Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shards of Alara (ALA) Mythic Rare

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Creature — Beast


Tap: Put an 8/8 Beast creature token into play that's red, green, and white.

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Godsire Discussion

BMHKain on Chain Severed, but nobody cares ...

13 hours ago

Foreword: "There are no miracles in this world. There is only coincidence and necessity, and what people make of it."

  • Yuu Himura; ef: A Tale of Memories

This is an anime I really wished I could actually watch long ago. Never again. Yuu-san is pretty much correct on this whole reality. I would've chose another quote for this, & should've, but I'll save it for Post-Throne of Eldraine release. After all, I'm mediocre compared to so many. What anime quote would you describe me the most? I'm actually intrigued... :D

Hot Seat [ˈhät ˌsēt] NOUN informal (The Hot Seat) Hotseat (noun) 1. The position of a person who carries full responsibility for something, including facing criticism or being answerable for decisions or actions. "It's been a bad week for the men in the hot seat" NORTH AMERICAN The electric chair.

(MTG Slang) 1. A group of MTG Cards placed in a section besides the Mainboard, or Sideboard used for what deserves a place in the Mainboard as a part of the deck in exchange for a cut from said board in question.

無限大虐殺の終焉の哀詩 (The Subname Kuso-Traslation is "The Dirge of the Finale of Infinite Genocide") (Note we use the Subject, Verb, Object rule (SVO), where the Nipponese swap both the Verb & Object to each other's initial position (SOV). This is the name for a Yarok, the Desecrated deck, but I seriously need help on the JP part; if any...)

(I apologize if I'm not being as concise as people want me to recently, but I'm not making multiple threads at one time; just so you can oppose me by not posting at all.)

Outside of some other decks in the works, I figured the best I can do is show what's still in the works; & explain to the best of my abilities what they need...

Bruce & Tana, Weaponized Re-Quips

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Naya. There is only one rule. Carry even a Godsire killing weapon, & Naya kills you worse. these colors hate Equipment, even if it's a Wolf Mount. As Tana, the Bloodsower & Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder are partners at this idea, they WILL go Anti-Meta against the Naturally Appropriate. Epuipment is the prime part of this deck, though it somehow added the idea of Sap-Swarm in unintentionally. Though I still want this to be a full-fledged Equip-Matters Voltron deck as a whole. Though the Sap-Saccing might actually be useful...

Impure Fire of Hou-ou that levels Gods

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Pick on Mono- Burn as much as you wish. I want this deck to go on one speed; SoL (We got Heat Ray , which is a literal Laser, & Some card in MTG History that is Firearm Based, & isn't Australia and New Zealand based (PORTAL crap.)) This deck has only one option: Genocidal Burn. Using powerful Burn spells as well as powerful Copy Spells; & Mana Doublers among other things, to burn any to a crisp. Each Point of Damage even makes more mana for it's Commander: Neheb, the Eternal . A legitimate beast of a soldier, the more Burn you deal, the more mana you get to use even more. The only restriction I have for this deck is that I want it to break a Status Quo, superior deck archetypes pushed to a limit beyond theirs. Using cards that help w/ Sources, & even try & find some Draw-Go that was forced out of the deck. Any ideas for this is great. But I'd also like some other ideas for other Burn ideas. But just imagine a Minotaur burning you for blood sport. I wish you luck for what this deck needs; if Rummaging won't help, how about Artifact Draw? :)

Xantcha: America Incarnate; of another Timeline...

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


ONE WORD: Triskaidekaphobia . This deck needs one thing; 13 cards cut to the legitimate 100 card standard. If Caerwyn is correct about the Competitive Meter; stated that even at 100% Competitive is actually very weak, & that this is 79% Casual being a monster to deal with; something seems off with this notion; & it's not that I'm failing But even the senior staff doesn't seem to want to address this issue; but what does More Casual, More Competitive, & Feedback each suppose to do? Nobody answered this question ever since the first time I asked. But I digress. All this deck needs is 13 cards to cut. & an audience for what is still going wrong w/ the Meter. But I'm also going for Chainer, Nightmare Adept if nobody wants to help Ol' Xantcha. But if so, HOW to restrict access from Exile? After that, Triskaidekaphobia will die. Good Luck. ^_^

Kadena, Naga Successor of Ixidor's Death

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Even the Unknown needs help as well. Focusing on the Morph cards, as well as Morph abilities like Megamorph & Manifest (Are Manifest Morph Abilities?), this deck is made to make discounts as Morph Sides for free, & easily draw-go's like mad. W/ a lot of awesome Morphs in there, & support for the CMDR & the Morphs as well, even stuff like Krosan Grip can be countered for reason I forgot. (Really. I actually forgot. :/) Such H4X are literally at your potential; turning over Morphs for free, discounts to make Morph Cards cast , & is a beast of a deck when your opponents can't look underneath either. Such mercy from your opponents... But what would you keep to cut? What would you cut in general? What would you replace? How would you make this concept of a TRUE Morph CMDR Deck any better?

