Azorius Signet


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Archenemy Common
Dissension Common

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Azorius Signet


, : Add to your mana pool.

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Azorius Signet Discussion

ejikazuma on Breya, Ghost in the Shell OVER 65 INFINITE COMBOS

1 week ago

Just wondering on this, I've been playing Sharuum for a long while but I'm planning to switch up to Breya... but one of the biggest confusing points for me is the usage of the signet filters. I get that the deck produces a lot of colorless mana but wouldn't using something like Thran Dynamo or Gilded Lotus be better than using the filters (Boros Signet, Azorius Signet, Orzhov Signet, etc..)?

LoneCrusader399 on Pharoah Temmetnkhaman

1 week ago

Gift of Estates is more of a necessary evil in mono-white decks, I know from experience, and you don't have a lot of the good mana rocks like Azorius Signet, Commander's Sphere and Talisman of Progress. You should get your hands on those.

Supreme Verdict is the best board wipe in W/U EDH decks.

Not a strong recommendation, but maybe Angel of Sanctions would be a good addition?

NV_1980 on Sharuum the Ghetto: Xtreme Budget!!!

1 week ago

Interesting idea. I think I'd add some more cheap mana rocks because Sharuum the Hegemon is such a great commander to have active on the field early, in this deck. I'd consider Orzhov Signet, Azorius Signet, Dimir Signet and Commander's Sphere. I'd also definitely add Command Tower. Also, maybe you could add some more interesting ways to sacrifice artifacts. Currently there are only three in your deck.

elfric on Contaminated Zur.

1 week ago

i like those unusual approaches to build a deck.(i have a mono black list too that abuses colored rocks and color identity)

why no Necropotence?i guess Azorius Signet could be usefull too.

Blubb3rb3rnd on The Mage of 1000 Spells

2 weeks ago

I really like that card but never build something with here because she is not legal but let me help with that one :P

At first i would include much more ramp. I think that will help alot with having enough mana for the spell and her ability and we get value creatures out earlier.

Azorius Signet, Boros Signet, Coldsteel Heart, Thought Vessel, ...etc can name more if you want ;)

Then maybe Satyr Firedancer. With him on the field you can shoot everthing in the face and also remove creatures.

And Past in Flames to use your spells twice. Doesn't work with the ability of your commander but i dont see that you use the graveyard at all.

Charmbreaker Devils is an powerfull wincondition and gives back cards from your graveyard. And Mizzix's Mastery can kill one of your opponents with enough in the graveyard.

TheDevicer on Bruna, Light of Alabaster Primer ...

3 weeks ago

Your deck is starving for a proper ramp package. Something like this is ok:

That's a good start. I'd go up to 9 rocks minimum.

ive-been-degaussed on Ephara -- You Blink Me Right 'Round

4 weeks ago


  • If you're running Trinket Mage, I would suggest running Relic of Progenitus as graveyard hate that can be fetched.

  • Fellwar Stone seems worse than Azorius Signet or Talisman of Progress in this deck. I would save the Stone for generals that are three or more colors.

  • Since you have Recruiter of the Guard, I'd run Archaeomancer over Mnemonic Wall: the former can be fetched, the latter can't.

  • Saltskitter needs to be in here. It's one of the best synergy pieces with Ephara in the game.

  • Stonecloaker and Whitemane Lion are both creatures that can bounce themselves on ETB, triggering Ephara for a small mana investment. Stonecloaker even hates on graveyards in the process.

  • I'd run Terminus over Descend upon the Sinful, as the miracle trigger happens quite frequently when Ephara is drawing you cards on other people's turns.

  • Conjurer's Closet is one of my favorite blink enablers. Even thought it may be a "do nothing card" at five mana, I'd consider testing it.

  • I get why Training Grounds is in here, but it seems iffy. You only have three targets for it, but they're all pretty good... I'd give it a few tests before deciding whether to keep it or not.

ive-been-degaussed on Ephara Does Some Stuff

4 weeks ago

Looking at your card choices (outside of the Tundra), I assume you're on something of a budget. With that in mind, some must-adds:

AEtherling, Angel of Serenity, Archaeomancer, Cloudblazer, Deadeye Navigator, Eldrazi Displacer, Karmic Guide, Mistmeadow Witch, Mulldrifter, Reflector Mage, Saltskitter (so good with Ephara!), Stonecloaker, Stonehorn Dignitary, Venser, Shaper Savant, Whitemane Lion, Azorius Signet, Darksteel Ingot, Detention Sphere, Counterspell, Ghostly Flicker, Momentary Blink, Sphinx's Revelation, Rite of Replication

I know that's a lot, but I noticed a good number of cards in your list that are pretty low-impact. Once you've taken yours for a few spins, you should be able to figure out what cuts to make.

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