Blood Artist

Creature — Vampire

Whenever Blood Artist or another creature dies, target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

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Blood Artist Discussion

blackhawk22 on Zombie Tribal (2nd Gen) Input Welcome

37 minutes ago

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver Isn't really a mill card. more of a take over card. Same with Nightveil Specter.Siren of the Silent Song is not good mill, and not a good creature for a 3 drop.Monastery Siege there are plenty of other ways to draw cards that don't need you discarding. Jace, Memory Adept might be better than ashiok for what you want to do. He will let you draw a card and then you can target yourself to mill 1 card potentially hitting a creature for a Sidisi trigger. Jace, the Living Guildpact would be another good option allowing you to selectively self mill. give you recurion to hand. and letting you restart your graveyard mill clock.Jace's Erasure can let you get another free mill off once a turn. Crawling Sensation is another mill and the occasional hit for a land card going in would be a nice added bonus. Quest for Ancient Secrets another way to restart your milling. Deathgreeter, Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, Falkenrath Noble all allow you to start pinging opponents if your tokens die, or they board wipe you. I know they aren't zombies the but the value is great. Still don't why you aren't running Meren of Clan Nel Toth. Her recursion ability is great and easy to build up. Ezuri, Claw of Progress will trigger for each zombie token you make. And triggers for more then half of your creatures. You are just passing up on so much potential there to make some big beaters. Tasigur, the Golden Fang let's you self mill and recur to hand. amd can be like a 5 drop. I know it is pricey but Crucible of Worlds will let you ramp better. Butcher of Malakir will give you another grave pact effect. That and you maybe board is full of strong cards right now.

Quicksilver on Marchesa, Waifu of the Black Rose

12 hours ago

Waifus that end lifeus. I'd recommend Blood Artist

TheDuggernaught on

2 days ago

Okay, I guess the next place to start is by going over the various archetypes for vampires in modern. They are a pretty flexible tribe, so there are lots of directions you can take them. Aggro, midrange, control, and even combo-esque strategies are pretty viable avenues to explore.All the lists are pretty much comprised of the following creatures depending on which direction you want to go: Bloodghast, Vampire Nocturnus, Stromkirk Captain, Stromkirk Noble, Captivating Vampire, Shadow Alley Denizen, Pulse Tracker, Vampire Nighthawk, Gifted Aetherborn (AKA Vampire Nightwalk), Vampire Lacerator, Vampire Cutthroat, Stromkirk Condemned, Olivia, Mobilized for War, Olivia Voldaren, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Insolent Neonate, Falkenrath Aristocrat, Indulgent Aristocrat, Falkenrath Gorger, Drana, Liberator of Malakir, Bloodthrone Vampire, Blood Artist, Viscera Seer, Blood Seeker, Asylum Visitor, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and Gatekeeper of Malakir.

Aggro lists generally stay super low to the ground in regards to CMC and include a lot of lords. Given the low CMC. Aether Vial also starts to become very good -- especially since all the lords tend to hang at 3 CMC.

There are multiple routes to midrange. One route is to to try and abuse the madness effect to turn Liliana of the Veil's +1 into a 1 sided effect.

The other is slightly more combo-y. Aristocrats is an interesting archetype that abuses the recursiveness of Bloodghast, the life-loss triggers from Blood Artist, and the instant speed sacrifice effects of Viscera Seer, Bloodthrone Vampire, Falkenrath Aristocrat and Indulgent Aristocrat. I also personally like Reassembling Skeleton, Gravecrawler, Doomed Traveler, and or Bloodsoaked Champion in the list to further be able to abuse the Blood Artist triggers with more sacrifice fodder. White also gives access to things like Rally the Ancestors -- which can be a brutal play to ping for a lot of dmg with Blood Artist triggers.

There is also more traditional midrange which just aims to play threats that if left unanswered -- typically win you the game. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and Olivia Voldaren are all very dangerous cards for your opponent to leave in play, and Gatekeeper of Malakir can be a huge pain given his ability to not only provide a decent body, but also take down an opponent's creature with his kicker cost. Vampire Nighthawk and Gifted Aetherborn are also good for similar reasons. they trade profitably wirh almost any creature and have the benefit of giving you back some life.

