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I heard you like Saprolings Arena [BETA]*
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Joker207755 on re: Gorm & Virtus, Schild ...

7 minutes ago

I would add a Nemesis Mask to do the same as ur general and you can use still like Gorgon Flail to kill some other then also just for fun Vraska the Unseen for the big minus lol

Winterblast on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

10 minutes ago

DangoDaikazoku as said above I think the Tiers are often subjective and for example the overrepresentation of storm decks in Tier 1 definitely doesn't fit what could be considered the current meta anymore. The lack of data also makes it impossible to objectively rank decks apart from theoretical analysis and subjective experiences and opinions. Therefore I'd suggest listing strategies that are generally viable in competitive play and then providing the "best", "rather good" and "also possible" choices for each strategy.

I would be down for creating such a list but again, sorting the possible commanders into best, good and also possible choices for each archetype might end up being subjective to a certain degree.

mmcgeach on Control Zur

15 minutes ago

@EasyPeezy, hmm. Copy Artifact is just a good card. Could play it over orzhov signet. Usually you're just going to copy somebody's Sol ring or Mana crypt. Getting multiple activations of Helm isn't necessary. Usually you're winning well before you actually go for the win, you know? Voltaic key is better in decks that use big Mana better, since you're typically untapping Mana vault or grim monolith. A deck like thrasios. Untapping sensei's top isn't that great. 2 Mana draw 1 and cast a spell isn't efficient enough in combo matches and gets hurt by every stax piece in stax matchups. Although, it's not nothing.

Ilmu011 on Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest ...

17 minutes ago

Just when I finished bulding my Shu Yun deck, this comes out! xD Silent Storm With the the help of you, it may have become more effective.

DrAlvio on Ernest Borgnine

22 minutes ago

Hi, I think you would benefit more by having 22 lands, 1 Evincar's Justice and Thorn of the Black Rose instead of gary. Dropping to 1 Raven's Crime would free space to put Bump in the Night or few more removals like Chainer's Edict or Firebolt for the 2 for 1 value or to close the game.

But that's just my opinion!

Winterblast on Stax in modern

23 minutes ago

My immediate reaction to looking at what people play in a format is usually "how can I prevent that from happening". I've played vintage and legacy like 10 years ago and currently I play only cEDH but when playing online I sometimes jam a modern match inbetween. What I know about the format has led me to build a stax deck that shuts down the basic mechanics most people want to use.

Exalted Stax

Modern Winterblast


I've had some success with it, mostly because Root Maze and Suppression Field along with the other stuff kill decks with many fetchlands completely. Especially UW Control, various delver variants and storm seem to have a really hard time.

I lack the knowledge about what bad matchups could be though and from my experience up to now I'd say some card choices and sideboard could be improved against faster aggro decks. Maybe someone wants to check out the list...splashing R, B or U has also been considered

DRmagic2017 on All this pussy

27 minutes ago

Hello! Nice attempt. But could you tell more about your strategy please? Cats tribal? Life gain? Well in any case you need something to protect your creatures. Brave the Elements is the first card on my mind. I also advice you to think about removal. Path to Exile: cheap, fast and Modern legal. And yes, if you plan to build a life-gain deck you should definitely look at Felidar Sovereign - he might be your WinCon.

DangoDaikazoku on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

31 minutes ago

SynergyBuild excellent! Basically what I had in mind for the casual list when I said discuss anything EDH related was that if somebody had questions in regard to specific commanders or fitting commanders based on an archetype that person is interested in, this would be a community driven page to serve as a resource and help each other out in this sort of discussion and offer help and suggestions to others, and it would also welcome officially spoiled commanders much like this list does and offer discussion about them without any focus on tier placement. The competitive list would be a different story of course.

Would people be opposed to me drafting up these lists and posting them here once I'm finished? If I rank cEDH by tier is there anything major that needs to be changed in terms of tier description criteria and qualifications or commanders on this list that should be higher, or do you guys just want to see a fresh and updated list to start with and just go from there? The casual list is something I know how I want to tackle and go about it, but I'm not sure exactly what the competitive EDH players want to see out of it that's different from this list. Perhaps I'm not the best person to lead the competitive list because it's not a territory I really involve myself in as much as far as tiers go, but I do care about it in the sense that I want to provide an updated resource for other players so I will try my best and maintain it. I just feel like I need some more outside opinions and approval before I go ahead and start on these projects.

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