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Wurmspiralmaschine14 on Card creation challenge

9 minutes ago

Ashling Resurgent

+1 Create a 3/1 red Elemental Shaman creature token with haste. Sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.

0 Add to your mana pool for each loyalty counter on Ashling Resurgent

-X Ashling Resurgent deals three times X damage to any target

Starting Loyalty: 1

Next Challenge: In Innistrad lore, Sigarda, Bruna, and Gisela were once mentioned to have a fourth sister. Create a WB angel to represent this being.

Aragon_Neotrix on Scrapyard Shotgun

32 minutes ago

Nihil spell bomb is a good call but chromatic star is too pricey. Part of the reason I'm playing pauper is for cheap decks xD

razor138 on Red / White Boros Agro

32 minutes ago

I agree about the land and have cut it down. But you don't know how many times Settle the Wreckage has pulled a win out of a loss. It is just a good card to run.

chirz2792 on Need help for a new ...

41 minutes ago

You don't have much in the way of recursion. Maybe cards like Sun Titan, Eternal Witness, Noxious Revival, Greenwarden of Murasa, Recollect, Nature's Spiral, Wildest Dreams, Regrowth, and Nissa, Vital Force? You already have Naya Charm so you'd probably only need one or two more. It's also probably worth running one or two board wipes, sometimes an opponent's board is going to be scarier than yours and you'll want to make it go away. Fumigate and Hour of Revelation are both solid. Besides that CoolMemesBro already suggested all the cards I was going to suggest, however it should be noted that Spectra Ward doesn't protect against board wipes.

greyninja on Davinoth

47 minutes ago


justinhohenshelt on Oona, Queen of the Fae ...

50 minutes ago

http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/oona-battlecruiser-infinite-brew/ Here is my list. It’s a full fledged infinite build. Extremely reliable.

Odinscoyote on Imperial March

51 minutes ago

To me it looks like you're trying to do too much, why the burn? also why not use goblins also they have fantastic spam or even better use your Myr knowledge and forget the soldiers the myrs would synergize with the deck way better. The rest of the report you wanted is on your wall.

Odinscoyote on Darthmechas

52 minutes ago

aethersphere Harvester - is decent if you squint Animation module - good I'd keep for buff Aradara express - good beatstick Ballista charger - junk Bomat Bazaar Barge - decent draw Consulate Dreadnought - Junk Consulate Turret - junk Cultivator's Caravan - mana curve is really low so not needed Demolition Stomper - ok this one is good just needs trample Fabrication Module - no just no Fleetwheel cruiser - maybe Hear of Kiran - really not worth endanering a planes walker unless its gideon Heart-piercer bow - nope and a nope Helm of the host - depends on creature Hero's blade - not enough legendary creatures, better artifacts Honed Khopesh - just no Irontread Crusher - decent advantage if your already ahead on creature numbers Lux Cannon - why no Myrs Mobile Garrison - oh thats why no myrs Ovalchase Dragster - will die might as well be a lightning bolt peacewalker Colossus - nice I'd keep Prototype portal- you'd keep it no matter what I say Prying blade - better than trying clue tokens sky skiff - if only it wasn't a vehicle Skysovereign, consul flagship - idk if its usefull here but I like it Smuggler's copter - Good card Spidersilk net - not unless metalcraft is in here Untethered Express - now we talking Weatherlight - WHY! NO HISTORIC CARDS IN DECK Whirlermaker - terrible but better than some(see above) Adaptive automation - keep arbalest Elite - no Blade Commando - with only 5 burn spells no overstretching Brimaz king of oreskos - keep the mufasa Chiev of the foundry - acceptible buff Haazda Marshal - idk about how much it'll help Hangarback walker - this was terrible in its own set guess what nothings changed Hero of bladehold - a white weenie staple Jor Kadeen the prevailer - oooh I like him Lena, selfless champion - no definitally not for this deck Master Trinketeer - I like the spam but not enough synergy with this deck Precinct captain - Another white weenie staple Sergeant-at-arms - extra 3 mana for 2 extra attack force? no not a good trade Sunhome Guildmage - no I've tried this it no work well Captains call - not efficient but decent spam Firecannon blast - overstretch so its a no Heroic reinforcements - kinda like booze I shouldn't like it but i do Launch the fleet- offda thats alot of mana needed Mizzium martars - burn and not even good burn Repeating Barrage - is returning this card back to your hand worth 2 mana plus a creature? Sworn Companions - I'd pay 4 mana for that ability so having it for 3 is good aerial modification - in this deck i'd say its alright, keep it Anoited procession - KEEP KEEP KEEP Assemble the legion - one of my favorites(it is slow but eventually you overrun everything lol) Glory of Warfare - Imma say keep intangible virture - Id say here its a good addition makeshift munitions - no you don't have creatures or artifacts to spare Siege Modification - keep it to free up tokens Tempered steel - now we talking Bombard - junk Frantic salvage - your in trouble if you need this Make a stand - just delaying the inevitable Raise the alarm - usefull as all get out Response/resurgence - really only like resurgence use Aurelia the warleader instead she's only 1 more mana War report- oh now there's some major regenerating Wear/tear - very situational Elspeth knight errant - why not Elspeth, sun's chamption

Here ya go didn't want to put this on the actual deck page

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