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nicochulo on Any one-sided black cheap wipe?

1 minute ago

I know it might sound crazy, but I was searching for a one-sided cheap black creature wipe like Languish but for the opponent's creatures. I'm refering to a sort of Cower in Fear with -2/-2 or even a cheaper (in terms of CMC) Plague Wind. I think there is none,but I'm not an MTG expert

TheFlameReaper on Odric's Plans

2 minutes ago

Yeah that makes sense, angels are a bit too slow

And yeah, Linvala is a bit on the pricey side XD

But thanks for all the help, the deck feels very solid to me now!!

Shiek200 on Mogis Trigger

3 minutes ago

Have you considered Lethal Vapors? I mean sure it can easily be removed, but at that point it was a sorcery speed "A random opponent skips their next turn." And unlike Tainted AEther, you can drop vapors before your commander, and since he's indestructible he won't die when you drop him later.

square711 on Lilianas discard punishment, need suggestions

3 minutes ago

Your deck has the same problem as most mono-black Waste Not / Liliana's Caress decks: all your cards are focused on discard, your wincon depends on discard, yet you seem to forget that players start the game with only seven cards and use them up faster than they draw. And once your opponent is hellbent (i.e. has no cards in hand), your deck does absolutely nothing.

If you really want to win by Liliana's Caress/Waste Not effects instead of doing what competitive discard decks usually do (The Rack/Shrieking Affliction, which is a much better strategy btw), you should splash red and replace your creatures (which are all really weak and overcosted, even for a budget casual deck) with spells like Burning Inquiry and Sign in Blood, which refill your opponent's hand to make your discard spells useful again. Some creatures do that for you as well, such as Master of the Feast.

LabManiac_Sigi on Breakfast Hulk without Nooze

3 minutes ago

Not for this one specifically, but there is one for cEDH Hulk decks: https://discord.gg/3jyDafh

Rubalu on Red-Green Energy Standard Aggro

5 minutes ago

I really like what you got here! I also think it is really cool you came back with feedback for this.

Rakshasa99 on 6 million, choose one

8 minutes ago

Great deck! (Much better than my first.) I'd take out a Gifted Aetherborn and add in something different, like maybe a Fervent Paincaster or Firebrand Archer. But hey, I'm no genius when it comes to deck building.

roastbeef on Brago, King of BS

12 minutes ago

Killeary. Revilark costs too much, same for Karmic Guide. I put Sun Titan in for this kind of recursion. We really want to be able to pull artifacts it off the graveyard, not creatures, so both rev and karmic guide are low impact to your endgame goal.

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