Overwhelming Denial


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Overwhelming Denial


Surge (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)

Overwhelming Denial can't be countered by spells or abilities.

Counter target spell.

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Overwhelming Denial Discussion

Poseidon847 on Meek Ironworks: Turn 4 Win?

2 months ago

I would add something like Disallow or Counterspell instead of Muddle the Mixture. You could also put something like Overwhelming Denial. This can really help get rid of cards that would destroy your artifacts. I like the deck over all, and definitely see why you have to explain the loop a lot. (It can get confusing).

AmazingGrace15 on Animar's Hydra Horde

2 months ago

It's looking good bro. I have some suggestions for cards that are on the weaker side:

Equilibrium -- I feel like this card sounds good in theory, but I feel like it is taking up space for a more valuable card (maybe something like Rhystic Study?)

Icy Blast -- chances are obviously high that you're going to have a creature with power greater than 4, but you'd be better off just using Cyclonic Rift (which I see you already have) or some other form of removal (maybe Blasphemous Act, Starstorm or Chain Reaction?)

Predator's Rapport -- I don't really see this as being a life-gain deck. It is more of a beat-down deck.

Mindswipe or Overwhelming Denial -- These could work, but I'm definitely partial to plain ol' Counterspell.

Stratus Dancer -- again, I'm partial to Counterspell.

Some cards you might want to add:

Erratic Portal -- you have a lot of bouncing creature cards. With erratic portal, you can bounce your creatures and instead add a more powerful creature (maybe like one I listed below)

Alpha Status -- might seem a little weak, but if you can get it out and enchant Animar with it, that's one big dude.

Maybe you might want to look into the archetypes: Archetype of Aggression, Archetype of Imagination, or Archetype of Endurance.

I know this is a creature based deck, but personally I think having at least one or two artifact/enchantment removal cards would be handy. Maybe something like Krosan Grip or Appetite for the Unnatural?

I see you have a decent amount of creatures that tap for mana, but I also recommend something like Darksteel Ingot or Transguild Promenade.

So far it looks like a good build. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action!

viperfang4 on Viper's Esper Control

2 months ago

@saintyyy I read the article before but will comment on it now.

Planeswalkers: Liliana, the Last Hope is not that great in standard as she doesn't really do anything and takes a long time to ult, I am not trying to pitch cards either, overall kinda bad. My walkers all have a plus that draws, a minus that is removal, and an ult that just wins the game. Sorin's plus also gets you closer to winning the game and can factor into damage with Torrential Gearhulk.

Creatures: Yes, I know torrential gearhulk and Sphinx of the final word are good, that's why I am playing them. 1 Baral in the side is a trick I have considered. I don't have any intention on purchasing Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, it is really good, but I am exiling already anyways. Kefnet the Mindful as a 1 of is interesting. I like my Gearhulks in the side, they double as removal and are very good.

Counters: Disallow and Negate are both hard counters and are good. Censor I am not particularly interested in running, it is low to the ground and counters everything and is proven to be useful, but I would much rather know the spell will be countered with something else. It does cause people to play around it though if they know you have it. Essence Scatter I have thought about, but I have enough removal that I don't care for it. We both have Ceremonious Rejection side for marvel. I would run Overwhelming Denial if marvel gets banned over Rejection. Dispel is also good in the control mirror and against decks you think sided in dispel for you themselves.

Spot Removal: Fatal Push I once had in this deck and am heavily thinking of adding it back, I just am finding more use out of Dec in Stone right now. Same with Grasp of Darkness, but that will probably never come back. Never, Anguished Unmaking is just better. Blessed Alliance is also super strong in removal as it doesn't target removing some pesky threats, the most annoying thing in this deck from opponent's opinions has been me saying "sac a creature and gain 4 life" off it. It also contributes to an effective life total of 25-30. Complete Disregard is not particularly good when you have the spells I just listed at your disposal. Commit is not permanent removal and I have anguished unmaking. Memory is somewhat useful though. I also have a Noxious Gearhulk in the side and the minus on each walker.

Mass Removal: He has Yahenni's Expertise, I personally like Flaying Tendrils better because it costs one less and exiles. It just comes down faster against zombies and vehicles mainly and exiles their zombies or scrounger. I also don't have any cards I would target off the free spell portion consistently. I also have fumigate which hits everything and a Cataclysmic Gearhulk in the side for mroe mass removal, I would add 1 more if I didn't have to side so much for marvel as it wipes non creatures too.

Card Draw: He has Hieroglyphic Illumination which I find bad unless you're running a cycling deck, glimmer is just better. Glimmer alone also runs my Aether Hubs. We both are running Anticipate, it is good. Pull from Tomorrow is a card I am considering as a 1-2 of, it is good, but is really only good late game. All of my walkers are also card draw, and I have quite a few cycle lands.

Other Spells: we both have 3 Transgress the Mind for marvel and other decks.

Lands: I like mine with cycle lands, he doesn't have to fuel Aether Hub, so that leads to a few other choices. He has no manlands. He does have an interesting Westvale Abbey  Flip likely to put up an instant speed blocker and somewhat of a wincon. Appoach of the Second Sun is also nice.

Last thoughts: I still think esper has the best answers in standard. He hyped Pull up a lot, but Glimmer is still very good and fuels Hub. Torrential Gearhulk is the 4-of juggernaut that he says otherwise. He also has way too few wincons when I think I don't have that many and have more.

MasterVash on U/R Burn

2 months ago

Cancel is the absolute lowest standard for a counterspell. Just about anything would be better, frankly. I don't know what your budget is for a casual deck, but there are much better options. Disallow, Broken Concentration, Counterflux, Overwhelming Denial, Dissipate, Dissolve, and there's always good old-fashioned Counterspell. Broken Concentration makes for a potential combo with Lightning Axe, too.

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on

2 months ago

Oh, I forgot to mention Overwhelming Denial and Last Word, they can't be Baral'd. I think Library of Leng is better than the Academy land, and Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip to dump your counterspell mana.

EastsideRock on HOU - Grixis Control

3 months ago

ok guys: In the last few days, I've been losing to Marvel more than I'm comfortable with. It's official, everyone is now on Marvel's dick.

We don't need to make drastic changes but I'm considering swapping the slots of Kefnet, Final Reward and possibly By Force for more tools against that particular matchup. Is it gonna be more Negate, Void Shatter, Disallow and/or is it worth to consider more ''exotic'' stuff such as Summary Dismissal, Overwhelming Denial, Confiscation Coup!? What's it gonna be! State your cases! :D

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