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Bighimmy on Alesha, Who Smiles At Death ...

21 minutes ago

I love your take on the deck and have been working on many variants of alesha in fact I need to update my list again I've been changing and testing so much I do like the way your version plays out but was trying to adjust kinda what u have done in a different approach to deal with control decks and all the mass drawon power others in my meta run. I still haven't found the sweet spot I'm am looking for but I will say it takes usually 3 people ganging up on me to deal with me.this is the only reason I'm experimenting with for the most part your deck but adjusting it to try to keep everyone's hands empty. And with us being the graveyard deck that alone is another way to have card advantage over trying to make marduk keep up with drawing with blue decks. I guess my thoughts our strengths isn't drawing quite like blue but we can make what they draw useless with some of our own draw abilities.and still have access to our cards where they do not.

Gottsplitter on Intet, the Top Deck Queen

36 minutes ago

Hi RagingRevine,

and thank you for your feedback. You're absolutly right about my slow lands.

I instantly replaced:

I will give my lands a another close look, and decide if I can spare/afford some more of the good Fetchlands like Wooded Foothills and the like.

Just yesterday, when I played Commander FNM in the store I got kind of run over by Arahbo, Roar of the World who in a 6-player-game somehow thought than only I needed savage beating of 7+ damage starting from turn 3. With faster lands maybe I will in the future have a quicker response...

Thanks again for your feedback!!

Also I'm not quite happy with the really big creatures in my deck. The Preators especially Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur are good but draw a lot of hate in multiplayer games an don't kill the oppoments. I need some real finishers. If anyone has some good suggestions besides Craterhoof Behemoth, which I already plan to aquire, please let me know.

chedched on chedched

57 minutes ago


Achuta on Ramos - Chromatic Toolbox

1 hour ago

thanks for the comment hexmage. i had him in but i really want it to be a dedicated spellslinger deck.

Flamewakeidiot on Red/Black Scrap

1 hour ago

I'd put syndacite trafficer and fortuitous find in that and go with a bit more artifacts to be able to use the scrap and un scrap ability of the cards..

endrik27 on The Best Offense is...

1 hour ago


endrik27 on The Best Offense is...

1 hour ago

Interesting idea, seems stupid, but should work.

I wouldn't use so many walls, because there are too much this card can't be blocked by a wall type of cards moving.So I would pick some other good defenders.

Why grool turf and izzet bolierworks? I suggest Wandering Fumarole, Izzet Guildmage, Shivan Reef,Rootbound Grag, Copperline Gorge. See more yourself from:

Milesfuzz on Tick. Tock.

1 hour ago

I don't understand the inclusion of River Kelpie. You don't seem to have anything in the deck to trigger its card draw effect besides its own persist trigger.

Ancarian on Polidicks

1 hour ago

Price of gloryStorm cauldron

taural on Tiny leaders banned list issue?

1 hour ago

Think it must be a reasonably wide-spread issue. Also affecting any Tiny Leader deck that I update recently, e.g. I am the Sygg (Tiny Leaders).

Almost all cards now show as illegal in the format.

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