Olivia Voldaren

Legendary Creature — Vampire


: Olivia Voldaren deals 1 damage to another target creature. That creature becomes a vampire in addition to its other types. Put a +1/+1 counter on Olivia Valdaren.

: Gain control of target Vampire for as long as you control Olivia Voldaren.

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Olivia Voldaren Discussion

LucasBenevenuto on Vampire (Monoblack)

2 weeks ago

PickleNutz Nice! I've actually used all of these cards on a previous version I tried to build for this deck, except for Olivia Voldaren, but was never quite sure if using two colors would be clunky on this build. But now that I think of it, maybe that was due to Vampire Nocturnus, which I used to run on the deck and would kinda lose much of its purpose with the red cards. I think it would be interesting to try a different kind of B/R build now, cause I've actually always been really fond of Stromkirk Captain, and Havengul Vampire can get pretty buff like you said. Thanks!

PickleNutz on Vampire (Monoblack)

2 weeks ago

Splashing Red could really help pump up this deck. Olivia Voldaren, Stromkirk Noble, Stromkirk Captain, Terminate, and Dreadbore become options then. The Red based vampires work well with Blade of the Bloodchief because they constantly grow, one that works the best is Havengul Vampire.

StaticImpulse on Midrange Marchesa, the Black Rose

2 weeks ago

Hi themysterypoop, thanks for the feedback. I agree with most of what you commented earlier, will probably be removing Vigean Graftmage,Burnished Hart and maybe Olivia Voldaren atm the moment I'm not sure which other cards I plan to add into the deck, perhaps some more 1 drops like Rakdos Cackler but I will keep the decklist updated if I decide to change anything.

themysterypoop on Midrange Marchesa, the Black Rose

3 weeks ago

I love Marchesa, extremely fun commander especially in a fun casual playgroup. Can be very interactive with itself and make for a hell of a commander game. But I would like to give some suggestions to this deck.

Lands: Im not going to tell you to run every fetch and shock land. What I will say is that you are running too many. You have 38 lands with a four-drop commander and on top of that currently your decks highest point in its mana curve is three. Running less lands will open up a.) for more cards to run. B.) Wont allow for you to be drawing solely into lands every turn. I am a strong believer in 34 lands being the best number except in a few decks like my stax brago.Single Target Removal:Everything except Zealous Conscripts is pretty great. Not necessarily a bad card, it can definitely get a large creature out of your way when you are attacking but I wouldnt really count it as removal. Not necessarily a bad card though it does go infinite with kiki jiki mirror breaker but thats not necessarily a fun win for a casual playgroup and doesnt really fit your theme. Instead of this I would run capsize. Has a buyback effect which is insanely strong and it can be your saving grace in a lot of games.

Creatures:Ok so I cant use your custom categories for this part because yours says you have 8 but in actuality you have 37 so Im going to either say very briefly why I like a card or dislike a card.

Baleful Strix: I dont like this one, a card that would be fantastic for this is Solemn Simulacrum. This card solves a dual purpose. One, it will draw you a card and two, it will get you a land. And with your commanders effect you can get this twice for four mana (Or more if you get more +1s on it) effectively getting to draw a card and search for a land for two mana. Value you town baby! Lol

Blood Tyrant: Dope, fun burn card that they legit cant kill unless they exile it. Might put a bit of a target on your back in a super casual playgroup, but everyone likes to feel powerful haha.

Bloodflow Connoisseur Obvious synergy with your deck, also you can do this at instant speed, so if someone tries to exile one of your strong creatures in response you can sac it.

Burnished Hart Not a fan, never have been. Some disagree, do you dude.

Butcher of Malakir Great card, cards you might consider adding is Grave Pact and/or Dictate of Erebos

Carrion Feeder Another sac outlet and its cheep, there are plenty of infinites with this and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed but maybe you wouldnt want to do that.

Chasm Skulker Interesting card, can be funny. Running this with Consecrated Sphinx would be hilarious.

