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JessieMessy on Sliver tribal deck

2 minutes ago

Hey, welcome to the true hive mind, any sliver deck gets a big up one for boldness. A couple suggestions to help reliability, especially in multiplayer.

Drop all of your Instants; you are not going to win a long term match so stalling opponents usually doesn't help. In the place of these I suggest better recursion. Say Patriarch's Bidding, Immortal Servitude, Second Sunrise, Living Death and even Thrilling Encore This will help you come back from board wipes, which will be your biggest enemy.

Next, rethink your anthems, I know they are all slivers but you really need to get to your combos so you can win before the board state puts you in check. Try Door of Destinies and Mirari's Wake

To help your combos already in the deck think Urza's Incubator, Cryptic Gateway, Intruder Alarm and Mana Echoes

You can add a Lim-Dul's Vault and maybe a Sensei's Divining Top for card draw.

Crib Swap as it can be tutored by your commander and played in the same turn.

I can't think of more off the top of my head, but you can check out Another Sliver Deck drawing all the table hate or The Hive plus the Five for more thoughts.

generalrenard on T.N.T Dynamite

13 minutes ago

Couple things: Can you explain your buried alive lines? I don’t see how you win with that.

Also: creature tap effects don’t seem to do much in cEDH, as the density of creatures seems low and talking mana dorks won’t really do anything that summoning sickness wouldn’t do.

Personally, as a death and taxes player in modern, I would add in Leonin Arbiter just to shut off tutors while you grind for value with Tara and Tymna. For that matter, add in Faerie Macabre as I’ve seen it just screw decks over by removing their win conditions from the game.

Finally, add in some ramp. Specifically, I’m thinking about Carpet of Flowers and Bloom Tender. This should add a little more consistency to your deck.

Zavthedav23w on Mono Green Prison

17 minutes ago

No problem!

Doubledasher2254 on Mr. Bones Wild Ride

27 minutes ago

This is a complete meme deck, skeleton tribal. It’s Halloween season and I love the holiday so wanted to make a deck that showed it off. I know the deck is terrible (that’s the point) but if anyone has any ideas on improving the deck please comment. If you like the deck upvote (it means quite a lot to me) and I’ll be back with another deck soon!

ProdigyOfEsper+24 on Kynaios and Tiro, Lovers of ...

38 minutes ago

So I’m in the process of building a KnT land value deck. How has constant mists and sylvan safekeeper been to you with Titania?! I’m very interested in adding a Titania package as another token generator. I have 5-6 card slots that I can devote to support her abilities. I’m mainly looking into a way to get the sacrifice engine running over the ways to keep it functioning. In my limited knowledge pool I have only found Zuran Orb, Constant Mists, Sylvan Safekeeper, and World Breaker to trigger her effect. Is there any other playable cards that could pair well with her outside of those?!

SentinelElf2711 on Competitive UB mill modern (2018)

40 minutes ago

TheSurgeon Hi, thank for the comment: 1) Search for azcanta is a very good card, bc allows you to select your draws late game. It is not a card for early game:this is why I play it 1x. 2) Drowned Secrets In my opinion is a very bad card, bc if you draw it late game is a "dead draw", azcanta is superior on it bc if u think at it: both two do nothing when enters in batter field, but azcanta gain value every turn (both early and late game) butDrowned Secrets in useless late game. 3) Putting Ensnaring Bridge in main or sb depends from the local meta, so maybe your are right, if there are not aggro decks in your local meta :) 4 I tested Thought Scour in my deck a lot, but you simply don't need it, is a cc1 cycle 1 mill 2. So I prefer invest one mana in something else, like Visions of Beyond, you don't need too mutch draws in mill, expecially bc you have Ensnaring Bridge. So I am considering the idea of put in the deck 2x of Collective Brutality. 4) Tome Scour is a bad card too, is good only if u want a budget list. I don't recommend to think to build a strategy with Drowned Secrets. If you like enchants I recommend you to build a Fraying Sanity budget deck :) Hope this answer to your questions. Anyways, thanks for the advices :) P.S. Sorry for my English :)

MrTong on Angels of Fire ~ Boros ...

45 minutes ago

This might be for FNM, but you shouldnt you add Honor Guard in the SB for the dominating GB midrange?

thankfranktank02 on Chainer: Resource Domination

1 hour ago

@ jtypin : I thought the same thing. But then looking at the list closer , it works wonders with Static Orb , Trinisphere , and winter orb. If they are tapped they do not affect you. That being said. @ LabManiac_cobblepott Please update this. I been brewing and waiting for an update. If you Could make a video on this explaining a bit more that would be awesome. I love all the content you guys do . Much love from my friends and I .

Benzonb3127 on Abzan Fall of the Thran ...

1 hour ago

So where are we going with this boys?

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