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Blood Artist

Creature — Vampire

Whenever Blood Artist or another creature dies, target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

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Blood Artist Discussion

Staro on Bloodsuckers

5 hours ago

@Rocknj06: Victim of Night is great when encountering artifact creatures. So I might mix them up :) Thanks!Blood Artist is a card i have never learned to like. Its a 0/1 for 2black and the lifegain/lifeloss wouldnt make that much difference. Would be nice vs decks built arround Gravecrawler and other bouncy creatures.

Jamesfurrow on Samurai decks

6 hours ago

BLEATH Thank you for the ideas and i did put in Lightning Bolt as well as Terminate to help my samurai deck and i am running Blood Artist and Gatekeeper of Malakir to help keep the opponents feild small. On the samurai side of the deck i found some decent ones with bushido and other abilities like sac a samurai all of them have double strike. I like how my deck is comming out so far and it can bee seen on my profile as well as my other decks since it will only let me direct people to my American "swarm" atm i apologize

Rocknj06 on Bloodsuckers

12 hours ago

Also, why no Blood Artist ?? I'd reconsider the Guul Draz Assassin . He may be slow to build to removal, but once you get there, boy is he amazing. Also, it shouldn't be too hard to level up with that shrine you got in there.

Khanye on need help finishing deck

15 hours ago

hey fellas, so i am in the midst of making a modern legal deck that will be primarily used for casual play. There is a chance that i take it to some local competitive events, so it definitely needs to stay modern legal.

the cards i want to include in it so far are as follows:

Doomed Traveler x 4, Lingering Souls x 2, Tidehollow Sculler x 4, Blood Artist x 3, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad x 2.

i need to finish out the rest of the deck, and would like to add some sac outlets that do not require mana to activate. Viscera Seer is the only one i can think of that is modern legal in those colors. I do not mind splashing another color, just need to thin it down to either junk, or jund.

put on your brewing hats, and help me finish this deck out please.

9headedhydra on The Old ones will awaken! (feedback would be nice)

20 hours ago

hmm there are some good suggestions here some of them however are a little more than i'm willing to do, though I will keep them in mind, Demonlord of Ashmouth is out one way or another, I will have to keep Myr Superion however as a turn 3 5/6 is hard to pass up for now.I agree as far as beaters go a 5 drop is horrendous, however Emrakul's Hatcher is not there as a beater he is mostly a utility creature, dropping 3 eldrazi spawn on turn five which can then be used to trigger Blood Artist and/or Skirsdag High Priest can be game winning In fact I am about to trade for a Purphoros, God of the Forge and am considering putting him in, in which case a turn 3/4 purphoros can turn into a turn 4/5 Emrakul's Hatcher with 8 damage to the face. While Kitchen Finks and Geralf's Messenger are both good cards this deck does not have many sac outlets and so activation their abilities would be hard, in addition getting 2 Green Mana by turn 3 for Kitchen Finks would be hard in this deck. taking out the big Eldrazi may end up being something I do one day, however for now I can very often get them out by turn 6 or so with the help or the many eldrazi spawn I have, plus it is only 2 slots and Kozilek's Predator has most often preformed relatively poorly in the deck I have even considered taking them out occasionally.

Altar's Reap Is my only draw power, with the deck having the number of sacable creatures it has, its basically a 2 mana draw 2, albeit if there is a betting draw spell you think I could run feel free to suggest it, I have tried Faithless Looting and Wild Guess in the deck however they do no work as well as the only cards I would ever want to discard are the Giant Eldrazi and I do not draw them often enough for it to work. I will however switch out Bone Splinters and Awakening Zone for Terminate as it is much, much better and functions to kill more things faster and Awakening Zone was a little too slow, I'm afraid I will have to keep Brood Birthing and Tragic Slip though, Brood Birthing can provide me with instant advantage with the help of Skirsdag High Priest and Blood Artist or even just as 3 0/1 chump blockers, remember this deck thrives off having enough eldrazi spawn and if it doesn't get them, its sunk. I am keeping Tragic Slip because in this deck something has always died and so it basically says destroy target creature, it even gets by indestructible and can mess with their turn 1 delvers or elves. I do agree that Inquisition of Kozilek needs to be mainboarded but I am unsure about what to take out,

As far as my lands go I agree with most everything you said, I will set about acquiring Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth immediately though I will probably only be able to afford 1 or 2 of them, Blackcleave Cliffs and Woodland Cemetery will go in as soon as I can get my hands on them, as well as Raging Ravine and Tectonic Edge I do have to disagree however with replacing Khalni Garden for Treetop Village The entire reason Khalni Garden Is in the deck is so I can have one more source of easily sacable creatures (the 0/1 plants) I don't want to have to pay 2 mana and sacrifice my manland to have the same effect.

Overall though thanks for the advice, I mentioned it earlier but I am still unsure what do. What do you think of adding a couple of Purphoros, God of the Forge as another win con, with him Brood Birthing becomes better than a Lava Axe for 2

Skyl0rd on BW Pauper EDH

21 hours ago

One more thing, It looks like you lose a lot of life, you may want a Falkenrath Noble (just a Blood Artist copy) and/or Essence Warden to keep yourself ahead of the curve.

wwjjgg2573 on I sacrifice creature decks for breakfast!

21 hours ago

Blood Artist would be a great addition, and I think Falkenrath Aristocrat would be better then Ogre Marauder or Disciple of Griselbrand .

Jamesfurrow on I sacrifice creature decks for breakfast!

1 day ago

Your deck would simply love Blood Artist due to all the death that is occuring also consider Bone Splinters if you do put him in because its then two life and a creature on their side since your sacing so many anyway might as well make it hurt them right? Might also want Whip of Erebos to help with all the life lost and to recure some creatures because they die before getting exiled if im correct there Price

Low Avg High Foil
$1.23 $1.89 $3.51 $5.0
Power / Toughness 0/1
Color(s) B
Cost 1B
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 4.60
Avg. cube pick 6.43


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Uncommon