Dack's Duplicate Cause why not, anytime you need to copy a new creature just sac and choose a new target. I love it.Disciple of Bolas Uhm, im just not personally a fan of this card, like it has good effects but it feels pretty eh to play Drana, Liberator of Malakir Dope +1

Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch Meh, its alright but a lot of the things that give +1s isnt fast enough to make use of the haste.

Falkenrath Aristocrat You dont have a surplus of humans to sac to get this.

Flayer of the Hatebound Undying cards with persist are infinite with a sac outlet just saying. If you added Cauldron of Souls you could make this etb infinite and take everyones creatures and swing out.

Grim Haruspex Sure why not

Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Thats pretty value

Hound of Griselbrand Definitelly could find something with better value.

Marchesa's Smuggler Could be good if you do some sac infinites with mikaeus but if you were looking for a card to get rid of this could go.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed The big daddy, legit love this card. Super good in your deck as-well. A win you can put in with this is Walking Ballista I would highly suggest this just because I feel like at a certain point in some casual games they become almost unwinnable because of everyones super inflated board states.

Molten Primordial Great card, if you can put +1s on the stolen cards then sacrifice them they are permanently yours

Mulldrifter Honestly you could play this with the Laboratory Maniac combo. If you put persist on this card you can infinitely draw your deck with mikaeus on board. Then play lab man and win the game. That combo would be pretty convoluted so your play group probably wouldnt get salty about it. Either way though this card is value town in your deck.

Necropolis Regent Dope

Olivia, Mobilized for War Fantastic in combination with a good draw engine.

Olivia Voldaren Not exactly sure what purpose she serves in this deck.

Oona's Blackguard Dope

Puppeteer Clique Obviously strong with sac outletsReef Worm This is actually an extremely strong interaction D:!

River Kelpie Really good

Sage of Fables Only using this card is actually not that good of value, why use this card that pretty much only puts the +1s on your commander when you could run something that gives +1s to everything.

Scourge of the Throne Fun

Sidisi, Undead Vizier Dope

Thraximundar Dope

Treasonous Ogre Not worth dude,

Vigean Graftmage Not enough value, what creatures have insane tap abilities that this is worth?

Viscera Seer Goochi

Yahenni, Undying Partisan Dope

Zealous Conscripts This isnt that great of a card as said before

The only other thing I wouldnt use in this deck is the planeswalker, when the heck are you ever going to get that out hahaha.

Well, that took me about an hour, sorry there arent like a ton of suggestions about cards it was more general about deck building. Keep me updated on what you think of my suggestions or what not and if you dont agree with me on some of my thoughts Im down to talk about it and see if Im wrong!

Also, yes I do realize I suggested some cards you already have. I apologize for any cards that i suggested that were already in the deck.

HydraOoze on My Modern Vampire Deck Needs Help

3 weeks ago

If you can afford them Lightning Bolt is a staple in any red deck. Also Olivia Voldaren is a really good vampire to consider.

deltonesan on Olivia Voldaren, Queen of the Damned

4 weeks ago

Dark Impostor exiles whoever she pleases once you have enough mana. Exile the scariest activated ability creatures for one cheaper than Olivia Voldaren could take control of them. Save Olivia for the high power creatures who you want to attack/defend with.

Neotrup on Olivia gain control of Olivia ...

1 month ago

First, they'll gain control of your Olivia Voldaren. Then, the legend rule will kick in. If they send yours to their graveyard, when your ability resolves it will do nothing, as you no longer control Olivia, the end result being that they maintain the Cloned version. If they instead send their Olivia to the graveyard, they will immediately return your Olivia. When your ability tries to resolve, it will countered for lack of a legal target. The end result being that you control your Olivia.

TL;DR - Either you or they will control an Olivia, and the other will be in the grave, with your opponent getting to choose, because they responded.

Approximos on Olivia gain control of Olivia ...

1 month ago

If I control Olivia Voldaren and somebody uses Clone on Olivia, if they attempt to gain control of the original Olivia with her second ability, what will happen if I respond with the same ability?

Would I end up with control since my attempt would resolve first? Or would they gain control since their attempt happened after? Or would both resolve and since neither one of us controls our Olivia would they just go back to their owner?

Also, at what point would the legendary rule take effect?

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