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Opifex on Derplings

1 minute ago

There is a lot of play off of "goblin" mutual exclusivity, with Boggart Shenanigans for instance I get 1/1 creatures with an extreme form of trample. Trample alone is fine, it plays off Claws of Valakut as well as Lightning Bolt for control with a potential to probe defenses. The tempo is playing up to three creatures by turn two and relying on them dying is more stable than relying on reinforcements from topdecking, it skips 4cmc and is light on 2cmc because my hand can stabilize with two or swarm out, and four can be used to mana dump, pickup equipment, rally with claws, or brace with Shenanigans. Claws also help stabilize outlier scenarios of high land and low cost. I am trying to incorporate a sideboard not so much change the main board. Preferably splash black for hatebears. And something for death trigger dampers like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

POP_MTG on Oops All Birds!

3 minutes ago

How are you going to summon Bird of Paradise? Also, I'm not sure Apex Hawks can really bring it in modern. He needs at least five mana to get a single counter.

WhyNotZoidberg on Meren the Reanimator

4 minutes ago

Fixed, should be EDH now...

Flalafell on Red Improvise

4 minutes ago

I would highly recomend Key to the City wich is soso awesome with improvise and feels like an almost unbreakable wincon with Bastion InventorOh and you might also try Renegade Map to lower your landcount ;-)

UR Aggroffinity

Standard* Flalafell


fadelightningmm on Favorite Card in Aether Revolt!!

4 minutes ago

I'm a huge fan of Rishkar's Expertise and Lifecrafter's Bestiary mono green edh card draw staples?

BlaineTog on Vampires Everywhere!

6 minutes ago

I like the theme, but you're running a lot of subpar cards and don't have enough synergy to justify them. There are some extremely tasty options if you wanted to jack up the price of the deck (Collective Brutality, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, and Drana, Liberator of Malakir being the first that come to mind) but I'm going to assume you want to keep the price pretty low when making my suggestions.


2x Kalastria Nightwatch: Too expensive. We can do better.

4x Nirkana Assassin: There's a much better alternative.

4x Kalastria Healer: We're trimming back on Allies, and this just isn't aggressive enough on its own.

4x Tandem Tactics: Not enough bang for your buck.

3x Untamed Hunger: Pretty underwhelming. You don't want to strap a 3-mana enchantment onto one of your creatures only for it to die to removal, and Rush of Vitality isn't enough backup.

That gives us back 17 cards. I'm gonna focus mostly on creatures since there's a good chance you'll be able to swarm your opponent.


3x Stromkirk Condemned: Vampire synergy and a discard outlet, plus it's great for going wide.

4x Asylum Visitor: Another Madness card, plus it's very aggressive, plus it helps refill your hand.

4x Gifted Aetherborn: Basically a strictly-better Nirkana Assassin. Free Lifelink!

4x Indulgent Aristocrat: Another mini Vampire lord. If you try to keep two mana up whenever possible, you can sac Vampires that are about to die anyway and boost all your other guys.

2x Voldaren Pariah  Flip: A strong finisher and a great way to wipe your opponent's board. You'll probably have more creatures than they do so this works out great for you. You can even cast it for its Madness cost some of the time.

I'm sure there are cases to be made for other options (I'd kinda like to stick Heir of Falkenrath  Flip, Vampire Cutthroat, and Inspired Charge in somewhere but I'm not sure what to cut) but that should at least get you started. Note: Lone Rider  Flip is the first card I'd add if you want to abandon the Vampire theme as it's absolutely bonkers in a lifegain deck. You should also probably run Grasp of Darkness in the mainboard rather than Murder, but that's not a huge difference.

picclo200 on Jeskai Copycat Control Help

6 minutes ago

Just posted an update to the list that has been working out well. Could still use help. I believe my mana base is going to have to be tweaked a little.

picclo200 on Jeskai Copycat Control (AER Standard)

9 minutes ago

Updated the list a little bit. Gave it a little more strength without the combo and added a full playset of each of the combo pieces for more inevitability pre board. Any help would still be appreciated. I believe I need to tweak the mana base a little and i'm not positive if I should be running shock or not. It seems to be ending up lackluster in a lot of games unless I pull it against saheeli in the mirror match.

Gus550 on Sieze control

9 minutes ago


I changed some things in the deck. what do you think?

DiscardDecard on White Equipment

9 minutes ago

Path to Exile a playset will help in the removal department

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