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Moesis on Warrior Queen [Najeela Midrange/Tempo cEDH ...

1 minute ago

ok, i did some more testing. the problem mentioned here of people having too many creatures out blocking our sweet worrior queen is a real one. my cEDH meta is full of partner flash/hulk, yisan, partner bloodpod, gitrog. and it gets way worse once i show up on 75%+ tables. to combat those i added Stonf. mythic, sword of f'n'f and jitte. while it slows down our win a lot, it at least allows us to win through a stack'd board at all. i'll board them out if i'm against zur, JVP, CVT or whatever. but in my experience those cards need to be maindeck'd

SynergyBuild on Remand: Good Counterspell in commander?

3 minutes ago

It does, but if your meta can get enough mana to just recast stuff on the same turn, I'd imagine it becomes a cycler, and isn't worth it.

willwrdn on Mardu Aggro Sac

4 minutes ago

Here you go. Mine is still a work in progress:


SynergyBuild on A Very Plain Deck

4 minutes ago

I am plain sorry for that FLATSO99!

It is just such a game winner I couldn't bear to not mention it!

Jungin on Infinite-Battelment

6 minutes ago

Of course! If we have a Battlement with a hostage taker under it, and play a hostage taker targeting the Battlement woth its exile ability, when it resolves, the hostage taker under the battelment will enter the battlefield, triggering its ability, which we will let us exile the other hostage taker, who just exiled the battlement. This will cause the battlement to enter the battlefield again, which will let us target the hostage taker who exiled the other, causing the other to enter again and target the battlement again. This goes on forever, and with a forerunner out, each occurence of a hostage taker entering the battlefield will cause the forerunner to drain one life from the opponent, till they are dead! Adding a merfolk branch Walker will let is mill ourself till we find a forerunner, and sailor of means will let us get infinite treasure, given that we exile them with the battlement as well, during the loop!

Coward_Token on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

9 minutes ago

I do find it amusing that Dimir & Rakdos are going to be the good guys

crash328 on Remand: Good Counterspell in commander?

13 minutes ago

Hey everyone long story short im looking into counterspells for commander that let you draw a card to prevent card advantage loss. Was wondering if Remand Holds up in our format like Dream Fracture and Arcane Denial do?

DemonDragonJ on Will there Be a Second ...

15 minutes ago

Since WotC has suspended Masters sets for the foreseeable future, any set that provides reprints without needing to worry about harming standard and modern is a good set, in my mind.

Deadpoo111 on The Final Act

18 minutes ago

Really like the inclusion of Exava, most people forget that dragon's maze even happened lol. Overall the deck looks fun. To synergize with your commander, Krark's Thumb might be nice and I guess the rakdos cult would carry thumbs around with them.

DemonDragonJ on Fires of Yavimaya or Rhythm ...

23 minutes ago

I have a red/green deck that contains two copies of Fires of Yavimaya , but, with the printing of Rhythm of the Wild in Ravnica allegiance, I am considering using that card, instead, since it is more versatile.

What does everyone else think of that? Should I replace fires of Yavimaya with rhythm of the wild?

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