(Get the sexual jokes out of your head; Brass will kill you if you have a joke that ISN'T of such idea (Booty? No friggen thanks.), & has her, & the Coalition to Systematically kill all MTG Staff for rejecting Firearms in MTG. (Uh, make a Spaghetti Western themed Plane of Existence already?! You have Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2, Clint Eastwood's works, Use a damn .357 Magnum in your stuff already!)

Yep, Pirate Tribal, but I'd like some improvements where Ol' Salty Brass was inept at achieving since the Ixalan Block; Even now. It seems when this is used, Pirates seem to benefit from Sheer Aggro; & can benefit from Explore effects, & Treasures. Revel in Riches is one wincon here, but this deck has several in mind, & has several H4X'd cards that can do stuff like Time Control Timestream Navigator , Pox Effects Dire Fleet Ravager , even the idea of Aggro meets Ramp makes me think; (WHAT THE HELL HAS EVERYONE HAVE AGAINST PIRATES!?) Raid & Explore Effects are great here, but the individual abilities of Pirates are where they shine.

Q&A: Why did you have to do a follow-up to something already existing?

Outside of "ADAM RUINS MTG", Yarok, Pashalik Mons Goblin Tribal, & a CMDR in Jeskai Colors that needs to be as close as Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge , Nobody wanted not to feign interest of this in the slightest; but I dunno why. Was I referencing crap again?

I included all 5 decks in hopes somebody knows MTG Slang, & sees what a Hotseat even is. Then start from there work on the next when able. Goal? To get all these decks reformed so I can get to my next two projects before I work on an "ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING" themed Vorthos/Melvin Deck based on actual problems w/ MTG as a whole. So why not call that deck "ADAM RUINS MTG". The question now is, What colors would fit Ol' Adam Conover? I-I dunno. I use 5 color as a base, & work my way there.

Also, a cEDH Boros Deck is still in the works, & I'd rather I have an actual Boros Player in the subformat help me out on that; Such people I was w/ before I doubt they were actual cEDH Players, but I'll work on the deck later on; eventually of course. I do have a list of stuff I could use though, but I want to try & finish some combos before going to make a list; Some cards though includes:

Eldrazi Displacer (Flickers CMC <=3 creatures for many kinds of Wincons)

Sun Titan (Can be Displaced Lecht & Rink to recur so much.)

Hellkite Tyrant (What? CMDR 2019 gave us a Pirate w/ huge Treasure Support!)

(I'll resume later.)

That said, I'll update this is oppose to making individual threads that overfill the forum topics w/ my name etched on it. If this isn't a good idea, I wish not to be right.

Thanks for the help, even though you didn't. Maybe this time you'll help?

mr0sleep on Primal Genesis(Upgrade ideas)

1 week ago

Parallel Lives , or Anointed Procession would give you twice the tokens. The mana cost is a bit high, but I feel the deck should've had Godsire in it to start with. A haste enchantment for your entire board would be pretty sweet too, I personally like Fires of Yavimaya .

TypicalTimmy on Ghired Dead Redemption

1 week ago

Play testing is super smooth. I have the 4cmc Eldrazi in because they produce Spawn / Scion tokens for more mana. Twin nets me a giant 10/10 token that Ghired can copy.

I've had fun success with Mirror March , as it can make multiple copies of my ETB matters creatures without me having to invest additional mana into it.

As for Domri, he gives me mana and Riot. His -3 filters two creatures into my hand and his emblem creates more tokens, so I'm not sure what you mean by he doesn't have synergy? Ramp + filter + constant tokens?

I'm a bit light on lands themselves. I could drop two spells for lands, but I don't want to put in ramp spells. If I spend my turn looking for lands, this means I'm not spending my turn spreading tokens and making an army.

As far as play testing, it bounces back very fast and hard. I need to restrain myself at times because it's so tempting to play everything in my hand, but then I have nothing if I get wiped. Because of this, I think I need more ways to spread the love while holding onto my hand. I can't just sit there and do nothing, but I also don't want to play my creatures and lose them all for being the biggest threat.

But, if I put in hate / spot removal, I weaken the token base. So idk.

I just wanna play tokens, man. Lol

I can probably remove Helm of the Host as it's too much mana and does me no good if the equipped creature is targeted for removal. I think I can also drop Freyalise, as well. I use to have Godsire but he was too slow with no protection, so he got cut. I'm also considering cutting Caller of the Claw . He's awesome, but I only get tokens for my non-token creatures. I often find I may only have 3 - 4 NTCs out with 10 tokens, so that's not very helpful.

DaWubber on Ghired being disrespected?

