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Anafenza Leads The Way EDH
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Anafenza Leads The Way EDH
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jackowski626 on Kaladesh PW Chandra deck help

11 minutes ago

Ok thanks, this seems to be pretty good :-)

How about the sorceries/instants?

Rzepkanut on Mirko Vosk, Green Hoser

16 minutes ago

I love the deck seems pretty brutal if you are playing vs green decks...which is all the time for most of us! So I got a few ideas for you.. Now I know this is a big change but it seems like you could swap out the mill strategy and zombie tribal cards for a color control strategy to compliment your primary game plan of green hate, along with a new commander to go with it. Lazav, Dimir Mastermind seems like a better commander for this idea since you are likely killing creatures a lot. I was thinking color changing cards like Whim of Volrath, Glamerdye, Crystal Spray, Alter Reality, Spectral Shift, Trait Doctoring, Mind Bend, Sleight of Mind, Vodalian Mystic and especially Blind Seer will give you much more control. You can also stop ramping with Shadow of Doubt, Mindlock Orb, Pendrell Mists, Energy Flux.

Argy on Argy

19 minutes ago

Thanks Jimmy_Chinchila

I would have gone with this name if it was available when I first registered.

EternalBrewmaster on Nobody Expects Mono Green Combo ...

23 minutes ago

No I haven't as it's an artifact and the idea is to not use artifacts and to achieve the win at instant speed as a surprise. Rocket launcher, being a permanent, advertises what I'm doing, and being a non-foil artifact, doesn't work in any way. Also, this deck just doesn't need more than one burn spell as it can draw a ridiculous number of cards.

Argy on Zombie Beat Down

23 minutes ago

Seems solid.

Did better then I thought it might.

CoffeeTime88 on Servo Procession

24 minutes ago

You could also splash Blue for Mechanized Production

PookandPie on Best Commander / Colors for ...

25 minutes ago

It's important to know if you like to combo, control, or beat face. A lot of Modern players tend to look down upon combo, so if you're going to do a combo deck it'd probably be better for you to look at one that makes creatures or deals heavily with creatures, which would make Ghave, Guru of Spores a great option. You can fall back on Abzan tokens as well, which works surprisingly well in a lot of meta games.

If you want to beat face, though, and swing for 48+ at your opponents early, I can highly recommend Xenagos, God of Revels. Running 37 lands + 13 or so acceleration cards makes landing Xenagos on turns 2-3 pretty easy, and it's terrifying to deal with a Heroes' Bane swinging for 48 on the fifth turn, or a hasted Atarka, World Render which deals 24. Also, Xenagos is pretty easy to protect if you play him conservatively as he's both indestructible and usually just an enchantment. You get additional combat steps with tons of cards (which further stacks Xenagos's buff every combat) and can even include Bear Umbra + Aggravated Assault for endless combat damage to end out games. Having been on the receiving end of this multiple times, I can highly recommend Xenagos as a Commander, especially now that tuck is gone. Just run some stuff that gives your guys trample (like Nylea, God of the Hunt and others) and you'll be swinging for huge damage all over the place on a reasonable budget.

If you want to control, I think that Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is a solid option for a beginner and builds well even as a budget deck. A poorly built control deck can be miserable for your opponents (and you, sometimes), so a Commander that's easily built to slow opponents down and give you time to cast spells and win conditions is pretty nice. Alternatively, Rashmi, Eternities Crafter is a solid option just because she rewards you with more cards for casting instants on opponent's turns. For mono color, Azami, Lady of Scrolls is a superb option that plays the control game pretty well until it comes time to end via Mind Over Matter. I'd recommend Teferi, Temporal Archmage, but several expensive cards are almost required for a decent build (Mana Crypt, Transmute Artifact to find The Chain Veil or Mana Crypt, etc.) so I don't think that's a good starter option, at least not in comparison to the above. Also, because there is always that one contrarian: I'm not saying Teferi is bad or that the above cards are outright required. However, I am saying that you're basically doing Teferi a disservice if you're not running them because they make your deck several times more consistent since you need all the artifact tutors and multi-mana-producers you can run.

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