Tendershoot Dryad


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare
Explorers of Ixalan (EO2) None

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Tendershoot Dryad

Creature — Dryad

Ascend (If you control ten or more permanents, you get the city's blessing for the rest of the game.)

At the beginning of each upkeep, create a 1/1 green Saproling creature token.

Saprolings you control have +2/+2 as long as you have the city's blessing.

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Tendershoot Dryad Discussion

FlabbyAbs on BG Dredge (GRN Standard)

4 days ago

I can't tell if Thrashing Brontodon is viable rotation. But he is certainly viable somewhere in the 75 to me.

Molderhulk and Lurcher seem underwhelming to me without more dredge. Possibly a few copies altogether.

Other less likely choices would be Merfolk Branchwalker, Seekers' Squire, and Banewhip Punisher.

A lot of people forget about Tendershoot Dryad. I been tinkering a copy in my GB Journey dredge deck and found he's very reliable with Journey. Cheers!

Orion93 on GB Fungus and Saprolings sacrifice

1 week ago

1 of each creature is going to be pretty inconsistent. It'd be good to play some turn 1 ramp like Llanowar Elves and you'll wanna see it a lot so I'd use 4 of them. Then you can focus on combo and such. So 4 Slimefoot, the Stowaway and I would think 4 Sporecrown Thallid. Then you just need token generators. You have Fungal Infection and Yavimaya Sapherd which are good. I really like 4 of Spore Swarm too. Then fill in with your finishers. Ghalta, Primal Hunger and Demon of Catastrophes are strong. Play some removal like Cast Down and hand hate like Duress. Maybe a couple cards that can help return your big finishers from the graveyard or a way to help ramp into them, Song of Freyalise is my choice in my saprolings. Does wonders with 4 creatures on the board already.

In the end, you only need 4 Tendershoot Dryad to make saprolings really work.

Good luck.

PauperPower on

2 weeks ago

First off deck looks sweet. But, I feel like you're land count is way too low. Also being in green you could probably afford to cut Simic Signet and run ramp spells in its place. Stuff like Nature's Lore, Explosive Vegetation and Kodama's Reach.

As for the cuts for more land...I don't think you need Traumatize or Psychic Corrosion(doesn't fit the deck and mill is a rough strategy in EDH, plus you can end up enabling certain decks with it). Opt won't too to much for you in singleton, and Commencement of the Festivities can easily go. I would also cut Precognition Field as it doesn't fit the overall strategy of the deck. Cutting those for lands would be great for your build. You can have all the best spells in your deck, but if you don't have the mana to cast them, you won't have much fun.

A lands you could add would be Ghost Quarter and Rogue's Passage.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc could be tremendous here. Same with Stonybrook Banneret. You could cut both saga's for those...I'm not huge on saga's.

The main thing you want to do is focus your deck down to one main strategy, you seem to be pulled in a few directions(between tribal, mill, simic big stuff and creature swarm). I would try to stick with one main strategy with on or two minor sub-themes and back them up.

My last bit of spouting will be you should eventually replace aether gale with Cyclonic Rift and consider cards like Cryptolith Rite, Tendershoot Dryad, and Kiora's Follower.

Either way, have fun brewing! It's always an adventure, and you'll always have a 1,000 cards you'll want to cram into your 99. In the end just play the cards you'll have fun with. Cheers!!

TheMadRocketeer on Ghave in progress

2 weeks ago

I like this deck. I need to revisit my Ghave deck, I Ghave Until It Hurts, and I see some nice ideas here that I may try.
Anafenza, the Foremost could serve as an alternate commander against decks that rely on their graveyards.
Armorcraft Judge could let one go deep for a win condition.
Tendershoot Dryad makes going wide with saprolings so much more effective.
I could go on. Good stuff here. A lot that could help my A Token of Our Affection deck, for that matter.

fettywapmtg on Rotation Ready White/Green Saproling

2 weeks ago

Cool deck TheGleefulMage! I've ran it against a few of my brews, and have found Tendershoot Dryad to be better than I thought, and believe you should be running the full playset.

Golden Demise kind of destroyed this deck, which I believe Radiant Destiny would be a great answer for.

Also, as far as getting the most out of your mana, you can definitely profit from a few more 3-mana spells. Conclave Tribunal I would definitely jam in here, and you may consider it a fit for that "3-mana slot spell". That being said, 1 Radiant Destiny in the mainboard would help a lot, as well as an extra 1, or even 2 in the sideboard.