2 weeks ago

He looks like a ton of fun with Godsire , ETB effects off of Mimic Vat , an Eternalized Adorned Pouncer , and all the things that really shouldn't be tokens with God-Pharaoh's Gift .

Boza on Commander 2019...

2 weeks ago

I mean, I am not impressed with any of the 4. These are so incredibly narrow in terms of deckbuilding and overcosted (both in $$$ and mana cost, they just raised the prices 15% here).

Honestly, Ghired, Conclave Exile is the only one that piqued my interest. It gives naya some interesting options and is a good card with their chief Naya Godbeast Godsire .

BMHKain on Since I can't access the ...

1 month ago

Saskia/ is quite a combination of things from the beginning. A very Warrior-esque color identity with quite a Berserker Mode that can be access anywhere at anytime; much like tearing a hole in Space-Time. Let's Delve into the Madness, shall we?

First thing to start is what's NOT included. In this case; it's Blue . A very good set of reasons why Blue isn't added is simple: That color can think, it has a Mindset, & if the DOCTOR WHO episode pre-Opening credits screen of "The Witch's Familiar" taught us anything; thinking as fast as possible; even when you're surrounded by Daleks; everyone aiming precisely at you at once. Split Second Decisions WILL NOT help you here. The Doctor only escaped for a reason I forgot. Dalek Lasers are stated to be at least Relativistic speed; which no Human mind can think fast enough at all. Death by Hundreds of Daleks in Skaro.

But this combination doesn't need the intelligence of Blue anyway. Let's Delve into pure evil...

Black needs one thing & only one thing here: MOAR POWAH! Power as an addictive chemical in this case is a true nightmare for the senses. As the increase of Power for Black grows; & never stops, even the idea of "Overthrowing Omnipotence" becomes a thought, albeit...

Spock: This is HIGHLY Illogical.

But Black gives no care about adding a limit to such Power. Anything that Black can beat, the ladder goes higher & higher; but in reality, Arcanis the Omnipotent IS that. It just blows that it can be killed; quite easily in fact. Just instakill an Omnipotent like Arcanis, & it will never matter; Black 's obsession for power can even transcend Omnipotent Beings; though this isn't meant as possible at all. But the urge keeps going on no matter what.

Red is the primary color of Emotion; EXCEPT, Red in this case doesn't have a single luxury in the Multiverse to have Good Emotions; Happiness, Love, even genuine sadness; & if such an individual is to shed tears; they instead shed blood from their eyes; Tears of Hate; Only Negative Emotion is permitted in this color identity. Anger, Rage, Bloodlust; all these Negative Emotions & many others are even transmuted, & morphed with a Mind of Chaos; a very dangerous situation that forces one to keep killing regardless on whose side such an individual is (Fun Fact: Yugekitai, a Doujin Visual Novel for the JP-Only PC-98 almost always has a choice in which the first instinct is "Fight".). Even after killing the rest of the world's population, Instead of going "THE TWILIGHT ZONE" method, & have the world to yourself; only for your glasses to fall; lens fractured; & say "That's not fair!" over & over, basically, such mutated emotions persist; even with no other animal life left.

Green needs no introduction. The Wildlife of our world are in an everconstant Battle of the Food Chain; one of which, we're actually very low in rank in spite of how we make such weapons; which do work, but foundations of many kinds have White to repopulate such creatures; & kill us as a species ourselves for saving them. In the Wild, there are no rules; Just survive, or die. Nature has only adapted from our heinous acts; & vengeance will never be denied by a mere City Folk like us. Savagery, & Pure Animal instinct is what Green provides here.

But what about White ? It more or less a color that would never work with any of the other 3 colors; but there might be a way...

In Innistrad alone, Inquisitors exist as not only authority figures, but even those that demand order or that person is to be killed on even a glimpse of sight. In the situation this doesn't work for White , it still has one last Trump Card; Uniformity. As a start, White would work together with Green ; the only allied color White has. This method works similarly to the T'au Empire of WARHAMMER 40,000; basically, Join, or die. If the offer is denied, one of two things happen:

  1. Red takes over for Green .

  2. Red works with Green to slaughter.

No matter the case, it will never end well. Red & White show no remorse as chaotic soldiers of war. Add Green , & god help you when a Nayan Savage wishes to murder you.

But what about Black ? Simple. With all the ever increasing Power it has, White can even use Structure via Planning to even use all that power in a way nobody would think of using it for: Strategic Murder. A Murder Case so fool proof; evidence doen't exist; much less the body & any remnant of it. Sadly though; this has never been successful as Authority Equipment has only gotten better.

Well, that was fun. But now this Color Identity needs a nickname; but I'm not going ahead to do this. But I know someone who will...


Yep; friggen Fury's Core. Let's do this, Sekai-no-Ito!