There are 3 routes for combo that you can also go -- the first involves Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Intruder Alarm. The second route is Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood + vampire's ability to easily ping for 1 somehow to trigger the combo. The third is Mindcrank or Duskmantle Guildmage + Bloodchief Ascension.

Control would likely play vampires that double as control (Gatekeeper of Malakir, Vampire Nighthawk, Gifted Aetherborn), lots of kill spells and discard, and some planeswalkers.

I can definitely help you refine a list once you have a basic archetype in mind. Right now you seem to be in between aggro and midrange. Which is perfectly fine. You can mix and match a little bit. Devotion, as another user suggested, is also viable -- however vampires do not really have a ton of super good ways to use oodles of mana.

Stanleyman on Black and White Genesis Chamber

2 days ago

Balik je postaveny na lifegainu Soul Warden a Soul's Attendant a Suture Priest ziskane zivoty pomohou Ajani's Pridemate k vice counterum.Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip by mel co nejdrive flipnout a pridavat dals tokeny do hry.Doomed Traveler je idealni blocker protoze kdyz zemre tak vrati se nam jako Spirit.Genesis Chamber vytvari spousty tokenu i souperi.Z toho ale vytezime zivoty diky Soul Sestram a souper ztrati diky Suture Priest .Blood Artist je skvely lifegain a navic zpusobuje poskozeni za smrt.Souperovy tokeny by se mely do hrobu dostat bu v boji anebo diky Zealous Persecution

Dredgar on Vampires suck life

2 days ago

With your sac spells and kill spells Blood Artist works wonders.

keyb on B/W Tokens

2 days ago

Maybe put in Blood Artist?

hoardofnotions on Mazirek, Shaman of the Swarm ($60 budget)

2 days ago

I've been changing the deck quite a lot to get the budget right so a quick recap of the changes are

Changelog Show

Opifex Thanks for all the suggestions! You're coming in with stuff i've never thought of, and that's awesome!

I am trying to go wide and really liked your suggestion for Cryptolith Rite so i added Rishkar, Peema Renegade

Elder of Laurels seems good, but expensive to use his ability. What would i take out for it?

I've never even heard of Decaying Soil before! That's a clever combo with it too!! I think that if i added that combo i'd need to retool the deck a little more to get the most out of it, like adding the Deathgreeter, Extractor Demon, and Altar of the Brood. I think adding all these cards would weaken the deck overall and i don't run any tutors to find missing combo pieces anyway. I'd have to draw all the pieces naturally, which seems bad imo.

Nether Traitor is an amazing card i wish i had the budget for! i think it fits all the themes i'm going for and has shadow for unblockable beats to boot!

Whisperwood Elemental I just took out. I think it's good, possibly to slow with the amount of tokens it produces but really good in the face of a wrath. I'm still on the fence about this one

Magus of the Abyss is a interesting card. Board control is a good thing and i think i'm warming up to the idea of the card. I just need to find cuts for all these good suggestions i'm getting!!!

carpecanum Thanks for the explaning your card suggestions!

sounds like Curse of the Cabal is the closest thing we now have to Braids, Cabal Minion? I could see politics happening when this card is hanging around in suspend. I'm hoping Wave of Vitriol provides a simliar effect i can more reliabliy cast

bushido_man96 I had Smokestack in the original build of the deck, had to cut it when Tireless Tracker got so expensive. Will have to look into putting it back in now that the tracker is cut.

Karns_Pyromancer on Ghave, Swarm King

2 days ago

Hardened Scales, Winding Constrictor, & Primal Vigor could be very helpful for your counter theme.

Parallel Lives & Panharmonicon(wait for it to go down a little, should be two months or so) double tokens & ETB effects, like Grave.

Golgari Signet, Orzhov Signet, & Ashnod's Altar would be for your ramp package.

Blood Artist & Zulaport Cutthroat would be nice here as the drain effects will help kill the table. (There's a combo with Fecundity/Soul of the Harvest & Words of Wilding if you want to have a wacky time).

Wrath of God & Divine Reckoning are better than Duneblast.

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