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DrukenReaps on Great Useless Cards

8 minutes ago

So I was recently going back over my Mairsil list to find things to remove so that I could test some new cards. I realized that I've never used the Threshold ability on Cephalid Coliseum... It always seemed like a really solid inclusion in the deck. At least on paper. I would use the mana off of it a few times then dig deeper into my library for some more cards.

It has literally been one of the most useless good cards I have ever played.

I'm curious if you guys have cards like this. Ones that have good potential in your decks but just never end up getting used like they should. Or like in my case end up causing more harm than good.

KibaAlpha on No Time to Die Teysa ...

11 minutes ago

I could use help with my Sen Triplets for sure. Overall I’m happy with it.

However I am seeing that the steal cards I like so much have such a high cmc I’m looking to find ways to reduce cost and if possible find ways to play an extra land per turn.

Additionally ways to max the value is ST and protection.

Lots left to work out with them.

The new Eerebos and Athreos don’t excite me. Lack lustre use for my current Teysa build. Woe Strider I may try out.

I may move stuff out for card draw and perhaps creature sac outlets.

a.stebel on Bant Lands - Canadian Highlander

15 minutes ago

Points: 3 Strip Mine, 2 Mystical Tutor, 2 Gifts Ungiven, 1 Intuition, 1 Mana Drain, 1 Crop Rotation,

KibaAlpha on All Good Things Come In ...

27 minutes ago


Good suggestion and both cards I happen to own.

Spirits on Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats EDH

29 minutes ago

Ok, so lost to Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves, not awesome, he really matches well with the fight though. I did manage to win all the other rounds, but seeded low right off the start, so didn't face too many difficult decks.

New strategy:

Switch Spike Feeder to Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Walking Ballista line that has a win-con instead of just infinite life, which is useless. This combo is CMC9 so it's not functional without further rework of the mana ramping. Can break it up, CMC3 for Heliod, Sun-Crowned and then CMC4 + CMC2 for Walking Ballista and Lifelink, but thats still CMC6.

Infect will still be line 1, refine some synergy around that.

Add more fast mana like Lotus Petal. Add Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves back to have some synergy with Puresteel Paladin. Figure out something there. Have to ramp more.

Synergize the tutors with Walking Ballista. Finale of Devastation is probably wrong now. Green Sun's Zenith still is CMC1 ramp for Dryad Arbor. Re-audit each cat.

Add infinite draw combos with The Great Henge and cats, likely Whitemane Lion + Aluren but there must be others. Fleetfoot Panther isn't too exciting, but we'll see, there are a few other cats like Fleetfoot Panther, only take on cats that don't suck as well.

Have to find a way to build combos with a cat, need a T1 solution? in selesnya? I don't want to take it Stax, would rather figure out how to stay combo.

I can't see any equipment changes other than the boots coming back in. Greater Good might come out if no combos with it, but I do like it for the draw, so maybe not. I've been looking at Rafiq of the Many and Uril, the Miststalker but don't see that as the right way to go, think the equipment package is correct. Sword of Feast and Famine still presents the challenge with Pro-green, but none of the other swords give me pro-black without pro-white/pro-green that are any good.

Need to get creative, might start a Arahbo, Roar of the World discord, hmm, need to brainstorm. We need some good white cards in commander, and some really high powered cats. Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist and Leonin Relic-Warder the only really functionally played cats.

Thats the plan, lots of thinking and building synergies to work through. I'm playing it as is again (no Heliod and Ballista) this weekend again to try and get an evaluation of what is working. Strengthen the infect a bit too.

Ziusdra on Card creation challenge

33 minutes ago

This challenge seems to be going slowly, so I'll answer it with another of my favorite D&D characters and then I'll change the challenge

Hex Durmir

Legendary Creature - Human Monk Cleric


As long as Hex Durmir's power is 5 or more, he has hexproof, vigilance, and first strike.

As long as Hex Durmir's power is less than 3, he has deathtouch and double strike.

3 / 2

Hex was a womanizing hedonistic athiest monk cleric (I know, inherently contradictory in d&d systems). He hated the gods and while he was supposed to be ascetical as a monk, he enjoyed women too much and was insecure as a male, seeing himself in competition with every other man on the planet (he was quintessentially the toxic male). When he wasn't flexing his muscles and grossing out the ladies, he strummed his mandolin, which he was quite proficient with but didn't let anyone know. He was awfully lonely, and had a lot of room to grow as a character.

New challenge: take TWO of the following keywords and make them interact with one another on a single card: graft, buyback, cascade, affinity, evoke, fabricate, explore, miracle, transmute

theartision on Son of a Lich | ...

43 minutes ago

Mausoleum Secrets could be a good choice for a solid tutor since your deck seems to have a lot of creatures/black cards that can win you the game, its especially good since its instant speed so you can do it on an opponents end step and be ready to cast the card turn of.

Deadpoo111 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 hour ago

Still waiting on the comment, theartision! Thanks in advance!

Blackgate on R/G Werewolves

1 hour ago

I really like the werewolf cards in Magic. They make fun decks!
I would suggest play testing Geier Reach Bandit  Flip. Gives you even more control of your werewolves when coupled with Immerwolf.

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