Starting with Rakdos , this identity will make you not only murder everyone around you, & even have you dance aroung the Karnage, poor Rakdos has no chance but to run away, sobbing uncontrollably, & HOWLING like a B----. Gruul isn't much better; having the emotion mentioned earlier, combine that with the primal instinct of the greatest of the Natural Order, your mind will no longer be that of a Human; but a Mesozoic Era Theropod; Rest in Peace, Domri Rade . Know you summoned Ilharg, the Raze-Boar in your memory. Even Selesnya is not kind as they can create an army faster than the world's quickest blinks of one's eyes. Even worse, they overthrew the Orzhov & became the Prime Religion of Ravnica. Yes, Selesnya are just Religeous Extremists; that hate all things; even Progress (& Plants growing is this; friggen hypocrites.) Speaking of Orzhov , THEY TOO ARE A PART OF THIS! Even have a different opinion from this means your very existence dies from either forcing your lifetime supply of blood from you HARSHLY; or worse; your entire Bloodline; which can even have a Pre-Cambrian root in which if it dies, & it WILL; they'll do it in all timelines & possibilities. You wouldn't even have a Family tree spanning that far anymore. Boros would make you REGRET hating the identity in ALL FORMATS; much less Commander. Having an Army of INANE SOLDIERS that fight to the death w/ no mindset, & is a MONSTER all around. Even Saber of Red, AKA Mordred from Fate/APOCRAPHA is this. Then there's Golgari , Oh my lord... They practically believe the ideas of Life & Death makes such undead a nightmare to deal with; Gorgons, Undead, they only believe in the idea of reanimation of the slaughtered; not Life & Death like the Circle of Life of The Lion King.

The Three Colors aren't any better; far worse in fact. Starting with The Shard of Jund , This identity is already filled with Vulgar Savages. Jund wants a truly animalistic mentality, while also Craving Power; Essentially, a monster whose power will go nowhere but UP. Such absolute Murdering beasts will throw you to a Worldheart Dragon to KILL you. Naya is FAR Worse. This Shard already has Behemoths! Godsire 's! Even Mayael the Anima (Oh no...) can summon the deadliest creatures of incredible size, strength & even utilizing Quality over Quantity will make this your end.

Tarkir's Clans aren't any better. The Mardu Horde can strike so fast, you'd not exist before even The Flash (Ugh... -_-) can react. Let's imagine this as I KRUNCH numbers for ol' Barry Allen's speed, which is mentioned as Massively FTL+; which is at least 1000x the Speed of Light, which dividing that by 100 gives us Mach 8810.2; Mach 1 is also The speed needed to break the sound barrier, which is 768 mph.

You do the math. Zurgo demands it.

Finally there is the Abzan Houses; with their durability, huge numbers, & having Black Power, Green 's Ferocity of the Wild, & even White 's Uniformity, this is a tough foe to beat.

After so much HELL, this section is finally complete. I told you it would take awhile; but for at least something. BTW, the Nickname for Saskia is "Fury's Core"' the qualities of this identity seem to fit well.

Hope you guys are still supporting this thread, as my next 4-Color identity attempt is this...

(Infinity has found a limit; & all but Urabrask has found it...)

I'll mention any themes for these color combos above. Until then; good night.

Chhris on Mayael and Other-wordly Allies

3 months ago

HI!! Yayayay Mayael the Anima decks are the best! and I have to say THAT I LOVE YOUR LIST :) But it needs more Godsire still ++1

So I love seeing the array of ceeatures you have goong on it looks like they bring a secondary ability to the table in most instances too, to make their presence known. love that. Mayael is great at helping you catch up, recover momentum, and stay ahead of your opponents. Make sure you only activate her in the end step before your turn, or in reaction to your opponents actions - its important they have as little time as possible to redpond to the threats youre playing. Craterhoof Behemoth + Avenger of Zendikar is a proven winning combo, and any other eldrazi titans would be a great addition. Chord of Calling and See the Unwritten are other good "cheat" cards out options, because Mayael will often get targeted by your opponents. Also look at Lurking Predators because its incredible, and Sunbird's Invocation and Guild Feud (Which is a very underrated card).

And if you want more inspiration, have a peer at my deck: Chapter 1: The Safari Zone {Primer}

Please let me know if you want anymore help! ;)

Chhris on Army of Giant Giants

3 months ago

Hi!! I love Mayael decks :) Always a +1 from me ;) needs more Godsire though.

So I can help better, can you tell me your budget restrictions? Craterhoof Behemoth for example, is THE powerhouse green finisher, but End-Raze Forerunners are his little cousins. Paleoloth is also great budget graveyard help. Avacyn, Angel of Hope is incredible, but Vagrant Plowbeasts works too.

Also for more inspiration, I have a primer about Mayael that you might find useful / get some inspiration :) Chapter 1: The Safari Zone {Primer} Happy to help whenever!!

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