Enlightened Tutor


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Rare
Classic Sixth Edition Uncommon
Mirage Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Enlightened Tutor


Search your library for an artifact or enchantment card and reveal that card. Shuffle your library, then put the card on top of it.

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Enlightened Tutor Discussion

McKz on Army of Kaalia

3 hours ago

right, so ima make a few suggestions. None of my suggestions will really be budget, also my comments may be a bit harsh.

one drop the amount of creatures you are running its simply to many. Also the creatures here it seems are pretty bad most could be a lot better, although these creatures are fire:

  • Avacyn, Angel of Hope
  • Dragon Mage
  • Hellkite Tyrant
  • Karmic Guide
  • Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
  • Master of Cruelties
  • Rakdos, Lord of Riots
  • Restoration Angel
  • Sire Of Insanity

some creatures that id recommend on adding

right now on to your instants.these are subpar and can go:

  • Volcanic Offering
  • War Report
  • Wretched Confluence
  • Pay No Heed

Id try putting in some of these:

right now im looking at your artifacts more specifically your ramp, where is it? like youre playing kaalia you want ALL the ramp some good ideas for your ramp are;

right now for your spells these can probably go although yawgmoths can possibly stay.

  • Mob Rule
  • Nightmare Incursion
  • Obzedat's Aid
  • Temporal Extortion
  • Tyrannize
  • Urborg Uprising
  • Yawgmoth's Will

id recommend running some stuff like:

you dont wont many enchantments like 5ish at most, these are some decent choices:

dragon tempest is fire.

and now finally lands if you want your land base at a stupidly good level just copy and paste my land base.

i hope this helps feel free to check out my kaalia

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

5 hours ago

thegigibeast: Paradox engine definitely piqued my interest, and after a bit of brief experimentation I came to the conclusion that if I were to include it, it'd replace Synapse Sliver. This is my thought process:

Pro: Is tutorable via Commander

Pro: It's effect stacks, and applies to all other slivers in play.

Con: requires mana

Con: is a 3/3 for

Con: requires combat damage to be dealt for effect ability to trigger

Pro: has great synergy with Gemhide/Manaweft Sliver and all Mana rocks.

Pro: costs only

Con: Is only tutorable via Enlightened Tutor or Vampiric Tutor (within this deck, anyway).

Con: has limited viability when Gemhide/Manaweft Sliver is not in play.

Honestly, i'm still mulling things over because both cards are great but I can't think of what card to swap Paradox Engine in for. What do you think thegigibeast? Which card wins out between the two?

GearNoir on Do i have to reveal ...

6 hours ago

As examples of reveal vs. not needing to reveal:

  • Enlightened Tutor text specifically states to reveal the card you've searched for and are going to put into your hand.

  • Demonic Tutor text simply says to search for the desired card and put it into your hand.

studajew on BANT-ASTIC

7 hours ago

Enlightened Tutor and Duplicant are cards you might want to use for your deck.

Grind on Brion Stoutarm

7 hours ago

brion is great. cool deck and nice start.
if you want to leave in Academy Rector as a generally good card, you could just add more enchantments - Test of Endurance for a wincon or Oblivion Ring or Grasp of Fate for removal.
you could run Boros Signet over Fire Diamond.
also your Sunforger package looks a little lacking. you could consider Swords to Plowshares and/or Return to Dust. Warleader's Helix or Lightning Bolt can hit planeswalkers if need be.
i have a brion deck and found that instant speed Act of Treason effects are worth the extra mana. i run Act of Aggression and Turn Against - that way you can burn the card and use the ability when your opponent swings at you to save yourself some damage, too. it allows you to be a little more political.
also you can know that Phyrexian Devourer is a one-hit kill card (at a high cost to your library). he's my favorite finisher in a brion deck, and can be tutored up with things like Enlightened Tutor and Hoarding Dragon, both of which you're already running.
finally, if you ever feel like you're wanting for card advantage, Staff of Nin, Outpost Siege, and Crystal Ball are surprisingly playable.

Nileek on Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper EDH

22 hours ago

Totally understand that you're wanting it to be budget but Crucible of Worlds Enlightened Tutor as well as Mystical Tutor I think should be an auto include on this. Baral, Chief of Compliance as well as Curious Homunculus  Flip might be good to be played in there. Talrand, Sky Summoner as well might be good. Willbreaker might be useful with the targeting it pairs nicely with Icy Blast

golgariizzet on Bruse Tarl & Ishai Jeskai Voltron

3 days ago

Whispersilk Cloak, Enlightened Tutor, Stoneforge Mystic, Stonehewer Giant, Open the Armory, Relic Seeker, Steelshaper's Gift, Steelshaper Apprentice definitely would throw whisper in there and all of these are good choices for tutoring out your swiftfoot boots or lightning greaves what ever it is you need at the time

Jemshi on Queen Marchesa

3 days ago

With that many enchantments, I'd recommend adding tutors such as Enlightened Tutor and Idyllic Tutor to quickly build your pillowfort. You can also add Replenish and Open the Vaults to recover from board-wipes or to take advantage of 's spells like Entomb.

Obliterate would also work well to wipe the board while protecting your enchantments.

Also, any reason you're running Exquisite Blood, but not Sanguine Bond?

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