Selfless Spirit


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Selfless Spirit

Creature — Spirit Cleric


Sacrifice Selfless Spirit: Creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

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Selfless Spirit Discussion

jubale on The Ballista Paradox

23 hours ago

I really like the concept for the deck.

You should drop Heroic Intervention for Selfless Spirit to the extent you have those. Traverse the Ulvenwald would be good if you get delirium. Otherwise, Vessel of Nascency may be a good idea. With the right creature package you also could run Dusk / Dawn as defense and a way to get back your Mechanics and Walking Ballista as your infinite mana kill spell. I don't think you need Samut or Ulamog, as an individually strong game plan with an infinite kill would do the job fine.

But I think to really make it work, you really need to be able to dig through your deck hard because your combo needs 2 Aviary Mechanics, 1 Paradox Engine and 1 Cryptolith Rite. There's a modern deck with an infinite mana combo, and it uses Duskwatch Recruiter to dig for Walking Ballista kill once it has infinite mana.

The fastest digging engine I know of is BWG Stockpile, running Hidden Stockpile and Catacomb Sifter. See Sam Black's Crazy Tokens Deck. You could easily adapt this to use your key cards. All the revolt features would be quite happy to see a pair of Aviary Mechanics.

Another build of mine, same archetype: Revolting Aristocrats. That deck could squeeze an infinite combo by adding Eldrazi Displacer and deserts, and then From Beyond as a tutor. Displacer+Sifter+2 Anointed Procession makes infinite mana, infinite tokens, infininte scry.

If you want to stick to Bant, I think you can get a lot of ideas from Free Stuff Midrange. That deck is designed to cast a ton of creatures, using As Foretold as the finite mana engine, but it selects its creatures to manage the game and draw lots of cards. I believe you could cut As Foretold for Cryptolith Rites, and I suspect you may want Rogue Refiner for the card draw, whether or not you have an energy theme.

landofMordor on Which Modern Deck?

1 day ago

UW Spirits all day long! Even better, Spell Queller/Selfless Spirit/Rattlechains/Mausoleum Wanderer will rotate out of Standard in September, which is likely to cause a dip in price. Easy manabase, easily tailored to your meta, great budget sideboard options in UW. And flavor! What's not to like?

(Can you tell which Modern deck I am itching to build myself? The only thing holding me back is my three other tempo decks, haha)

Omnomnominath on Odric's Plans

1 day ago

There are plenty of lords in this deck, which definitely supports the go-wide Odric plan. However, I find 19 lands to be a bit too little if you want to cast 4-drops like Archangel of Tithes. Of these cards, I'd trim some number of Field Marshal and/or Honor of the Pure and replace them with Plains to hit your mana on time. I think you should have at least 3-4 lands, perhaps even 5 more. Furthermore, I'd swap the Path to Exile and Fiend Hunter. Fiend Hunter eats removal like nobody else, often dying soon after he hits the table. Path keeps the enemy threat gone for good, and you can bring in Fiend Hunter if you're going up against fast aggro without much interaction to snipe their guy and be done with it. Another interesting card you may want to add is Selfless Spirit, perhaps as a Brave the Elements replacement. Both cards effectively save you from board wipes. The flying bodies you'll have from it and Archangel of Tithes will allow you to fly over most board stalls, making the unblockable part of protection less relevant.

Hope this helps, I like your list!

rkosi on Mechanical Orchestra

3 days ago

Yes, after playing around with it a bit, I know that mana is by far the biggest obstacle this deck has. I have tweaked it a bit, taking out some of the big drops, and replacing them with smaller ones that have similar effects. Servant of the Conduit instead of Oasis Ritualist, and Sunscourge Champion instead of Aven of Enduring Hope, those sorts of changes. I'll outline all of the changes when I update the actual deck post on the site here in a second. The cards you suggested, Dr_Jay, the Sylvan Advocate and Selfless Spirit are both great cards, but I am trying to avoid the older sets, if I can. Just personal preference.

Dr_Jay on Mechanical Orchestra

3 days ago

I think your biggest problem may be your high curve. In fact, when I built a bant blink deck in Magic Duels, I had the same problem. Some 2 and 3 drops, like Sylvan Advocate, Selfless Spirit, and others like it can help keep you alive for your engine to come online.

rothgar13 on

3 days ago

I question the point of making a Death & Taxes with less than the full 4 Flickerwisp. Taxing 2-drops and Wisp shenanigans is literally the reason to play the deck. I was also pretty disappointed with Selfless Spirit in testing. Thraben Inspector has pretty clearly established itself as the 1-drop of choice. Eldrazi Displacer with only 1 Eldrazi Temple is pretty clunky. With the rise of Shadow decks, Relic of Progenitus has become Taxes' graveyard hate piece of choice. Not really getting what the Surgical Extractions are in there for.

soul22 on Death is not allowed

4 days ago

Well the Protector of the Crown can combo with Selfless Spirit to gain a few turns of safety so I'm kind of reluntan to cut it and for the spells in this deck i choose to go creature with etb > spells since i have no way of getting those spells back vs using the same creature 10 times a game (it happen)

elpokitolama on

5 days ago

Sorry for being late, I completly forgot about your message...

From the look of it, I'd say that it is too slow: DnT needs to outvalue the opponent to take the lead, which means your curve would have to be reequilibrated a little bit in my opinion.

I vow an impressive hatred to Thraben Inspector, as its CA is just really, really bad in my opinion... DnT is a mana intensive deck, and he just isn't mana efficient at all. A 1/2 that can cantrip later and can be blinked assuming you've nothing better to blink? Meh. I would play a mix of Dryad Militant and Judge's Familiar instead, they are far more versatile (and effective) than the inspector. Also, I wouldn't play more than 3 Angels, and still would find such a nomber extreme and only justified in a control heavy meta. New Thalia is really nice... But I've never been able to decide wether or not she was good enough to make the cut: she has a big speed issue. I really like the singleton Mindcensor though! Last criticism for today, 4 tec edge is spectacular... I wouldn't play more that a single one. That "4 lands" requirement makes it completly irrelevant unless your LGS only has UW control players in it. x)

Suggestions time! More Dryad Militant, some love for Judge's Familiar, all-star two drop Selfless Spirit, personnal favorite Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit (or classic Serra Avenger), and the best blinker ever printed Eldrazi Displacer (coming with a singleton eldrazi temple in your manabase).

Hope that helped n.n

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