Combustible Gearhulk


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Kaladesh (KLD) Mythic Rare

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Combustible Gearhulk

Artifact Creature — Construct

First Strike

When Combustible Gearhulk enters the battlefield, target opponent may have you draw three cards. If the player doesn't, put the top three cards of your library into the graveyard, then Combustible Gearhulk deals damage to that player equal to the total converted mana cost of those cards.

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Combustible Gearhulk Discussion

Quixotep on Why hasn't ANYONE noticed this?

16 hours ago

I think you have a couple of choices with how you take this deck, either a. cut the Panharmonicons and focus on giving another intermediate boost for your dinos by adding a few more, maybe splash white for gishath or Kinjalli's Sunwing; or b. double down on the harmonicon and maybe cut some of the dino synergies in favor of more etb effects, Servant of the Conduit + Harnessed Lightning + Attune with Aether and then maybe Verdurous Gearhulk or Combustible Gearhulk; the latter especially if you're keeping your curve high. but right now it just feels like your strategy isn't fully refined, keeping tweaking and I hope you find a balance that works.

luther on I'ma Hit a Motherf*cker with Another Motherf*cker

2 days ago

How sold on the greater gargadon are you? Seems slow and kinda weak once it is no longer suspended. Sure you get a big dumb idiot, but in my experience with edh it is more important to have a creature that does something for you.

If you want a sac outlet other than brion I would suggest Goblin Bombardment or Martyr's Cause.

If you just want a big thing I would suggest setting your eyes on a slightly smaller big thing with a nice ability like Combustible Gearhulk or Knollspine Dragon to refill your hand.

B4BY3ATER on They're all wizards, I swear

4 days ago

Xenograft is another version of arcane adaption and conspiracy. If you are having trouble getting your main enchantments out Perplex transmutes for arcane adaption and Brainspoil transmutes for xenograft or conspiracy. Combustible Gearhulk and the other Titans are also good to flicker. Gray Merchant of Asphodel can gain you some life in a pinch or close out a game. Flameshadow Conjuring is like another Inalla except it requires red mana.

hookedonkronix on Paradox Feldon

5 days ago

Feldon is perhaps my favorite card in my Daretti build. Combustible Gearhulk is possibly my favorite interaction with him.

hookedonkronix on cEDH Beat Down

1 week ago

I'd recommend finding a spot for Combustible Gearhulk I've had a lot of success with that card in my daretti build. It's a Browbeat but much better. Your average CMC isn't as high as mine is with Daretti but it can still tag an opponent for 6-10 (or more) damage pretty easily.

Falcon_Galeo on B/R Control

1 week ago

I would recommend not playing mainboard Glorybringers, it goes aganst the idea of control as a turn 5 finisher rather than a late game finisher, i would recommend cutting them for either some, Harnessed Lightning, Unlicensed Disintegration, Dynavolt Tower, or Combustible Gearhulk. Lost Legacy and Dispossess are also must haves on the sideboard.

TupaCuba on Esper Approach

2 weeks ago

Hey cool build, I've got an idea and sorry if it's long but think about it.

  • Consider Noxious Gearhulk as a 3 of in SB to handle big threats more often and surprises most opponents
  • If you went Combustible Gearhulk with Torrential there's some serious Approach of the Second Sun combos but Approach just feels like an added top end so you probably just want to stick UBw
  • I think Cast Out could be higher higher than 1 or more in SB switch out Censor
  • SB looks messy, I'd stick with tuning the MD then having more redundancy in the SB like a play-set of River's Rebuke destroys so many decks that capitalize on your SB plan G3

To answer your question too, sideboarding out Censor when on the draw is awesome in my experience, I just leave it in the SB till I know I'm on the draw or not and bring out Abandoned Sarcophagus and Censor again for fun when I'm on the play. Keeps everyone guessing and they usually don't expect strong graveyard play off a 3cmc 2-of in the SB.

ZombieTribalFTW on Budget U/R Enigma Drake

2 weeks ago

Hey, I'm glad you like it! Drake Haven is the very last resort for the deck if we fail miserably and don't draw any of our good creatures. Saheeli Rai could be moved to the sideboard but I like her for the draw fixing from the scrying making sure we get our Enigma Drake. Plus she pings the opponent for 1 killing them THAT much faster. I like Saheeli's interaction with God-Pharaoh's Gift and Combustible Gearhulk because that becomes a problem very fast if she gets to her ultimate. Plus her -2 is a 1 hit wonder Tilonalli's Skinshifter basically and I find it very amusing when the opponent realizes what happens much later than they should have. (which was when they took 12-16 damage to the face)

Also, as a note. The deck is probably around $40 and not $36 because Combustible Gearhulk isn't listed on pricings.

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