is on the same deck or same 2 wincons alot and they change. As for why the urgency in speed play in Modern? Well, Its a machine churning out nothing but combos and broken cards, Where the main goal is Dont Get Your Combo Disrupted (Unless your a super cool Response Style counter magic lame'O) , So The games are everyone Slamming there Game for the Win within turn 4-5. Personally, Im a self proclaimed MILL Guru or sorts, And I will tell you all I care about is not missing a beat, And soon as my deck is seen, Its win or die. HENCE.. If i had to wait a turn for a tap land to be used, The Competition in Modern will eat your lunch. Just Say No to tap lands in Modern. My Opinion Only.

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