Blood Artist

Blood Artist

Creature — Vampire

Whenever Blood Artist or another creature dies, target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
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Blood Artist Discussion

Mirabilis on Rakdos Vampire Retaliation

22 hours ago

True, true.

Checked cards at home. Seeing the BR deck I still have, it does run a 1 of Olivia Voldaren, 4 Wrecking Ball and 3 Underworld Connections, not really an aggro deck.

Final thoughts, here a few more cards to consider:

Blood Seeker --> can negate Soul Sister gain life but still lackluster compared to Blood Artist

Falkenrath Exterminator --> opens up more creature removal, but needs those +1/+1 counters first.

Havengul Vampire --> I saw one in my binders, and while I don't recall this having much play, this can be your hero (no, not Hero of Bladehold levels) due to the +1/+1 options, similar to Blade of the Bloodchief

Vampiric Fury --> possible finisher and that first strike is always nice

Feast of Blood --> conditional removal with a tacked on 4 life. might be useful, mostly not.

Nightbird's Clutches | Rogue's Passage --> when you really want that creature to smack your opponents' face and can't remove blockers (indestructible, high toughness, protection). But seeing 4 Geth's Verdict in the sideboard, this is just redundancy.

Hopefully, you will find the build you want (without breaking the piggy bank)


Exploiter on Removal, the Deck

1 day ago

u don't need Blood Artist to win

Busse on So I've heard you like tokens...

2 days ago

Wash Out can take care of the tokens and even reset the Blood Artist + Hunted Horror combo.

MortisAngelus on Sorin's Army (Casual Modern)

2 days ago


Hello and thank you again for your thoughts and suggestions. I find it funny how you in your last comment pointed out that this is a casual deck, which it is (casual - semi-competitive), but yet you start suggesting cards such as Path to Exile. I would be glad if I could afford that card; would go into every single white deck I have. Same goes for the fetches.

As for the Blood Artist: He works in this deck, as I tend to chump-block with my tokens (the whole point of this deck) and by doing that I'll inflict damage and gain life. The point of this deck should be to create a situation where there is no 100 % benefit for the opponent to ever attack me. On many occasions people tend to "waste" their removals on Soul Warden and Blood Artist just because they annoy the living crap out of the opponents. That will waste their removal on my weenies and I may play the bigger baddies instead.

I've also had Blood Artist in my first version of this deck (but got moved to my Agent of the Fates-deck instead), and after I removed them, this deck was not nearly as effective.

I have, all though, also wondered about the Zealous Persecution; they might be pulled out. But I will test and see. My first version of this deck had even 63 cards in it, so I guess this a minor improvement over that, ain't it?

epee1c on Sorin's Army (Casual Modern)

2 days ago

I would board a Zealous Persecution. Great card but not as good in certain matchups. I think the worst card in here is probably Blood Artist. The tempo you lose by playing him is made up by the damage you inflict ONLY if they board wipe. Otherwise the extra 4, 8, 10 damage you get from an Intangible Virtue is just better. Plus if they board wipe you still have to reconstruct a board anyway.This would allow you to add in another Sorin to hit exactly 60. Three is by no means too many. After turn four you want one on the field anyway. One other thing to improve the deck while keeping the same theme is to replace the Mortifys with Path to Exile. You don't want to lose an entire turn to 1for1 that aggro opponent who is about to kill you with their other creatures, or worse get comboed on because you couldn't kill that creature that they comboed off on.

Keep in mind the calculations you did are only for a 60 vs 63 card deck. If you go down to 40 vs. 43 cards (definitely not unreasonable in your average game) or 30 vs 33 cards, those draws become much more relevent. Adding in fetches also messes with math in complex ways but since this isn't a serious deck we don't need to go into that. The point is that there is always something that can be cut and will just improve the gameplay and experience of using the deck. And it does matter. Greatly in many cases.

-Logician on what if zombie master came ...

3 days ago

I built a pretty savage U/B Zombie deck for modern once. It was only semi-competitive, but was hella fun to play. I splashed blue for Diregraf Captain and Countersquall. I knew I wanted some form of countermagic, and Countersquall fit my gameplan ridiculously well, because the goal was to grind my opponent down with small bits of life loss through that counterspell, Geth's Verdict, Blood Artist, Geralf's Messenger, Diregraf Captain's ability etc. Then since my creature-base was very resilient to dying because of Undying, Gravecrawler (with four Mutavaults to ensure I always had a zombie), Bloodghast, and Butcher Ghoul, I was able to run sacrifice outlets that are usually unconventional because sacrificing board state is usually not so good. I was able to legitimately use Altar's Reap, Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, and even Demonmail Hauberk LOL. Four mainboard Tragic Slip is pretty savage too in this deck.

Giving all my dudes swampwalk would be pretty legit! I'd certainly find something to cut for it.

larryanders on Modern Aristocrat *UPDATED for Origins.

4 days ago

square711, -Sylex-
Thankyou both for your great contributions!
To start with 21 lands is of my own play testing of variations this deck for about a year now, Aristocrat is the only 4 drop and yes she is often delayed but I don't mind at all.
The main beatdown for this deck for me has become the Champion of the Parish + token + kytheon now. Currently playtesting with War Horn to see what happens.
Relic Seeker is good for me coming from a black background. I value all tudors extremely high, potentially doubles the amount of swords I have in the deck for drawing purposes, providing you have the right removal which this deck has.

With Blood Artist and Impact Tremors etc we are moving away from the aggro beatdown play style which I perfer and roaming into a whole new deck itself. Tremors is only in here for me at the moment as a way to bypass a stale board against Ensnaring Bridge, Ghostly Prison etc.

I love Boros Charm and will be including it. The Orzhov Charm and Alesha, Who Smiles at Death have earn there place for me through play at Friday Night Magic. I love utility over predictability. Enables more routes, more win conditions, more plays. More interesting play all round, again, I love the Boros Charm.

And that brings me to Kolaghan's Command. It's the pure utility that has it for me. I want to include more Lightning Bolts!! Naturally! But the deck is becoming so tight right and the more value I get out of a single card the better.
Finally Return to the Ranks is a no go for me, Exiling my creatures on a possible all in is a no go for me in modern. Vapor Snag is brings back reoccuring memories.

Mass Hysteria I feel is not for this deck but going into my goblin deck so fast. I never.. What is this thing. It is amazing.

Again, thanks again both for your contributions, Ill naturally play test with most if not all that is suggested and see how things go :D

Zackiskip on zombie tribal

5 days ago

im already working on making it mono black XTechNinjaX, it works alot better i cut down the kolaghan's commands for Darkness and Plunge into Darkness i might keep the Watery Graves because i might put Diregraf Captain back into the deck due to the amount of sacrifice outlets i have in the deck he will do a similair effect as Blood Artist but the 3 mana is why he isnt as good so i will consider the latter. i also did put the Grimgrin, Corpse-Born in i will update the deck within the next 2-3 days so you can see the updated list.

Power / Toughness 0/1
Color(s) Black
Cost 1B
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 3.14
Avg. cube pick 7.67


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Uncommon


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