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JohnnyCRO on KefNOT the Controlfreak [primer]

1 minute ago


Such situations are uncommon, but they do come up from time to time.

It is true that this deck highly values lands, but after the deck enters mid/late game lands become more of a commodity. The deck still wants and actively works on getting more mana, but we can get rid of one or two lands if the situation calls for it.

Tolaria West is a land early on, but can be used as a tutor late game if we need to bring out a utility land.

Both MLD and targeted land removal are present in my meta. In case of MLD saving a land or two while fattening up a hand will help in getting through it. While against targeted land removal like Strip Mine it might save a valuable utility land.

In aggressive metas, maintaining 7-card hand while developing a board and ramping might be problematic so sometimes bouncing a land to hit 7 cards in hand is acceptable. Especially if we have no other lands to play the next turn anyway. Sure, drawing into a land is an option, but it is still a factor when weighing options and deciding if bouncing a land to hit 7 cards in hand is worth it or not in the particular moment.

And last, but not the least, Glacial Chasm is very neat.

emlit on Pauper Red

1 minute ago

No Fling?

TheHelvault on Jeskai Hawk Hunt (Jank Alert) ...

2 minutes ago

It's not legal online, right, but it's legal in paper as stated here. I play paper pauper, not on MTGO

chadsansing on Gold Roger's Last Words

2 minutes ago

Metallurgic Summonings and Mycosynth Lattice might help you get to your artifacts-matter win cons faster.

Have fun!

abby315 on Never Doubt the Power of ...

3 minutes ago

I think you should definitely take another look at your spells package. The way I see it, the deck gets Entreat as a powerful finisher and Terminus as an early boardwipe, and these require some Mircale enabling pieces in JTMS and Search for Azcanta  Flip, but otherwise needs to play as U/W control does.

I'm looking at this list as a base because I haven't built control in modern before, but it has all the pieces I've come to expect.

So, you don't need Supreme Verdict because you get Terminus, and you don't need the 3 Gideon because you have an endgame in Entreat the Angels. You probably don't need Runed Halo or Sphinx's Revelation because Terminus can deal with any threat to your life total and Jace grabs ya cards. You need to make room for 3-4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor (but once he's legal they'll be doing that anyway) and I'd argue a 3rd Search for Azcanta  Flip.

I've made some experimental tweaks and came up with this list: Alterations to a list

I slimmed down on Noxious Revival because I really don't think you need that many Snapcaster Mage type effects, and phyrexian mana will end up hurting you quite a bit. I also slimmed on Riverwise Augur because I went up on Search for Azcanta  Flip and card draw in Spreading Seas. Finally, slimmed a copy of Entreat the Angels because, between JTMS, your Snappies, and Colonnade, you're pretty threat-heavy for a control deck in modern. It might actually be right to only run 2, especially considering one resolved copy late-game is usually a one-turn win.

From my observation, Spreading Seas is vital to blue control in modern. Cantripping makes it a powerful card any stage of the game, it slows down multicolor decks, punishes greedy hands, and makes nightmare matchups like Tron and Scapeshift slightly better.

Obviously you can make your own deck decisions, and a lot of numbers tweaks should be meta-specific as any control deck needs to be reactive to the meta. But I think this puts you with a slightly more streamlined control plan that still has the pieces to make Miracles work!

Gleeock on Sram, Eggy-Weggs.. I think I'll ...

4 minutes ago

Actually that is a good question, last time I modified this deck it glitched and did not update... So it has since had some fat cut out. Worldslayer was indeed a hard lock... but not one I usually needed to run, I will update my deck here and see what changes have been made since :)

chadsansing on The Dakmor Salvage Fanclub - ...

5 minutes ago

You could run a Creeping Renaissance on Sorcery to get back Splendid Reclamation, as well, for value or in case of counter/discard/mill. Harrow and another recursion effect like Noxious Revival might also help.

Happy playing!

awfulitis on Explore This!!! 'Cabra party~!

8 minutes ago

This deck is awesome, love the between quality abusers of Panharmonicon coupled with the ETB off of Path of Discovery. If you are looking for suggestions I'd definitely move your Duress's into the sideboard in favor of some single target removal. Both Walk the Plank and Moment of Craving would be pretty decent options (though I'd definitely go with Moment of Craving if your local meta has a lot of fish swimming around). If you want to keep a hand disruption spell Harsh Scrutiny could help you deal with creature-based decks and could be swapped out during match-ups against Control.

I'd also recommend Hour of Glory as a budget option to Vraska's Contempt as it can do some work for you against all the gods, dragons, and phoenixes running around. Maybe move Golden Demise to the sideboard and go down a copy of Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip to make room for a two of?

So far as your creature base is concerned I do like the idea of Dread Wanderer as an early drop that can get a lot of value in the late game after you've set up your Path of Discovery and/or Panharmonicon. I'd personally move Deadeye Tracker to the sideboard, to be brought in for the match-ups he really shines in.

Congrats again on making a super fun looking deck, and I hope I provided some good advice!

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