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RainBAY on Horse Tribal (Dead Serious)

1 minute ago

Listen, it's the best I can do, and he's kinda horse-like :/

toothlessthedragon on A Slow, Painful Death

8 minutes ago

An edit you should make to your description... Sinkhole is not "banned" in MTGO Pauper, it was never printed at common on MTGO and is therefore not a candidate for the online or sanctioned format of pauper regardless of the banlist. Paper pauper being a different format entirely has no official banlist due to it being an unsupported format, though the general consensus for this sub-format is that the MTGO banlist be observed when deck building.

Love the deck though, it seems like a not so typical version of UB control.

Slamwise on Green Stompy

14 minutes ago

This seems less like stompy, and more like all the green creature cards you like in one deck haha. I don't know if you are looking for advice, but I would try to focus on a specific goal of the deck. Pumping out 2,3,4 mana beaters and making them strong, or ramping up to your big guys. And sort of random stuff like your instants could be card draw like Lead the Stampede or Harmonize.

iRidetheTvan on Baneslayer

16 minutes ago

I know youre already considering this but I feel like Llanowar Elves could really help your case for getting out goodies earlier. Since your one cmc spot is primarily Ajani's Welcome and Fountain of Renewal and they both do the same job (ticking pridemate or triggering resplendent easier) maybe you could take couple of those out.

Gattison on Help building a Bloodbriar deck

17 minutes ago

lol, Crack the Earth is awesome! I didn't even remember that card!

It's a more versatile Innocent Blood, and seems better than Misguided Rage. If you were thinking Rakdos, I'd say Innocent Blood because it will also trigger Mortician Beetle. Since you're thinking Gruul, then Crack the Earth obviously, and maybe you could make use of things like Blisterpod, Goblin Arsonist or Bequeathal.

Also: Rancor is also excellent in Brian decks because you can enchant a chump, sac the chump, and then re-use Rancor on Bloodbriar or whatever else helps you win. All for a single a pop.

hoyanader on In the Lab of the ...

21 minutes ago

Hey Rabid_Wombat

Can you send me a link to your chaos deck...maybe i can have some new cards to start makeing my own chaos.

Zelpoke on H: Sliver EDH Lot W: ...

24 minutes ago

Do you have any fetches, Pendelhaven's, Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, or even just some Become Immense's

Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Primer

28 minutes ago

I've looked over every uncommon ever printed and the only decent commanders are Scarland Thrinax, Sprouting Thrinax, and to a lesser extent a battlemage-like dude

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