Ajani's Pridemate + Ajani's Welcome gimmicks work fine here, but I personally think you're running 1 too many Ajani's Welcome (especially because of the two Fountain of Renewal in the mainboard).

Another issue is the mana curve is a bit lopsided. You're running 24 lands, a bunch of 2-mana spells, lackluster card-draw, and I have the perfect solution: Huatli, Radiant Champion. It's a bit of a "win more" card, admittedly, but it's about as synergetic here as it'll ever be. It can +3 pretty consistently as soon as it comes down here, +5 the following turn, it's ultimate is a solid win condition, it's -1 can also win games, and at the very least, it's a great diversion.

Another card that absolutely belongs here is Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants. In case you didn't know, you can totally have both different Ajani Planeswalker cards on the battlefield at the same time, so running 2 of each is probably a good call.

So in other words, I'm basically saying you should turn this into a saproling/superfriends deck haha. Karn, Scion of Urza is ALWAYS an option, but 3-4 of the other 2 should be plenty for the curve/your wallet to touch this deck up.

Props if you can jam all 5 in and make it work. I'll draw up that brew myself when more spoilers reach the database. I'll give you a shout out when the time comes haha

K4m4r0 on Tokens Galore

2 weeks ago

Nice Deck, I also love my Trostania as a commander. Some suggestions:

You should use Llanowar Elves instead of Leaf Gilder.

Also instead of some expensive Sorcerys you can go for more consistent token generators like Crested Sunmare , Darien, King of Kjeldor (Darien is insane when Trostani is out, add a token doubler and gg), Master of the Wild Hunt, Sandwurm Convergence, Legion's Landing or Tendershoot Dryad. Kjeldoran Outpost could also work well.

Frank_Glascock on Derevi Prison

4 weeks ago

Thanks, that response was great. I have been following your deck building work for a while.

Gilded Drake and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite are in the list I am trying to modify.

I am considering cutting Null Rod, Stony Silence, Sanctum Prelate, Runic Armasaur, and Ulvenwald Tracker. Consecrated Sphinx, Glen Elendra Archmage, Tendershoot Dryad, Sun Titan and maybe Idyllic Tutor would be the replacements.

There are no artifact based decks. I see the fast mana artifacts some. Grim Monolith, Mox Diamond and Mana Crypt are rare. Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo and Mana Vault are played. I never see Paradox Engine.

What are your thoughts on Static Orb, Crop Rotation and Nature's Claim?

The other list has eight means to tutor creatures and none to tutor instants. Caustic Caterpillar and Manglehorn are in the list. I don't see Blood Moon, Back to Basics or many of the oppressive enchantments. I do see a lot of Propaganda effects. Do you think changing Manglehorn to Reclamation Sage would allow me to cut Nature's Claim?

Weathered Wayfarer and Captain Sisay are both easily tutored options that can get Gaea's Cradle. Crop Rotation is not bad but I know you are not playing it.

Would creatures being so prevalent in my meta justify Hushwing Gryff taking Vryn Wingmare's spot?

Thanks for taking time to answer these questions. I know you have played Derevi for several years. Your insight into the deck is very informed.

Frank_Glascock on Derevi Prison

4 weeks ago

Thanks for the response. What cuts would make to your list of you were playing in a non cedh environment?

Consecrated Sphinx, Glowrider, Tendershoot Dryad, Sunscape Familiar, Sun Titan, Elvish Spirit Guide, Glen Elendra Archmage, Glowrider, Lotus Cobra Loxodon Gatekeeper, Oracle of Mul Daya, Phyrexian Metamorph, Phyrexian Revoker, Day's Undoing, Idyllic Tutor, Fabricate, Timetwister, Windfall Frozen AEther, Grasp of Fate Kismet, Chalice of the Void and Lotus Petal are the cards not being played in the above mentioned list.

All the creatures with the exception of Loxodon Gatekeeper, Elvish Spirit Guide, Phyrexian Revoker and Glowrider seem like upgrades for a high end casual environment. If you could only include four creatures that are unique to your list for a casual list what would they be? My guess would be Sun Titan, Glen Elendra Archmage, Tendershoot Dryad, and Sunscape Familiar.

Idyllic Tutor seems really good in a midrange deck. Would its inclusion along with the widely played Enlightened Tutor allow for me to run Living Plane? Is Sterling Grove too slow even for a casual environment? Does Aura Shards make it back into the deck?

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